The star 2 episode 17 – finale

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Written By:Abike
Gold is seven months pregnant, Her wedding with Dyal was the best,they got married in Canada, Gold was on a video call with Evelyn…
Gold: So who is the lucky guy?
Evelyn:Well he is a rapper, but I don’t want Dyal to know about it yet
Gold:My l-ips are sealed, so who is the lucky guy?
Emily:Guess you know Mark right?
Gold: Please tell me no that it is not the American Rapper
Emily:You are funny, Who else are you expecting, of course am talking about him
Gold: Wow! Am so glad to hear this, Mark?
Emily:Yeah baby,(giggle)Where is your baby?
Gold:He went to a TV talk show, he should be back by now
Emily: Alright sounds great, and what about Evelyn, when is she going to give birth cause I expect her to be the first
Gold:Well I can’t say yet,but am sure that it is anytime from now, So how are you and how is everything?
Emily:Well am good, just miss you
Gold: Believe me, I miss you too, I was even telling Dyal that I wish to give birth in America, But you know him very well, he is still trying hærd to get, he said he wants me to stay where his mum and my mom are, and I told him that he can just book a flight for three of us, we can just spend six months there,then I would have give birth, besides i want to see you,I told him all that,So he said he will still think about it
Emily:Wow, am so glad ,I will even message him tomorrow to allow you to come here or else I will come to Nigeria to fight with him and kidnap you away from him (Both of them giggle, after a long talk, they both ended the video call while Gold went out of her room, She was dressed in long Indian wears gown, white in colour, Golden necklace and earrings, her wedding ring flashing on her finger, her matching heels making some sound that called for everyone’s attention, she walked in,side the kitchen, the maids are cooking, they all greet her while she said to her head of maids that…
Gold: Belinda is the food ready?
Belinda:All done ma
Gold:And you are sure that nothing is cooked with fish?
Belinda: Sure Ma’am
Gold:Good, immediately he comes, tell the girls to serve the food, you know he refused to eat this morning before he left,So before he finish taking shower,make sure the fo….(They heard the sounds of cars)Oh my God!That’s him,You can start preparing the dinning
Belinda:Yes ma(Belinda start to direct the ladies, Suddenly Oliver came in and said)
Oliver:The boss is not going to eat now
Gold: Why?
Oliver:He was invited for a lunch
Gold: Does I look like I care, the ladies have being cooking since morning, he must eat this,all of you are eating
Oliver:(Laughing)You are so funny, well am just joking, he asked me to tell them to serve his food quickly
Gold:You are really funny, and where is He? (Liam came in to drink a cup of juice)
Oliver:He is in his room already, Right Liam?
Liam:(finish his juice and said)Yeah he asked you to come
Gold:Ok I will check him now, So Belinda serve six plates please (Liam went out as he was busy drinking his juice)
Oliver: Jasper and Carter wasn’t with us
Gold:Why, where are they?
Oliver:Carter went to see his fiance’s family, you know his wedding is next month, while Jasper went to his house, Evelyn text him to come home
Good: Alright no problem, Belinda make it four plates then
Belinda:Yes ma’am (Gold and Oliver went out of the kitchen, Gold entered Dyal’s room, He just finished taking his shower, she hugged Dyal from the back, while Dyal turned to her and k-ssed her, She sat on the bed, watching Dyal who was busy looking for a slippers to wear, she said)
Gold:Pick the brown one
Dyal:Oh no, I don’t like this colour, am still planning on how I will give it back to that Liam, cause he is the one who ordered them, I don’t like boring colours, You know!
Gold:So brown is a boring colour to you
Dyal: Honestly babe (He Knelt down at Gold’s front, while he k-ssed her big stomach, he went for her left finger and k-ssed it, he went for her neck and k-ssed it, finally he k-ssed her l-ips which lasted for a minute)
Dyal:Is my food ready?
Gold: Yeah
Dyal:And what about the boys, are they ready
Gold:Yes, waiting for you to come out, Dyal!(Acting cute)
Dyal:Oh not again!
Gold:Dyal Common, i really want to give birth in America with my mum and your mum with me, please
Dyal: Thought you already Forget about it
Gold:Of course I won’t, Babe! (She winked at him, bitting her lower l-ips, showing off her neck to him, while Dyal made a smirk and said)
Dyal:You should know that I won’t fall for that, I don’t trip for you when you do that, the only time always trip for you is when is when you are acting cute and not in a s€×y way
Gold: Whatever! (She stood up angrily to leave the room, while Dyal dragged her back and said)
Dyal:I also fall for you when you get angry like this (He k-ssed her and said)Don’t worry,I will tell Oliver and Carter to start preparing for your tickets together with your mum’s and my mum’s tickets, Are we good now(She smile while she raised up her brows up and down)So silly!

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Dyal went to Charlie’s house, after he was done, Jennifer came out and said…
Jennifer:Hi brother!
Dyal: What’s up babe (He hugged her) Thought you went to New York for a shooting
Jennifer:Yeah I came back yesterday
Dyal:Oh sounds great, Dad told me your mum travelled
Jennifer:Yeah she went to Canada, an how is your wife?
Dyal:She is good thanks
Jennifer: Please send my regards to her
Dyal: Sure I will (Dyal hugged her again while Jasper opened the door for him, they all entered the cars and drove out of the compound)
Dyal brought Gold to his father’s grave….
Dyal:Dad! Am here once again, but this time around, I brought you two gifts, a wife and my unborn child, I know that you always guide me and support me in everything, I want you to protect my wife and my kid for me, As you can see that I also got married to a lady like mom, Yes Dad she is not different from mum,As you can see, she is beautiful,Just like mum, Dad I promise to make you proud more than this, I know that I have always being a good son, but I am promising you that I will still make you proud more than this, I love you Dad…..
FEW Months Later
Some fans are at the airport, Ever since Dyal got married to Gold, many of his fans had choose Gold as thier role model, a lot of fans love everything about her, Dressing, kindness, manner of approaching and all that, She came out with her mum and Dyal’s mum, both Dyal’s mum and her mum are holding her five months old kids, Gold gave birth to a set of twins, A boy and a girl,She named the boy Ariel while the girl is Ariana, Everyone said none of the kids look like Gold, they all said the kids look like Dyal, the baby boy Ariel is having cute dreadlocks on him, while Ariana took after her mum, natural long and black hair, Ariana has a blue eyes just like Dyal while Ariel doesn’t have, A lot of fans took thier pictures, Everyone was glad to see both Gold and her kids with her mother and her mother in-law, The guards led them to the car, while they zoomed away)
Gold and Dyal sat on the bed discussing….
Dyal:So you wanna start a business now
Gold:Are we still going back to that? Told you I don’t want to be an house wife, I need to work, I want to open a big supermarket please
Dyal:Its ok baby, just wanna be sure if you are ok with it, i really don’t want to stress you with the kids
Gold: The kids are good, besides they really don’t disturb me, we also have the babysitters, what else is stopping me, Don’t worry babe I will be fine, Huh! (She k-ssed him, while they both went out of the room, they saw the boys playing with the kids,Gold went to the kitchen while Dyal moved closer to the kids, he carried Ariana first then with his second hand he lifted Ariel up, Oliver opened the door for him, while he took them round the compound playing with them, k-ssing thier cheeks while the kids smile, Dyal muttered)DAD HAVE MADE YOU PROUD!!!

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