The Hammingtons

The hammingtons episode 37 – 38

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 37🍃
Dianna’s POV

Ivan stopped the car in front of the Mansion and we stepped down
I suddenly felt dizzy and I lost my balance for a moment

Ivan quickly held me
“Are you okay?” he enquired

“Am fine, I just felt dizzy, it’s probably cause of stress” I said

“I don’t think you should be going out for things like this again Dianna, it’s not healthy for you and the baby” Ivan said looking concerned

“What are you going to do? Capture and lock me inside the Mansion?” I asked playfully

“Trust me if I have to, I will” he said

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly being so concerned and warm? Where is the cold Ivan Hammington?” I enquired

“It’s getting cold outside, get inside and I’ll bring the unconscious douchebag in the backseat with me” Ivan said and I laughed

“You hate him don’t you?”

“Maybe hate is too strong of a word but I certainly have no affinity for him” he said and I smiled

I walked into the Mansion and met Eva
“Don’t tell me you were here since we left waiting for us to be back?” I asked

“Fine, I won’t tell you then, where’s the innate one?” she asked and I watched her puzzled
She claims to hate us yet she’s always here to help us

Ivan walked in carrying Owen on his shoulder

“Is that him?” Eva asked and Ivan nodded as he dropped him hard on the floor and I laughed

“You do hate this guy Ivan” I said and Ivan shrugged

Eva bent down to examine Owen and she stood back up
“Yeah, he’s an innate one and he’s still alive, now we only need to get Eric” Eva said

“Gia went to get him” I said

“She’s being late, if she’s being so late then something bad must have happened, I’ll go look for them” Ivan said

“No need for that brother” Gia suddenly walked in with Eric unconscious and on her shoulder and Sophie followed her in

Gia dropped Eric on the couch
“How did you end up with Sophie?” I asked

“She helped me conjure a tracking map for Eric, then she came to get me in the woods when Eric knocked me out, then she brought that enchanted chain that enabled us get Eric easily, anyway, let’s just say she’s been of great help” Gia said

“The chain is enchanted?” Eva asked and I nodded

“It is spelled to give so much headache that the one who wears it goes unconscious” Gia explained

“And who created it?” Eva asked and Gia pointed to Sophie

“Creating an enchanted object is no easy task, it takes a whole lot of power from even a very powerful witch, so how were you able to conjured them?” Eva asked

Sophie was silent for a moment
“I ….I just ….. I…..” She stuttered and Ivan suddenly grabbed her hand

“Sorry Eva but I have something to discuss with Sophie” Ivan said and he dragged Sophie out with him

“Who’s this?” Gia asked on seeing Owen on the floor

“Long story but he’s an innate one” I said
“His name is Owen and….. and he’s the father of….. of my baby” I managed to say

“What?!” Gia exclaimed

“Let’s go have a sit, I’ll explain” I said and Gia followed me out of the living room

Ivan’s POV
“You are hurting me Ivan” Sophie said as I grabbed her arm tightly dragging her outside

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I finally let her go

“Like Gia said, I went to help her get Eric” Sophie said

“And why? Why did you go help her? She would’ve still found Eric on her own anyway” I said and she stared at me for a moment and scoffed

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“If you think I helped Gia because of you then rest, I only helped Gia because I felt she needed it, she is my friend after all” she said

“Fine then, you should leave” I said as I made to go back inside

“Am not leaving yet” she said and I turned back

“You heard me right Ivan, I am not leaving yet and I am done being so soft around you and always doing what you command, I shall not do that anymore” she said


“Why are you pushing me away Ivan? Is all this because Aria showed me your secret? Because she showed me how you killed your….”

“Sophie!!!!” I yelled preventing her from completing her words
I grabbed her arm again and dragged her down the street, far away from the house

I stopped when I felt we’ve gotten far enough
“You will never ever mention my secret again Sophie, next time you do, I won’t hesitate to kill you” I warned

“What’s the big deal about knowing your secret Ivan when you know mine too” she said and I looked at her
“You thought I wouldn’t know? When you went into my mind back then, true I had no idea what you saw but the way you stared at me when you woke up made me think you saw the one memory in my head that I didn’t want you to see, and today confirmed it, Eva was going to question me about those enchanted objects and since you already know how and why I created it, you dragged me out to save me from her questioning right?” she said

“I do not know what you are talking about” I said

“10 years ago, when Ethan was born, Aria visited our home that night, she killed my mother and my father took to his heels, he ran away immediately leaving us at the mercy of a ruthless killer, she was going to kill Ethan too before coming for me but then I was so angry, she had just killed the one I called Mom before my very eyes and she was going kill my little brother too, I was never much of a witch you know, I told you my father was human so I never thought I had that much power but that night, it was the first time I lost control of a power I never knew was inside me in the first place, I didn’t know how I did it, all I just remembered was I was able to save my little brother from Aria and we ran away and from that day, whenever I get really angry, I go into a dark side of myself and I hurt anyone by my side, that’s why am always so afraid Ivan, am afraid one day I’ll wake up to see Ethan dead after I might have killed him while I was out of control” she sobbed

