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Tempting the devil episode 13

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 13:


At work, Natalie has been quiet. $h£ hasn’t talked to anyone, not even to Ruthie h£r best friend.

It’s a new day, and you know what that means, don’t you?

Yea, that’s it. h£’s com!ng to take over th£ house while h¡s fath£r is away.

” h£y, Nat.” Ruthie called, approach!ng h£r.

Natalie sigh£d, roll!ng h£r eyes !n frustration.

” You look… Come on, what is th£ problem?”

Natalie knew $h£ can’t go ah£ad tell!ng h£r what it is or else $h£ gets both h£rself and Ruthie !n trouble.

j√$t as h£r fath£r has warned, $h£ has promised h£rself never to say a word ab©vt th£ Luciano’s.

If possible… Not even to h£rself.

All Natalie has to do !n order to escape Ruthie’s question is to lie to h£r.

” Noth!ng. I’m not feel!ng myself today, that’s all.” $h£ lied.

” Have you eaten yet? Maybe I can get you some th!ng to eat to ease your tiredness.”

” Don’t worry, Ruth, I’m not hungry.”

” If you say so, th£n you better meet Mr Thompson and expla!n your h£alth to h¡m, I’m pretty sure h£’ll listen to you.”

” I don’t th!nk I wanna go home. Not now, and not tonight.”

” Hmmm. Why would you say that?” $h£ asked, surprised on why $h£ would say that.

” Remember wh£n I told you my dad had traveled to Russia?”

” Yeah, I do remember.” $h£ nods.

” j√$t last night, h¡s friend told me h£’d be travel!ng to Spa!n. I can’t stay alone !n that h£ll big mansion all alone for eternity.” $h£ compla!ned.

” What ab©vt your home? Why don’t you go [email protected]¢k?”

” I’ve talked to fath£r ab©vt it but h£ refuses, h£ said stay!ng over at h¡s friends place would be safer.”

” Your dad is really funny, what makes h¡m th!nk stay!ng !n h¡s friends home seems better than home?”

I shrugged my shoulders. ” I wish I know.”

” Guess h¡s home is a lot bigger than yours?”

” Not really but… yeah, k!nda.”

” It isn’t a big deal th£n, you’ve got maids who can keep you company.”

” Not like I asked for it.”

” Well don’t worry, it’s gonna be alright.”

” I hope so. ”

” Can I come over to your place, maybe to keep you company dur!ng th£ weekends? ”

Natalie had to spend a second to th!nk over a lot of questions at a time.

Would it be safe grant!ng h£r request to come over?
With Draco @r0vnd, will I be mak!ng th£ right choice say!ng a Yes to h£r?

Th£ weekend?
How safe is $h£? Am I??

Would it be m©r£ better spend!ng it at one of th£ restaurant?
Will $h£ feel weird if I have to choose a restaurant over to th£ house??

” Yes.” I f!nally said.

“ Besides, it’s only th£ weekends. I’m pretty sure h£’s familiar with th£ word Privacy. ” $h£ thoughfvlly said.


m©r£over, Mr Luciano had permitted h£r to feel free to do whatever $h£ wanted. Why do I even seem both£red? $h£ thought.

” You can come over.” $h£ repeated as if th¡s time, $h£ was say!ng it right at h¡s pres£nce. ” Can you make it up on Sundays too? It’s almost sound!ng like your weekends are only on Saturdays. ”

$h£ watch£d h£r laugh, ” I’ll ch£ck on my Sunday sch£dules, if I am free, I’ll let you know.”

” Okay.”


Natalie ✓


” I haven’t seen you yet, what’s keep!ng you wait!ng? ” I h£ard Mr Luciano said to h¡s son.

” Okay, I’ll be wait!ng.” h£ said, hang!ng up.

h£ turned to me, ” h£’s on h¡s way.” Excuse me, like I really ¢ar£d?

Th£ maids had all gotten every th!ng ready for h¡s return. I don’t know why but I was beg!nn!ng to feel nervous of h¡s return.

Or would I rath£r say, I’m surpressed with my own fears. Even to an extent that I can barely feel my feet.

I packed my stuffs, shutt!ng my laptop as I h£aded up to my room.

Whatever celebration it is th£y’ll be host!ng for h¡s return, I don’t seem to ¢ar£. I’m off to b£d.

And thankfvlly, h£ didn’t ask me why I was leav!ng. I don’t seem !nterested eith£r.

It felt almost like hours for h¡m to show up, not still !nterested. I slept off.

I woke up two hours later. Ch£ck!ng on th£ time, it was m!nutes after ten. I was so pressed and wanted to use th£ rest room.

On leav!ng th£ toilet, I went for a gla$$ of water. I didn’t forget that Mr Luciano’s son would be arriv!ng tonight, but my little bra!n still th!nks people like h¡m respects th£ weath£r.

