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Under Attack – Episode 6


Under Attack – Episode 6
© Brian Ngoma
K.B and The SSS
The door opened, Dominick looked at Christina and swallowed hard, his eyes red and sweat drops forming on his forehead. She motioned him to make a move. He entered while she followed. In there, they found four men sited round the table with a blue print laid on the table. When the men

saw Dominick and Christina, they looked back at the table and continued what they were doing.
“Domi what do you want?” One of the men asked.
Dominick hated that name but his hatred towards it had even made it worse for the guys to use it on him. “Do you guys know what is happening downstairs, an officer has been shot dead, we are ‘Under Attack’.”
“Anything new?”
“Hey the man is serious!” Christina shouted. “Lives are at stake here.”
The men looked at her and averted their eyes. Their stares made her uncomfortable. She shook.
“Are you the messenger?” The second man from the table asked.
“Yes and i want to talk to the man in charge,” she paused seeing no reaction from them. “Izukanji, who is he?”
“Here i am,” Izukanji stood up. He loved the attention. This was his scene. “Talk to me messenger.”
“I need to talk to you alone,” she said.
The other guys murmured.
“This is my team, whatever you say to me you say in front of them,” Izukanji walked to Christina.
One of Izukanji’s men grabbed a chair and pushed it towards Christina and nodded at her. Dominick wanted to sit down.
“You don’t get to sit Domi,” Izukanji said. “Let the lady sit and we hear what she wants to tell us.”
Dominick stood still while hating them more.
“So speak,” Izukanji said.
Christina looked at them. She looked around the room. It was as if she was looking for someone. She relaxed in the chair and sighed. Dominick was anxious and so was everyone in the room. They didn’t know those people and what they wanted and this woman who sat in front of them had all the answers.
“They call themseves ‘Societies Sixth Sense’. Triple ‘S’ in short and their leader is ruthless. As a matter of fact he is mad,” Christina said angrily.
“Societies Sixth Sense?” Izukanji probed. “What the hell does that even mean?”
Dominick was paying attention with his hand on his chin.
“He said something about righting the wrongs of society,” she responded to Izukanji.
“That is insane,” Izukanji’s team member added. “What are they smoking?”
Everyone laughed except Dominick and Christina. Christina looked back at Dominick. He motioned her to continue.
“So what is your message? What do they want here?” Izukanji asked.
“They are here to right one wrong done by the police,”

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she answered.
She got everyones attention. They were all looking at her with curiosity.
She continued, “You have what they want. The serial killer. Hand him over to them and no one has to die.”
“Are they insane?” Izukanji stood up. “Who do they think they are coming here to give me orders, i will burn them all.”
“Is he here?” Christina asked.
Ignoring her, Izukanji turned his attention to his men. “Has the network been restored?”
One of them stood up and checked the landlines. “Nothing boss, still nothing.”
“Even your mobile phones?”
“Still nothing.”
Izukanji turned to Dominick.

“Domi do you have network in your office?”
“No network,” he answered.
“I think there is no network in the all building,” Christina said. “When those men came, we tried our phones but nothing happened.”
They all went mute.
“Is the serial killer here?” Christina asked again.
“What do they want to do with him?” Dominick asked Christina.
She turned her head to him. “They said they will right the wrongs of society by doing to him what he deserves. They know here he might go free.
“Do they want him dead?”
Christina nodded.
“Men we need to get our guns and give these men what they want; Hell,” Izukanji said.
“You don’t have guns?” Christina stood up. “Oh my god, what kind of HQ is this?”
“There is a policy which prohibits.…”
Dominick was cut by Izukanji. “Domi she doesn’t work here to know that.”
“The firearms department is on the 2nd floor, how do we get there?” Dominick asked.
“Domi it’s not your job. Sit your old ass down.”
Dominick was embarrassed.
“I’m sorry,” Christina said.
All the men in the room turned to her. “What do you mean?”
“He made me wear this,” Christina moved her sweater on the side.
She was wearing a wire and everything said here was heard downstairs. Izukanji reached for the wire and pulled it out of her. Angrily, he dragged her out of the chair and put her in a corner. Dominick wanted to do something but Izukanji’s men blocked him.
“You have implicated us!” Izukanji yelled at Christina.
Christina cried, “He said he would kill me if i didn’t wear the wire.”
“Leave her alone!” Dominick yelled at Izukanji. “She’s a hostage and scared. What do you expect? Don’t act like you’re not a detective.”
Izukanji turned to Dominick. He

