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The Master Addlction episode 28 – 29

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️y
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Chapter 28 & 29

Highly rated. 2000+
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I turned @r0vnd and swallowed [email protected] watch!ng th£ people wh¡spered words to th£mselves

“$h£’s now a maid”

“What a shame”

“Hav!ng an affair with your husband broth£r ”

m©r£ and m©r£ wh¡spered came !n. I m©v£d my eyes and locked eyes with Nathan

“Nathan and my………!ng h¡m my fath£r should be th£ last th!ng I wish for…. Take th£m !nto th£ tortured chamber….. I will visit th£m after my party”h£ ordered

“please son, don’t pa$$ed th¡s judgement on your dad. h£’s gonna change, j√$t a matter of time “h¡s moth£r said to h¡m

“I’m not gonna listen to you th¡s time mum…. Guards take h£r to my residence…. $h£ needs rest”h£ muttered

“what are you wait!ng for Mabel….. Do you want some tortured before obey!ng “h£ asked as swear ran d©wΠ my face

“Guards….. Take h£r to th£ maid quarter and get h£r change….. Br!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to feed th£ crowd” h£ ordered and cold tears ran d©wΠ my eyes

I cursed th£ day I took h£r to th¡s mansion. $h£ took everyth!ng away from me

A guard swept me ©vt of my feet and I wish for th£ floor to swallowed me up as h£ took me away

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“I’m bored”Octavia wh¡spered !n Master ears and h£ chuckled

$h£ stared @r0vnd as everyone was busy hav!ng fun at th£ party, as Mabel served h£r.

$h£ nodded h£r h£ad see!ng Mabel be!ng watch£d by h£r personal guard


$h£ doesn’t trust h£r and $h£ might plan someth!ng worst that’s why h£r personal guard is gonna have a watchful eye on h£r for th£ period $h£’s gonna be a maid

Everyone was happy s!nce th£ master was !n a good mood

“s!nce you are bored little queen…. What do you suggest we do”h£ said

“I have a surprise for you…….. I will put Davis to b£d….i will be wait!ng for you !n our room “$h£ said and smile

Don’t be confused. Davis Maverick was th£ir son name

$h£ took h£r baby boy from h¡m and stood up. $h£ could feel th£ vibration of h£r butt as $h£ walked ©vt
Some m!nutes has pa$$ed already and master was impatient to know what surprise h¡s little queen had for h¡m

h£ stood up from wh£re h£ sat

“make sure no one pa$$ed th£ir boundaries !n my party”h£ wh¡spered to h¡s personal guard

h£ arranged th£ suit h£ worn before walk!ng ©vt. h£ h£ad kept sp!nn!ng th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ surprise

h£ got to th£ir room and hastily ₱u$h£d th£ door open and ru$h£d !n, but h£ halted abruptly at what h£ saw.

Octavia sitt!ng on th£ b£d !n black l!ngerie,

$h£ s1©wly and seductively laid on th£ b£d, with h£r left hip raised slightly !n a very s£×y manner.

Octavia smiled flirtatiously at h¡m, w!nked at h¡m and blew h¡m a klss.

h£ dumbly stood !n a daze, h£’s greatly mesmerized by h£r astonish!ng appearance.

h¡s d**k twisted !n h¡s p*nts and h£ quickly grabb£d it, try!ng h¡s possible best to keep it under ¢©Πtr0|, but how could h£ keep it under ¢©Πtr0| wh£n Octavia look!ng so moth£rf**k!ng h0t!.

“Darl!ng, do you like what you’re see!ng?” $h£ asked h¡m !n a very soft, s*duc!ng voice which made h¡s d**k twist even m©r£.

h£ nodded dumbly.

“Th£ master j√$t nodded dumbly” Octavia wh¡spered and giggled

“used words darl!ng….. “$h£ muttered b*tt!ng h£r lower l*p

“Y-yes.. I.. I love it, I love it a lot” h£ stuttered.

Octavia smirked, $h£ jumped off th£ b*d and walked towards h¡m s*xily. $h£ folded h£r lower l*p !n h£r m©vth and b¡t£ it s*ductively.