I trailed to th£ kitch£n, but on gett!ng to th£ sitt!ng room, I began to h£ar voices. Not one, not two, but five of th£m.

It was as if my h£art skipped th£n returned [email protected]¢k to its chamber. As soon as I stepped !nto th£ sitt!ng room, th£ voices seem to stop.

” h£y, Nat, come over h£re.” Mr Luciano really knows how to spoil my mood.

I turned to th£ d!nn!ng room wh£re th£ five of th£m sat. I don’t th!nk I really want to go th£re… No, stand!ng wh£re I am seem better for me.

Apart from Mr Luciano and h¡s son, th£ three of th£m looked unfamiliar.

” Hi,” I only waved at th£m with a forced smile on my face.

Th£ oth£r three waved [email protected]¢k while h£ did noth!ng but stared at me from h£ad to toe. How uncomfortable.


I quickly went to get myself th£ gla$$ of water, gulp!ng two gla$$es at once.

After all it isn’t a dream, it’s m©r£ like a reality now. F!nally Mr Luciano will be leav!ng to Spa!n tommorow, and it’s all gonna be j√$t Draco Luciano and I?

No, th¡s part seem m©r£ like a nightmare to me…

I f!nally left th£ kitch£n after what took like m!nutes busy !n my thoughts. ” Natalie.” I stopped by th£ voice of Mr Luciano.

” Can I have a word with you… privately? ”

” Sure. ” We went to th£ kitch£n wh£re we silently had our… conversation.

” I will be leav!ng first th!ng tomorrow morn!ng,” I nodded. ” I know it’s gonna be a lot difficult for you to get used to my son. I know h£ isn’t th£ social type but you can only do me a favour, don’t write an article ab©vt h¡m.

I don’t want you to get hurt or end up !n trouble. I’m do!ng what ever it is to keep you away from danger for your fath£r’s sake.

Like I said, I a!n’t sure wh£n th£ bus!ness will be over but I hope before th£n, I’ll have th£ actual date. Tonight might be th£ last we see, but until th£n, do take good ¢ar£ of yourself for me. ”

” Thank you, sir. ” It’s okay if h£ had to go straight to th£ po!nt and tell me h¡s son was !nto th£ drug gang.

” I’ll take good ¢ar£ of myself.” h£ nods and we left th£ kitch£n, walk!ng our seperate ways.

I j√$t hope… Oh, I hope every th!ng goes so f!ne.


It was @r0vnd some m!nutes to six, I saw Mr Luciano drive ©vt of th£ compound to th£ airport. Watch!ng h¡m leave rem!nds me of dad.

It’s really difficult to say th¡s but… Today has only marked th£ beg!nn!ng of my doom!!

As early as 6 o’clock, I zoomed off to work. Always be!ng th£ first worker !n th£ house has become some th!ng part of me.

I wi$h£d dad will have to call and tell me home needs me m©r£ than ever and I won’t have to waste a second of my time to have my stuffs packed.

I didn’t only ch£cked on my phone every m!nute, I dreamt of it r!ng!ng every seconds I felt worried.

” Guys, Mr Thompson wants to see us at th£ meet!ng hall!” Peter announced. ” Right now.”

We all left our offices to th£ meet!ng hall, it’s always like th¡s wh£n a new story comes up.

And guess what it…???


( Bounded With You )

Chapter 14:


” Guys, Mr Thompson wants to see us at th£ meet!ng hall!” Peter announced. ” Right now.”

We all left our offices to th£ meet!ng hall, it’s always like th¡s wh£n a new story comes up.

But guess my thoughts were wrong. Though th£re is a new story to write ab©vt, but it was actually not what I was th!nk!ng.

” First of all, ” h£ started. ” I want to thank everyone h£re for your efforts. I am greatly impressed with your works and most especially, for mak!ng me proud.

I had once doubt I would get to th¡s level, to be among th£ well recognized Ma$$ company !n th£ state. It’s not because of me, but because of every efforts you all have put to make us up to th¡s level. ”

We clapped !n excitement. For th£ first time s!nce I started my job h£re, today was my first time to see Mr Thompson so soft.

Though h£ was appreciative, but most times h£ never lets it show. h£’s j√$t th£ secretive type.

” Okay, [email protected]¢k to bus!ness. We have a new story…”

” Is it ab©vt th£ drug gangs?” A girl, Nelly asked !nterrupt!ng h¡m.

” No, Nelly, it’s a different story th¡s time.” $h£ frowned.

S!nce th£ drug gangs seem to be th£ reign!ng topic !n town, writ!ng an article ab©vt th£m has seem to be th£ sweetest th!ng for almost everyone of us.

” Th£re is a new technology !n th£ country, one which everyone believes can make a better life for everyone, !nclud!ng th£ poor ma$$es. Ruthie,” h£ called h£r.

” Yes, boss.” $h£ answered.

” I need you to articulate someth!ng spicy and attractive than your first article. Th¡s is th£ time we will be need!ng it th£ most.”

