Seductive Amina

sed-ctive Amina – Episode 2 (18+)

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 2

Standing at the gigantic church building is Amina, looking frustrated watching her mother discuss with her fellow women.

“Which kind mother God give me sef?” She said, wiping sweat away from her forehead with her handkerchief.

She was still standing under the excruciating sun, when one of the usher of the church walk upto her.

“Sister Amina, right?” He asked keeping a disgusting face. Amina, look around to see what has made him react that way, but saw nothing, and assumed is her out-fit.

“How may I help you” she answered rudely, rolling her eyes. This put a shock on the older man’s face, he beckon on her to follow him to the pastor’s office.




A knock sounded on the door, the pastor who has been writing raise his head and shifted his spectacles.

“Come in, the door is open” he stare hærd on the door, the door open and Amina walk in. He removed his eyeglass and kept it on the table.

“Good afternoon, sir”

“You can have your seat” she took the chair directly opposite to his, the table demarcated both of them.

“Sister Amina, are you not aware that your body is the sanctuary of the Lord. Why will someone redeemed by his grace dress unclad to church, tell me. Are you possessed with s€× demon, let’s caste it away” he said with vigor and demonstration.

“No, I stood here and came over there to loose your belt, I want to s-ck your ****” the pastor’s eyes w¡den in shock, he didn’t believe she could have such audacity.

“I brought out your stressed ****, lick the cap. And started jerking you real hærd” the pastor gasped in surprise as Amina brought out her tongue and bite her lower lip sed-ctively.

“The devil is a liar” the pastor mutter loudly, Amina still remains where she has sitted, un-moved.

“I swallow your **** cap, and direct your palm to my br-ast. You grabbed and fondle it and I mo-n aaahh baby” he shifted uncomfortably on his chair, Amina grab her own b-obs and squeeze it. The pastor couldn’t help it, his **** is er-ct, he struggled to conceal it with his hand under the table.

“I deepthroat your c*ck then, I bend low at your table and ask you to **** me hærd, don’t you want to **** me hærd. Pastor?” He started sweating uncontrollably.

“Rubbish!” Amina cursed and took her pulse with her Bible and left, shaking her ass very well to the view of the pastor. Then slam the office door shut loudly.

“The devil is a liar” pastor prayed making the sign of the cross.


“Amina, where you been go” the woman question her daughter suspiciously, she has been waiting at the church frontage after she dismissed her fellow women who were talking with her.

“Mama, I go drink water for children department. When u no gree talk finish again” she said decently, the woman nodded and they both left calling a bike to take them home.


A car drove into Amina’s compound, Amina’s mother was at the front of the house. Resting under the shade of a big mango tree that her late husband planted, it is towards dawn of the evening. When the car parked a driver stepped down to open the back door, a man and two elders open the car door and step down.

Amina’s mother stood up and walk towards them, she welcome them warmly and gave them seats. They thank her in appreciation.

They all were all seated, the man signal the driver to present the gifts that is in,side the booth of his car. The driver did, Amina’s mother watch what was going on with interest.

“My elders I greet you” they responded.

“The great Ucha, on what ground do I owe this visit?”

Ucha cleared his throat and said.

“I want to make your beautiful daughter my third wife, I promise to see to her education and make sure poverty will go blind in your lineage” he added in enthusiasm, the woman kept an emotionless face.

“Amina oohh–, come and see your wonderful suitors” she called out to Amina, the elders were so proud of Ucha. That they praise him with low key, he smile showcasing his 31 dentition.


“Nepa!” Amina scre-med with joy jumping up, she was about to switch on her television. When she heard her mother’s voice, she frown and left her room.


“Good evening, sirs and mama. Why you come me” she said frowning her face, her mother gesture her to get a seat. She did.

“Ucha, here is my daughter, can you say what you have said once again” she asked humbly, Ucha happily rephrased adding emphasis on his words.

Amina stood up, turned round and scrutinize herself properly.

“Me, with my hot blood, you wan marry me with your dead amu. You wan my browse you enter grave before you click menopause ehn?”

“Wait oh, Ucha! You still get **** sef?” Amina asked with arms akimbo, looking at her visitors murderously.


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