In Love With A Doctor

In love with a doctor episode 16


In love with a doctor


Helia turned her gaze towards the hospital exit and caught sight of Anderson make his way toward the car. He had stayed behind at the hospital to sign the discharge papers while she was accompanied by the help of some nurses to the car. It wasn’t the Doctor Frank idea or hers. She was perfectly fine but still Anderson wouldn’t let her go to the car on her own. He seem to be showing concern towards her lately. She could notice. She felt pride on this. No man has ever showed concern towards her before. No one even stayed at her direction and she wouldn’t want to know why. She blushed a little wondering if this doctor had taken interest in her or not. If he has, this would be a great relief in her but the baby might be a problem. He might not accept it. Even if he does his family might never let them be. She supported her head with her hands while thinking about all these. She didn’t notice him get into the car, start his engine and begin driving.

“Helia, where is your thought? ” He had snapped her off her thought. She turned toward him and discovered they were already on their way to her place.

“I know you have lots to ask me… ”

“Yes. I do” He replied. He was still anxious on knowing about her pregnancy. “Who got you pregnant? You told me you aborted your pregnancy. I thought you murdered your baby. How come you are pregnant so soon? ” Helia didn’t like the word murder. She could imagine how she would have felt if she had truly aborted her child. She would forever consider herself a murderer.

“I lied to you” She answered.

“Wh…what…. I don’t understand ”

“I didn’t abort my pregnancy. I couldn’t abort her. She is my child after all. She has no fault in this ”

“So you mean your baby is still alive? ” he asked. His heart beat raced faster now. He wasn’t sure of why he felt insecure about this. He wasn’t wishing the baby dead. Hell no! The main issue was how he was going to explain to Helia on the fact that he could possibly be responsible for her pregnant. He was the first to rape her that night or maybe must have been the first. He got really confused and brushed his hair slowly.


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couldn’t get to abort her after seeing an emotional moment between a mother and her child. Children are really innocent. They do not have to pay for our mistakes” She explained further recalling her moments in the hospital. “I was so naive and immature then. I was scared of being a single mother and shaming my mother. Now I see I would have shamed my mum more if I had aborted her grandchild”

“Are you not scared of living all your life as a single mother? ” He wanted to know. She seem not to feel bad about her pregnancy unlike he expected.


are humans too. Not all of us deserved what we got. I am not ashamed at all but the mistake is done and gone. All we have to do now is to start afresh and raise our children the right way. We will ensure our children learn from our mistakes. There are lots of us out there. I would really prefer it if all of us come together and form an association where we help each other and rape victims. I am tired of the fear of getting stigmatized. I don’t want to hide my pregnancy anymore. I will reveal this truth to all”

“You are such a gallant woman Helia. But it is easier said than done. What if you don’t get the confidence to do this? What if you break down? ”

“Break down. Not me. I am Helia. I will never break down. I will show the bastardy who raped me I am not a weak woman. Though I fell really hard, I can still raise my self up and start all over and if I am lucky enough I might find a man who will accept me for who I am and settle down like any other woman. I won’t let a man ruin me”

“What if the main rapist responsible for your pregnancy decides to claim it? What if he decides to marry you? Will you accept… ”

“No!” She had cut in without hearing the rest of the question. “Don’t mention him beside me. I don’t want to recall that beast. Just forget all that. I am really to move on with any man than get involved with the man who got me inside this mess”

“What if it wasn’t his fault? What if he was drugged or something ?”


don’t damn care. He ruined me and that’s the main thing. I will never forgive him”

“Never? Not even hear his side of his story”

“I will smash his head with any stone I find close of me if I find out who he is. I don’t think I will be patient enough to listen” Anderson was quiet now. He never knew Helia could be that upset on the situation. He wasn’t sure of how to start telling her of his past. He was scared of worsening her condition or being in her black book. He wasn’t sure but he seem to be finding interest in her. not due to the fact that he raped her, but due to the fact that she had proven to be one strong woman. She’s chose to stand in the midst of the crowd with her head up high despite all this. She wasn’t scared of the public at all. How many women could do that? He wondered. Most of them do end up committing suicide of getting themselves locked up. She was ready take the step of being different from other woman. She wanted to be a woman other women find inspiration in and not shame. She was tired of living in her sorrows. She wanted to move on!!!

