She's A Bitch

She is a bitch episode 30-31


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👔Chapter 30👔
As Jessica pecked me immediately the need for her started to arrive, all the s*x, all our past moment. She stopped and stared at me.
“Liam am so sorry I was just mad at Dara and I used that anger to face you” she said sweetly
“Liam, I want you back please. I promise to love and cherish you” She said tearing up
“I have to go now, I have classes” She said and as she was about leaving Elini pulled her hair and punched her.
“You bitch, First you chased him out of your dumb life, now you want him back as if he is a dog that obeys your every command. Who do you think you are” Elini asked her then added a slap as a fullstop.
Jessica ran away and I kinda felt bad for her, I turned and looked at Elini.
“Why did you do that to Jessica?” I asked trying to calm my growing anger
She scoffed
“I was only trying to help you, besides we all know that Jessica doesn’t love you at all” She said
I sighed and hit my head with my palm then turned to Elini “But that doesn’t give you the right to hurt her, you are a girl and you guys should understand each others feelings” I said
Elini smiled and the held the collar of my shirt although she was tall I was taller, She looked me straight in the eyes.
“Just so you know I don’t share the same feelings with a demon” with that she left me and dipped her hands into her bag collected the ice cream I gave her then she rubbed it on my shirt and left.
Wow Elini is so angry at, besides what even came over me to support Jessica?
“Hey Elini” I said as I got to where she was sitting down
“What is it Diego?” She asked rudely
“Elini I just wanted to ask you on a date this evening” I said smiling, she immediately turned to my direction.
“Diego what makes you think I will like to go on a date with you? you are just too old fashion for my liking get that into your dumb skull. Such an idiot” with that she took her bag and left.
I was really hurt, the flower I bought for her just fell to the floor. I know everything about her, her favorite colors are pink,red and blue, her favorite food is mushrooms and sausages, her favorite movie is stormy love, her favorite flowers are Lavenders. I got up and was about going when I bumped into Jessica. She smiled and looked at me.
Liam is one big fool, I know I can have him with just one s*x and he is dumb. I watched as him and Elini had a fight and she transfered the aggression on Diego.
Diego was about leaving when I deliberately bumped into him,
“Sorry” he muttered, I smiled and used my index finger to touch his face.
“Diego you know Elini can never love you as long as Liam is around, so you have to make her hate Liam for her to love you” I said
“Sometimes I feel like going to that lab and look for a cure to your madness but too bad your madness have no cure. Elini might not love me now but one day she will” he said smiling, I shook my head and left angrily.
Nothing is working my way today, besides I haven’t seen Jeremy for quite a while now to say the truth I really like Jeremy, his cute face and pink lips something to die for.
I watched as Elini transfered aggression and how Jessica tried to make Diego be on her team. I just hope Diego joins Jessica because if not there will be a triangle in the love and that will be double problem.
I can’t hurt Dara and Collins again because Amy already sacrificed herself for them, more like I killed her by accident. I have to do something about this two then Diamond and Zenter before it’s too late.
It’s already lunch time, I went to restroom. After I was done I went out and saw Jessica and Liam talking, immediately she saw me she pecked him on the cheeks and left. I sighed and went to the canteen, I saw Jay and Diamond at our regular table. I ordered my food and went to set with them.
“Hey girls” I said
“Wow I love your new shoes didn’t see it before” Jayla complemented
“Aw… I miss Zenter so much” Diamond said smiling at her phone.
“Diamond chill just few more weeks and we are done with highschool” I said
“After highschool and going to College” Jay said
“Me am not going am going to start my new business line” Diamond said
“As for me I will go to business school for a year then expand my business” I said drinking my soda
“You don’t even need business school you are best business lady I know” Jayla complemented. I blushed.
“Elini I need you to do a new fashion dress for me and Jayla for prom” Diamond said
“No need am not coming for prom, I don’t have a date plus I got business” Jay said
“Maybe I might go with Liam, what about you Diamond?” I asked
“I don’t really know, i think am going alone” she said. Just then Diego entered the canteen, he was looking weird like too weird.
I entered the canteen and spotted Elini, I just ignored her and left to look for a quite place to sit.
I sat down and my mind traced to Michelle, I wonder where she might be heaven or hell. I just hope she is in heaven. After Elini shamed me, I took my bag and went to the cemetery, I walked to her grave and dropped a rose flower on it.
“Michelle, I miss you so much. Am confused, I wonder what I would have done if you didn’t die please forgive me. I know am a bad person, but now I know that I started loving you. I thought Elini will love me but I guess Jessica is right, Elini only has feelings for Liam, am just an other person to her. I know am the cause of your death, please forgive me, please” I said as I drop of my tear dropped on her grave.
“Michelle since the death of my mom you were the only person who said “I love you” to me. Michelle please forgive me, please”I said then I cleaned my face and walked away.
Immediately Diego left, Michelle came and collected the flower.
“Am sorry Diego but it’s too late now, I can’t come back to you. I love you but the demon in me is greater than the angel. I love you” She said and disappeared back into her grave.
I watched as he left the her spirit came and collected the flower, a piece of tear fell from my eyes.
Diego does love her, he just need someone to share his feeling with, Michelle was such a fool killing herself, I will spare him but as for the rest they will pay. I walked to her grave and touched it.
“Michelle anyone who as ever wronged you will pay, dearly. I already destroyed your uncle, Dara and Collins has already left but I can’t hurt them because now the triangle in the love is protecting them but don’t worry just one disagreement from them will destroy their whole life” I said as I cleaned my tears and covered my black cloak and left.
They will all pay
“Liam asked me to be his date to prom, am so happy” I said to the girls as we waited for our car to come.
“Wow lucky you, prom is tomorrow and I don’t have a date” Diamond said downcasted
“What happened between you and Diego?” Jay asked
“Diego has been really weird, he doest talk to me like before” I said with regrets
“You didn’t even apologize to him after you insult him that day” Jay said, and I wonder how she knew
“You are right” I said
Just then a white jeep packed in front of them, they were all curious to know who was inside, suddenly Zenter came out and he walked towards them.
Immediately Jay threw up on sighting him. He ignored her and walked to Diamond.
“Me, you , tomorrow, prom” he said then he dragged her inside his car and they left.
Liam decided to give Jay and Elini a ride home but Jay declined saying she prefer to walk home forgetting she is celebrity.
Liam and Elini decided to go shopping because prom was tomorrow evening, same with Diamond but the internet already carried news that Zenter and Diamond were dating.
Jayla was walking alone when someone held her and pushed her into a car.
“You…” She yelled surprised
Let’s go and get our prom dresses ready ooo
Who has kidnapped Jay again ooo?
💄(I will wait)💄
👘(Will she fall?)👘
💇Chapter 31💇
“You…” I yelled surprised
“Hey don’t shout” He said and I rolled my eyes
“Do why are you kidnapping me? you want to ask me to prom?” I asked
“No, non of us are coming to prom. Zenter is around and I don’t want to be seeing rubbish while Jack hasn’t found a date yet” he explained
“So why did you kidnap me?” I asked getting hungry
“I didn’t kidnap you, I only need your help” he said
“Wow so the lead actor Jace Willi needs help from unlucky actress Jayla Star Stones, what a development” I said clapping my hands.
He sighed then held my shoulders,”I need your help to get Diamond”he said then I removed his hands from my cloth.
“Man chill, if the girl belongs to you she will come to you don’t stress me” I said getting tired.
“What if I give you Bonjem Chocolates?” he asked and I bit my lower lip, that’s a very hard choice to make. Help a crazy lunatic or lose my favorite chocolates.
“Fine I will help you, but first the chocolates” I said and he gave them to me, I put them in my bag and tried leaving but the door didn’t open. I sighed and saw him winking at me.
“Fine Diamond hates you because you are a playboy, change and maybe she might like you. She like Zenter because he understands her unlike some shameless playboy” I said the last part lowly then I heard him sighed.
“I really do like her am done being a playboy” he muttered, his words made me burst into laughter.
“You should be given the award for the best comedian of the month” I said trying to get out but the door refused to open. I turned to him and immediately he started driving the car.
“Where are you taking me too” I asked feeling tired.
“I’m taking you home, it’s already late and you are a celebrity” he said and continued driving
I looked at him, all those past feelings started coming back, all the heartbreaks received in the past, I smiled and looked at the roadside.

