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The secret in the diary


By Francis Agamah
Max had been in love with Helen since their high school days. It seemed their love was designed from heaven and ordained by God.
In School you can’t met Helen without Max.
Had they been Siamese twins,it would have been easily understood by those who have not worn the glasses of love before.
After school,their love continued. Marriage seemed imminent. Then Max got a job in an oil company in a far away part of the country.
He didn’t want to leave Helen and go there because of Helen. Being a supportive lover, she encouraged him to go. Afterall, Love without money is like eating rice without stew.
They needed money to finance their wedding and make a family.
That night before Max left,they made love for the first time in their relationship. It was Helen’s first time of experiencing such physical intimacy because she was a virgin.
It was a sweet and hilarious moment.
When lovers part,there is always pain. They both cried that they as if their parents were dead as Max left the town.
**Two months later**
It is said distance is the enemy of love and relationship. Just two months after his departure from his girlfriend, Max met another beautiful lady. She’s called Giselle. Suddenly
Max forgot Helen and clang to Giselle. It wasn’t long they became serious lovers.
One evening when Max and Gizelle were happily chatting , Helen called Max . She said she was pregnant.
Max was not happy with the news. He told Helen not to keep the pregnancy.
He said he was not ready to become a father at a time he was supposed to be building his career. He tried everything he could to convince Helen but she was adamant to his plea. Helen said what he had in her was a
“life ” which must be protected,not hurt.
Max decided to go back to Helen’s residence and poison her to death since she was unrelenting on her stand.
On his way to Helen’s town, he had an accident and died successfully.
It pained Helen her boyfriend was dead but it hurt her that he betrayed the love they used to share.
The unwanted child was born. As he grew he asked of his father and Helen lied to him that his father was a brave man who died trying to protect her from a lion when she was pregnant with him.
The child,Mandy was so amazed with his father’s heroic deeds that he promised to build a huge monument to honour his father and also institute an annual anniversary to commemorate his father’s heroic deeds.
One day,he came across a diary in his mother’s room and against all ethics began reading it. The diary contained stories about him. How his mother and father met and how they cried when Max left.
Just when he wanted to read the other part containing the pregnancy and his father’s desire for kill him before his birth,his mother came in.
“Hei,Mandy,why are you reading my personal diary ? That’s bad of you,” Helen said.
“I’m sorry mum but I’m reading my story in your diary ,”Mandy defended himself.
“C’mon, close it and bring it,”Hellen Commanded.
Mandy brought the diary. Helen was afraid he read the sensitive parts so he asked him what he read.
Mandy answered, “I read where you said you were in love with Max my father and how you cried when he got a job and left you.
“Is that all ? ” Helen asked.
“Yes,that’s where I have reached before you interrupted me.
Helen sighed with relief.
“Ok.Come on here. Let’s go and eat,”She ordered him.
–That night–
Mandy was still curious. He wanted to find
out why her mother didn’t want him to continue reading her diary.
He sneaked into his mother’s room again and
and picked the Diary. Back to his room he read the story line by line.After he finished reading the story,he began to cry.
—The next day—
The next day, Helen realised his son had cried in the night. He asked him why he cried. Mandy refused to talk to her till the evening time. Then he came into his mother’s room and said, ” mum,I’m annoyed with you. You told me my dad died protecting you from a lion when you are pregnant with me but I read from the diary that the lions were two. My father was indeed a hero. You didn’t tell me dad had to starve for three weeks to ensure that you have sufficient food to feed yourself. In addition, you never told me dad predicted I will be a man and you never told me Dad asked you to name me Mandy.
My father was a gift from the gods to man.
When I grow up ,I will built a bigger monument for my father to remember his deeds and a day to honour his memory. This practice will continue from generation to generation.
Her mother smiled and said,”That’s my son.”
—-20 years later —-
Mandy became a prominent president in his country. He set aside a day to honour the memory of his father. On that day, he would summoned his cabinet ministers , Mps, DCEs friends and family including his mother and they would had a grandiose festival.
He also built a huge statue in honour of his father and made his children promised they would be celebrating his father, their grandfather’s festival yearly even after he’s gone.
~Narration from Helen’s point of view ~
Hi Reader, I’m sure you are a little bit confused as to how come my son read all those sweet things about his father and not the bad aspect like when he wanted me to kill him.
Well ,relax, I did it. When I realised my son was inquisitive and wanted to read more about the circvmstances surrounding his birth, I knew he will sneak in and take the diary. I also knew he would be demoralised when he read about the truth of who his father really was so I removed those parts from the Diary and instead wrote good things about his father so that he would honour his father’s memory and forever see his father as a good person. Now ,Shhhhh…it’s a secret from my diary. Never tell him. You promise?
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—Some years later —
Helen eventually grew old and died.
Mandy continued celebrating his father’s memory year in year out and even institutionalised it as a National Day. He was so happy he had a good father. A father he had not grown to see with his own eyes before he died heroicly.
Then one day,he entered his mother’s room to pick something. A piece of paper fell on the ground. It was part of his mother’s diary. Curiously he picked it from the ground to read what was on it.
<<<I’m sure you know what he read by now. ———.>>>
Well. On a second thought I guess you don’t. He read that his father was also a philanthropist. He cared for the orphans and the less privilege one .
His joy for his father once again skyrocketed and he made his father’s day WORLD FATHER’S DAY.
Let’s try to protect children from harmful memories. What they don’t know won’t traumatise them. It’s very important.
**–THE END—**

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