“I can’t believe I am saying this but… I like you” He spoke up after a while.

“What? ” she exclaimed in shock.

“I just like you. Don’t ask me why. You should be glad you’ve finally gotten to my soft fight. If I want, I can decide not to even stare at your face all day”

“You think you are a king or what? I don’t need to be in your soft spot. I don’t need it. You have lots of ladies there already”

“You are one woman different from them all. You are unique Helia. That makes your spot more special from theirs”

“As if I care. I don’t want any spot at all”

“I am serious Helia. You have really made my day. I really like you troublesome lady. I want us to be friends”

“Friends? ” She asked in surprise.

“Yes. Can we be friends? “He asked. She thought hard for some seconds. She liked him too and wanted to be his friend but wasn’t sure if to accept right away. She could see a green light signal on his behavior. It’s possible he actually had feelings for her and was ready to accept her despite her pregnancy. She wasn’t sure though but she’d hoped it was what she thought.

“Not yet. I need time”

“To be just friends with you? Is it really a big deal? It isn’t like we will sign a contract or something ”

“Not contract. I just need time”

He pulled over in front of her house. Just as she wanted to open up the door and get off the car, he offered to help her. She got amazed at his attitude and was dumbstruck. She watched him open the door for her to step out. She did but not giving him an impressed look.

“Don’t tell me you are trying to seduce me now” She said as she watched him shut his car.

“I will do that if I get the chance ” He winked.

“You are such a flirt. I hate flirts. Good day. Your job is done here” She told him rudely and rushed toward her door.

“Not even a thank you? ” He asked. She ignored and walked in.


Anderson picked up a neat bowl from the raker and proceeded in getting a tablespoon. He had been hungry all afternoon and wasn’t really sure of what to eat for lunch. He had been hungry all day and unfortunately the maids had gone on shift. He hadn’t learnt to cook. His mum never let him claiming it was for the woman. All he could decide now was cereal. At least that can possibly hold him till his mum arrives from her church program. Just when he least expected, the door opened up and Priscilla walked in smiling really big. She wrapped her arm round his waist resting her head on his back. He got confused and immediately pulled her off.

“What do you think you are doing? ” he asked.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I miss you a lot. I have realized I can miss a moment without being in your arms. I miss our sweet talks and laugh. I was carried away by your past that I didn’t realize the step I was taking”

“You were right. I never understand women. You had the right to break up with me”

“I don’t wish to break up with you Anderson. I want us back together as before. I am really sorry huh? ” She tried wrapping her hand round his neck as she always does when she tried requesting something from him but he pushed her off again.

“You have made your decision. I don’t want us back together ” She got surprised at what he said.

“This is unlike you Anderson. You can’t do without me”

“Of course I can. I am not wrapped around your fingers am I? ”

“Anderson! What the hell are you telling me? I never meant the break up”

“Priscilla, you deserve a better man than me. I can’t keep you happy”

“You can’t do this to me. You just can’t treat me like this. Remember I helped you when no one could. I rushed to help when your mum called me up that night and you know it. I combed the entire forest looking for you. You can’t just forsake our love like this”

“There is no love Priscilla. Everything I have done for you was a favor for everything you’ve done for me. I couldn’t find any other better way of repaying you. You’ve been a best friend since high school but there is no love girl. I don’t love you” He tried explaining to her. Priscilla squeezed her face hard. She couldn’t control her emotions any more, she raised up her arm and gave him a very hot slap on the cheek with her head boiling in anger.

“You really can’t make a woman happy. Can’t you even listen to yourself? You were toying with my feeling all this while. When I actually thought it was love. I was mistaken. You just wanted me to fulfill your physical pleasure and that was all. You have such a nasty personality. What reasonable woman will want to accept you like this? You aren’t responsible at all. You just can’t change. All you will do is cheat on her and break her heart! ”

“You can’t judge me like this Priscilla. I am not as bad as you think I am”

“You are. You are very very evil. I can’t believe I wanted to get back with a cruel man like you. I am sure it is because of that Lady you are helping. You must have fallen for her already. As usually, there is no lady you don’t fall for. Even a mad woman on the streets”

“Keep quiet Priscilla… ”

“I will keep quiet. I will surely keep quiet. I am damn tired of you. Really tired. ” She hissed and walked out slamming the kitchen door at his face.


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