Romance in the OR episode 6

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 6 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I heard some sounds around and I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids feels so heavy

I finally managed to get my eyes but everything was just so blurry
I feel dizzy and lightheaded

“Are you awake? Can you see me?” A lady standing beside me asked but I couldn’t see her face clearly

I blinked my eyes rapidly as her face finally came into view clearly

A calm face with hazel eyes, long hair and small pink lips

All that came to my mind was ‘Wow, what a beauty’

But she kinda look familiar, I think I’ve seen those eyes somewhere

“Are you okay? Can you see me?” She asked again with a look full of concern as she slowly batted her long eyelashes while looking at me

And who said angels doesn’t exist on Earth

“Where am I? What happened?” I managed to asked

“You don’t remember anything?” She asked

I closed my eyes as flashes of my memories came to focus

“We were at that man’s home, the man with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and suddenly someone locked the door and started a fire, I remember moving the man to the the bed with my assistant, Jasmine, the fire was getting hotter and closer and I think I lost consciousness”

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“Yeah but luckily for you, I was passing through the neighborhood by that time and I saw smoke arising from that house so I call 911, they came immediately and put out the fire so you guys were rescued” she explained

“How are the others, Jasmine, the man, Linda and the baby?” I asked

“Jasmine is alright, she’s in another ward and she should be awake by now, the man with the ummm….. What did you call it..”

“Stevens-Johnson syndrome” I chipped in

“Yeah, the man with Stevens-Johnson syndrome is getting treatment, he’s fine, the daughter inhaled alot of smoke but she’ll be fine too” she said

“And the baby?” I asked hoping nothing happened to the baby but she kept silent and I got scared

“What happened to the baby?!” I asked again

“The doctors tried their best but it was too late to save him” she said and my heart sank

The baby is dead, the poor child is dead

I removed the drip fixed on my hand and stood up angrily

“Where are you going? The doctor said you shouldn’t move, he said you needed alot of rest” she said

“Am a doctor too and I know am fit enough to go anywhere I want” I said as I began to walk away but she held my hand and I turned to face her

“But where are you going?” She asked

“To find the asshole that did this!!” I yelled “Someone started that fire deliberately and when I find out he that person is, am going to give him the worst death possible!”

“You have to calm down Alex, you aren’t stable yet” she said still holding my hand

“Let me go!” I yelled

“Doctor” someone called at my back and I slowly turned to see Jasmine in front of me

Her eyes were puffy and tears slowly flowed down her face

“The baby is dead” she cried and I felt so sad

I slowly walked up to her and hugged her


“How are we going to tell Linda? How are we going to tell the poor girl that she just lost her baby brother?” Jasmine asked after she has finally calmed down

“How else are you going to tell her? Hey Linda, your brother is dead, that’s how” the lady that brought us to the hospital said

“But she’s just a child, I can’t just tell her like that, she’ll be heartbroken” Jasmine said

“Whichever way you choose to tell her, she’s gonna be heartbroken. It’s better for her to know now how cruel this world is, the world took away her baby brother, she should know that” the lady said

“Are you kidding me?” Jasmine said standing up “that girl is just 6 and you want me to just go tell her and tell her, oh Linda am really sorry, your brother died in the fire caused by an unknown person but don’t be sad dear, the world is filled with cruel people so be strong, is that what you want me to tell her?” Jasmine asked obviously getting angry

“Well she has to know” the lady said

“Am not going….” Jasmine was saying but I interrupted

“She’s right Jasmine, her brother is dead and we can’t hide that fact from her” I said

“But doctor she’s unstable right now, I can’t break such sad news to her” Jasmine said

“I really don’t want to argue with you right now so just do as you are told” I said

“But doctor…..”

“For God sake will you just stop!!” I yelled “For once just do as you are told without arguing, your stubbornness almost cost us our lives today don’t you realize that? You were the one that insisted we should look for that man…”

“But we did saved his life” Jasmine interrupted

“Yes, we saved his life but his child died. I was clearly against going inside that man’s house, I told you I don’t want to enter such a stinky house but you refused to listen yet again, if you had obeyed me, we wouldn’t have entered the house, no one would have locked the door on us, there would’ve been no fire and the baby would’ve still been alive!” I yelled

“I…. I…. Am sorry” Jasmine stuttered then ran out of the ward in tears

“Jasmine! Jasmine wait” I called but she didn’t stop and I sighed

“Don’t worry, am sure she’ll be fine” the lady said after being silent all this while

