Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 9

He stood by his car as he watched the boy play soccer. He felt a grip in his throat, tried to swallow it and felt pain. Scar’s mind went back to when he was Zac’s age.

His friends always made him a leader. He was bad at playing the game but his confidence led other kids put him first.

Scars mother always told him God had a great purpose for his life,

” no wonder he gave you brains” she would add,

“continue trusting him and your future will blossom like flowers. Decide to trust in God’s wisdom” she would say.

Zac noticed Scar watching him, he waved his hands at him.

Scar smilled waving him back and the boy ran to him.

“hey Zac!” Scar greeted.

“hey.” the boy answered.

“came to see your friend again? ” he asked p-nting..

“Yeah” Scar lied

“was just admiring your skill back there.” He smiled widely

“Thank you” Zac smilled as he played with the ball in his hands. “did you want to greet mom too?” Zac asked…

“No kid, i was just passing. but if she’s around then maybe I can say hi to her.”

“oh .. but she’s not yet back. she went to town this morning and has not come back yet.”

“Is that so? Scar asked..

“yes” replied Zac…

“I have something for you.”

Scar got the video game and other toys he had bought and handed them to Zac ..

“here enjoy the games.”

” Thank you but my mom won’t agree with me getting things from a stranger” the boy hesitated.

“well Zac don’t worry I talked to your mother on phone before coming here. she told me i can get you the games. So here I am.” He shrugged with a smile.

” Really?” Zac jumped with excitment.

“yes kid, come ask her yourself when she comes.”

“Thank you” Zac smiled running back to the house.

” am going to show aunty Maria.”

Scar watched the boy entered the house. He sat in his car and called Jo.

“hey boss!” he answered at the first ring.

“how is it going with the lady?” Jo asked.

” I need to see you” Scar told him without answering his question.

“meet me home after the work is done. by the way how did the boys react? ” he asked before handing up

“You know how it is boss. no one goes against your orders. the general feeling is that we are not safe with the lady. she knows most of our faces and our most important territory.” Jo explained.

“I understand Jo, but am working on it. tell every one to calm down.” “okay Boss” he acknowledged.


Chile shook his head as he watched the news of robbers getting away with 6 brand new Mercedes Benz.

” damn you Scar. how in hell do you manage to pull off big jobs without a trace? I trained the boy ” he spoke to his friend.

” now he’s acting all invisible like a god. I can’t just sit and watch him expand his territory under my nose.”

“Hmmmn the problem is he’s grown already and has too many people on his side. so it won’t be easy to take him down and remain standing yourself, you have to be careful.” Chile’s friend advised .

“well I don’t know what I hate the most, the fact that the boy is better than me or that I can’t find anyone like him on my team. All i have are a bunch of idiots who follow orders without any single sense of reason. Just look at the idiot i planted to work at Scar’s house, it’s been 3 months now he doesn’t have any concret thing for me. he’s so dull, ” Chile frowned angrily.

“I got to find a way to bring that boy down sooner than later” he added pouring some wine in a wine glass.


At Scar’s house…

Sila tried all she could do get out of the room but there was no way of escaping..

” that thug! He’s so evil.” she thought. she missed her son and was getting worried with each passing moment how her son was going to take it if she was killed.

She looked at the food in front of her. she hadn’t touched it since some man who looked at her strangely dropped it before locking the door immediately.

She wondered what Scar had planned for her.

“why has he haunted my life..?” She asked herself,

” it’s like he had a mission to make my life a living hell” Sila cried silently.

Her greatest fear was dying and leaving her son alone. She knew how her family looked at him, a b****** son. No one would take good care of him.

“Oh my God” Sila prayed,

“please save my life and let me out of this place, please.” She cried.


Scar had been talking to Jo in the next room. From the other room.

“so that’s the story Jo.” Scar concluded as he finished narrating the wh0le story of him and Sila.

” Oh man, that’s deep” Jo sighed.

” it’s complicated the fact that she hates you. I don’t know, but it’s hærd to convince her otherwise especially that you raped her man. She sees you as a monster.”

Scar looked at the floor really hærd, he walked around his bedroom and stood by the window. It was getting dark and he had to do something or Zac and the Nanny would start worrying.

“Give me the Phone” he told Jo.

” I have to see this woman now.”

“what are you going to say to her man?” Jo asked.

“it’s evident you are not going to kill her. You could have done that already.”

“I don’t know yet. but I have to do something. I don’t want the nanny or her friends to report to the police. I had a guy watch her house. He will keep me informed on the activities at the house.” He responded walking out.

He walked to the room where Sila was.

” hey Boyd!” he called the house worker,

” open that door for me now.”

“Of course boss” Boyd he answered nervously.

Scar had always noticed how nervous Boyd got around him but he had thought he was just being an idiot.

Boyd opened the door and Sila stood up as she saw him walk in.

” Sit down” he ordered her.

” I would rather stand ” Sila answered rudely.

“Very well then, you got to talk to someone, here is the phone. I want you to call your maid and tell her you have been called to work tonight, do anything stupid and your son is dead.” He threatened.

Sila looked at Scar with a hateful look. she couldnt take chances with her son, grabbing the phone hestly she called Maria and told her she was working.

upon hearing it was his mother on the phone. Zac shouted,

“I want to talk to mom!”

” put him on.” Sila told Maria

“Halo mom!. when are you coming back?” Zac asked. Sila shed a tear at the sound of her son’s excited voice

“Tomorrow my son, be a good boy okay ? ” she sighed sadly.

“mom.” Zac added,

” that uncle, your friend with dark shades bought me a video game and other toys” he announced cheerfully.

Sila glanced at Scar with a knowing look.

“okay baby I have to go now. good night.”

“Good night mom” the boy answered.

“What the hell were you doing at my house you fool? you are so pathetic.” She scre-med loudly.

“well someone had to keep an eye on him don’t you agree?” Scar responded calmly.

Sila looked at him.

“don’t you dare touch my son, he has nothing to do with all this.”

Scar sat on the bed quietly for a while.

” you know my boys think you are a threat to us all. You messed everything up Sila by going to the forest. Now things are complicated.

You know, all the guys you saw look up to me and I can’t fail them. So tell me what I can do…? I have never been in such a dilemma before my entire life. I like things straight out. But now with You, I don’t know” he frowned looking up her face.

Sila looked down at him, for a moment she saw the honesty in his eyes. she took advantage of the situation and knelt before him.

“please let me go, I promise I won’t say anything. My son’s life is worth more than anything and he’s still young. He needs me. Let me go and forget you ever existed. you already know everything about me so you can ask someone watch me and see if i will betray you, please ” she begged touching Scar’s hands.

Scar felt like hugging her and telling her it was alright, but he had to remain focused.. He stood up and walked away from her.

“Rest easy, am going to bed now” he told her instead.

“You better eat something” he pointed at the tray on the small table .

“the worker will show you the toilets. Dont bother trying to escape, it’s not possible” he said closing the door behind his back.

After giving Sila a fresh set of food. Boyd sat in his room and dialled a number.

“Yes Chile, I have something.” He started.

“what happened? tell me now!” Chile responded.

“There’s a woman Scar is keeping hostage. I overhead them talk with Jo and i think hes in love with her. she has a kid too.” He went on giving Chile the details he had about Sila.

“Welldone Boyd.” Chile told him, “Scar in love wow! that’s something I can use. keep me updated okey?”

“Yes Boss” Boyd answered happily.

“call you later” he said before cutting the call.

To be continued

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