“You’re stutter!ng…” $h£ wh¡spered immediately $h£ got to h¡m

Master swallowed noth!ng see!ng h£r th¡s closed

“Who taught you th¡s?? ” h£ asked and $h£ smile

“Someone special…. “$h£ muttered

$h£ h£ld h¡s [email protected] and lead h¡m to th£ [email protected],$h£ p*$h£d h¡m and h£ fell on th£ b£d

h£ gave h£r a question!ng look, but $h£ simply sm*rked !n response.

$h£ sat on h¡s l*ps, str*ddl!ng h¡m.

$h£ reach£d for h¡s b*ttons and started unb*tton!ng h¡s shirt, wh£n $h£’s done, $h£ took it off and randomly tossed it.. not m!nd!ng wh£re it landed.

$h£ ₱v||ed h*m closer and cra$h£d h£r l*ps on h¡s,

$h£ klssed h¡m for a few seconds and jumped off h¡s l*ps.

h£ sw*llowed [email protected] as h£r b*ck view came !nto place

“I’m ab©vt danc!ng for you….. Promise you won’t get closer if you can’t take it anym©r£. j√$t sit and watch… “$h£ said some meters away from h¡m and h£ nodded

h£ sat on th£ brown leath£r [email protected], watch!ng h£r every m©v£.

h¡s predatory eyes hooded with l*st as th£y trailed along h£r b*dy, h¡s t*ngue l*cked h¡s l*ps as if th£y were dry.

Octavia cont!nued sway!ng h£r h*ps to th£ b**t, $pr£@d!ng h*r arms and lett!ng go of h£rself as $h£ got lost !n th£ music.

Master couldn’t take it as h*s d*ck kept twist!ng. h£ got up and took s1©w steps towards h£r,

h£ stopped beh!nd h£r and h£ld h£r w*ist

“I told you not to come closed darl!ng… “$h£ said

“I couldn’t h£lp it “h£ wh¡spered as h£r but pressed ag*!nst h¡s d*ck
$h£ smirked and cont!nue twerk!ng aga!nst h¡s d**k that was pok!ng h*r *ss.

“I never knew you’re such a great dancer” h£ wh¡spered !n h£r ear.

h¡s h°t breath fann!ng h£r neck, s£nd!ng sh*vers d©wΠ my sp*ne.

$h£ smirked and cont!nue twerk!ng on h¡m [email protected]

“You’re gonna see m©r£ of you”$h£ said.

h£ dipped h*s h£ad !n h£r neck and trailed k1sses along h£r neck, h¡s t*ngue l*ck!ng and b*t!ng h£r neck s1©wly.

h¡s h*nd grabb£d a h*ndful of h*r l*ngerie , with©vt h£sitation, h£ tore it and h¡s [email protected] gr*bb£d h*r br**sts…s!nce $h£ wasn’t wear!ng any br*.

“Ha! “Octavia m**ned as h£ c*reless h£r br**st s*ftly from b*h!nd

$h£ h£ld h¡s [email protected] and loos£n th£ grip on h£r br**st and m©v£d away

“Darl!ng…… Let me show you what I’m made of…… I’m gonna be th£ one lead!ng h£re and giv!ng orders….. I will make you scr**m my name and wish for m*re”

$h£ took !n a deep breath and reach£d for h*s tr*user afterwards, loos£n!ng h*s b*lt.

Th¡s is th£ first time $h£’s tak!ng th¡s m©v£. Maya said h£ will like it

Yeah! Maya has been a great teach£r th¡s few Ten months

$h£ took off th£ hooks until th£ tr*user was free, th£n $h£ p*lled it d©wΠ.

A light complexioned well er*cted r*d came po!nt!ng right !nto h£r face and $h£ g*sped.

Good h£avens!!. Was th¡s what h£ still !nto h*r at th£ir very first encounter??

$h£ noticed h£ was star!ng deeply at h£r and not want!ng h¡m to see th£ fear on h£r face, $h£ decided to go straight to work.

$h£ wr*pped h*r [email protected] @r0vnd th£ h*rd 0rg”n and str*ke it, like $h£ has been used to.

$h£ str*ke it sl*wly and g*ntly at first, k!nd of lik!ng th£ way it felt !n h*r [email protected]

$h£ took it !n h*r m*uth afterwards, mak!ng h£r both ch*eks po!nt ©vt due to how fvll it made h*r feel.

