The girl with mark episode 32 – 33

{ His Runaway Mate }πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 32&33: RECONCILIATION 2.


Donald came to pick Hanley from school the next day. ” Take me to Masarkkav, I need to meet my family.” She said.

” Your mother…”

She cuts in. ” I know. I need to see him.”

He nods his head in agreement, taking a different turn down to Masarkkav.

She was quiet through out the ride. The source of her silence was some thing no one can tell.

Whether it was because of Ace’s absence or because she had dividend her family because of her cowardice attitude.

” Are you alright?” He asked.

She sighed but said nothing.

” You don’t have to blame yourself for what happened to them.” He consoled her.

She shook her head. ” They separated because of me. I thought I was making the right choice but… I was wrong. I have to meet him and apologize.

Right now, I don’t have a clear conscience. I feel guilty of everything I did. I don’t even know if he will accept me after all this. ” She said bitterly.

” There’s always a second chance. Though people differ in attitude, there’s still people who are ready to forgive your mistakes. No one is perfect. Every one makes a mistake. ” He encouraged her.

” Thank you. ” She appreciated.

” You’re welcome. But let’s just hope your father plays the good guy when we get there. ”


Mr Preston had gathered his harvested vegetables in a basket ready to go. The sun was a bit harsh so he had a hat on his head, to protect the sun from beating his skull.

Hanley stood from a distance, watching him as he packed his small knife and fork into the same basket he had dropped the veggies.

She wanted to call him but the shame in her couldn’t let her.

From where she stood, she judged herself for running away at the first place.

For the fact that her mother and little brother no longer live with him pained her so much.

But that didn’t make her regret ever meeting Andrew and his family.

She couldn’t talk to him. Instantly she stood speechless and covered in shame.

She turned to leave but Donald shook his head at her not to. She took a deep breath, exhaling heavily.

Then she turned back to her father’s direction. ” Dad?” She called.

Mr Preston stopped, turning to where the voice sounded from.

He was shocked and surprised to see her that he didn’t know when he dropped the basket to the ground.

” Hanley, is that you?” He asked, shocked.

” Dad.” She said, tears rolled out of her eyes.

” Hanley.” They both ran into each other’s arms. ” Oh my, Hanley. You are indeed alive. ” He jubilated. ” You’re alive!! ”

Hanley was chocked by the hot tears, she sniffed on his shoulder. ” I have missed you so much, sweetheart. Even the sleepless nights, yet I believed you will come back for me. ”

” I heard what happened, I am so sorry. It’s all my fault that she left. I shouldn’t have fled at the first place. I hate myself already. ” She said, regretfully.

” She never believed you. By the way, it’s not your fault. Everyone would have done the same thing. ”

” You know, I was scared. I thought… ” She turned to where Donald was.

Mr Preston sighted him. ” Who’s that? ” He asked.

” His name is Donald, Ace’s personal driver.” She replied. ” I thought accepting fate was the wrong choice. I thought… I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving. But then, I found out I was wrong. ” She looked down.

” I knew that one day you will get to understand this more better. It just takes a lot of time for you to. ” He picks up the basket. ” Let’s go home and get you something to eat.”

” Don’t worry, dad.”

” Why not?” He asked. ” You look stressed out and… ” Since he sighted Hanley, he was just noticing her outfit for the first time. ” You’re attending college?”

She nods her head. ” Mother-in-law brought up the idea. ” She said.

” You really are lucky, I’d say. To have an animal home with people who accepts you as their own. I am happy for you, Han. ”

She smiled. ” They are good people. What happened to Masarkkav while I was away? ” She asked.

” We all had sleepless nights. Two days after you’ve left, he came. We gave him the letter you dropped… ”

” What did he do when he read it? ” She asked inquisitively.

” Nothing, he only smiled. But, he said he’d come back after four days. ”

” Did he? ” He shook his head.

” He would have killed us for letting you go but no, he didn’t. That was the last day we ever saw Alpha Ace. After all, he isn’t as bad as we all thought.”

A tear rolled out of her eyes, she wipes it off with the back of her hand.

” What’s wrong?” He asked, holding her. ” Did I say something wrong? ”

” No. ” She chuckles. ” You didn’t say anything wrong. I was just… you know, I did hated him when he finally found me. ” She chuckles again. ” But we’re cool now, just few days ago. ”

” Really? ”

” I didn’t like him. He has a hot temper and, he’s kinda rude I’d say. But, I think understanding the other side of him is something I’d have to learn some other time.

