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The Master Addlction episode 27

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 27

✍️by authoress gabby pov✍️

“I love you Andy…. I really do…. Forget ab©vt h£r please “Alicia said after break!ng th£ klzz, $h£ h£ld h¡s face with h£r [email protected] as $h£ breath h£avily

“please forget ab©vt h£r….. $h£’s… Marrie….d”$h£ stuttered and hugged h¡m

“I love you so much I love you crazily” Alicia said, break!ng th£ hug and fac!ng h¡m, rubb!ng h¡s face with h£r palm

Andy stayed mute star!ng at th£ girl !n h¡s front. $h£ ₱v||ed h¡s face closer and slammed h£r l¡p on h¡s

Th£ir l¡ps swiped each oth£r and th£ir m©vth fit, as if it’s made for each oth£r

$h£ dipped h£r [email protected] !nto h¡s sh!nny hair wh£n h£ bit h£r l¡p and $h£ opened up, h£ sl¡pped !n h¡s t0Πge and th£ir bodies pressed [email protected] on each oth£r, h£r soft b**bs kept ¢ar£ss!ng h¡s ch£st, h¡s [email protected] grabb£d h£r a$$ possessively,

That made h£r [email protected] sharply

Th£y both stood up with©vt break!ng th£ klzz and h£ lifted h£r off th£ ground, $h£ coiled h£r legs on h¡s [email protected]¡$t and th£ klzz grew m©r£ !ntense

Th£ never dis£ngaged from th£ klzz as th£y keep walk!ng to th£ b£droom. h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and closed beh!nd immediately, h£ slammed h£r [email protected]¢k gently on th£ door and klzzed h£r [email protected]

h¡s [email protected] found h£r b**bs and h£ started ¢ar£ss!ng it gently,

h¡s t0Πge t£@$ed h£r t0Πge and h£ rubb£d th£ wall of h£r m©vth with it, that literally drove h£r crazy

“Gosh!, Andy…”

h£r [email protected] sl¡pped under h¡s cloth£s and started ¢ar£ss!ng h¡m gently and s1©wly, mak!ng h¡m [email protected] !nto h£r m©vth,
“Oh f*ck……”

$h£ broke it aga!n and stared at h¡m for ab©vt a m!nute with pa$$ionate and affectionate eyes

“I can’t get enough of you” $h£ wh¡spered,

Andy klzzed h£r aga!n sl¡pp!ng h¡s [email protected] on h£r [email protected]¢k and zipp!ng d©wΠ h£r gown

$h£ broke th£ klzz and hid h£r face !n h¡s shoulder as h£ stripped h£r of h£r gown, h£r br* and p*nties came !n view and h£r breath!ng quicken j√$t like h¡s

“I love you” $h£ breath£d

“hm”h£ hummed softly and carried h£r, [email protected] h£r on th£ b£d, came on top of h£r and $h£ trapped h¡m b£tweeΠ h£r legs as h£ claimed h£r l¡ps !n th£ [email protected] klzz th£y’ve ever had..

h£ unbuckled h£r bra and took it off with h¡s teeth. h£ stared at h£r firm br£@st and gave it a light sqv££se mak!ng h£r [email protected]

h£ wr*₱ped h¡s m©vth aga!nst h£r left br£@st and t£@$ed th£ oth£r with h¡s [email protected]

“fv¢k!! ” Alicia [email protected] dipp!ng h£r [email protected] !nto h¡s hair

h£ rem©v£d h¡s m©vth from h£r b©©b and klzzed h£r neck up to h£r m©vth. h£ took possession of h£r l¡p aga!n and at th£ same time remov!ng h£r [email protected]

h£ stood up and unblucked h¡s belt lett!ng h¡s trousers. h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k to h£r and klzzed h£r [email protected] on h£r l¡p

h£ stared at h£r face as h£ thrv$t [email protected]

“Arghhhhhhh! “Alicia [email protected] and [email protected] as h£r airflow restricted

Andy ₱v||ed ©vt immediately and stared at h£r as a tears escaped h£r eyes

“Don’t tell me you are a……. a…..” h£ couldn’t complete h¡s statement as $h£ nodded

“don’t stop….. j√$t go gently “$h£ said hold!ng t!ght onto h¡m. h£ nodded and thrv$t !n gently
[email protected]¢k TO Th£ MASTER MANSION

“our h£ir” Octavia muttered aga!n and Master Nicholas smiled m©r£ widely

h£ took th£ baby from h£r and placed a klzz on h¡s foreh£ad

“What’s gonna on”

“h¡s h£ir….. Unbelievable!! ”

“Whats go!ng on son…. Isn’t th¡s your last wife whom you drove from th¡s mansion months [email protected]¢k??…. How come th£ h£ir”h¡s moth£r f!nally asked actually read!ng th£ people thought unknow!ngly

“it’s all a long story mum……. It began on th£ very day $h£ was ₱u$h£d d©wΠ”h£ muttered

#[email protected]¢ks

“Common little queen stop cry!ng….. I can’t bear th£ tears….. We gonna make m©r£ babies”Master Nicholas said

“I lost my child….. I lost It”$h£ sniffed try!ng so [email protected] not to cry

Master h£ld h£r face and ₱v||ed it closer.

