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The master Addiction episode 19

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 19

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“oh! m!ne! gosh” Everyone kept s¢r**m!ng and it was obvious that th£y were [email protected]

“now th¡s is creepy. Today has been a bad hair day ” Chloe said !nwardly still star!ng at h£r look alike

Octavia was totally shocked and forgot $h£ was !n th£ midst of th£ crowd

“master is gett!ng married to two wives or are th£y tw!ns . Which of th£m is with th£ h£ir?? ” m©r£ and m©r£ wh¡spered kept com!ng

Master stood still transfixed, OK….. It’s funny and at th£ same time serious to h¡m

“Master are you gett!ng married to two wives or who’s th£ bride” th£ priest f!nally spoke

h£ clench£d h¡s jaw star!ng at th£ two girl. From th£ look of it someth!ng was amiss somewh£re

“I’m gett!ng married to one” h£ answered

Not only did h£ planned on !ntroduc!ng h¡s wife

h£ also planned on marry!ng h£r today

Even th£ maids b£tweeΠ Octavia and Chloe were surprised too, how come th£y dressed up two girls

“Greez!! So shock!ng ” m©r£ wh¡spered came !n

“Master will th£ ceremony still holds” Th£ priest asked jolt!ng h¡m from h¡s thoughts

“yeah it will hold. I don’t know who th£ imposter is but I def!nitely knows my bride” Master Nicholas said star!ng at Octavia

“I’m not an imposter. I told th¡s girl’s over th£re that I’m not th£ir lady but th£y kept !nsist!ng. Now it’s all mak!ng s£nse and that’s because $h£ has my face” Chloe blurted ©vt and everyone [email protected]

No one dares talks to th£ master rudely

Louis stared at what was happen!ng from wh£re h£ sat from th£ crowd.

Yeah !

Everyth!ng as also mak!ng s£nse to h¡m. h£ took a sub from h¡s dr!nk star!ng at th£ two girl

Even th£ bl!nd can detect th£ir differences. h¡s bestfriend bride was m©r£ curved

h£ stared at Chloe aga!n and smile. h£ likes h£r and h£ don’t seems to know why

Maybe $h£’s feisty, stubborn and bold

Octavia and Chloe stared at each oth£r and suddenly stared [email protected]¢k at th£ir bracelet

Th£y both [email protected] with th£ir gaze still fixed on th£ir bracelet

“Guards keep a watchful eyes at h£r and keep h£r hostage till th£ ceremony is over. I need to get words from h£r….. I need to know why $h£ has my little queen face

Th£ guards walked to Chloe and $h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k

“Why keep!ng me hostage. I already said I’m not your lady. j√$t tell me Leave” Chloe uttered

Th£ guards paid deaf ears to h£r and ₱v||ed h£r up th£ stairs

“my little queen….. Shall we ” Octavia staggered wh£n $h£ h£ard th£ voice m©r£ closer

Wh£n did th£ master walked close to h£r??? $h£ thought

h£ took h£r [email protected] as th£y walked towards th£ priest
Th£ vows were made and th£ marriage rites was completed

Chloe has been feel!ng weird ab©vt th£ ceremony but to h£r awe, noth!ng bad happened

Everyone was seen dr!nk!ng and mak!ng merry. Like…who wouldn’t

Th£ master is happy and every oth£r are also supposed to be happy

Who knows wh£n th£y will be th¡s happy aga!n??

“can’t believe you are m!ne” Nicholas wh¡spered !nto h£r ears as th£y dance to th£ s1©w b**t

“what did you do to me….. Th£ feel!ng is crazy ” h£ muttered brush!ng h¡s m©vth on h£r ears

“let’s leave th£ crowd” h£ said and lifted h£r !nstantly as h£ carried h£r !n a bridal style. Octavia used h£r palm to cover h£r face s!nce $h£ was shy

Th£ guest was hav!ng too much fun to know what was happen!ng.

h£ hurried upstairs and ₱u$h£d th£ door opened

Leav!ng th£ door ajar, h£ covered th£ space to th£ b£d and [email protected] h£r on it

h£ bent to h£r right ear and let h¡s bottom l¡p brush it slightly

“I don’t know what you did to me….. But I th!nk is called…… ” h£ could f!nish h¡s statement and paused

h£ let h¡s l¡p brush h£r right ears and Octavia can’t expla!n what h£’s do!ng to h£r but whatever it is, it’s mak!ng h£r lose h£r s£nses

“Love” h£ wh¡spered !n h£r ear

“What does that mean?” $h£ asked star!ng at h¡s face breath!ng [email protected]

h£ scanned h£r face and became affectionately serious.

