The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 16)

(A new world)
Episode 16
© Bright Daniel

Consequently, Michael had gone to his girlfriend, Nelly, lying on her bed. He never wanted her to complain of not getting his attention which was the main reason he visited her.
Of course Shakiti was there too.
Suddenly, Nelly entered in a bumshot and a top that exposed the hand of her b-ra. She laid beside Mike in a way both stared into each other’s eyes.
“You finally decided to see me” she broke the silence. “I wonder what you do with your time. You hærdly attend lectures these days”
“The important thing is that I’m here” Mike smiled then began to cares her hair.
“Mike?” Nelly sat up.
He sat up too. “Yes?”
“I’m your girlfriend, I don’t think you should hide anything from me” she looked at him. “Tell me the truth, are you Kira?”
“Uuuuhhh!” Shakiti shouted from a corner. “She has started suspecting you too!” he said giggling.
Michael smiled face down ignoring him and looking innocent in the eyes of his girlfriend. He raised his head. “It was proved before the police that I’m not Kira. I wonder why you think I am. Baby, I’m not Kira”
“You suddenly disappeared on the day two students were shot dead in school. Where did you go to?”
“I ran for my dear life” they giggled then Mike began to cares her cheek again. “I miss you” he k-ssed her, laid her on the bed in a way he was on top. Traces of smiles could be seen on Nelly’s face.
“I wish to see Kira one day” she said.
“Why?” Mike gave her a quick k-ss.
“Have you forgotten? He saved me from those catbuglars”
“I wish to see him too” he resumed the k-ss fully which she reciprocated..
On the other hand, Vera and Dera have left the house to meet Lucky whom they called on the phone. Three of them were at a lonely street standing like children driven from home. Lucky looked worried wondering why they chose to see him at such a lonely place. He stared at them to say something.
“I thought you said you have nothing doing with Mike” Vera broke the silence angrily with hands folded.
“Yes? what happened?” he was still inquisitive.
“Dera will tell you, but all I want to tell you too is to be careful with him”
Lucky stared at Dera to let the cat out of the bag. Of course she told him exactly what she told her father.
“No way!” Lucky murmured. He understood the conversation was between Mike and Shakiti planning to kill him. Therefore, he was not only looking for a way to save Vera’s life, but his own life too. He smiled factitiously to the twins. “It’s no big deal, Mike can’t think bad of me. For crying out loud, we are best friends” he concluded but the twins didn’t even smile.
Michael came back home to see nobody in the sitting room unlike before coz his sisters normally watch television to kill boredom. He ignored their absence and walked towards his doors which he slowed down before opening it coz he noticed someone has opened it before. He gradually clutched the knob and entered surveying the room from the center. All his thought was that someone has searched the room once again but wasn’t sure. There was only one way to be sure of who did that. Therefore, he pulled a stool to a corner of the room, climbed on it and brought out a recording camera which he placed there before going out. So he put it on to watch who must have entered his room. Surprisingly, he did not only see everywhere his father searched in the room but heard everything his discussed with his sisters. He smiled deadly.
“It’s obvious my own family is now against me. My father wanna track me and fulfill the justice of executing me. Hmm” he smiled again. “Now, let the game begins and see who gonna win” he concluded moving briskly to the bathroom, brought out the death note, put it in,side a bag with a few clothes, opened his wallet to know if his ATM card was there then hung the bag.
“Are you vacating from your own house?” Shakiti asked. “Wait, we’re forgetting something” he rushed the refrigerator to pack all the bananas but Mike interrupted him.
“Don’t worry, Shakiti, there are bunches of banana where we’re going”
“Really, I can’t wait to see this new place” Shakiti ended up eating one or two bananas before they left the house to where nobody knows.
Hours later, Mr Nelson came home with Laman hoping to meet Mike at home but unfortunately, the twins were the only one available. All stood in the sitting room.
“Where is Mike?” he asked them again.
“We have not seen him, and his room looks des**ted” Vera replied.
As the father bagged into his room so as Lucky also rushed into the house with the hope of seeing his friend. That obviously explained that Michael’s number was switched off.
“Where could that boy go?” Mr Nelson came back to see Lucky. “Who are you?” he quiried instantly.
“I’m Lucky, Michael’s friend. Where is he? ” he replied.
“Oh, you’re the Lucky” Mr Nelson stepped forward. “My son’s number is off. Now tell me, what business do you actually have with him?” he glared likewise Laman and the twins. Just then, a family telephone rang. Mr Nelson picked and put it in loud speaker.
“Hello, who’s this?”
“It’s Kira, a.k.a Michael Nelson. I have heard the way you want to track and bring me to justice. Just pray you stay alive to do that. Send my RIP to Vera and Laman in advance. I guess you gonna be next” the line went off.
“Hello.. hello.. Mike! Mike!!” Mr Nelson shouted in vain.
Everywhere became quiet and obvious that Michael was Kira.
“Wait” Vera stepped forward. “What did he mean by RIP to me and..”
“Rest in peace to you and Laman” Lucky interrupted. He explained to them how he was initiated by Mike, how he helped him when he was in police custody and why he wrote Vera and Laman’s name on the Death Note. He also explained the reason for the appearance of the red moon and the death of Gizifa. Before he could finish his explanation, Vera fainted knowing that she would that soon.
“Vera!” the father rushed her….

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