The wolf among us episode 24




Episode 24

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“No!” Juan screamed loudly.

While the hunter pointed the gun at Josh’s head and first of all stared at Josh.

And Josh was shaking on the ground, trying to push his head away.

But what can someone that his hands and legs are tied up do?

Of course all he can do is absolutely nothing, the only thing he can do is to continue shaking or simply become brave and fearless.

“Hmm, i can sense him being so afraid but that wouldn’t save him” the hunter said as he smirks.

“No… Please don’t do that, spare his life please” Juan was still shouting with a loud voice.

While the hunter keeps pointing the gun at Josh’s head.

While pointing the gun at his head he then stares at Juan with a mockery smile.

Juan quickly knelt down immediately pleading on behalf of Josh because she can see how serious the master of the hunters are in killing him.

And it will be a very painful thing for her to stand like this and watch any of her friends get killed.

Moreover, while she was busy pleading at the hunters still seriously pointing its gun at Josh head.

She then rushed to the hunter and fall under his feet.

Anna did not even bother to budge on what is going on in other for them to save their friend.

Although there is nothing that she can actually do this time.

Her hands and her legs were tied up so there is no way she could give out a help.

But at least there is a little help she could have apply which is her mouth.

Her mouth is free, she could have joined them and start appealing on behalf of Josh.

But no she did not, but all she did was to shift a little bit away from Josh and then sat at the corner while looking at them.

Besides the hunter did not point the gun at Josh’s head for that long.

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He fist if all looks at Juan’s face and just decides to have pity on her for now.

As more as Juan’s pleads made him to hold on Josh.

And while he removed the gun from his head.

Josh was already breathing heavily as he was staring at the master.

But was highly shocked again when the hunters pointed the gun again at him.

He was so shocked that he tried to used his two hands and block his face.

But it is obvious that he get to realized that the hunter pointed the gun at him inform of pointing him a hand.

Just like pointing someone while speaking and the master was actually advising him on what to do.

“You see… You should be thankful to Juan” The hunter said as he points the gun at Juan too.

And that made Juan to gasped in shock.

“You should be thankful to her because she just saved you for now”

“I Mean for now so that you can still enjoy the little fresh air of the earth”

“But be aware and assured that you are still gonna be killed very soon”

“Let me just spare you for now” the hunter concluded and then steps closer to the center.

Although he was already done with them and was about leaving when his eyes slightly met on Anna.

He paused and turned back as he stares at her while she too acted like she was looking at something on the left.

And meanwhile she was not looking at anything, she was just stylish trying to hide her face.

So as the hunter keep coming closer to her so as Josh and Juan was only watching what was going on.

Although they all feel that it is a normal thing, maybe the master just want to walk around and threatening all of them.

So Anna keeps hiding her face as he steps closer and then bent down on her face.

And used his hand to arrange her face straight to the way she would be looking at him.

Which Anna dare not think of changing her face to another direction again.

She can only do that only if she wants to face her early death penalty immediately.

So while her face was turned she kept it steadily like that while the master was busy admiring her face.

He was using his right hand to arrange her hair and flush it backward for her.

But she was also somehow pulling her hairs away from his hand because she don’t really like the way the touching us going on.

“Hmm” The hunter said as he pull of his eyes glass admiring the beauty of Anna.

And Juan was at the corner watching the whole drama that is playing.

And she was just silent looking at them, she wouldn’t want to interject till the end.

Besides all her hope was that the hunter will let go off her after admiring her.

Besides when he pulled off his eyes glass Anna saw the type of eyes he has never seen before.

“Oh my God! Black? Whole eyes black? Oh God such a deadly eyes!” Anna said inside her mind.

While the hunter placed his hand on her jaws and turns her face side to side.

“Hmm…” The hunter groaned again as he torches her on her cheek again.

And then Anna forcefully pushed his hand away and he smiled deadly instead.

“So… Tell me what do you see in my eyes?” The hunter asked the fearing Anna with his deep voice.

But she did not interject to him, Although she was just still so afraid.

“Do you see love?” the hunter asked Anna and then Anna reacted badly.

“What the fuck… Love…? What do you mean love? I only see deaths and pains inside your eyes nothing more” Anna said.

And then the hunter smirked as he first of all stares at the ground with his two hands folded together.