I wanted to comfort her, I wanted to pat her softly on her shoulder and assure her nothing of that sort will happen
But I just ended up standing still, and staring at her

She sniffed and then looked at me “That’s why I spent days and night creating those enchanted objects for myself, cause I’d rather hurt myself than hurt my brother, so whenever I start getting really angry, I either slash myself with the enchanted dagger, or chain myself up with that chain on Eric” she said

“You slash yourself with the dagger? The enchanted dagger that gives a lot of cuts with just one slash?” I asked and she nodded

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“It gives me scars but at least am able to keep those around me safe” she said

I noticed she was wearing a jacket and I slowly move close to her to remove her jacket

“What….what are you doing?” she asked

“Stay still” I said as I removed her jacket
It was the first time I was seeing her bare arm and it was full of scars, scars she made herself just to protect the ones around her
Now that I think of it, each time I see her, she’s always on a long sleeve top or with a jacket to cover up the scars she has

“Can I wear back my jacket now?” she asked and I pulled her into my embrace

“You don’t need to cover them up, your scars, you don’t need to cover them up when you are with me” I said and she let her head lay on me chest and began to sob

I cover my cursed hands and legs with spelled gloves and socks and she covers her scars with her jacket
Maybe not as much as I am but she’s broken too
For the first time in a thousand years, my heart cried for someone else apart from myself……..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 38🍃
Dianna’s POV

“What the bloody hell do you mean Dianna, that innate guy is the father of your baby?” Gia asked surprised

“His name is Owen” I said

“I don’t care what his bloody name is, he’s an innate one Dianna, our enemy, he cannot be the father of your child” Gia said

“Did you ever wonder how I got pregnant when we were cursed to be unable to procreate?! It was because he’s an innate one and immune to magic, that’s how he was able to get me pregnant, if it was another person, I wouldn’t be pregnant at all” I said

“I understand Dianna but that doesn’t mean I am not surprised, he hates us and we hate him so how the hell did this happen?” Gia enquired

I just came back from a club and with all the dancing and drinking, I was so tired and I slumped on the couch

I felt the sudden coldness of a steel on my throat, someone had put a knife to my throat

“Whoever you are, this is a very wrong time to be messing with me, I really need to sleep now and I despise people messing with my bedtime” I said and the knife got closer to my throat

“Maybe you don’t know who are I am but this isn’t going to work” I said

“How sure are you?” A bold voice asked from behind
“You and your siblings killed my whole family and am only here to get revenge, goodbye Dianna Hammington” he said as he slashed my throat

I felt lightheaded for a moment but I was quick enough to stand up, grab his hand and push him to the floor

“It didn’t work” he said looking astonished

“How will it? Maybe you do not know but I am immortal” I announced

“I know you are an immortal Dianna Hammington, I had spelled this dagger and I believed it will be capable of killing you, maybe I did the spell wrong” the huge man before me said

“Well I did feel lightheaded from the cut but that’s all, I am not dead, though I cannot say the same for you” I said as I pulled him up and grabbed his throat with my flaming hand
But to my surprised he was unaffected by my fire

“How can….. You are an innate one” I said

“The last of them actually, courtesy of you and your siblings, I have spent my whole life searching for a spell that can kill you lot so I can finally have my revenge for my dead relations but it seems the spell didn’t work this time but I promise you Dianna, I won’t give up, I will go back and continue practicing till I get the spell right, then I’ll come back to end you all” he said

“And what makes you believe I will let you go?” I asked

“You cannot harm me, your magic has no effect on me remember?” he said calmly

“Well magic isn’t the only way you can harm someone” I said as I grabbed a table lamp and smashed it on his head and he fell to the ground unconscious

I tied him up and waited for him to wake up again

“Hello sleepy head” I said as he opened his eyes “Took you long enough to recover from that little smash, why don’t we start over again, hello dear my name is Dianna Hammington, what’s yours?” I asked and he stared daggers at me

“You are not supposed to stare at me love, that was the point where you are supposed to tell me your name too” I said

“I am going to kill you” he said and I chuckled

“Maybe you feel untouchable because you believe my magic can’t harm you but like I said before, magic isn’t the only way you can harm someone” I said as I brought a lighter

“Am gonna start all over again and if you don’t do your cue well, am gonna burn your throat with this lighter, and I promise you love unlike my fire, this lighter will work very fine on you” I said as I brought the lighter close to his throat

“Let’s start over again, hello love my name is Dianna Hammington and you?” I asked again and he continued staring at me
I brought the lighter to his throat and lighted it
He endured for some moments and then he groaned

“Owen….Owen Fletcher” He panted and I offed the lighter

“Great, this is my humble abode, where do you live?” I asked and he was silent again

