The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 4

Episode 4.
By Amah

Arrangement has to be made concerning where Anna will be staying until she regains her memory and return to her people.
I spoke with father Patrick concerning Anna before taking the situation at hand to the bishop who said the reverend sisters can take care of that.
He spoke with the reverend mother and she said they will look out for a place for Anna to stay.
Anna’s hospital bills was covered by the church and a place for her to stay was been looked into.
After a week I visited her again to inform her that once she is out of the hospital she will be taking to the sister’s convent and they will take her to the house which she will be living until she is able to remember where she comes from.

As I got there she was not looking happy. I did not bother sitting down, I stood beside her bedside.

“It took you so long to come back and see me…Why?
She asked siting up from her bed.

“Sorry about that Anna, I was busy with many other things and also preparing a place for you to stay. And by next week you will be moving into your temporary home.

Anna sat up properly from the bed with a shock on her face.

“I don’t want to go anywhere else. You can’t just send me away to an unknown place. I am not going and I mean it…

I was silent for some time without saying a word. I folded my hands in akimbo style and watch her rage.
When she was calm enough I began to speak to her.

“Anna, there are many things you should be grateful for right now and not complain over. Being alive and sane is one of it. I know you will regain back your memory but you have to show gratitude than worries. You said you are not interested in going to live where the reverend sisters got for you….why is that? Will you rather live in this hospital?…

I asked her while releasing my hand. She looked up at me for a long time and her next word came like a gunshot to my ears.

“I want to live with you father James. I don’t want to be far away from your sight. So I will rather live with you. Please don’t say no.

“You can’t live with me. I am a reverend father, I can’t accommodate you Anna. Do you even understand what you are asking for? Such is not allowed. You are pregnant you need a place where you and your unborn child will be well taking care off. Everything we are doing is for your own good Anna. Your hospital bills has been paid off by the church and we have been on deliberation in providing accommodation for you. You have so much more to be thankful for. Don’t worry you will be cared for and no harm will come to you. I came to inform you about the new development and by next week you will be out of here to your new home. Some reverend sisters will be around to take you to where you will be staying. My physical work with you ends here but through prayer I will keep interceding for you. With time you will learn to love your new place and make it a home. I’m sorry if this is not what you want but is the only option we have left. We are all looking out for your good Anna and by God’s grace everything will be alright.

I breathed in, turned my back and began to walk to the exit door.
Her voice halt me to a stop.

“Living with you is not allowed because you are a reverend father and practice celibacy, you dedicate your life to serving God and man but what happens in a situation when the baby I carry belongs to a reverend father?

I turned and looked at her with a puzzled face. I did not understand what she was getting at.

“How do you mean Anna? I don’t understand you.

She carefully put her legs down before standing up with the support of a walking stick which she has been using to balance her tired legs.
She leaped closer to where I stood and looked right into my eyes.

“Father James, I appreciate everything you did for me. For saving my life and following up with my health report and well being….I appreciate everything. The moment I set my eyes on you the darkness in me disappeared and all I wanted was to be with you. I don’t really care if you have never been with a woman all that matters now is that I want to live with you. I want to wake up every morning with you by my side. I know it sound crazy but somethings in life do not make sense until Is done. And the only way to achieve that is through this pregnancy…

She stretched her hand to touch my chest but I caught her hand and dropped it back at her side.
I was hoping she is not going crazy to be thinking the way she was.
I refused saying a word because I want to understand what exactly Anna was getting at and I will rebuke that devil that have come to possess her mind.

“You have to let me stay with you please father James. i will do anything you want me to do all I asked is to be with you.

I cleared my voice and said to her.

“Anna, you don’t really know what you are asking because if you do you will not be saying this. My call is with God and he placed me right where I have always desired to be. If I wanted to get married and raise children I’m sure I would have a family of my own now, but that is not what my purpose on earth is. Pleasure, enjoyment of this world do not interest me, it never have and never will. listen Anna, the bible said in Philippians “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable….if anything is excellent or praise worthy, think only about such thing and the God of peace will be with you. That is what I focused my mind on day by day. Anna, do not allow your mind to be corrupted with ill thoughts which only bring condemnation and death. A path is set before you to walk in, you did not survive the accident just to fall back into sin. No, God has a plan for you and you have to free your mind and let God perfect the plans he has for you. I hope you will think about this little conversation that we just had and refocus.

I turned to leave and she spoke behind me but I did not bother to turn back.

“All I want is you and nothing will stop me. I’m ready to do anything to achieve that. But be certain that I won’t accept the offer of living with some holy nuns. I refuse to live around some boring reverend sisters. I won’t accept that. I have a choice and is to be with you James…

I was out of the door into the corridor in no time and straight to my car.
I sat in my car, place my head on the headrest, shut my eyes and say few prayers.
The plans of the wicked will not prevail over me and over Anna who is trying to make herself available for the devil to manipulate.

“Whatever cup is coming… Lord please let it pass over me”.

That was my last word before I drove out of the hospital premises


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