“I’m h£re for you…… Stop cry!ng already “h£ mumbled

h£ patted h£r [email protected]¢k until $h£ calmed abit.

“I will go get some fruits for you OK, promise me you won’t cry”h£ asked sqv££s!ng h£r [email protected] slightly

$h£ nodded even wh£n $h£ knows $h£ won’t do it

“I’m gonna get mad at you if you cry”h£ said !n a serious tone and $h£ nodded firmly

h£ gave h£r a peck on h£r foreh£ad before walk!ng ©vt

Master walked to th£ doctor office. h£’s actually gonna asked th£ doctor if th£re’s anyth!ng to be done

h£ believes h¡s little queen can’t j√$t go barren

“I’m s¢ar£d ma’am….. What if master founds ©vt $h£ didn’t loose th£ pregnancy ……. ” Master could h£ar th£ doctor trembl!ng voice beh!nd th£ door

“my grandchild almost died…. As long as th£y know $h£’s still pregnant , th£y won’t stop at noth!ng until $h£’s gone”Th£ master h£ard anoth£r voice

“I will look for a way to get h£r ©vt of th£ mansion before someone figure ©vt $h£’s still pregnant. “Master Nicholas h£ard th£ same voice

h£ balled h¡s fist and used h¡s oth£r [email protected] to ₱u$h£d th£ door opened. Th£ doctor eyes widened on see!ng h¡m and h¡s h£artb**t could be h£ard loudly
Master Nicholas shut th£ door beh!nd and lean on it .

“you manipulate th£ test results”h£ asked calmly but h¡s voice could shrieked someone to death

“I asked h¡m to” Granny said flatly

Master stared at th£ old woman and of course h£ knew h£r. Th£re’s no one born !n th£ city that doesn’t know h£r

Who wouldn’t know Mr Armstrong moth£r??

“And why will you do such”h£ asked still sound!ng calm as a sign of respect for h£r

“Sit d©wΠ young man. You don’t expect am elderly woman to make conversation with you while stand!ng “Granny said and h£ breath£ !n

If it was someone else h£ wouldn’t have h£sitated to slice h£r throat

“Start expla!n!ng “h£ frowned talk!ng h¡s seat
Maya brought h£r car to an halt !n front of th£ hospital and !nhaled [email protected]


Th¡s was th£ right th!ng to do.

“I’m sorry Brielle…..i hope you can forgive me…… “Maya muttered

$h£ breath !n and ©vt before com!ng ©vt of th£ car

$h£ walked s1©wly to th£ hospital

$h£ had called th£ family doctor before com!ng, so $h£ knows th£ ward $h£ is

$h£ came to th£ door and h£r h£art skipped b**ts as $h£ opened it. $h£ entered s1©wly and shut it beh!nd

“Hi” $h£ said, shift!ng uncomfortably on h£r spot

Octavia who had been star!ng at th£ wall s1©wly turned h£r gaze to h£r

“I’m sorry ” Maya said , pick!ng on h£r f!ng£rs

“why are…. you sorry “Octavia stuttered as $h£ sat up

” say!ng hurtful words to you. For hat!ng you with©vt reasons…. For be!ng mean…. I really love you….. it hurts you became my husband last wife but I’m Ready to let it go…. Please don’t be angry at me ” $h£ replied hold!ng h£r tears from [email protected]||!ng

“If I had listened to you…. Maybe I would have been closed by to saved you…. That guy wouldn’t have ₱u$h£d you done th£ stairs……i feel so quilty…. Please forgive me, it will really h£lp… “Maya said and th£ tears $h£ was try!ng to hold [email protected]|| off h£r eyes

” It’s ok ” Octavia said giv!ng a fake smile

“Really?? ” $h£ asked

” Yes, I wasn’t mad….. It only hurts that I lost my baby…….. But I wouldn’t want our friendship to go d©wΠ because of my mistakes….. I’m sorry for be!ng a bad friend…. Forgive me too Ma’am Maya” $h£ said

“j√$t Maya is OK….. You are also a queen…. Thanks for forgiv!ng me Brielle “$h£ said

Th£y both went mute for some m!nutes star!ng at each oth£r

Th£ burst!ng of th£ door made th£m transferred th£ir gaze towards !n

Octavia h£aved see!ng it was Master Octavia. h£ had a wild smile as h£ m©v£d towards Octavia

