Shattered Walls

Shattered Walls – episode 1

Shattered Walls (episode 1)

On the hills of a very busy city, lived a lady called Vanessa, she was the perfect example of a bitter woman. Vanessa lived a lonely and isolated life, she built huge walls around her heart that made it impossible for any guy to penetrate. She had just a few friends that checked up on her every now and then, she hated guys with all her heart, she was a Rape Victim!

Vanessa carried a huge grudge for guys and it made her act defensive whenever any guy tries to get close. It’s been a long time since the rape incident happened but the wounds and scars were still very fresh in her heart. The stigma refused to go away!

Everyday, she woke up with the hopes of living a normal life like every other person but the memory of that fateful day always came knocking on her door. Vanessa had suicidal thoughts countless times and have cried herself to sleep on many occasions. Her life was miserable and very unfortunate. Vanessa felt she could never love any guy as she had developed zero trust for them.

Everything went on as usual until one fateful evening. On that day, Vanessa went to the mall to get some groceries last minute, she was in a hurry and unknowingly forgot her credit card at home. After she was done shopping, she went to the counter to pay and that was when she found out that her card wasn’t with her.

“Your bill is #6,000” the cashier said, “Oh I’m so sorry, it just dawned on me now that I forgot my credit card at home” she said as she kept searching her bag for the card. “What are we going to do now?” The cashier asked, “Can I do a bank transfer to you?” She asked, “No ma, that payment method isn’t available now” the cashier said.

While all this was going on, the guy on the same queue with Vanessa volunteered to pay as they were wasting his time. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay” he said as he walked closer to the cashier with his own items. “No thanks, I would appreciate it if you don’t” she said and turned to the cashier and told her not to worry that she would return the goods.

The guy was confused and kept imaging why she turned down such kind gesture. He quickly let it slide, paid for his items and walked out. On his way to the parking lot, he saw Vanessa standing on the road side trying to flag down a taxi. He ignored her and entered his car to leave but just couldn’t. He drove to where she stood and asked her where she was going to so he could give her a lift. “No thanks, I’m already waiting for a taxi” she replied with a straight face. “I’m not a monster and wouldn’t harm you, I just want to help” he said in a tired tone but Vanessa ignored him. After much plea with zero results, he drove off and left her there.

Vanessa was unmoved and didn’t bother to care, she finally got a taxi and headed home. 10 minutes into the journey, there was serious traffic and the taxi was in a locked end, making it almost impossible for the driver to follow another route. Vanessa became frustrated and decided to use her leg to complete her journey home.

The walk home was a long one and she was already tired half way into it. While trying to cross a major round about that leads to her house, the same guy from the mall saw her and kept wondering why she was trekking instead of being in,side a taxi.

He drove to where she was, wind down the car window and smiled. “Why are you stubborn?” He asked laughing, “Can you tell me what’s funny” she replied with a straight face. “Nothing, can you just get in,side the car so I can drop you off to wherever you’re heading to” he pleaded. Vanessa gave it a thought as she was already tired and still had a long journey ahead of her. “Ok fine, if it makes you sleep well at night” she said and entered the car.

There was dead silence in the car for a while before Vanessa broke it. “Why are you smiling?” She asked, “Why are you looking at me? He jokingly responded. “Who said I was looking at you?” She asked as she rolled her eyes, “How then did you know that I was smiling?” he asked and smiled more. Vanessa sighed and looked away. “My name is Henry and you?” He asked, “I didn’t ask you to tell me your name” she replied. “Ok no problem!” He said and kept smiling.

As they got close to Vanessa’s house, her phone rang but she didn’t pick up. The caller kept calling and she finally picked “I thought I told you never to call this line again, can you just stay away from me” she warned and end the call.

Henry was a bit confused and kept wondering why she was so mean and cold. “Are you having a bad day?” He asked, “Why do you ask?” She replied, “I just observed that you are so mean” he said. Vanessa didn’t know how to reply him, so she notified him that they have arrived at her destination.

“Thank you” she said as she alighted from his car, “Can you just thank me by telling me your name” he pleaded. She paused for a while, looked into his eyes and said “Vanessa”.

End of episode 1

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