“I’m !n love with you little queen ” h£ said and Octavia h£art skipped , h£ can h£ar h£r h£artb**ts

“Huh?” $h£ said

“I fv¢k!ng love….. ”

Th£ rest of h¡s speech went [email protected]¢k !nto h¡s stomach wh£n Octavia l¡ps slammed hungrily on h¡s own, $h£ h£ld unto h¡s face and klzzed h¡m possessively,

Th£ klzz is fvll of need and hunger, th£y’re both klzz!ng possessively, it became m©r£ !ntense each time th£ir t0Πges meet

h£ br!ngs h¡s teeth to h£r bottom l¡p and b¡t£ lightly, ₱v||!ng on it, $h£ [email protected] !n response, th£ir t0Πges found each oth£r aga!n and th£y beg!n to dance !n th£ir m©vths

h¡s [email protected] travelled to h£r hip ¢ar£ss!ng it. h£ ₱v||ed ©vt and stared at h£r

Th£y’re both breath!ng h£avily and Master Nicholas smiled

“I love you so f*ck!ng much” h£ repeated

“I’m gonna wait till you love me [email protected]¢k ” h£ said hold!ng h£r face

Maya stared at th£ scene s!nce th£ door was ajar

$h£ balled h£r fist and b¡t£ [email protected] on h£r lower l¡p before walk!ng ©vt

Still breath!ng h£avily, h¡s l¡ps found h£r neck, h£ lightly s√¢ks and nibbles, caus!ng h£r to [email protected] aga!n, $h£ wr*₱ped h£r legs @r0vnd h¡s torso, ₱v||!ng h¡m closer as h£ trailed klzzes upwards, hitt!ng th£ sweet spot under h£r ear and that made h£r [email protected] aga!n

h£ captured h£r l¡ps once aga!n and $h£ almost lost h£r breath

Th£y sunk deeper !nto th£ klzz as th£ir t0Πges ma$$age each oth£r

“F*ck”, h£ grunts, ₱v||!ng h£r closer,

h¡s [email protected] found h£r a$$ and h£ started ¢ar£ss!ng s1©wly,

Th£ roughness reduced and th£ klzz went s1©w,

h£ slides h¡s t0Πge ₱|@yfvlly across h£r lower l¡p and that brought a [email protected] ©vt of h£r m©vth

$h£ shoved h£r closer to h¡mself and $h£ found h£rself on h¡s ch£st, h£r b**bs hit h¡s ch£st and h£ immediately grabb£d th£m !n h¡s [email protected], ¢ar£ss!ng like an expert

How can h£ be so good at everyth!ng , h¡s touch makes h£r lose h£rself and right now $h£ wants h¡m to do th!ngs to h£r, $h£ wants m©r£ but before $h£ could make a m©v£, h£ broke th£ klzz and h¡s [email protected] s1©wly went to h£r gown and zip it d©wΠ s1©wly while look!ng at h£r beautiful eyes

Th£y’re both breath!ng h£avily and only th£ sound of th£ir h£avy breaths can be h£ard !n th£ room

h£r bra came to view caus!ng h¡m to b¡t£ h¡s lower l¡p

$h£ bit d©wΠ on h£r l¡p wh£n h£ klzzed h£r ch£st…it feels so good!, h¡s l¡ps always s£nds $h!verys d©wΠ h£r b©dy and h£ stood and $h£ stood too, h£ s1©wly h£ld h£r [email protected]¡$t and ₱v||ed h£r closer, steal!ng a [email protected] from h£r l¡ps !n th£ process

“master ” th£y both h£ard a voice

“holy shit” h£ cursed us!ng th£ duvet to cover h£r

“I’m sorry master…. Your attention is needed d©wΠstairs ” th£ guard went on h¡s knees and bow
Mrs Emmet eyes dropped open as $h£ came ©vt of th£ car.

$h£ was !n th£ darkness and It was as though $h£ was made for th£ darkness.

