Sacrifice Of Love

Sacrifice Of Love – Episode 2


Mrs Marsha came out of Walmart supermarket, rolling her shopping cart to where she packed the car. Meanwhile, Betty who decided to get some stuff at the supermarket walked to her as she was trying to arrange the stuff that she got into her car boot.
“I can help you if you don’t mind,” Betty said walking to her.
“Thank you very much, you are just a God sent.” Mrs Marsha said as Betty arrange her stuff into her car.
“Thank you very much.” Mrs Marsha said when Betty was done.
“It nothing ma,” Betty said and smile.
“You can call me aunty Marsha.” She said.
“Okay, my name is beautiful but you can call me Betty for short,” Betty said and they shook hands.
“Nice to meet you, Betty, I Will Just leave my card with you In case you want to call me.” Mrs Marsha said putting her hand in,side her handbag, she bought out her card and hand it over to Betty.
“Here it’s.” She said.
“Thank you,” Betty said and took the card from her. They went their different ways
Betty went into the supermarket, she got some stuff, paid for them and was on her way home when her phone rang, she bought it out from her pocket…it was Jackie her best friend that was calling.
“Hey big ass girl,” Betty said as she places the phone on her ear.
“Your head there! Where are you?” Jackie asked.
“Am in,side the taxi.” She said
“Going where?” Jackie asked
“Going home off course.” She replied
“And where are you coming from?” Jackie asked.
“Come over to the house and I Will tell you.” She said
“So if I didn’t call you, you wouldn’t have to say I should come over,” Jackie said
“Ok, am sorry about that, just come over we need to talk.” She said
“Alright, will be there shortly,” Jackie said.
“Okay bye.” She said and end the call.
15 minutes later, Betty got home, she met her mum watching TV in the living room.
“Good morning mum.” She greeted walking in,side.
“Come back here.” Her mother (Mrs Antonia) said while Betty turned to her.
“And where are you coming from a young lady?” Mrs Antonia asked.
“I went to get this stuffs at the supermarket,” Betty said rising the white nylon in her hands.
“And what’s that?” Mrs Antonia asked.
“Mum please, what it’s doesn’t concern you,” Betty said walking away.
“Betty! I hope you haven’t start again!? This is what you did that makes your father thrower us out of his house in Brazil.” Mrs Antonia said.
“Mum, I have done nothing wrong, father thrower us out because he’s not capable of taking care of his family,” Betty said as she walked to her room.
(“I hope she hasn’t gone to steal again as she did in Brazil? This girl won’t put me into trouble.”) Mrs Antonia thought and focus on the TV.
Betty lied on her bed thinking about what Caleb said and what her mother said too when a knock came from the door making her jump from her thought.
“Come in please.” She said standing up from the bed, the door opened and Jackie walked in. She starred Betty wondering why her friend’s face was like that.
“Betty, what’s it?” Jackie asked sitting beside her.
“Nothing, just thinking about what Caleb said today.” She said.
“Which Caleb and what did he say?” Jackie asked.
“Caleb Benjamin off course, he said I should work with his cousin brother that is coming back from Canada.” She said.
“That’s not an issue, is that why your face is like this?” Jackie asked.
“Yes it’s not an issue but he wants me to help him kill his cousin.” She said.
“What?” Jackie said in shocked.
“Yes.” She replied and narrated everything to her friend.
“But why would Caleb wants his own cousin dead?” Jackie asked.
“I don’t know, my problem now is what he said.” She said
“What did he said,” Jackie asked.
“After we finished discussing, I went out of the room, I overheard him saying he wants to use kill his cousin then he will send me to jail and he and his father will enjoy the money.” She explained.
“Hmm that’s serious, so what are you going to do?” Jackie asked
“I am thinking of quitting this game, I Don’t want to get into trouble.” She said.
“Listen up bae, you’re not gonna get into any trouble okay? I guess he wasn’t referring to you.” Jackie said.
“You think so?” She asked
“I know so,” Jackie replied.
They discussed other things before Jackie left.
Jackie entered her car and was about to start it when her phone rang, she picked the call.
“Hey, sup?” She asked.
“Cool! Where are you?” Caleb asked.
“Am in front of her gate, are you still in the hotel?” She asked.
“Yes but wanted to leave,” Caleb said.
“Wait, am coming.” She said and end the call. She starts her car and drove to the hotel, she pulled out and went straight to the room Caleb was.
“How did it go?” Caleb asked.
“She told me everything?” Jackie said.
“Dam! So this girl can’t keep her mouth shut.” Caleb said angrily.
“That’s not the issue, she heard you when you said you are going to send her to jail after she kills Richærd, why will you make such mistake?” Jackie asked.
“What? How did she know that?” Caleb asked.
“She said she overheard you from the over the side of the door,” Jackie explained.
“Damm it!!! I am such a fool.” Caleb grained
“Well, I was able to persuade her that you were not referring to her because she was planning to quit.” She said.
“Are you such this girl is not gonna expose us?” Caleb asked.
“Leave that to me, she won’t try such else I Will personally kill her, ” Jackie said.
“This is why I love you, you are such an angel,” Caleb said smiling.
“Anything for you,” Jackie said
“My father will be so happy if Richærd finally dies,” Caleb said.
“Yes I know and I can’t wait to have that money, I mean that guy is too young to has such wealth,” Jackie said.
“That’s why we must bring him down, anyways enough of that…. let’s talk about ourselves,” Caleb said taking her to himself and they start k-ssing.


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