The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 15)

(A new world)
Episode 15
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Lucky became restless by the question thrown to him, he knew that he was in a deal never to reveal the secret to anyone otherwise die – His life was in the hands of his friend, Michael.
Meanwhile, Vera had noticed how he kept looking around then wondered whether there was an unseen spirit he wished to see, of course, he was looking for Shakiti, luckily, he wasn’t present with them on the top of the building.
“As much as my brother has been proved innocent by the police, something within me still tells me that he’s hiding something from all of us” Vera looked away from him to the full red moon that shone from the sky. “Also, something tells me that whatever he’s hiding has to do with the red moon coz the very day I saw him pick up something was the day the first moon disappeared” she added and returned the look to Lucky who had been speechless, making sure he doesn’t say anything sensitive coz all her feelings and predictions were correct. “Lucky?” her voice became pitched, more like a bedroom voice, also staring into his eyes rom-ntically. “You’re a close friend to Mike, my brother, so you should know what I’m talking about. Don’t lie to me if you truly love me. Hope Mike is Kira”
“I’ll tell you nothing but the truth” Lucky began then glanced backward again, “Michael is not Kira, I have never even for once imagine it talk more of believing it” he paused, thus, generating tranquility.
“Alright” Vera averted her eyes. “I’ll be alive to see when Kira gonna be caught then punch him on the face”
Hearing that, Lucky pitied her coz he knew her death had already been written on the Death Note. He glanced at his wrist watch: forty-eight hours to go. He thought critically on how to prevent her death, of course he couldn’t except with the life note. He gently turned her face in a way she faced him.
“I love you so much and I want you to trust me. Go home now, enters your room and never leave the house in the next forty-eight hours”
“What? What’s happening?” Vera became frightened.
“Don’t ask questions, just do as I’ve said”
“You’re getting me scared”
Lucky cares her cheek rom-ntically then k-ssed her gently. “Don’t be scared, Love” he assured her.
A few hours later, Mr Nelson came back home tired. As he took off his suit in the sitting room, he noticed the absence of his children. Already, he had begun to suspect Mike too due to how enthusiastic Laman is on his identity. He took it upon himself to monitor Michael’s movements.
Seeing the house quiet without the television on, he called on his first son, “Michael!” there was no response. “Mike!!” he shouted again, yet, no response. Before he could check his room, Vera and Dera came out and greeted him.
However, Dera had told her sister how she overheard Michael talking to himself about Lucky. She waited for the right time to tell the father too.
“Why are both of you indoors?” the father asked them. “Where is Mike?” he added immediately.
“We have no idea” Dera answered.
“He has not talked to us since yesterday” Vera added.
The father stared at them silently for a while then opened Michael’s room widely looking around as if suspecting something. He opened a wardrobe to notice that the old television – the one Michael carried to the vertex wasn’t there anymore. With that surprise, he left to his refrigerator, opened it to see nothing but bananas. He shuffled his bedshit, opened drawers, entered into the bathroom then came out with a hand on his wa-ist.
Meanwhile, the daughters were already in,side the room watching as he searched curiously.
“Any problem, Dad?” Dera asked but didn’t receive a response. “I guess you’ve started suspecting Mike too”
The father looked at her. “What do you mean?”
“I overheard him earlier today talking with.. with.. nothing. Though the wh0le thing sounded as if he was having a conversation with somebody”
“in,side this room”
“What exactly did you hear?”
Dera glanced at her sister who stood beside her and swallowed hærd. Obviously, all was under tension and fear. “The only thing I heard that captured my mind is; “If what you’re telling me is true, that means I have nothing to do with Lucky again.. You should know he’s of no use to me again”” Dera replied.
“Who is Lucky?” the father took a step forward.
Before Dera could answer, Vera hurriedly said, “We don’t know” She winked one of her eyes at her sister to concured.
“Yes, Dad, we don’t know” she concured.
The father suddenly became quiet thinking critically then glanced at the wh0le room again.
“Listen both of you, dress this room and pretend nothing has happened. I’ll track Michael down myself and justice must be done” he left the room angrily.

To be continued

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