$h£ p*lled it ©vt of h*r m*uth, g*sp!ng a little and str*k!ng it aga!n,

$h£ took th£ now-slightly w*t 0rg*n !nto h*r m*uth aga!n and th¡s time @r0vnd, h£ gripped h£r hair and ₱u$h£d h*r forward so $h£ takes m*re of th£ size !n.

Octavia made gutteral s*unds due to th£ ch*k!ng $h£ felt. Ah!h£ was ch*k!ng h£r.

But h£ didn’t let h*r go free as h£ made h*r h£ad st*ck th£re and blocked th£ pa$$age of air through h*r m©vth completely.

$h£ had to lift h*r [email protected] to h£r th*ghs and p*sh h¡m completely before $h£ was able to g*t th£ 0rg*n ©vt of h*r m©vth and !nstantly, $h£ bursted ©vt, cough!ng.

“You’re h*ge” $h£ said !n deep breaths as h*r l*ps became w*t aga!n.

$h£ took h*r l*ps !nto h*r m©vth and like a hungry kitten, reach£d for th£ h*rd 0rg*n aga!n, tak!ng it really d**p !nto h*r m©vth.

$h£ p*lled it ©vt to th£ tip, t**k it !n aga!n, and ©vt to th£ t*p, and so $h£ went as $h£ gave h*m th£ good s*ck

“F*ck!! “h£ m**ned gripp!ng on h*r hair

h£ rose h*s h£ad to th£ r**f and shut h*s eyes, rem!nisc!nc!ng on th£ pl**sure.

h£ y*nked h*r hair but didn’t ₱ush h*r forward as h£ only wanted to have th£ hair !n h*s [email protected]

$h£ s*cked h*m perfectly, h*r h£ad mov!ng f*stly and f!nally, $h£ felt th£ h*t l*quid ₱0ur !ns*de of h*r.

$h£ g*sped,h£r eyes w*dened !n shock with th£ d!ck still !ns*de of h*r.

h£ rel**sed !n h*r m©vth!

$h£ l*cked every b*t of it


$h£ stood up and p*$h£d h*m [email protected]¢k on th£ [email protected]

[email protected] b*ck and pl*y with yourself. I wanna w*tch”$h£ ordered

“my little queen is becom!ng bossy. Don’t beg me wh£n I t*ke th£ lead”h£ ch*ckled and $h£ scoffed

[email protected] on th£ [email protected] and did as !nstructed. $h£ walked to th£ b*d and started w*tch!ng

While star!ng b*ck at me $h£ spre*d h*r l*gs and m©v£d h*r [email protected] sl*wly towards h*r p*$sy.

H*s eyes stared [email protected]¢k at h*r as $h£ started thr*st!ng h*r [email protected] !n and ©vt of h*r p$ssy h*le.

h£ started str*k!ng h*mself h*rder, while Octavia f*ngers st*rted go!ng f*ster..

$h£ was us!ng j√$t one f*nger but it seemed like it’s no longer s*t!sfy!ng.. $h£ added two m*re, mak!ng it three f*ngers thr*st!ng !n h*r.

“Don’t stop…pl*y with yours*lf until I c*m!” $h£ commanded.

“Yes, little queen !” h£ replied.

$h£ felt h*r l*gs shak!ng and had to ₱v|| ©vt h*r f*ngers. $h£ stood up and went to meet h*m at th£ [email protected]

“tired so soon”h£ t£@$ed and $h£ scoffed

Master p*lled h*r to h*mself and k!ssed h*r h*rd

H*s l*ps danced on h*rs with sl*w motions, h¡s t*ngue waggled on h*rs and wh£n $h£ felt h*m bit h*r b*ttom l*p, $h£ m**ned.

Oh God..!

Master p*$h£d h*r unexpectedly so $h£ f*lls on h*r [email protected]¢k, g*sp!ng !n th£ process.

h£ cl*mb£d onto h*r afterwards,h£ settled !n b*tween h*r l”gs, go!ng close and tak!ng h*r l*ps !n, one m0re time.

Octavia’s bre*th got err*tic as $h£ couldn’t c*ntrol it any m*re and had to wr*p h*r [email protected] @r0vnd h!m, hold!ng h*m t*ght and m**n!ng !nto th£ sweet k!ss.

h¡s h*nd found h*r br**st and as h£ took h*r l*ps sl*wly, h£ circled h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h*r n*ppl*s, giv!ng h*r a crazy t!ngl!ng s*ns*tion.

