She is a demigod episode 88

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
   (She’s a half witch, half vampire )🤫😌

       By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

         Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

        💋 Chapter Eighty Eight 💋


Kylie was in the kitchen the next morning, making breakfast. She was completely flattered but she still had to cook for everyone.

She heard someone yawning as he walked into the kitchen. She turned and saw that it was her husband.

She smirked and turned off the gas.
“Breakfast is ready!” She yelled.

“Good morning baby” she said to Jasper.

“Good morning sweetheart” he said and wanted to kiss her. She pushed his mouth and dished the meal.

“You haven’t brushed your teeth, no brushing, no kissing, no breakfast” she said.

“Hey mom!” Sean ran downstairs and hugged his mother.

“How was your night?” She asked.

“Cold” he replied.

“How was your ladies night huh? You ladies just squeal and giggled all night”

“No, we talked about a lot of things and they will be here for breakfast” she said.

“What? I have to look good!” Jasper said and ran upstairs.

Sean and Kylie laughed. He picked an apple and took a huge bite.
“Why are they coming over?”

“They want to meet my son, you!” She replied.

“Woah! I have some secret fan. I’m going on a date with Hazel. So…”

“It would be quick. So, no worries”

“Fine!” He rolled his eyes and took another bite.

“Breakfast is ready!!!” Kylie yelled again.

“Coming mom” Allison ran downstairs. Josh followed behind. He was still wearing his pyjamas.

“That’s my prince” she hugged Josh and placed him on the counter.

“Yay! No school! It’s summer!” Josh yelled. He was happy that there was holiday.

“So, what do you want to do this summer?”

“I want to play, play and… Finally, play!”

“I’m gonna take you to the park tomorrow”

“Promise?” He brought out his pinky finger.

“It’s a promise” she replied and promised him.

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Suddenly, the door bell rang.
“I’ll get the door” Sean yelled.

“They are here. Everyone have your seat”
“Allison, no phone on the dinning table”

“Where’s dad?” Allison asked and she placed her phone on the table.

“Trying to impress some guests” Kylie replied.
Sean went towards the door and opened it.
“Hello handsome!” Madison waved seductively.

“Hi?” Sean replied without certainty. He had no idea who they were.

“Look at his muscles. So.. strong” Cindy added.

Lilly beat their hands off his chest and smiled weirdly at him.
“You must be Sean, we are here to see your mother”

“Sure, come in” he said and threw the door open for them to walk in.

They walked into the house and looked round.
“It was just like it was years ago”
Sean wanted to close to the door but someone pulled him out and slapped him across the face. He looked away and was completely shocked. He wondered who slapped him. He raised his head and saw Hazel.


“Don’t you dare call me that” she yelled at him.

“I’m sorry but what did I do wrong?”

“Oh really? You have no idea what you did” she yelled again.

“Trust me, I have no idea” he said again.

“How can you let those chicks touch you huh? Who are they? Your new girlfriends huh?” She asked and pushed him.

A smile crept on his face. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Sean! We are waiting for you”
He heard his mother’s voice.


“I know you are jealous that those women touched me. They are my mother’s friends and not my girlfriend. Okay? ” He asked, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Hazel lowered her gaze. She thought he was cheating on her.
“I’m sorry for slapping you” she blinked repeatedly.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt at all. Your hands are tiny, remember?”

“What?” She squeezed her face.

“Just kidding. Come on, join us for breakfast” he said and walked her in.
Hazel was feeling quite uncomfortable eating breakfast with Kylie’s friends. She doesn’t know them before.

“Yeah, it’s quite different from ours here”

“What about Lina?” Kylie asked about the Delta that helped Lilly.

“She base in Africa now. I have no idea what she’s up to” Lilly replied.

“I know she would still be hating me even if she’s around” Kylie said and they all laughed.

Cindy raised her head and stared at Sean.
“Your girlfriend is really beautiful” she said.

Sean knew it was him she was talking to. He dropped his fork and turned to stare at Hazel.

“Oh yes she is” he smiled.

Hazel felt some goosebumps. She brushed her hair to the back of her ear and continued eating in silence.

“What specie is she?”

“She’s a witch. Do you have to ask?” Madison replied to Cindy’s question.

“Oh yeah, sorry” she said and faced her meal.
“I’m happy that every one of us are together. I didn’t lost any of you in the weird war”

“The war you stopped? Everyone love you Kylie. You are like a superstar”

“Only in the inside world. Very funny” Kylie gave a silent chuckle.

