Sisterhood episode 62




Nkem went with him to his flat. It was behind the main house; two flats. He occupied the top flat while his younger brother who didn’t come back occupied the lower flat. Nkem loved the flat. It was homely and welcoming. As they closed the door, Demian was all over her. They kissed and caressed themselves until there was a knock on the door. Demian stopped and opened it; it was Agnes, his younger sister and some of their female cousins.

“I heard Nkem finally grace us with her presence and we had to be sure she was the one. Welcome, Nkem.” Nkem responded. The cousins entered the flat and they were all chatting. Nkem was uncomfortable with the number of people. They all looked very hot and wore designer clothing and accessories. And they spoke with an accent. They asked Nkem questions and she answered them. She tried not to allow her insecurities to show. They talked about an event they attended and how they made dollars rain. Nkem wasn’t interested in the story but Demian was. She excused herself to get into the room, she changed into something casual. She brought out the cooked food her mother gave her and stored them in the freezer. She made ugba with ingredients she came with, she used stockfish, pomo and pieces of meat. She served it to the guests in disposable plates she came with. They were amazed when they tasted it. They asked for more. One of the cousins left with her plate of ugba. She went to her mother to have a taste. The women requested Nkem to make for them. Demian refused. He told them she was a guest. When they visit him, then she can make something for them. The men of the family were not having it. The eldest uncle gave Nkem money and asked her to prepare ugba and goat meat pepper soup. The money was to buy all she needed. He added that the house helpers were at her service. Demian wanted to protest but she stopped him. She agreed to do it. She asked that the goat be killed and stored in the freezer until the following morning.


Demian’s mother was upset with him. She asked why he refused her to make food for the women.

“She came here to spend quality time with me and not to pass any test you guys are cooking up. She can cook and take care of me. I can take care of myself. So, allow us to be.”

“You will make them hate this girl with your overbearing attitude..”

“She went into the kitchen and made ugba for our guests. Why then does she have to impress you? She has accepted to make food for the family tomorrow, I will support her. But it ends there. I want to spend time with her.”

“You didn’t spend enough time with her in Abuja? I don’t know what this girl did to make you turn to her defender and protector. I hope she is worth it. I hope she is worth it.”

“She is worth it. I love her and that’s all that matters. She is humble and sweet. You should love her too.”

Agnes had joined them at that time, “She can’t love her. Nkem has stolen you from mum and you want her to love her rival? It is not possible. You revolted against mum because of Nkem; she will never forget that.”

“Agnes, mind your business. I have nothing against Nkem, you are too protective of her. Allow her to mingle. Tomorrow now, you will be all around her like a fly. Let her interact with the other family members. That’s all,” his mum answered.

“It is her first time here, I have to ensure she is comfortable. Her mother convinced her to come with me for some days. She is a good woman. I don’t want anyone making her feel uncomfortable. She is not used to being around so many people and I don’t want her disrespected and that’s it.”

“She won’t be. Our cousins like her. The fathers admire her and the mothers are curious. Give her space, she will do well. It is in her nature. Would you permit her to attend a party with us?” Agnes asked but stopped because of the eyes Demian gave her, “I guess not. She will be bored stiff here with you. We are off.”

Demian took Nkem for a walk around the village. He introduced people they met on the way to her including his friends. It was interesting to move around his village. Nkem had never seen this much affluence in a village. She had to comport herself. She was worried about marrying Demian once again but as her mother said, she will adjust once she is in.

While Demian was talking to his friends, Nkem called her mother and shared her experience so far with her. Her mother asked her to make goat meat pepper soup with yam, make isi ewu with the goat head and some goat pieces and make ugba separately. She agreed to send the ingredients she would need to cook for the period she is there through their town’s man who plies that route. Nkem was excited she wouldn’t need to go to the market to buy the items. They moved around until late before they both came back. Nkem wasn’t hungry. Demian wanted just a cocoa drink with bread. Nkem went to the kitchen in the main house. She got sardines, margarine and eggs on their way home. She made toasted bread with it and boil the milk, beverage and honey together on the fire. She didn’t know Demian’s mother and her fellow wives watched her make his meal. Demian came to the kitchen from the back door and praised the meal. He said the aroma attracted him there.