“Where do you live?” I asked again bringing the lighter close to his throat

“The woods…. beyond the Bayou of Arcane County” he said quickly and I smiled

“See, this is turning out pretty great, so, tell me about yourself Owen” I said

“What do you want to know?” he asked

“Everything” I replied

“My family died in a battle against you and your siblings, my mother barely escaped while she was pregnant with me and she was able to give birth to me in the woods, I’ve been living in the woods ever since” he said

“Oww, that’s sad, so, you said something about a spell that is able to kill my siblings and I, tell me about the spell”

“I would never” he said

“Tell me about the spell Owen” I said as I brought the lighter close to his throat

“Even if you burn me alive, I will not speak a word” he said and I nodded

“Let’s see how far you can keep those words” I said as I turned on the lighter and brought it to his neck
He winced yet he spoke no word
His throat was burning badly, he sweated and grunted yet his lips was sealed
I turned off the lighter and dropped it

“I have to give it to you, you really surprised me there, I mean that must have been so painful” I said as I stood up

“Rest for today, we’ll continue this discussion tomorrow” I said as I locked the door on him and went off to my room to get some sleep…..

Days went by and he still refused to tell me about the spell that was capable of killing an immortal

“You are frustrating me Owen, why the hell won’t you tell me about this damn spell!” I said angrily as I threw away the dagger and lighter I was holding and he laughed

“You really have the nerve to laugh” I scoffed

“Well this looks funny, you look funny and frustrated, but still very funny” he said

“Really? Do you want me to burn your throat again?” I asked as I moved closer to him

“At this rate you’ll just kill me, my throat is already badly burnt” he said and I looked at his throat
It was really burnt badly and it wasn’t healing at all

“You aren’t healing” I said

“Well not everyone is an immortal that can magically heal themselves from the littlest wounds like you” he said and I stood up

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“Well I am definitely not letting you die till you tell me what I want to know, I’ll be right back” I said as I walked out

I went out to a grocery store, bought an ointment for burns and came back

“Lift up your head” I said as I moved close to him

“An ointment for your burns, now lift up your head let me apply it” I said

“Isn’t this ironical? The one who hurt me is the same one treating me” he said

“That’s why you should’ve told me what I want to know when I first asked, then I wouldn’t have hurt you” I said as I slowly applied the ointment on his throat

“You killed my whole family, how can I give up the one weapon I have to end you all” Owen said

“I know we seem like the bad guys to you but Owen, your ancestors started the fight first, we didn’t attack you first, they attacked us first” I said

“So you decided to kill everyone in the whole lineage?! I grew up to know my mother as a broken person! She had given birth to me alone in the woods while her whole family including her husband, my father died at your hands! My mother was broken but little me couldn’t help, even if there was any magical spell to make her feel better I couldn’t perform it on her since she’s an innate one, my mother died when I was 7 crying in her sleep! I grew up alone in the woods and the only friends I had was bats and owls!!” he yelled and I stopped applying the ointment

“Am sorry” I said “You did go through alot”

“Do not pity me” he said

“Oh rest assured I do not pity anyone, I never have” I said as I dropped the ointment and stared at him for a moment

“The atmosphere is too sad and it’s not my thing, I need a drink, you want one too?” I asked


“I’ll get you one too then” I said and walked out

I walked back in with a bottle of vodka and two wine glass
I dropped them and then moved closer to him

“Am gonna untie you so we can have a drink, I know you’ll try to escape though but am sure you know your power is nothing compared to mine so I’ll catch easily if I want to” I said as I untied him

I poured him a glass of vodka and he hesitated in drinking it

“You aren’t thinking I poisoned it are you? I wouldn’t need go through the stress of using poison if I wanted to kill you, rest assured if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead already” I said as I drank my glass of vodka and he drank his too

“You want more?” I asked and he slowly brought his glass and I filled it up for him and he drank it quickly

He brought his glass for another and poured another, again and again and again

“Don’t tell me this is the first time you are drinking vodka” I enquired

“I told you I lived in the woods my whole life” he said as he brought his glass for another vodka

I poured his glass as I stared at his face
How can this be his first time of drinking vodka, living in the woods his whole life, there must be alot of simple things he hasn’t tried out yet

He suddenly winced jerking me from my thoughts
I had over poured the vodka to his glass and it was flowing down to his hand

“Oh am sorry” I said and he groaned

“Are you okay?” I asked as I collected his glass from him and checked his hand
The vodka had touched the cut I made earlier on his hand with my dagger

“Oh…. I did this to you, I cut your hand then I burnt your throat” I said as I moved my other hand to his throat examining his burn and he winced and I quickly stopped

“It seems all I ever do since we met is hurt you” I said as I looked into his eyes, my face was just inches away from his

“Your eyes, it’s blue” he said

“Yeah, is this your first time of seeing a blue eyed person too?” I smiled and he suddenly moved his face close to mine and his lips landed on mine
And then we couldn’t stop ourselves
He kissed me and I returned the kiss, then things escalated quickly, before I knew it, I was undressing and Owen was on top of me, I was having sex with a man that’s supposed to be my enemy….
****Flashback Ends****


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