Tempting The Devil

Tempting The Devil episode 11 – 12

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 11&12:


” Why don’t you get to know each oth£r?” Mr Luciano said, to us.

I looked at th£ scary figure stand!ng before me, h¡s face wasn’t that to be talked to.

And even if I wanted to ask h¡m j√$t h¡s name, h¡s facial expression alone is enough to say a big ” No” to h¡m.

” I would like to but, Mr Thompson called me few m!nutes ago. h£ wants me to work on an article ab©vt th£ current story on net.

I’m sorry I have to leave so soon, I wish I can make it up to you. ” I s!ncerely apologise.

” No. No, don’t worry, child. You are free to go, I’ll meet you at home.” h£ permitted.

” Thank you. See you at home th£n. ” I looked at Draco Luciano who said noth!ng but stared at me from h£ad to toe.

” I… It’s nice meet!ng you, Mr Luciano.” I forced a smile which h£ did noth!ng !n return.

I could feel h¡s eyes follow!ng me until I was ©vt from th£ build!ng.

I didn’t realize I h£ld my breath until I f!nally stepped ©vt, exhal!ng h£avily.

” Shit.” I cursed.

I boarded a taxi which stopped before me. Turn!ng [email protected]¢k, I stared [email protected]¢k at th£ build!ng for th£ last time, before enter!ng !nto th£ wait!ng taxi.

” Wh£re to, Miss?” Asked th£ driver.

” Berwick’s avenue, please.” I said.

” Yes, ma’am.” h£ started th£ car and we zoomed off from th£ club house.

To be honest, Mr Thompson never called me, and th£re’s def!nitely no story to write ab©vt.

I j√$t want to get th£ h£ll ©vt of that place… For good.

With th£ way h£ always stared at me [email protected]¢k !n th£ club house, I felt real uncomfortable.

It made me feel like h£ was study!ng me and any second from now, I’d be considered dead.

Even till now, I f!nd it [email protected] to believe that Mr Luciano was an Ex Drug Lord.

And now it has been pa$$ed d©wΠ to h¡s son. Does that mean Dad isn’t aware of h¡s best friend’s occupation?

Or, what if dad knew but decided to keep it as a secret to avoid sta!n!ng th£ir relationship.

Or what if… h£ (my dad) is also among th£ group but th£y end up us!ng th£ir company as a camouflage to avoid suspicion?

I’m totally confused right now! What if none of my suggestions are correct? Or am I th£ one th!nk!ng all th¡s to be th£ exact suggestions?

Wh£n th£ taxi driver stopped at th£ front of th£ compound I didn’t know.

My thoughts were way far from earth as you can imag!ne.

” Miss?” I f!nally h£ard h¡m after so many calls.

” Yes. Yes. ”

” We are h£re. ” I looked at th£ black gate with a golden mixture on it, sigh!ng.

” Yeah. How much is for th£ ride?” I asked, unzipp!ng my small [email protected]

” Five dollars.”

I took a note of five dollars from my [email protected], stretch!ng it ©vt to h¡m.

I stepped ©vt of th£ car, mak!ng my way !nto th£ build!ng. I had a quick shower, ₱v||ed my night dress on before throw!ng myself on my b£d.

” What a night?”

An idea pooped !nto my small skull and I quickly grabb£d my laptop from wh£re I had kept it.

I typed h¡s name !nto th£ net. Not th£ name you th!nk. I meant h¡s oth£r name, ‘Christoph£r Adams. ‘

I saw a lot of people bear!ng th¡s same name. Wh£n I c|¡¢ked on h¡s profile, I was shocked to read that h£ has been do¢vmented with so many crime act.

Not j√$t that, h£ seems to have a lot of different profiles bear!ng different names each.

Each profile recorded different evil act h£ had committed. ” You f*ck!ng kidd!ng me, Mr Draco Luciano?” I scoffed.

” So th¡s is what you are? F*ck me.”

I picked my phone from my corner, dial!ng dad’s number. !n th£ second r!ng h£ answered.

” h£llo.” h£ sounded from th£ oth£r side.

” h£y, dad.” I greeted. ” Hope I a!n’t disturb!ng?” I asked, concerned.

” No, not at all. Is th£re a problem?” h£ asked.

” I… well, I really can’t tell but… I th!nk th£re is.”

” Which is?”

” Uhm… It’s ab©vt Mr Luciano and h¡s son.”

” Okay, what ab©vt th£m?”

” Are you aware of Mr Luciano’s son be!ng a Drug Lord? ”

h£ paused for a while before reply!ng a, ” Yes. ”

” Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

” I felt that it wasn’t necessary. And besides, tell!ng you might make you change your m!nd from stay!ng over with th£m. ”

” It doesn’t matter, dad, I need to know. ”

” Is h£ wanted aga!n? ” h£ asked to my greatest surprise.

” Has h£ been wanted before?” I asked h¡m, sound!ng like I haven’t h£ard of th£ fact that h£’s been wanted for almost years of h¡s life.

” It’s almost like every year h£ is recognized all over th£ media. ”

” Why haven’t th£ cops taken h¡m under custody yet? ”

” h£ has a lot of profiles with different crime accusations. It’s [email protected] to f!nd th£ actual profile ab©vt h¡m. ”

” I can write an article ab©vt h¡m. With Mr Thompson’s h£lp, we can make h¡m viral. ”

” Nat, don’t th!nk ab©vt do!ng anyth!ng stupid. Th¡s people aren’t j√$t ord!nary Drug Lords, th£y are m©r£ of it.

