The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 5)

(A new world)
Episode 5

The day had got dark when Gizifa drove straight to the residence of Mr Nelson where he believed the book fell on the very last day of the appearance of the red moon. The sound of his car lingered on the road, opposite the building. He turned off the engine, surveyed the environment with his eyes, which, of course, looked suspicious to every eyes that would see him. Fortunately, nobody was around, therefore, he came out with a torchlight searching every corner of the compound like a thief that lost his bullet.
Meanwhile, Michael was on his way back home he bumped on his friend, Lucky, who took up the topic of Kira immediately. He had the same height with Mike but fairer in complexion. His mouth runs more like parrot’s, hence, making Michael feel disappointed to bump on him.
“Guy, you’ve heard the latest news in town” Lucky followed him side by side and looking directly to his face. He never knew an invisible Shakiti was behind following, looking and listening to them. Only Mike had the knowledge. “Everybody has been so inquisitive to know who Kira is and how he kills. I even heard that whosoever that captured Kira, the government will reward him or her. So, I don’t wanna miss this opportunity! I must find Kira and expose him”
Michael smiled while Shakiti laughed aloud.
“So how do you intend to capture this Kira?” Michael glanced at him.
“Simple, I’ll assume it’s you and..”
“What? You must be crazy, dude” Michael interrupted instantly.
Lucky rushed in front of him in a way he touched his chest and the locomotion stopped. “You don’t understand. You gonna pretend to be Kira then when I get the reward we’ll share it”
“This boy is funny” Shakiti said.
Michael passed Lucky and said. “I’m not gonna do that, moreover, Kira doesn’t exist. If he does, nobody gonna find him”
“That’s a lie!” Lucky followed suit. “I must find Kira!”
“Good luck with that”
“Yeah, how about Vera, your sister? You know I love her.. ” he continued talking without a single word from Michael’s mouth until they got to the house to see Gizifa wolverine around the premises with a torchlight. Both stopped at the entrance.
“Hey, what are you looking for over there?” Michael shrieked.
The ray of torchlight shone on his face steadily controlled by Gizifa until he drew closer to them sweating from face to hands. “Hello, boy” his voice gro-ned in exhaustion.
“Point of corruption.. sorry, I mean, point of correction” Lucky interfered. “We’re not boys, we’re men! As a matter of fact, I’m a brother in-law to this boy, I mean, this man” he fumbled around.
“I see..”
“Don’t listen to him” Micheal took charge again. “Tell me what you seek for at this area and by this ungodly hour”
“I’m Gizifa, a meteorologists and I’m seeking for the death note” he stared at him steadily to collect data from his body movement coz he believed that if, actually, he knew about the book, his l-ips will tremble or some of his body parts will quiver. Truly, he saw his fingers shaking.
At the hearing of the name ‘Death Note’ Lucky became dumbfounded with an inquisitive surprising eyes. Likewise Shakiti.
“I’ve not seen or heard of such book” Michael found his voice. “Moreover, why seeking the book here and what’s it for?”
“The book fell on the last day of the appearance of the red moon. My site-light caught it falling at this region. No doubt you’ve found it, haven’t you?” his voice became suspicious and so mean, thus triggering more and more quivering of Michael’s fingers. Looking at the fingers and the surprising face, he pushed further without allowing him to respond to the question tag. “I believe you found the book, which means you’re Kira..”
“What!” Lucky looked at his friend. “I’m lost here what’s going on? Michael, are you Kira?”
He didn’t respond to the question rather kept thinking on what to do or say because Gizifa was correct on his predictions! There was no other solution but to kill him using the death note. Therefore, he slightly brought out his phone and took his picture unknowingly to them. “This man is insane!” he let out a factitious smile. “He’s talking nonsense!”
“If what I’m saying is nonsense, why do your fingers quiver?” Gizifa glared.
“It’s a voluntary movement”
“Get out from my compound or I sue you!” Michael pointed at the exit with a heart full of anger.
Gizifa grinned, he looked at Lucky. “Young man, your friend is Kira. You’ll finally know about it if my death is announced by tomorrow coz he won’t hesitate to write my name on the Death Note in order to hide the truth from my mouth”
“What if you don’t die by the end of tomorrow?” Lucky quiried.
“Then the world will know that Michael Nelson is Kira” he walked out at the very sight of the two guys.
Silence took over the place. Michael couldn’t make a move neither could he make a speech. Lucky stared at him for a convincing explanation, yet nothing happened.
“This show gonna be hot!” Shakiti chuckled.
All proceeded into the house silently.
However, only the twins were at home, both dragged over the picture of Henry, Dera’s boyfriend. They wore bumshots of the same color but different tops. They were found on a cushion in,side the sitting room.
“..let me see the picture!” Vera dragged.
“No! Is it your boyfriend’s picture?” Dera retorted jokingly.
“Fine, guess because I don’t have a boyfriend”
“Try to get one”
“Never, boys are so pathetic” Vera rushed the television remote while Dera into the bedroom. Surprisingly, Michael and Lucky who just came into the house heard their last statement. It interested Lucky but Michael didn’t find it interesting as his mind wandered about the encounter with Gizifa. So he proceeded straight into his room while Lucky lingered in the setting room with Vera. They had known each other for months, all this while Lucky had also been pushing on her but she had occasionally turned him down.
Now was another opportunity for him to push further, “Yes, men are pathetic except me” he sat beside her on the cushion.
Vera rolled her eyes wittingly in disgust as if a pest had come to prey on her. She crossed her legs and shook her head ruefully.
“I know you don’t want my presence, but you can’t deny it now” Lucky continued dryly. his voice suddenly became low. “I’m not gonna give up on you, you know. Like I wanna be the Lucky in your life. I don’t mind if you brainwash me or operate me just like the television remote buttons, I gonna display any channel you want me to display except p-rnography”
Vera smiled at the last statement.
That was more opportunity for Lucky to push h-rder, so he adjusted closer to her, gradually took the remote away from her hand. “Like a fish lingered in water, so as the smile will linger on your face, just let me always be the cause of the smile. Heaven and your brother will bear me witness that I love you so much” he turned her head in a way she faced him. Their heartbeat increased as both began to bring heads together for a k-ss.
“Hey, Vera!” Dera opened the door of her room thereby interrupting the k-ss.

To be continued…

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