$h£ looked @r0vnd and wh£n $h£ was sure no one was watch!ng, $h£ entered th£ privilege home


$h£ was able to sneak ©vt of th£ party. Can’t believe h£r plans over th£ years as been worthless

$h£ entered angrily !nto th£ privilege home and walked to th£ creepy area

$h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and th£ lady $h£ wi$h£s to $h£ came !nto h£r view

“you fool! So you fv¢k!ng gave birth to tw!n” $h£ barked mak!ng th£ woman eyes widened

“you ₱|@yed a smart one on me, huh!! ” $h£ snapped ©vt angrily grabb!ng th£ lady’s hair

“if my secret gets to be reviewed, your tw!ns will pay. That’s a promise ” $h£ barked

“please.. Please don’t hurt my children ” $h£ begged f!nally speak!ng ©vt

“shut up and rema!n dumb. I forbidden you for us!ng those cursed m©vth to speak ” $h£ growled still grabb!ng h£r hair

“Th£ first had to run to th£ city and th£ second j√$t appeared today……. Who has been tak!ng ¢ar£ of h£r and what oth£r secret have you been hid!ng from me?? ” $h£ spat ©vt

“one step ah£ad of me but you will regret do!ng th¡s. I will never let dest!ny takes its fvll custody ” Mrs Emmet said and breath£ ©vt lett!ng go of h£r hair
[email protected]¢k TO MASTER MANSION

Octavia wore [email protected]¢k h£r gown wh£n master left, $h£ arranged h£r hair neatly before h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ party

$h£ came ©vt and was h£ad!ng to th£ d©wΠ floor wh£n $h£ sighted Maya from th£ [email protected]¢k view talk!ng to someone $h£ couldn’t see clearly !n a hidden corner

“Ma’am Maya” $h£ wh¡spered walk!ng towards h£r

$h£ really wanted to speak to h£r

“you can go” Maya said to th£ man. Th£ man bowed h¡s h£ad and walked ©vt

“Ma’am Maya” Octavia called immediately $h£ got to h£r

Maya staggered not expect!ng anyone to see h£r

$h£ turned to face Octavia and frowned walked past h£r as if $h£ didn’t j√$t called h£r

Octavia grabb£d h£r [email protected] before $h£ could walked ©vt

“I’m sorry” Octavia said

” What th£ bloody h£ll” Maya said star!ng at h£r [email protected] on h£rs

” I’m damn worried , please talk to me. I’m feel!ng quilty “Octavia said with concern

“Stop act!ng !nnocent cos I hate it and it pissed me off ” Maya blurted, br!ng!ng h£r face closer to h£rs

” won’t you be th£ happiest on earth if I leave th¡s mansion, Stop pretend!ng I know your real !ntentions right from time” Maya replied maliciously before tak!ng h£r [email protected] from h£r roughly th£n left, know!ngly bump!ng h£r shoulder on h£rs

Tears came ©vt of Octavia ‘s eyes as $h£ watch£d Maya leav!ng

$h£ feared for th¡s but now it’s happen!ng

$h£ bent d©wΠ and cried m©r£
After cry!ng for what seems like hours Octavia f!nally stood up and walked [email protected]¢k to th£ party

Nicholas swiftly looked at that direction and saw h¡s little queen walk!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs , shift!ng [email protected]¢k as if h£ saw someone beh!nd h£r…… terrify!ng, h£ felt h¡mself panick!ng

Th£re was someth!ng amiss

“little …. Queen ” Nicholas stuttered gett!ng up

Nicholas didn’t th!nk. h£ had no time to th!nk.

h£ has never been th¡s s¢ar£d

“No, please, $h£ is pregnant!” Nicholas s¢r**med !nst!nctively.

But it was too late.

It was too late th£ m!nute th£ unknown man ₱u$h£d h£r

$h£ sl¡pped and !nstantly started roll!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs

“ha! ” Everyone [email protected] as Octavia rolled d©wΠ from th£ stairs

Maya shut h£r eyes !nstantly as $h£ watch£d Octavia been ₱u$h£d d©wΠ, $h£ looked away breath!ng h£avily


Bloody 😥😥

Mrs Emmet 🙄🙄🙄

Who’s beh!nd th¡s???

What will happen now

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