The Demon And I

The demon and i episode 13 – 14

🌷 AND I 🌷
{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺
Chapter 13💕14



“Arghh!!!!!!” Bianca screamed breaking her night lamb into pieces. She went towards the table and shattered everything on it.

She heard a knock on her door but didn’t stop breaking every single thing.

“Bianca! What happened this time?” Mr George asked knocking again.

This is just driving her crazy. Diana of all people! What the fuck is Jason doing with the person she hates. Ciara even said he pecked her on the cheek.

“Are they dating?.. Did Jason do it to make me jealous?.. Ahh!!!” She ruffled her hair madly and grabbed another thing to break it but her dad stopped her.

“What heck happened Bianca. why causing all of these mess!” Her Dad said furiously.

“Oh now you want to scold me! Go ahead scold me all you want and then go ahead and marry the mother of the person I hate the most!!” She yelled and George sighed.

“Are you doing this because of the marriage coming up next week Friday? I told you.. you’re gonna love her don’t you trust me sweetie?” He asked holding her hand but she jerked it away from him coldly.

“I don’t want anything to do with that blue freak!! And if you’re gonna go ahead and marry Marisa then don’t ever talk to me!!!” She yelled and leave the room.

George pinched the bridge of his nose. Is this ever gonna work.


Kingsley just came back from where he bought some beer and met his two friends in the living room. They live together and each of them have their own room.

“I need to go shower” he informed heading upstairs not noticing the smirk on Hudson and Jason face.

He opened his room and was shock with what he met.

Viola was sitting naked on the bed with her leg crossed. She smiled sexily and licked her lips before standing to walk towards him.

Kingsley closed the door behind him and smirked. She moved her hand to his chest and slowly traced it down to his groin.

“How did you get in?” He asked in amusement.

“Your friends let me in” her finger caressed his groin setting him on fire. Her boobs was directly on his chest.

“Do you miss me” she asked in a low tone drawing her face close to his. Their lips brushes. Immediately that happened, Kingsley grabbed her hair and made her kneel in front of him.

Viola smiled then started to unbuckle his belt right in front of her. His huge length pop out begging for her attention.

He groaned sexily feeling her take him in and threw his head backwards.

“Fuck!” He groaned louder as her tongue rolled on his cap. She is just too good. She took all of his length in at once and it hit her throat. Kingsley’s grip on her hair tightens.

“Yea.. baby… Suck on it” he bit his lips while she stared up at him sexily. Her pace increased and his leg tightened. Within minutes he shoots his wetness into her throat.

He immediately dragged her up and threw her on the bed. Viola chuckled and widened her leg for him. She was fucking wet already.

Without any delay, Kingsley pushed himself him and Viola’s loud cries of pleasure filled the room.

“Ah!!!.. yea.. fuck!!”


“Faster!! .. baby!!”

“Ohhh!!!.. yea!!”

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“They must be fucking right now” Hudson chuckled throwing some chips into his mouth.

“Hmm” Jason said in a boring tone and then drank some beer.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked noticing his long face.

“How can someone fuck an innocent girl on time?” He asked and Hudson understand where he was going.

“Bro! Leave that chick alone” he said.


“Do you remember the guy who defended her the other time in school?” Hudson asked.


“He look protective over her and he is not gonna treat you good if you mess with her”

“Do I look like I care.. Diana behaves like a saint. I don’t think she’s innocent and I’m gonna prove it to you”

“How would you know”

“Because I once kissed her and she was like she had never kissed a guy before, which means she’s a virgin. In this century? Who the fuck does she think she’s fooling.. I’m gonna fuck her and show you the video” He said with determination.

“I don’t know bro.. but this doesn’t feel good”

“Says the guy who dump Fiona for no good reason” he rolled his eyes.

“I did that to protect her”

“Indeed” Jason took another drink.

Hudson shook his head. His phone buzzed afterward and he make a short phone call. He excused himself and left immediately.

Bianca stormed in after some minutes and Jason frowned looking at her paled face.

