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The open secret episode 3


The Open Secret

Episode Three.
Frank POV

I opened my eyes so wide like a surprised he goat.

“You mean, you went to the hospital on your own without telling me? ” I asked.

“Am sorry, its just a hospital that is near to my office, just that am so desperate to know my well being please forgive me” she pleaded.

She thought that I am angry but I was only afraid, now that she has found out that she is alright, she might find out the truth, no wonder, she was suggesting we visit another hospital.

“You are so desperate” that was all I said.

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“Its okay, I accept all, but please let’s see another doctor, honey we need to know what is wrong with us on time” she said again.

“Please woman, let me be” I said and left her all alone.

Tina’s POV .

It have been one month after we visited the hospital but my husband have not agree to what am telling him, he even started keeping late night to avoid my problems.

I became more worried, I was even so confused.

“what is actually wrong, who among this doctors are right? ” that was the question I always asked my self.

That was when I thought to myself that I would have go back to that doctor that carried out the first test on me.

Three months later after much pleadings and the deaf ears my husband paid to them, I decided to visit Doctor Ransome for the second time.

“Good day doctor, do you remember me? ” I asked.

“Yes of course, madam where have you been? I did not see you again” he asked.

“Doctor, my husband refused to come with me, after visiting his personal doctor who said that he has no problem and that I have scanty growth of strep that can lead to staphylococcus ” I said as I offered the test result we carried out at St. Christopher’s hospital to him.

“That is a lie, you did a test here before you went there right, your test confirmed that you are okay, you can go and confirm in another hospital. ” he said while looking at the result.

“Doctor, I believed you so much, thats why I told my husband that we have to see another doctor, but he refused” I added.

“Madam, I think your husband is hiding something from you, how can someone rely on one doctor on a situation that is yet to be solved” he said.

“Doctor am tired of everything, my husband is so stubborn, very soon we will do our two years wedding anniversary, yet no solution was found, no reasonable solutions from that his doctor” I said atmidst of tears.

“Madam, stop crying, you need to put more pressure on him, tell him all you can to make him accept the suggestion, the earlier the better, or maybe give me the address of his working place, let me go and talk to him” he said and I didn’t hestitate to do that.

After some time, I left the office to my house.

Frank’s POV .

My wife is really taking this so far, by telling a doctor to come and talk to me.

I think that doctor is the person that is encouraging her to do all this. Few minutes before the doctor left my office, I drove straight to St. Christopher’s hospital, went straight to my friend office and I sat next to him.

“You can’t believe what happened today” I said.

“What was that” he replied.

My wife sent a doctor to come and tell me to visit another hospital for test”I added.

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“What? What kind of courage does that woman have? ” he asked.

“My dear, I dont blame her, that woman know that she is well, and I think that she is suspecting me”I said.

“How? ”

“Remember that I told you that she went for a test that confirmed that she has no single problem before we came here, and am very much sure that she dosent believe you, not even me because I refuse to see any other doctor” I said.

“Hmmmm, Frank you better dont see any other doctor unless you want to expose us” he said.

“I will never do that, am I insane? ” I added.

“Are you sure that the doctor will not ask to sleep with your wife, you know, this woman is very desparate.” He said.

“Ehhhhh, no no no, it can never happen, I trust my wife.”

“Not in such issue, this woman needs a baby, just go and warn the doctor seriously to stay away from your wife”..

I saw some reason on what he said.

after some discussion with him, I left the hospital.

Tina’s POV.

My husband came back earlier than before, I was so surprised but I decided to keep quite but not until he started shouting on me and asking me why I sent a doctor to come and advice him.

“Frank, if you are not hiding anything, come, let’s see another doctor” that was all I said to him and he jumped up again from the bed.

“Look, let me tell you, you are my wife and you have no single right to tell me what to do, better stay away from that good for nothing doctor” he shouted back at me.

“If I am to stay away from him, then you have to stay away from that your fake doctor” I said again.

He wanted to raise his hand on me, but he put it down as if something touched him.

From that day onwards, no peace and harmony in the house, atimes he will come back without touching my food, and the most surprising this is that my husband still refuse to see another doctor.

Its suspicious but I will never keep quite.


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