“Oh….” $h£ m**ned !nto th£ k!ss

Soft m**ns were h£ad along with th£ t*ny sqvash!ng sounds as Master did j√$tice to th£ l”ps, tak!ng it th£ way h£ w*nted.

h£ didn’t allow it distr*ct h*s [email protected] which were work!ng on h*r br**st as soon enough, h£ carved a h*le open @r0vnd th£ n*ppl*s, mak!ng jvst th£ plump t!ny bvlbs pop ©vt th£ir h£ads.

h£ broke th£ klss as h£ lowered h*s h£ad, h¡s h*nds on h£r tvmmy, and took th£ left n*pple !nto h*s m©vth.

“Oh….” A slight m**n cut ©vt of h£r l*p as $h£ closed h£r eyes and h£ld onto th£ s©[email protected]

$h£ drew h*r [email protected] as $h£ felt h*s cold t*ngue circl!ng and mak!ng it w*t.

Soon, h£ stopped c!rcl!ng it and j√$t settled on a s1©w pace of s*ckl!ng on it like an !nfant.

h£ s*ck£d and p*lled gently, giv!ng t!ny be*ts to it, b!tes that drove h*r [email protected] .

h£ left th£ n*ppl£ and m©v£d on th£ next, giv!ng th£ same [email protected] to it , Octavia had to bit h*r lower l*p to prevent h*r from scr**m!ng ©vt loud.

Done with th£ n*ppl£s, Master smiled and m©v£d to h*r l*gs next..

Octavia couldn’t h£lp but sh*ver as h£ m©v£d to h*r l*gs.

H£r l*ps went partly open as sh£ felt h*m parted h*r l*gs widely. H*r breath was go!ng so d**p and rough,

h£ smiled and went!n, mak!ng sure th£ both sides of h*r kn££s were widely apart so noth!ng obstructs h*m

H£ touch£d h*r v ar£a and te*sed it with h*s f*ngers

“Oh…” Waves and vibrations seered through h”r system as $h£ threw h*r h£ad b”ckwards !n ecst*sy.

Master liked how responsive sh£ was, h£ liked th£ reaction sh£ was giv!ng and felt h*mself become so h*rd d0wn th£re.

h£ leaned forward, h*s h*nds hold!ng each side of h*r l*g and sl*wly h£ k!ssed th£ plump p*$$y !n front of h*m.

“Mmm” Octavia had to b!t h*r !ndex f*ng£r.
Good lord!

h£ k!ss*d it aga!n, g*ntly and tenderly, and next, h£ took th£ fvll fl*sh !nto h*s l*ps.

“Oh, please…!” Octavia m**ned, h*r h£ad sway!ng restlessly as $h£ made an attempt to go free from h*m.

But h£ p!nned h*r d©wΠ, mak!ng It impossible for h*r to m0ve away.

h£ s*ckled on th£ fl£sh !n h*s m©vth, pvll!ng and tak!ng it !n repeatedly.

“Please! Please!” Octavia wh!mpered, h*r b0dy almost unable to take th£ f*ll [email protected]

h£ cont!nued with th£ process, tak!ng th£ [email protected] fl*sh !n and ©vt of h*s m©vth until sh£, enjoy!ng how w*t $h£ was.

After a while, h£ let it go, but didn’t stop. h£ took h*s t*ngue closer !nstead and l*cked th£ two deep l!nes of th£ v*[email protected], mak!ng h*r to almost squirt.

“Hah” $h£ h£ld h*r breath high and lifted h*r h£ad to look at h*m, amazed at th£ sort of [email protected] h£ was do!ng d*wn th£re. For God’s sake…!

h£ l*cked from th£ l!nes, to th£ sides and th£n to that t!ny pvb right !n front of h£r p*$$y

“No! Please!” Sh£ cr!ed ©vt wh£n $h£ felt h*m t!ngle th£ t*ny pvb with th£ t!p of h*s t*ngue.
$h£ couldn’t h£lp it anym©r£ and had to sqvìrt miserably

“ha…” $h£ scr**med un¢©Πtr0|lably

Master chuckled and planted a k*ss on h*r n*vel afterwards while h£r ch££ks flu$h£d !n $h£er embarra$$ment.

h£ klzzed h£r Have| and m©v£d to h£r legs and wh£n $h£ noticed h£ was go!ng [email protected]¢k to that spot, $h£ stopped h¡m.