While Demian ate, Nkem went to take a bath. She wondered if today was the day. She hadn’t said anything to Demian, she wanted to surprise him. But how would she do it? She had asked her friends how they made their men know they were ready and what they suggested wasn’t her at all. Esther advised her to tell him what she wanted straight up. She believed he will understand and act accordingly.

She wanted to call Esther but stopped herself. She had noticed a difference in her. She seemed withdrawn which meant Jake was up to no good. Nkem knew Jake will continue to cheat and infect her. She wondered what men wanted. Esther had it all; she was hot and sexy. She was the best dressed among them and men still stared at her after how many kids. Jake was just greedy and irresponsible. Esther had shared with her all she did to ensure they remained rich but Jake paid back with cheating. She will call her in the morning.

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She came out of the bedroom wearing her black slip without a housecoat. Demian was talking to his mother, sister and two cousins. She didn’t know they were there or what they were discussing but Demian stopped midway and just stared at her. Agnes tapped him to get his attention back to them. It was also the cue they needed to give them privacy. Nkem looked angelic in her slip. The guests knew it was going to be a busy night. Demian’s mother was disappointed at Demian’s reaction.

It was the first time Nkem wore a slip like this. It was long clung to her body. The top of the slip was lace and her perky breasts could be seen through it. She packed her braids. She looked so young and innocent at the same time she looked sexy. Nkem cleared the table as they left while Demian went to quickly take a bath. He was also having his struggles. He had wanted her all day but didn’t want anyone to guess what they were up to when they don’t respond to people. But tonight, he wasn’t entertaining anyone again or even phone calls. He turned on aeroplane mode on his phone so no one would distract him. He had waited patiently for this since he came back.

He was dressing up when she came in. Nkem wanted to do something out of the ordinary. She was usually shy but she wanted to be different today. She removed the slip and lay naked on the bed. She tried to be assertive but inside her, she trembled. Demian turned and saw her on the bed. Her face was expressionless but the gesture said everything. Demian came to her side of the bed and asked, “Are you ready? I can wait, don’t feel pressured.”

“I am ready. My expectations have been met today and I am confident, you will always have my back. Thanks for being patient and loving me the way you have. I hope I don’t disappoint you tonight.”

“You can never disappoint me. I love you and will always love you.” He got undressed and laid down beside her. He kissed her so passionately on the lips then he took over her body. He was a gentle and caring lover. He knew how to make her tremble with desire and get her to beg for a release but tonight will be different, he was getting the ultimate release. She was scared as it progressed. Her body didn’t match with tension in her mind. It reacted to his every touch and move while she was scared of the outcome. Would she still be a virgin? Would it hurt? Would he notice her inexperience? Questions flooded her mind while her body had a mind of its own.

Finally, he asked her if she was ready, and she nodded. He tried to penetrate but couldn’t. In all his sexual encounters he had never been with a virgin, she was his first. He was scared to push further as he looked at her. Her eyes were closed and cringed. She was scared too. “Do you want me to do this?” he asked her. She opened her eyes and looked him in the eyes and nodded. Gently he did it. It didn’t take much to get in but he was worried about hurting her. Now he understood why she took his painkillers; he thought his family was driving her mad. She was preparing for this. Every thrust drove him crazy. She felt different from what he was used to. He knew there was no way he would let her go after this. After the experience, he noticed a little blood. He helped her to the bathroom to have another bath and clean up properly. They came to bed. He held her close to him and he whispered to her, “This is the best gift I have ever received. Thank you.”

Demian couldn’t fall asleep. He couldn’t believe Nkem was still a virgin. She was so beautiful and intelligent, how was it even possible? He knew when his sisters lost their virginities or rather when they started having sex. How would someone go through university and still be intact? He respected her even more now. He had been scared she would run around on him while they were apart. She never gave him cause to worry about it because they talked most nights. Agnes had said Nigerian girls were smart and couldn’t be trusted. This was one Nigerian girl with a difference. There will still be many more like her.

Nkem became a woman that night. She smiled when Demian appreciated her. Demian showed her how to be loved and she felt special. He was very gentle with her and patient. The experience wasn’t that exciting for her. She believed fear was one of the reasons. She feared she was no longer intact after the first encounter with uncle Tobi. Demian deserved to be her first, he had waited for this long. She had to sleep because she had to be up early the next morning to prepare their meal. She was making breakfast. She was excited; she was now a woman.