“Little Queen “h£ said mov!ng to h£r, ignor!ng Maya that sat closed to h£r

“my baby is still !n th£re” h£ said and klzzed h£r stomach

” Huh?” $h£ asked

” Yes . You didn’t lose th£ baby” h£ replied, try!ng to see h£r reaction

“you mean…. I’m… I’m actually pregnant “$h£ asked

“yes little queen….. Our h£ir is still th£re”h£ said hold!ng h£r face

“I’m s¢ar£d….. S¢ar£d that th£y will come [email protected]¢k to harm you ” h£ said and Maya eyes widened

Th¡s is th£ first time $h£ saw fear !n h¡s eyes

“Someone… is…. after my life?? “$h£ asked stutter!ng

“Yeah…..Th£ ₱u$h£d wasn’t a mistake…. !n as must you carried my h£ir, your life is !n danger…… I need to come with a plan to keep you save and found th£ culprit “h£ said

“Mabel…. Mabel might be th£ culprit “Maya said

“I th!nk so too… “Octavia muttered

“Someone is def!nitely h£lp!ng h£r” Master muttered

“Why don’t you s£nd me away !n front of your people…. Make th£m believe you no longer want me….. Make th£m believe I lost th£ child and I’m barren”Octavia muttered

“I can’t do that…. My words are gonna hurt you “Master said flatly

“look h£re darl!ng…. That’s th£ only way to keep me safe…. I promise to bear all th£ hurtful pa!ns and cry to make it realistic….. Let’s do it for our baby”Octavia said

“Are you sure you can do th¡s brielle”Maya asked

“yes I can…. Th£ problem h£re is I don’t have any wh£re to go after you s£nd me ©vt”Octavia mumbled

“I will call your granny to come pick you”h£ said and Octavia face lifted up

“I have a granny?? “$h£ asked

“Yes my little queen and you gonna know ab©vt yourself too”h£ said

“I’m go!ng to my pent house to get th£ CCTV cameras and also be with Mabel for two days before br!ng!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion….. I hope you don’t m!nd “h£ said and $h£ quickly shook h£r h£ad

“you are do!ng everyth!ng for our h£ir…. I know you can’t hurt me “$h£ said and h£ smiled. h£ ₱v||ed h£r closer to h¡mself and $tr*me h£r hair

“I love you little queen….s£nd!ng you away is th£ pa!nful th!ng am gonna do….. “h£ said still strok!ng h£r hair

#End of [email protected]¢k

“No!! ” Mabel said jump!ng ©vt of h£r seat immediately master told th£m everyth!ng

Mrs Emmet lean on a support!ng wall that was closed by

“Ch£at!ng on your husband Mabel….. Now I know you don’t have shame” Octavia said

“Did you j√$t say that to me and called me Mabel “Mabel asked unbelievable

“Yes…. I said that….. I can repeat it much loudly for you to h£ar”Octavia muttered

Master Nicholas rema!ned mute star!ng at h¡s h£ir !n h¡s arms

Octavia turned to face th£ people and gave th£m a smile

“You all now knows th£ truth….. “Octavia said

“Your evils and that of your mum are over mabel” $h£ added

“Guards……take h£r moth£r and lock h£r !n th£ dungeon……. I’m gonna !nterrogate h£r myself”$h£ said flatly !n a tone of authority


$h£ has changed, no longer th£ weak Octavia

“I’m gonna give you a fair punishment Mabel because you have a son to look after

“What? “$h£ snapped ©vt

“You gonna be my person maid”$h£ blurted ©vt

“Have you gone mad….. Do I look like a maid to you”$h£ yelled

“Stop bark!ng and let me f!ni$h£d”Octavia said !nstead.

“You are no longer th£ master wife… You will be stay!ng at th£ maid quarter….. No one is gonna address you as Ma’am Mabel…. You lose your dignity……. Th£ rest culprit judgment will be pa$$ed on by th£ master” Octavia uttered

“No!!. Th¡s can’t be happen!ng???. Are you gonna stand th£re and watch h£r pa$$ed judgement at me “Mabel yelled at Master Nicholas

“$h£’s th£ moth£r of my h£ir and h£r words are f!nal”Master said

“Th£ quest are wait!ng Mabel…… Go !nto th£ maids quarter and change !nto a maid ©vtfit….. I’m sure th£ guest are starved….. So do that quickly and don’t keep us wait!ng “Octavia said star!ng directly !nto h£r eyes


Opor 🤧🤧🤧

After all th£ tears….. So Octavia is th£ one that came up with th£ plan

Mabel no dey breet😊😊😊
Fear who no fear Octavia 😎😎😎😎

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