“No! Please! Please!” $h£ shook h£r h£ad repeatedly.

“Not aga!n”.

$h£’s gonna s¢r**m m©r£ loudly

Th¡s was supposed to be h£r game. $h£ was supposed to be lead!ng and mak!ng orders but $h£ ended up be!ng a slave

h£ smirked and took h¡s l¡ps [email protected]¢k to h£r ₱vzzy aga!n.

Octavia let ©vt a $h!very!ng sound as h£ lowered h¡s l¡ps to h£r legs aga!n, tak!ng th£ t!ny ₱vb !n once m©r£

“Oh God…” h£r grip t!ghtened @r0vnd th£ [email protected]

h£ s√¢kled on it, enjoy!ng th£ t!ny f|£$h as it tasted sour !n h¡s m©vth.

Immediately, h£ !nserted a f!ng£r !nto h£r ₱vzzy, th£ t!ght warm h0l£, stretch!ng slightly to accommodate h¡m.

Goodness! It was so damn t!ght and h£ liked th£ way th£y wr*₱ped h¡s f!ng£r and felt so h°t.

h£ made th£ f!ng£r go deep, th£n brought it ©vt to th£ tip and made it go deep aga!n.

“Oh…fv¢k darl!ng ”

h£ began mov!ng th£ f!ng£r !n and ©vt, really f*st and as h£ did, h£ powered h¡s l¡ps and |¡¢ked h£r up.

“No. Please… Please…” h£r voice was shak!ng terribly, h£r b©dy vibrat!ng.

Th£ ₱1ea$vre was j√$t too much for h£r. j√$t too much, $h£ felt $h£ might explode.

$h£ came dripp!ng on h¡s f!ng£r soon and h£ didn’t h£sitate to ₱v|| ©vt of it.

“Th¡s is how you taste…. “h£ said dripp!ng h¡s f!ng£rs !nto h£r m©vth

h£ $pr£@d th£ legs apart, lifted th£m slightly so h£r knees are po!nted ©vt.

h£ thrv$t !nto h£r entrance, mak!ng it go deep a bit.

“Ha!” Octavia [email protected], f!nd!ng th£ feel!ng ©vt of th¡s world.

h£ brought it ©vt and went !n aga!n, but th¡s time @r0vnd, h£ didn’t ₱v|| ©vt but went really deep !nstead.

“Oh…God. Nick…!’ $h£ h£ld h£r breath as $h£ felt h¡m slid!ng relentlessly !nto h£r, stretch!ng th£ warm t!ght muscles.

h£ smiled at th£ sound of h¡s name on h£r m©vth

“call me that aga!n! “h£ uttered

$h£ left th£ $h£ets which $h£’d been hold!ng th£ entire time and took h£r [email protected] to h¡s [email protected]¢k !nstead, hold!ng h¡m t!ght.

“Nick…” $h£ quivered, h£r legs shak!ng due to how hurt and fvll $h£ felt.

h£ was j√$t too big, or was $h£ too t!ght? .

Master kept press!ng !n until h¡s fvll size was buried deep |ns!de h£r and that was wh£n h£ paused, lean!ng h¡s h£ad on h£r shoulder.

h£ lifted it shortly and locked h¡s l¡ps on h£rs, tak!ng h£r breath away.

And !n th£ process of th£ klzz, h£ began mov!ng s1©wly d©wΠ th£re.

h£ tried all h£ could to keep h£r l¡ps engaged as h£ thrv$ted !n and ©vt of h£r, but pretty soon, wh£n th£ wh0l£ th!ng became really unbearable for Octavia , $h£ forced h£r l¡ps away and exhaled deeply.

“Oh…” h£r breath couldn’t stop hitch!ng.

h£ !ncreased h¡s pace, go!ng so deep and [email protected] !n and ©vt of h£r, th£ warm feel of h£r ₱vzzy mak!ng h¡m terribly hórny.

h£r [email protected] m©v£d from h¡s [email protected]¢k and bru$h£d !nto h¡s dark hair !nstead, want!ng to grip h¡m so t!ght because of how $h£ felt.

$h£ wr*₱ped h£r legs @r0vnd h¡m, t!ghten!ng h£r pu**y and sqv££s!ng h¡m t!ght, it made h¡m [email protected] m©r£.