And, it’s surprising to hear he didn’t do anything to you guys. I thought he did… ” She shrugs, ” killed you all that’s why I didn’t come here earlier. ”

” From the way you talked, I can sense the intimate hatred you have for him. ”

” Had. ” She corrected. ” I don’t hate him anymore. I just don’t know if I can ever be ready to accept my feelings for him. I mean, I don’t have any feelings for him. ” She scoffed.

” I remembered when I was of your age. Then, my elder sister was to get married. She did made such statement when the man she loves came to take her home.

We all thought the marriage won’t work out, but luckily it did. No one knew, not even her that one day she’d be so happy with him. ”

” Aunty Lucy’s case is different. ” She rolled her eyes.

” People differ, but love doesn’t. It only seem to differ depending on how intimate we are towards our partner. You don’t expect me to lecture you on this, do you? ” She shrug.

” Don’t worry, dear, you’ll get to understand fate sooner than later. ” He looks at Donald. ” He’s waiting for you, you have to go home now or it gets too late. ”

” They’ll understand me if I tell them I had come to pay you a visit. ”

” You can come over some other time, I’ll be waiting for you. ”

She nodded again. ” Just in case you meet mother and Micheal again, do tell them that I love them.”

” I will.” He promised.

They hugged for the last time, and Hanley didn’t stop waving at him until they were gone.

He felt happy…. once again.


It was about six minutes past five when they got back home. Lunara sat opposite Ace as they discussed on some private stuffs.

Hanley paused the moment she saw Ace and he was staring back at her. Their gaze never left each other as they glared at each other for what took like eternity.

She moved her gaze to Lunara, who stilly watched them. ” Good evening, mom.” She greeted.

She walked pass them to her room. After what took like minutes, Ace walked in, then she was just walking out of the bathroom with her towel tied around her chest.

He was sitting on the single couch, while she leaned against the door wall.

” You forgot to knock on the door.” She said.

” Never thought it was necessary with you in the bathroom. You wouldn’t have heard me knocking even if I did. ” He explained.

She rose an eyebrow. He was right, the splashes of water wouldn’t give her the chance to hear him knocking.

” I think you should wait outside, I wanna get changed. ” He hesitated. ” We aren’t married yet. ” She reminded him.

He stands up. ” You didn’t call.” He paused. ” You should have called.”

” I never expected I’d return back so early. ” He explained.

” Well, it felt like years. ” She muttered quietly to herself. He was still glaring at her, she faked a cough. ” I’m waiting.”

He waited outside the room for her to get changed. After she was done, she asked him to come in.

He scanned her from head to toe, with her nipples pointing out through the night dress she was wearing, Ace couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She grew uncomfortable at his gaze, that she felt like changing the night dress to some thing much better.

” You know, it would be much better if you stop… giving me those… gaze. ” She shyly said to him, eyes buried to the ground.

He smirked.

” How is he?” He asked.

” You mean my father?” She asked back, sitting on her bed. ” Well, he’s good. He was happy to see me. And you are right, my mother left with my younger brother.”

She chuckles, ” It’s all my fault. But that’s by the way.” She looked at him. ” So tell me, why are you here?”

” You didn’t look good so I thought I should come check you out. You know, sometimes your mood turns on and off and I can’t really tell when you are happy or sad.” He admitted.

” You know the reason why I am always like that.” She folded her arms around her chest. ” It’s because of you.” She told him.

He smiled halfway, then the smile grew wider into a laugh.

” Yes, it’s because of you dragged me here. And worst still, you locked me for days in this room. Seriously, I almost thought I’d never see the next day. Are you this hot tempered?”

” I uhmm… I’m still working on that part of me.” He answered.

” So tell me, what annoys you the most?” She asked.

He hesitated. He was quiet and calm for a long moment. Then he said, ” you.”

Hanley rose her eyes at him. She almost bursted out laughing. ” Me?” She points at herself. ” Not so surprised, I’d say.”

” It’s not about the part that you are so stubborn. ” He said.

” So what part of me gets you annoyed? ” She asked again.

He made no comment.

” The part of me that always talk about Andrew? ”

He still made no comment. She smiled. ” You were jealous, weren’t you?”


Na jamb question Hanley dey ask or na visa question??🀣🀣🀣

To Be Continued…

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