The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 13

…He wanted to be a doctor, not an armed robber or an assassin.
Mukuka arrived in Livingston the same day that Kamulaza did. They took separate flights and there was no way Kamulaza would have known that someone had been sent to snuff the life out of Chisala forever. Mukuka stayed in the same motel that Purity stayed, when she was in Livingston. Kamulaza however went to his mother’s place.

His first port of call was Ernest’s mother, Madam Lusaka. He went to see her to thank her for taking care of Tasila and taking care of his son. But Madam Lusaka was in sorrow over the disappearance of Chisala. Judging from what Tasila’s mother had narrated, she was sure that Chisala was in trouble, and it hurt her that she had failed at keeping her promise to Tasila. So, when Kamulaza came with his vote of thanks, Madam Lusaka rebuffed him.
Madam Lusaka: “What are you thanking me for, if I took care of Tasila, where is she? What about Chisala, do you see him here? You impregnated a girl and you left her to face the shame alone, and now, years later, with the girl dead, and the child nowhere to be found, you come to thank me. Keep your thanks to yourself, and look for our Chisala, perhaps then Tasila will forgive you and her spirit will rest” she said bluntly. Kamulaza was short of words, he stood up from the position where he had knelt to thank Madam Lusaka, and left the house, with a heavy heart. How could he have thought that she would be nice to him? He wondered.

 She, who witnessed all Tasila went through. He made a vow that he would not go back to Lusaka until he found Chisala, dead or alive.
Sunlight escaped through the little opening in the curtain and danced on Chisala’s face. He opened his eyes and he looked at the strange surrounding. The bed was a comfortable king size, whereas he was used to sleeping on the hærd floor of the uncompleted building. The room was a beautiful, white painted room, and furnished with beautiful furniture.
“ This is not the uncompleted building” He thought and bolted up to a sitting position. Then the memories came flooding back. He was not in the uncompleted building because he had chosen life. He had been given two choices; to join a band of assassins c-m armed robbers, or to be killed, and he had chosen to live, even if it meant joining them.

“Mother, what do I do, should I have refused and be killed. I don’t want to die yet, not without fulfilling your dreams. What do I do, mother?” he said to the empty room. Suddenly, the door of the room was opened and Kopakopa, the leader of the gang walked in, with a smile on his face.
Kopakopa: “I am glad you choose wisely, would have been a pain to have to kill you” he said. Chisala did not reply, he just stared at him. Then he told Chisala to follow him, he took Chisala round the massive mansion where all the members of the gang lived. They ended up in the kitchen where the cook gave Chisala a plate of toast, with scrambled egg, and mayonnaise. Chisala ate with relish because, since leaving the house, he had not eaten good food. However, the calm in the kitchen was broken when one of the gang members rushed into the kitchen and grabbed the television remote. He switched on the flat screen television on the wall of the kitchen, and Chisala’s face filled the screen.

Chisala: “What am I doing on television?” he whispered, even if he had shouted, the occup-nts of the kitchen wouldn’t have heard, they were engrossed in the words spilling out of the television. The television anchor was saying that Chisala was involved in an accident in Lusaka, and somehow is in Livingston, working hand in hand with a gang of robbers who were known to always kill their victim. She also said that anyone who found him should report to the nearest police station. The question on everyone’s l-ips was, ‘How did Chisala run away from the hospital and end up in Livingston ’.
Kopakopa: “So you are a runaway huh, your people must be looking for you” he said looking at the television screen thoughtfully.
Chisala: “No one is looking for me, my mother is dead, my father rejected us. Madam Lusaka probably gave up on looking for me now, after all we are not related” he said, as emotions clogged his throat. Chisala became more worried and guilt after saying this…


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