Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors Of the Past 2 episode 2

Everything was still the same.
Smart was still in bed unconscious and Sandra blaming herself for her stupidity, while Gloria was all over trying to set things aright and consoling Sandra, who was almost the point of breaking down, as all she does was to cry, stay moody and staring into empty space.
    They were in the ward still trying to figure things out, one early morning around 8 O’clock, when Gloria said that she wanted to make use of the restroom 🚽 and left hurriedly as she seemed very pressed, while Sandra remained aloof as if nothing in the world ever existed.
Just then the doctor 😷 walked in.
“HI Goodmorning dear.”
The doctor greeted her and she only nodded, without looking up and the doctor managed a smile.
“I’m a new doctor here, allocated to the hospital lately and I’m on duty, so I decided to check up on the patients to know how they are faring.”
He said.
“She said turning to see a young handsome doctor, probably in his late twenties, with a well carved mustache and beard.
   The doctor was really be breath taking and dashing,but that was the least of her problem now.
” How long has he been like this? “
He asked her.
“Almost a month and now.”
“Awwn!! Too bad. Can you please give us a few minutes outside?”
He asked her.
   She flashed him an alarmed look, with an ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND LOOK.
“Lol 😂 😂 take it cool dear, I mean no harm, but trying to help out.”
He said flashing her a cute smile.
She shrugged and left the room, but made sure she stood by the door, incase of an uncertainty.
The doctor turned immediately to Smart deeply and smiled in sympathy.
” Smartiac this is how weak you really got yourself.”
He said tapping Smart on the chest in a random mode.
“You are stronger than this act that you are displaying and I know that you can overcome this. You have to stand fight for survival, you still have a lot to fight for and lying down here like a weakling is not an option. Stand up and stand strong for us all.”
  The doctor said and sat beside Smart on the hospital bed and the bed made a clicking noise.
He clasped his two hands in between Smart’s hands and in that same progression, a ring 💍 that he was putting on in his third finger, clicked out a pin he injected 💉 it into his hands.
    Thirty seconds later, Smart started sweating profusely and turning on the bed in distress and he suddenly sprang up on the bed looking dazed and confused, as it seems he suddenly felt a sense of deja vu.
    He looked around for Gloria and Sandra but couldn’t find them and he turned to the doctor.
“Welcome to the land of the living.”
The doctor said smiling.
Smart didn’t reply him as he stared deeply at him and said.
“Danniac what are you doing here?”
  The doctor chuckled and smiled a second time, as he removed the fake mustache and beard, he was putting on to reveal a very young boy of eighteen or there about.
“I thought you would never recognize me and you really proved me wrong, Smartiac you are very smart.”
Danniac said.
“What brought you here?”
Smart asked him seriously but gently to avoid others from hearing him.
“The boss wants you back and you know nothing on earth can make you escape from him. So Smartiac I would advise you to heed the advise. Because he wey no hear word go hear gun.”
He said putting back his artificial mustache and beard that he used in disguise.
Just then Gloria and Sandra walked in to see Smart awake and they gasped in shock, as they stood watching Smart and the young doctor, who was all smiles.
” How come doctor?”
Tgey both shouted in unison as their eyes and faces were a symbol 🔣 of happiness.
“Lets just say it was a miracle.”
The doctor (Danniac) said.
“Please i would like to take my leave.”
He said and walked off, while they both stared at Smart who wore an expressionless look as he stared at the doctor who was leaving.
“Thank goodness you survived it. This is the second time you are defiling medical assessments pertaining to your survival.”
Sandra said happily.
“Can I have the pictures?”
Smart said and Sandra turned sharply looking at him in surprise.
“How did you about the picture and I can’t remember mentioning it to anyone.”
Sandra said taken aback.
“LOL, let’s say that’s our modus operandi (mode of operation) to ensure that we did a clean job.”
“What are you talking about?”
Gloria said confused 😕, even Sandra, who had a bit of a view about what was happening was scared.
“Just get the pictures.”
Smart demanded.
She got her bag and extracted the five pictures handing it over to Smart, who started going through it, after he was through he sighed deeply.
Gloria snatched the picture from him and started going through it and yelled out in terror at the sight she beheld.
“Did you kill him?”
Gloria asked as fear could be seen written all over her.
“Gloria I don’t think he is ready for that now.”
Sandra said.
“I am ready for anything now. They are coming for my loved ones and I can’t just sit down and watch.
I know you both need answers and I would give you answers, on how it all came to become, but first my three friends must be here.”
Smart said as he gave the pictures back to Sandra, who hid it away to be burnt.
Sandra, Dave, Gloria, Jeff and Gab all sat down around Smart to know what he had to say, that made him beckon them from school.
“I have kept you guys in the shadow of who I truly was. I am known as Smartiac in the world of our Games and it began like this…………………
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