walked to the table and banged his hands against it. “Now we have to go and get the guns as soon as possible. They know we don’t we have the guns. They are coming.”
The man in charge smiled as he put down a headset. He called four of his men. He rounded them up.
“We have three men in uniforms guarding the firearms department. Izukanji and his men have no chance at all. They didn’t say where the serial killer is though but they will tell us,” he said and went on. “Lets wait for them to make their way to the 2nd floor. They will face the three uniforms. You,” he pointed at one man. “Go and tell them not to kill Izukanji, i want him alive, he will tell me where the serial killer is. He’s here somewhere.”
The man ran off.
Boss we have company,” the other man said looking outside.
The man in charge and his men looked outside. There were police cars everywhere. The place was surrounded. The media was also swamming with reporters and cameras everywhere.
“It’s time they get to know ‘Societies Sixth Sense’. Everything is going as planned. Get me the I.G,” he ordered.
In less than a minute, the I.G. was brought forward. Daniel was a mess. Instead of been strong, he was sobbing together with the other hostages.
“Get your grip together man,” the man in charge told Daniel. “You’re the I.G, you’re supposed to ne strong. Now i want you to be by my side all the time, you’re our ticket to get out of here.”
Daniel didn’t say anything.
“Have the others found Renard?”
“They are not yet back boss.”
K.B stood by the door. He had heard the elevator doors open followed by footsteps which ran to the roof. He knew they had either seen the gun of their fellow on the ground or they had noticed that he wasn’t yet back. Either way, his cover would be blown because now, they would be hunting him and the girls.
“K.B!” Emma called him. “What’s happening out there?”
He didn’t answer her. He looked around the room. He only had a pipe. The guns were on the 2nd floor. He needed to get down there. He would pass through the 3rd floor and check if Izukanji and his team had gotten the guns. Then again going there with Emma and Nana would put them in harmsway. Wait, he thought, why is he thinking about them?
“Shikulu, I’m hungry,” Nana walked to him.
Emma looked at him. He didn’t say a word but looked at a fridge in the far corner. By now, Emma was communicating with him by just looking at him. She walked to the fridge and opened it. There was some packed food and some fruits. There was also some juice. When Nana saw the opened fridge, she ran to her and waited to be given what to eat.
Slightly opening the door, K.B heard the roof door broken. He knew they had managed to crack it. His heart started racing. This is not how he pictured his day. It was supposed to be a miserable Thursday like any other Thursday. Coming to work, doing nothing, think about his suicide and knock off. That was his pathetic life.
He heard voices. He closed the door and listened. The voices were becoming noisier. Listening closely, one voice was weak, he figured it was for the man he had beaten. He also heard two other ones. He heard them walking to the elevator. The elevator doors opened and he heard footsteps entering the elevator. He was still still, trying to get everything. And then he heard the footstep just by the door.
Quickly, he motioned to Emma to hide. She hid under the table and covered Nanas mouth. K.B was still by the door. He let go of it, switched off the light and stepped aside.
Emma tightly held Nana and prayed she didn’t cry. The lights went off. She heard the door open. In a flash, she heard punches and groans. On the table they were under, bodies fell on it and rolled over to the side falling down breaking everything in their way. Emma cried and so did Nana.
There was a sharp groan which faded.
“K.B!” Emma called.
There was nothing. She heard a body falling on the floor.
“Please answer me K.B, please!” She cried.
The light came on. Still under the table, Emma saw a body lying on the floor. It wasn’t K.Bs. She and Nana came out of hiding and found K.B sitting in a chair hurt and bleeding.
“You’re hurt,” she said.
He got up and walked round the table, pulled a drawer and removed a cloth. He wrapped it around his hurt right hand.
“Shikulu,” Nana wanted to go to him but Emma stopped her and put her in her arms.
Emma watched him. After he took care of his wound, he walked to the unconscious man on the floor and cuffed him against the table. Getting done, he sat down and released a long breath. She had never met a mysterious old man like who she was looking at right now. He had taken down two people half his age and more strong than him. He wasn’t just an old white man, she thought. There was more to K.B than what met the eye.
To be continued

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