“Damn you!” h£ grunted as h£ pounded so [email protected] !nto h£r, so [email protected] like h£ wanted to split h£r apart.

h£ drew closer to h£r neck and gave it a t!ny little b¡t£

Th£ f*st thrv$t of h¡s díck |ns!de of h£r and h¡s l¡ps on h£r neck s£nt cold $h!verys d©wΠ h£r sp!ne.

“Uh….Nic…” h£r voice was caught off by a f*st thrv$t.

h£ ₱v||ed ©vt to th£ tip and went right !n aga!n with a f*st m©v£, all th£ way to th£ hilt.

“Ah!” shd gave ©vt a sharp cry as it’d come with m©r£ pa!n than ₱1ea$vre.

h£ ₱v||ed ©vt to th£ tip aga!n and repeated th£ same process, go!ng so f*st and deep !nto h£r

“Oh my God….” $h£ could [email protected] breath£.

h£ lowered h¡s h£ad to h£r ch£st and tak!ng h£r left n!₱₱!e !nto h¡s m©vth, h£ resumed thrv$t!ng !n and ©vt of h£r aga!n.

“s1©w d©wΠ…… “$h£ begged wh£n $h£ couldn’t meet up with h¡s pace

“I’m th£ leader right?? “h£ asked still giv!ng h£r deep thrv$t

“Yes…. Darl!ng…. Please j√$t s1©w d©wΠ! ” $h£ cried ©vt

h£ ₱v||ed ©vt of h£r almost immediately and m©v£d away from h£r b©dy

Octavia thought $h£ could get a chance to catch h£r breath, but h£ didn’t give h£r any as h£ gripped h£r [email protected] and turned h£r over on th£ [email protected], on h£r knees.

“Give me your [email protected]¢k, little queen ” h£ spoke and impatiently made h£r h£ad [email protected] sideways on th£ b£d with h£r àss po!nted ©vt to h¡m – j√$t like h£ wanted.

And !n that position, h£ went so deep !nto h£r.

“Jesus……! “$h£ let ©vt a loud cry


I opened my eyes blearily and had to stay still for some seconds for my vision to get clear enough.

My brows creased as I turned slightly and noticed I was ly!ng on th£ b£d. Oh…

I sat up and looked @r0vnd, I smile see!ng Andy at th£ edge of th£ b£d mak!ng a call

Goodness! Andy.

h£r ch£eks flu$h£d as $h£ $h£ recalled what happened some hours ago

It was dark already and $h£ wondered how many hours $h£ has been sleep!ng

$h£ wr*₱ped th£ duvet round h£r b©dy and crawled up to h¡m

$h£ placed h£r [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and rested h£r h£ad on h¡s shoulder

“$h£’s [email protected]¢k…? Th¡s is th£ best news ever “Andy said over th£ phone

“Yes! “h£ s¢r**med and hang up

“huh!…. You look excited”I said. I watch£d h¡m blush as h£ turned to stare at me

“Octavia is [email protected]¢k……. My girl is [email protected]¢k to th£ city….. $h£’s pres£ntly at h¡s mansion….. I’m go!ng to get h£r”h£ smile and stood up

“You feel noth!ng for me?? “I asked blurt!ng it ©vt

“After what we share……? ” $h£ asked hold!ng [email protected]¢k th£ tears

“Stop it Alicia…. You are j√$t a friend and you know how much I love h£r”h£ said and th£ tears flow m©r£ freely from my eyes

“Damn h£r!!. Why must it have to be h£r. After giv!ng you my pride, is th¡s how you wanna pay [email protected]¢k… “I yelled

“shut up Alicia…. I never forced you….. We both had fun and noth!ng else…… I’m go!ng to get my girl. Let that s!nk !n your bra!n “h£ said and quickly wore h¡s cloth£s

I hurried to h¡m as h£ was ab©vt mov!ng ©vt

“please Andy…. Please don’t do th¡s to me…. Don’t go to th£ mansion…. h£’s gonna kill you…..i can’t bear it. Please listen to me…. I love you “i mumbled hugg!ng h¡m t!ght

“I don’t love you and I will never ”

h£ ₱u$h£d me off !nstead and hurried ©vt


Octavia and Master🤐🤐🤐

Andy is………

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