“Baby what took you so long!” Jason said sacartically.

To his surprise Bianca ran to hug him.

“Please don’t go out with Diana. I’m so sorry for yelling at you the other day. I love so much Jason.. please don’t just go out with Diana!” She sobbed against his chest.

Jason smirked and Pat her hair. She’s so daft.

“Don’t worry sweetie. It’s not what you think okay. I don’t like that girl, I was just playing with her” he said and Bianca looked up at him.

“I don’t want to see you around her” she said.

Jason replied her with a kiss instead and pressed her butt harshly. Bianca responded immediately since she missed the sweet taste of his lips. He carried her and placed her on the couch.

“Oh Jason.. I love.. y..ou! I fu..cking love you” She moaned loudly feeling his mouth on her boob. His tongue played with her nipple and he sucked on it harshly leaving hickeys.

He dragged her skirt up and pulled her pant down immediately.

“Why aren’t you responding?” She suddenly asked while Jason unzipped his trouser in a haste.

“What?” He asked bringing out his length.

“I said I love… ahhh!!” The remaining words went back in when he thrust into her. His thrust was fast than how she had expected but that was what she wanted. To be fucked by him again.



“Why!!.. why does he have to die!!” Diana cried her heart out with her gaze on the screen. A lot of tears were on her face already.

“This is so emotional!!.. this so not fair!! Ha..ha.. ha.. why!!” She cried out not caring about the people looking at her. She look like a live movie.

Draco on the other was embarrassed as fuck! This is the first time he would feel this uncomfortable. How did he end up with this girl. He shrink on his chair and tried to cover his face.

“Why does he have to leave that way!!!.. She’ll be so sad now!!.. haa!!.. the world is not Fair!!… Ha” she sniffed.

“This is so embarrassing” he muttered biting his lips.


Scott got home but couldn’t find both Dracula and Diana. He frowned and started to get worried. He left for an audition. Though he asked Diana to follow him but she said no.

He was about to leave when a phone rang in the house. That was Diana’s ringing tone.

“She is so good at forgetting things” he muttered picking the phone. Seeing the ID caller was her mom, he picked.

“Evening mom” he said.

“Scott?.. where’s Diana?” She asked. Her seemed weak.

“She went out, is everything alright? You don’t sound good” he said.

“Granny Racheal slipped and fell in her house and she is currently in hospital”


“Yes, tell Diana to come over now”

“Yeah on it” He said then cut the phone call before leaving the house.


Dracula stared at the weird annoying girl in front of him. She was putting on a red lipstick and powder to cover the dried tears.

“Why did you have to buy a ticket for that kind of movie when you can’t hold yourself. Do you know how embarrassed I was? You were just crying like a baby… My fucking ear was about to bleed!” he snapped.

She stopped what she was doing and faced him. Without a word she started walking away.

He sighed then follow her.

“So cruel not to buy me another ice cream” he pouted.

“That’s because you were busy ordering and not asking” she said. The new side of Draco made her smile inwardly. She can’t believe he now loves ice cream.

“A king never asks.. they order..”

She scoffed and shook her head. “No ice cream then” she started to walk away.

“She’s so rude” he sighed.

She took him to a restaurant. It’s getting dark already and he had visited four interesting places.

Draco stared at the food in front of him with his hand fold.

“What’s wrong?” Diana who was sitting across him asked.

“I don’t like seafoods, they make me sick” he replied.

“Hey! You should have told me before I ordered them.. do you know how much I spent on this meal. Gosh!” She pouted.

Without any reply Draco pushed his own food to her. “I’m not hungry anyway” he said.

“You really should have..”

“Shut up and eat” He said coldly and She bit her lips.

‘Why is he cold all of a sudden?’ she said inwardly while he stared at her blankly.

“Fine” She shrugged and started eating in front of him.

He stared at her with no emotion. He remembered the chilling aura he felt when they were with the ice cream guy. The strange man on suit he saw across the street looked a bit familiar.

He needs to find him.

After eating half of her food, she suddenly stop. “Should I get you a beer? Or you don’t drink too?”

