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( Unimaginable_Seed )
 Episode 39

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Karina, Randy and Hannah battled with some hunters on the bridge while Jack went to save Jennifer from falling down the bridge. killed hunters could bee seen falling down and eventually landing on the floating river at the base of the bridge. Jack knelt down, stretched his hand at Jennifer saying, “Come on, Jane,
give me your hand!”
Jennifer held his hand and he dragged her up in a way both fell on the bridge-she laid on top of him then gazed at him romantically. They stood up.
“Thank you”
“Your’re welcome”
Both turned to see Frank running towards the fire and dodging from hunters who wanted to attack him. However, Hannah and others had killed all the hunters on the bridge looking at Frank too. They couldn’t believe that he was vanquishing the hunters stupendously as he ran with the seed towards the fire. When he drew closer, he noticed that the fire wasn’t hot as it should be. Suddenly, a giant hunter caught him by picking him up from the ground but he found his way out from his skeletal hand and climbed to his shoulder girdle. Seeing that, Hannah shouted, “Jane, do something!”
“Wait” Jennifer replied as all were still staring at Frank.
“No, i can’t take this” Hannah wanted to run after Frank to save him but stopped on the way-Frank jumped from the hunter’s shoulder girdle and threw the seed into the fire but began to fall along with it.
“Noo!” Hannah exclaimed.
Before Frank could fall into the fire, Jennifer stretched her hand at him, withdrew it backward and Frank saw himself standing before her on the bridge.
“I’ve done it!”
“Yes, Frank, you’ve done it” Jennifer smiled at him while others hugged him especially Hannah who embraced him warmly without saying a word. Even Frank couldn’t alter a word. Just then, the Volcano began to erupte as the hunters also began die completely. There was an earthquake that shook both the ground and the bridge when the eruption of the volcano continued.
“Vacate the bridge!” Jennifer shouted and all began to run. Unfortunately, before they made it outside of the bridge, it broke into two and Jack fell from it..
Back to the present in Zumga city, the giant invincible hunters began to die one by one without anybody killing them. Therefore, all the military forces withdrew back. However, uncle Ben had gun to Jennifer’s house without seeing her so he concluded that she might have gone to the past to carry out her quest. One could see him surrounded by policemen as all watched the hunters die completely.
“I guess it has been done” uncle Ben said and placed a phone on his ear. “024, respond”
“The hunters are no more, sir” a male voice sounded on the other side of the phone.
“Withdrew, i repeat, withdrew back”
“Yes, sir” the line went dead.
Mrs Lissy was still at the Yelash
regardless the fact that she was able to conquer the hunters. She went into the former house of late Hecza to catch some old memories back. The interior building had no furniture and was totally empty.
In the past, Jennifer saved Jack from falling down the bridge by stretching her hand at him. All made it out and watched the bridge totally collapsed, even the volcano. The fire finally stopped, everything died down and the environment became very quiet.
“Now what?” Frank broke the silence and his voice echoed.
“We can go back to the present now” Jennifer replied.
“How, where is the road?”
“The seed is the road”
“Wait, wait, wait” Frank bemusedly walked around and stood before Jennifer. “You mean the same seed which i use my very hand and threw into the fire is also the road back to the present?”
“Are you kidding me?! That means we gonna stuck in here forever because the seed is no more. It has been destroyed along with the hunters. Oh, Christ!” Frank angrily walked away from her
sight. Even as he was a bit away from them, they could still hear his ranting, “How can i stay here forever? no house, no cars, no electricity and no computers! Somebody must be kidding me!”
Randy glanced at Karina then drew closer to Jennifer.
“Take us out of this place”
“How am i gonna do that?”
“Should you be asking me that
question!” Randy’s voice became high.
“The seed is the only way back to the present” Jennifer wanted to walk away but he pulled her back forcefully.
“Now that the seed is no more. What are we gonna do?”
“Hey, don’t pull me like that again!” Jennifer retorted. “You should know before now that the seed is indestructible”
“Then where is it?” Karina interfered.
“We wait for it?”
“For how long?”
“I don’t know” Jennifer turned to see Frank about to drink a clean stagnant water. “Don’t drink that!” she shouted.
“Why?” Frank asked squating close to the water.
“Coz the water doesn’t exist”
“All these things you see here and this place entirely doesn’t exist” Jennifer concluded then Frank inquisitively walked to her again.

To be continued

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