And then he picked up his eyes glass and put it on as he stands up and turned his back on her.

“So be it then” he said.

Joan was looking at the hunter with her eyes widely opened.

While everyone of them started breathing heavily as they were looking at him to know the next action he would try to take.

Besides his way of posture can say it all that his about to do something very bad.

Which must be why all of them have a very high spirit at the moment.

As they were watching closely to know what he is actually going to do.

After standing silently he then turned forcefully and grabbed Anna on her hand.

“No! go off me! Leave me alone!” Anna screamed in fear.

“You see deaths and screams in my eyes right?” He asked but Anna did not even bother answering the question.

“Good then and I think that it would be better if you would have a taste of them!” The hunters master said in a thunder voice.

And then he clicked on by dragging her away with force as she was crawling on the ground.

“No! What are you doing! Come on let her go!” Juan shouted really very hard.

But this time around Juan couldn’t stop him as he did not even look at his back.

He was just moving forward without looking back.

And that was how he was able to take Anna out of their present and locked back the cage.

Besides Juan was about to run after him but the gate was locked

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And meanwhile when he dragged Anna out of the cage.

She took her to the corner where he kept her at the ground.

While Anna was breathing very heavy as she was already about shedding tears.

“Let me go! Don’t torch me!” She was screaming in a painful voice with tears rolling down from her cheeks.

“Some body help!” she screamed so loud as the hunter smiles.

“I get you should stop wasting your time because no matter how you scream you would get no help!” the hunter said.

And then he bring put his little dagger which was sparkling over the sun.

“No! No! Stay away from me!” Anna started screaming when the hunter brought out the dagger.

But the hunter still did not mind he first of all stares at the dagger and then smell it.

While he started coming after Anna and Anna as well increased her voice while shooting.

At the same time she was also crawling backwards as her hands and legs are tied up.

But when she saw how serious the hunter is she then closed her eyes while screaming.

When the hunter get closed he raised the dagger and cut off the rope used to tie her hands up.

And at the same time cut off the one on her leg while she was still screaming.

But the hunter put his dagger back to its cave.

And after screaming a few seconds Anna then opened her eyes and saw that the hunter actually meant no harm.

And then she was now free that she can move freely with her leg and hand.

“Oh so painful!” Anna said as she was still examining the hand that the rope was tied on.

And then after she get relief of her painful hand she then looks up to the hunter.

And of course she can understand that he really wants something from her which must be the reason why he freed her just like that.

So Anna kindly stands up from the ground and stands close to the hunter and stares at him silently while the hunter was only looking at her.

And was actually waiting to see what her reaction would be, to run or…?

“What do you want from me?” Anna asked pointing at herself.

“Do you want me to help you get Aaron within a day?”

“I know where he stays, do you want me to help you and get him?” Anna asked.

While the hunter gives out a brief smile at her as he looks around and groaned.

“Hmm… Not what I want from you because we have someone who can give us 100% all that” The hunter said to her.

“So… What do you want?” Anna asked as she flapped her shoulder as if she is not aware of what he is requesting.

But then the hunter puts his hand on her cheeks as he started romancing her face softly.

“Hmm, all I want is you” the hunter said to her as he keeps rubbing her cheeks gently.

And as he said that Anna smiles at him as him too smiled.

And then started bringing his mouth closer in other to kiss her.

But then Anna hit her head on his mouth with force.

“Ah…” the hunter screamed as he covers his mouth and then stares at Anna with anger.

“Good for you” Anna said but then she was noticing the hard look on the hunters face.

So she started moving backward by moving her leg one after the other.

And while the hunter covers his mouth for a few seconds he removes his hand and spites on the ground.

And saw that his saliva was blood from his mouth.

Which made him to get angered because he hate seeing his blood.

And anytime he mistakenly see it he must get to the root of what caused it.

So while he spites on the ground and it was blood, he is silently looks at it for a few seconds.

And then turned and faced Anna and stares at her with a black eyes.

“Then I will take it by force!” The master said as he started walking to her.

“Don’t touch me! Stay away from me!” Anna started screaming as she was moving backward.

While the hunter keeps coming closer as he was regardless loosing his belt.

While Anna keeps moving backwards with fears on her body.

….To be continued……