“I didn’t mean all I said, I was just angry that she always argue and disobey me whenever I ask her to do anything” I said

“Yeah I know, she’s just really emotional right now so I suggest you give her some space, anywhere I’ll be leaving now and I hope you guys sort everything out well” she said as she turned to leave

“You haven’t told me your name” I said and she turned back


“Nice to meet you Emma and thank you for saving us” I said as I shook her hand

“The pleasure is all mine and as for saving you, you can take me out for a dinner the next time we meet” she said

“Next time we meet? How are you sure we’ll meet again?” I asked

“Trust me, we will” she said with a smile revealing her sexy dimples

I continued to stare at her as she walked away

Who is she?
Why does she seem so strangely familiar?

She’s weird, at the same time unique

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

Life is all about the choices we make and in the end those choices defines us

I’ve made alot of choices in my life and I’ve made all those choices only with a good heart but today I realized that the reason you make a choice doesn’t matter, people will always reprimand you if the choices goes bad, like they say, the end justifies the means

I managed to speak with Linda and the tears I saw on the little girl’s face when I told her that her baby brother is dead broke my heart

The father is still unconscious, the doctor said he shifted into a coma and no one knows when he’ll wake up

Poor Linda is going through a lot at such a young age, the hospital registered Linda into an orphanage and I promised to visit her from time to time

We still don’t know who caused the fire, the police have been carrying out their investigation but it’s fruitless, am beginning to think we might never find out who caused it

“Jas breakfast is ready!” Megan called from the dinning room

“Be there in a sec, Meg!” I replied as I buttoned up my long sleeve top and wore my shoe

I took my phone and bag and I went to the dinning room

“I don’t really feel like going to work today” Megan said

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“Why? You were always excited about your work” I said

“That was when doctor Ryan was doctor Ryan but now he seems on edge, he’s always so angry and he gets angry at anyone and everyone, if I didn’t know better I’d say he lost his sanity”

“Maybe he did” I said and we laughed

“How are things with you and doctor Alex, are things still awkward with you guys after that fire incident?” She asked

“No, we are fine now, everything is back to normal” I said with a smile

I finished my breakfast and Megan dropped me off first at the hospital

“Jasmine” Nurse Chloe called immediately I entered the hospital

“Good morning Chloe” I greeted

“Thank God I ran into you, the director asked me to call doc Alex to his office but I need to give a patient his morning injections now so can you help me pass the information to doc Alex?” She asked

“Sure Chloe, no problem”

“Thanks Jasmine” she said as she quickly walked away

I was about entering the elevator when someone came to my side and entered it was me


“Good morning cutie” he said and I smiled

Andrew is a sweet talker

“Good morning Andrew” I replied

“Going to doc Alex’s office?” He asked

“Yeah, the director wants him in his office”

“Okay. Ummm, see we don’t have any surgery later today, I guess you’ll be free?” Andrew asked

“Not really, am going to visit Linda at the orphanage today” I replied

“Great, let’s go together then” he said


“Yeah” he said with a smile

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

Jasmine told me that the director wants to see me

I wonder what this is about

I took the elevator to the fifth floor and I took a deep breath before opening the door

“Alex!” The director called as he stood up to hug me tightly

Okay, what is going on?

“Umm…. I….. I can’t breath Sir” I stuttered and he quickly let me go

“Am sorry Alex but am just so happy, you’ve made me so happy” he said

“What happened Sir?” I asked

“The Prime Minister, he just announced on the news that you’ll be the surgeon to operate on his daughter!” He said

“Are you serious?”

“I wouldn’t dare joke with such a sensitive matter, the Prime Minister personally called me this morning, his daughter has sickle cell anemia and brain tumor and since you are the only surgeon that has ever successfully operated on such a patient, he wants you to operate on his daughter too. The director is a very influential person, at this rate you’ll be the world best Neurosurgeon in no time” the director said and I smiled

My dream is finally coming, all I just need to do is perform the surgery successfully

šŸ’Š Ryan’s POV šŸ’Š

I watched with disdain as the Prime Minister announced Alexander Sanchez as his daughter’s surgeon on the news and threw the remote angrily on the wall

You were lucky to escape death Alexander but you haven’t won

Am going to make sure the surgery doesn’t go successful
Am going to make you regret ever being the surgeon for the Prime Minister’s daughter
Am going to make the Prime Minister’s daughter die in your operation table

………….to be continued………….