” Rodger that, boss.” $h£ looked at me while I w!nked at h£r.

” Guess we’ve got a lot to do.” $h£ m©vth£d.

” So, I want every s!ngle one of you to write on th¡s. Do you th!nk th¡s technology will serve th£ people better? Do you th!nk it’s enough to make life easier for us or? Or capable to h£lp th£ poor to?

Does it have an advantage? If yes, I want you to write on it. If you feel it has a side effect and isn’t of enough capability, I want you to write !n it to. I wanna see y’all’s article before 8 o’clock.”

And th£ rest of th£ day at work was stressful.

Work was over, Ruthie decided to buy us d!nner. We drove to th£ nearest restaurant to eat. Guess $h£ knows how starv!ng I was.

While we ate, we had some few discussions. $h£ was tell!ng me ab©vt h£r family life and how $h£ had luckily ended up study!ng Ma$$ communication.

Some life stories are not worth talk!ng loud, especially th£ part that hurts you th£ most. It’s not a new th!ng, th£ feel!ng is almost common to us all wh£n we lose some one so dear to us.

I lost my moth£r, so I do understand how it feels los!ng a mom. But th£n, you witness h£ll on earth wh£n your fath£r has to marry anoth£r woman who turns ©vt to be th£ devil h¡mself.

Thank God for dad who decided not to have anoth£r woman. I would have ended up wonder!ng who is !n charge of th£ house.

You’d say my moth£r, I’d say it’s me.

” What later happened?” I asked h£r.

” h£ had to talk with h¡s younger sister who took me !n. h£r with my fath£r secretly worked on my college fees until I graduated. If h£ hadn’t done th¡s, I don’t know wh£re I could have been.”

” I’m so sorry for that, I really understand.”

“Well, don’t worry, it’s all th£ past now.” $h£ smiled to let me know that !ndeed, everyth!ng was alright.

But I know it wasn’t.

After th£ d!nner, I drove h£r [email protected]¢k home before leav!ng to th£ mansion. I was expect!ng to see Draco with h¡s friends but thankfvlly, th£y weren’t.

But th£n, I was damn so tired and exhausted. I quickly went up to have my shower.

I left th£ bathroom with my towel tied @r0vnd my ch£st as I walked to th£ wardrobe to get someth!ng to wear.

j√$t th£ usual, I had my short knicker and a little baggy sized shirt which hung below my butt.

I could feel my stomach grumbled for hunger. I can’t believe I still feel hungry after d!nn!ng with Ruthie, so I h£aded d©wΠ th£ stairs to th£ d!nn!ng to get some th!ng to eat.

I opened th£ fridge but th£re wasn’t anyth!ng appetiz!ng !n th£re. I went to th£ kitch£n ask!ng th£ maids to make me someth!ng to eat.

” Yes, ma’am.”

On return!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ d!nn!ng, h£ was sitt!ng on Mr Luciano’s favourite seat with h¡s phone on h¡s ear. h£ was answer!ng a call.

h£ paused what h£ was say!ng as soon as h£ saw me, giv!ng me a [email protected] glare.

I quickly picked my phone from th£ table, retreat!ng [email protected]¢k to my room. Those gaze… th£y were th£ most horrific th!ng I have ever seen.

I felt like I was star!ng !nto darkness of anger and… threat. Like h£ didn’t want me to listen to whatever conversation it is h£ was hav!ng. And it’s not like I was !nterested, tho.

” I’m on my way. Keep th£ house secured.” I h£ard h¡m say. ” And, how many girls do we have th£re?” h£ asked.

” Okay. Like I said, keep th£ house secured.” h£ repeated.

I stood at a corner away from th£ d!nn!ng room. h£ made anoth£r phone call. ” Jake, get th£ car ready, we’re leav!ng !n th£ next second.”

h£ stood up, adj√$ted h¡s collar, th£n fuss!ng h¡s phone to th£ [email protected]¢k pocket of h¡s trouser. h£ left th£ house, h£ad!ng d©wΠstairs.

I walked to th£ w!ndow, star!ng d©wΠ. Th£y left th£ compound !n a second. That’s always th£ir style. Darkness is has always th£ir busy time.

” Miss, your d!nner is ready.” Said a maid from beh!nd.

I turned to look at h£r with th£ tray of food !n h£r [email protected] ” Oh, drop it on th£ table, please.”

” Do you have a pa!n relief tablet, I’m feel!ng a little h£adach£. ”

” I’ll go ch£ck for it. ”

” Thank you. ”

I wish Dad was h£re or even Mr Luciano. Some how I keep wonder!ng if th£y had planned th¡s bus!ness trip. Why would th£y leave?

And of all, why would Mr Luciano ask h¡s son to return [email protected]¢k home? Dad told me h¡s son left after h¡s moth£r died, I wish h£ never came [email protected]¢k.


To Be Cont!nued…

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