“I can’t believe no one noticed me”

They turned and stared at Jasper.
“Of course we did. We just didn’t want to talk to you yet”

Kylie coughed out a mocking laugh.
“You wouldn’t believe he went to freshen up early just because he knew you guys were coming”

They all laughed, except Allison and Jasper.
Allison was on her phone. She was chatting with Gabriel and smiling.

“Not helping Kylie” he said with a plain voice and ate his meal.

“Allison, no phone!”

“Sorry Mom. Just… Busy with Gabriel”

“Finally, I’ve met you Allison” Madison said.

Allison raised her head and stared at her.
“Yeah, you have?” She furrowed her eyebrows. She wasn’t use to talking to strangers.

“You should meet my daughter some day. You would like her” she said.

“Okay? Can’t wait then” she said and ate her food.

“She’s a shy type” Kylie whispered to her friends.

“Aunt.. the travel man wanted to see you”

“Sure. I would see him later in the day” she quickly replied and stared at Josh if he understood anything.

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Hazel noticed that Josh was here, she sprung up and tapped Sean’s shoulder.
“It’s high time we left”

“Yeah” Sean said and gulped down his juice.
He stood up and wiped his mouth.

“See you later mom” he said and left.

“Bye Aunt” Hazel said before leaving the house.

They got into the car and drove off.
“Thanks for the breakfast mom!” Josh said and went to keep his plate in the sink.

“I’ll be upstairs” he ran to his room.

“I wish my son was just like yours. Mine is so disorganized and rude” Cindy rolled her eyes.

Kylie laughed.
“It is what it is sweetheart”

“Thanks Mom” Allison said and also did the same. She plugged in her earphones and walked upstairs. All she wanted was some time alone with Gabriel on her phone. She got into her room and slammed the door.

“Finally!” She yelled and jumped on the bed.
Minutes later…
Kylie was washing the dishes and also chatting with her friends.
She just realized how much she missed them.
They had a lot of things to talk about.

“I never talked to Max again”

“Well I did. He’s married and his wife just gave birth. I’m going for the baby shower this weekend”

“You got to be kidding me. Why didn’t he get married all this while?”

“He got infected. Diego bit him so… He’s a werewolf now”

“I never knew of that. We should all attend the baby shower together. What do you think Kylie?”

“Uh… I don’t know about that. His wife is a little bit crazy”

“Is she a werewolf?”

“Yeah, she’s part of Diego’s pack. I guess that’s how they met” Kylie said and rinsed her hand. She dried it and walked towards he friends.

“We’ll meet you here on Saturday then. We’ll go to Max’s baby shower”

“It’s a deal then. I have to meet the travel man”

“I thought he died”

“Cindy!” they all yelled.

“What? I just thought” she rolled her eyes.

“Well, he went back to his undiscovered world and told them to summon him back when Charlie’s dead. So, now he’s dead, he’s back”

“Fine then. I have to take care of my house. It’s such a mess”

“Me too. Jackson’s room now belong to my daughter” Cindy lowered her gaze.
It was evident that she missed his brother.

“I understand what you are feeling Cindy. We are all here for you” Kylie said.

“Thanks. I’ll leave now”

“Bye Kylie!”

“See you this weekend!”
Kylie escorted them to the door and closed it behind.

“Finally, your giggle buddies are gone” Jasper said as he walked downstairs.

“Are you jealous because you have no friends?” She folded her arms.

“What? You told you that. I have friends”

“Okay” she said and ran upstairs.

“I have friends and I’m going to prove it” he yelled.

“Can’t wait to see them!” Kylie yelled in reply.

Jasper sighed and head to the sitting room.
“I have to find some friends” he murmured.
Kylie appeared at the hangout few minutes later.
“Hello Aunt!”

“Hi Kylie”

“Hey, Kylie is here!”

Kylie heard their murmur. They just love to see her around. She waved at them and went to the travel man’s room.

“Welcome back to earth wise one” she said as she entered into his room.

“Where are you manners young one?” He asked and turned to face Kylie.

“Forgive my intrusion wise one. Why do you want to see me?”

He walked to his rocky chair and sat on it.
He sighed and finally stare at her.

“We need to talk about a truce!” He said. Kylie furrowed her eyebrows.

“A truce?”