And th£y don’t ¢ar£ who is who, as far as what ever action th£y take will protect both th£m and th£ir bus!ness, th£y will do it.

You don’t want to end up with your moth£r, especially at th¡s your young age. Please, let th!ngs be th£ way th£y are and let th£ government run th£ir job. ”

” Th£re are many death cases reported, keep!ng quiet will only make th!ngs worst. Not j√$t th£ir fellow Drug Lords are killed, !nnocent people are too. ”

” I understand how thoughtful you are to h£lp, but th¡s is beyond your expectations. ”

” Are you !nto th£ bus!ness too? ”

” What?! Natalie, why would you th!nk I am? ” h£ asked, a bit annoyed.

” Because you talk like you are s¢ar£d you might end up be!ng exposed too. And don’t worry, I get it. I’m not report!ng any one and I am def!nitely not writ!ng an article on it eith£r. ”

” Natalie. ” h£ called with a pause. ” You don’t trust me anym©r£? ”

” I do, but I th!nk I don’t anym©r£. Especially !n th£ fact that my fath£r is a member of th£ drug gangs. How sure am I that moth£r wasn’t killed because of th¡s dirty bus!ness? ”

” Natalie, do not say that to me. I love your moth£r m©r£ than anyone and $h£ knows that too. I would never do any th!ng to hurt h£r.

I am not !nto any dirty bus!ness, I run my company and you know that. Everyone does. I don’t know what you saw or what ever it is th£y told you, and I don’t ¢ar£ eith£r.

You can go ah£ad suspect!ng me for all I ¢ar£ but that doesn’t change th£ fact that I love you and your moth£r. I’ll get [email protected]¢k to you wh£n you’ve calmed d©wΠ. ” h£ cut call.

I do trust Dad m©r£ than anyth!ng or anyone, I’m only curious ab©vt h¡s relationship with Mr Lucky.

One can easily suspect that th£y both have some th!ng !n common with th£ way th£y are so close to each oth£r.

But now it has turn ©vt that h£ isn’t !nto it. Despite know!ng th£ danger !n mak!ng friends with Mr Lucky, h£ still went ah£ad hav!ng h¡m along.

As soon as dad calms d©wΠ, I’m gonna do what I can to conv!nce h¡m ab©vt break!ng whatever ties h£ has with Mr Luciano. h£ has to by all means end whatever it is h£ has to do with Mr Luciano and h¡s son.

Runn!ng two different companies is really not that easy, but it’s a lot better than rott!ng !n jail for damn eternity.

I have never seen dad act th£ way h£ acted and s!nce I was little, h£ has never rose h¡s voice on me.

So, I won’t blame h¡m for act!ng th£ way h£ did few m!nutes ago.


It was 10:46pm that night wh£n I h£ard th£ sound of a knock at th£ door. I dropped my laptop on th£ b£d, h£ad!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs to open th£ door.

” You’re [email protected]¢k.” I said, shutt!ng th£ door after h¡m. ” Hope th£ ball party did end well?”

” Of course.”

” Would you m!nd for anyth!ng? ” I asked, h£ad!ng to th£ fridge.

” Yes, anyth!ng. ”

I offered h¡m a gla$$ of wh¡skey, sitt!ng on one of th£ [email protected] ” I wish you had stayed a bit longer. But don’t worry, I understand, your work matters first. ”

” Have you met with my son before? ” h£ asked.

” Huh? ” I pretended not to have h£ard what h£ asked.

” My son, Draco, have you two met before?”

” No, today is my first. Why?”

” Th£ way you two stared at each oth£r [email protected]¢k at th£ house, it seemed you two have met some how. ”

I waved a conv!nc!ng smile at h¡m. ” We haven’t. ”

But why does h£ seem so curious to know if we had met or not? Is someth!ng wrong? Or… Is it yet to happen??

” Do you m!nd for anoth£r gla$$… of wh¡skey?” I asked h¡m.

” Yes, please.”

I went to th£ gla$$ bar to get ₱0ur anoth£r gla$$ of wh¡skey for h¡m. ” Are you done with your article?” h£ asked after a while.

” Yes.” I simply said, return!ng th£ wh¡skey [email protected]¢k !nto th£ bar.

” I was expect!ng you to be asleep by now. ”

” Not feel!ng sleepy. ” I dropped th£ gla$$ cup !n th£ table !n front of h¡m. ” Maybe that’s because of th£ coffee I drank.”

h£ rose an eye brow at me. ” I was only try!ng to keep myself awake from sleep!ng off. ”

h£ chuckled.

” You know, you’re a lot different from h¡m.”

” Who?” h£ asked.

” Draco, your son. You’re m©r£ friendly than h£ is. ”

h£ laugh£d [email protected] for a while, ” I am? ”

” Mm-hmm. You are m©r£ friendly and comfortable to be with. You’re funny too. But h£ isn’t. ”

” h£’s always like that s!nce h£ lost h¡s moth£r. h£ [email protected] a$$ociates with strangers and you [email protected] see h¡m smile too. h£’s j√$t that way. ”


To Be Cont!nued…

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