“Thanks for dropping me home” I said as I came down from the car.
“Jay am really sorry for our past, you are a very nice girl and I would have loved to date you but I love someone else. I love Diamond” he said avoiding my gaze. I smiled and pecked him on his cheeks.
“I wish I could help you but you have fight for your love yourself” I said and left
I smiled as I watched her entered their mansion, Jay was too nice maybe she is just “unlucky” as they say.
I sighed and went back to my mansion
Today is prom what am I going to were? I walked to my lair and opened my dark room. I collected the fire torch and looked into the room and saw Jeremy he was still sleeping. I sat down by his side and touched his face.
“Jeremy Amarr, you forgot me now you love Jessica and she must pay for she making you love her but I need her for something” I looked at him and smiled then I went to my room and got dressed in a pink open back dress.
I went back to my lair and drank a potion it turn my hair shiny brown and my lips red my skin turned coffee brown. I made another potion and gave it to Jeremy immediately he woke up but his eyes turn blue, that means he was under my control.
I gave him his fave he ate it, he was eating it slowly after that I dressed him. I tried hard not to cry. I created a limo and we entered and got to prom.
I saw everyone but they won’t recognise me. I looked at Jeremy he was just looking straight.
I walked into the hall, Liam said he wasn’t able to pick me. I walked into the hall dressed to kill surprising I saw Jeremy this is the first time am seeing since months. He was looking weird and more he had blue eyes plus he was with a girl who had brown hair, she kept staring at everyone weirdly.
“Hey” I turned and saw Diego, immediately I became nervous and smiled at him
“Hey” I replied
“So where is Liam? Care for a dance?” he asked
“Liam is busy he is coming plus I want him to be my first dance to be with Liam” I said smiling
“Why do you even like him? Ain’t I good enough?” He asked tearing up
“Diego I don’t and can never love you. I only love Liam and if you ain’t happy with it then f**k off” I said and pushed him and walked out
I smiled as I watched Elini yelling at Diego he left in tears and went to Michelle’s grave i guess.
I got to a Michelle’s grave and knelt before it.
“Michelle you were always calm, you always taught me to love with heart and not with mind. I’m going to get Elini whether by right or wrong, either you support me or not am gonna do it. I’m going to help Jessica” I said and left
Next chapter is war get ready
But who is to be blamed for this?
Liam for not coming on time?
Elini for getting easily angry at Diego?
Diego for letting his anger get the best of him?
Elini because she always transfer aggression

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