“I’ll have a beer. Go get one” he replied surprising her. She thought he was going to say no.

“Alright.. one sec” she said taking another bite from her food. Seafood is her favorite.

After wiping her lips with a tissue she stood.

“Don’t cause any scene okay? Be a good boy, I’ll make sure to buy you an ice cream”

“I seriously want to snap your neck” he said.

Diana could only smiled. She is getting used to this cold Demon.

“I’ll be back” she said and did a shocking thing.

She pecked him on the cheek before leaving.

Draco eyes widened and stared into space for a while. A smile appeared on his lips but it only disappeared when the chilling aura hit him again.


“Here” Diana stretched her hand and paid the man.

“Thank you for patronizing us” He said giving her two bottles of beers.

The street was dark already since it’s night. She planned to head home once her and Draco have their dinner. Today had been fun for her actually. She got to see another side of him.

‘He is like a curious kid’ she thought and smiled widely to herself.

The street light suddenly switched off and she frowned. She can’t see a thing. She reached her pocket for her phone but couldn’t find it.

“Sigh.. I must have left it at Scott’s home” she said looking around. Place seems awfully quiet and creepy.

She started walking again but stop when she saw a strange person wearing a torned cloak. His head was facing down and the sound of soft growl could be heard from him.

“Mister are you okay?” She asked seeing the way he stood abnormally.

He slowly raised his head and Diana gasped stepping backwards. Paled skin like that of the dead, torned and bloody face. His eyes is pure black, his fang visible and claws long.

“W.. what” she stuttered moving backwards but her leg suddenly hit a stone and she fell hitting her butt.

Her breath turned shaky as it started walking towards her. She tried to stand but she couldn’t move only her lips could tremble. Tears poured down her eyes.

It moved to tear her apart but then..

“Dracula!!!!!!!” She screamed shutting her eyes tightly.

She expected her neck to be slashed but she heard nothing. She slowly opened her eyes and raised her head just to see Draco. His body blazed with staggering power. Black vein was visible on his neck and hand. She could not see his face expression since he had his back facing at her but the energy from him made her swallowed and goosebump prickled her skin.

Dracula was holding its head with his right hand, its leg not reaching the ground. It tries to get away from him. His eyes were blazing red already, and his hideous black claws visible. His hand holding its face was so hot it began to burn its face gradually.

He suddenly turned his gaze to her but it was still piercing cold as ever.

“Are you alright?” He asked her but she couldn’t answer, her gaze was on the creature.

“Diana” he called trying to make his voice soft.

“W.. what’s that?” She asked still sitting on the floor while her chest moved up and down.

He returned his gaze back to the it. “A semoned demon from the underworld. I guess there are more like me out there”

He turned his head back to her but she was already unconscious on the floor. He sighed and looked back to the demon. His eyes glowed the more creating more power on his arm.

It cried loudly in pain, Draco smirked he plan to make it suffer for a while before killing it. Normally killing this low rank demon would only need a snap from his finger.

Its face almost burned into ashes when Draco dipped his claws into its chest and brought out Its still beating heart. The heart burned immediately same as the body and it’s turned into black ashes. That’s the only way to kill them.

Destroying their heart..

He walked towards Diana and carried her in a bridal style. He was glad he could still hear her heart beat. Somehow he felt he had done this before. Only he knows how bad he wants his memories back.

Cassiel eyes turned serious. He was the one who called out a Demon to hunt Diana. His hand was tucked into his pocket observing them.

“What a fragile blue freak” Draco muttered staring at her face. She must have been so scared. This must be her first time seeing those underground creatures. He pulled her close and her head rest on his chest. He sensed the man on suit again and looked at him. They exchange glance for a while.

He sighed and looked at Diana again. Right now, he have a chance to chase the strange guy but he’ll have to leave her on the cold street.

He closed his eyes and open them again.

“Why do I feel like protecting you.. little woman?” He whispered then give the guy one last look before disappearing into thin air.


To be continued…😶

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