The wolf among us episode 9




Episode 9

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

★The Gardner’s Highschool★

Juan was seeing as she steps out of her class and stared at the way that they followed.

“And where could Anna be going that she did not even bother to let me know?”

“She is even going with Teacher Emma,” Juan said as she folds her arm.

And then walks into Emma’s office but someone was already sitting there.

She stares at the person, although the person is a student as she can see.

But she has never witnessed that face in Emma’s office for once.

Even in school, she has never noticed it, so this is her first time seeing the face.

“Hey, umm sorry who are you?” Juan asked.

“You are welcome have a sit please,” the guy said to her as he points at the sit for her and she kindly sat down.

“Well… Am the one that will be taking care of this office for these past hours that Teacher Emma is not going to be around” The guy said to him.

And Juan stares at him somehow because his behavior looks like he came for something else.

“But how may I help you?” He requested as he clasped his hands.

“I… Sorry…. Do you know where Emma went to?” Juan asked.

“Not really… I don’t. Know but am just expecting her to come back in a few hours” The guy responded.

“Okay, I will be back when she comes back okay?” Juan said as she stand up from her sit and walk away.

But while passing through the door she paused and gently looks back as of she is about to say something.

But she ended up not saying anything so she still faced her front and walk away.

While she was walking out of the compound she saw Dizzy.

“Hey…” Dizzy said to her.

“Yes…?” She replied because she feel like she already know what Dizzy is about to ask.

“Why are you walking so lonely these days? Where is Alice?”

“And where is Aaron, am already missing him, so… Why didn’t he show up today?” Dizzy asked.

And then Juan breathes in and out as she blinks her eyes.

“Am sorry to say but I have no answer to that question”

“You should ask him when you see him,” Juan said and walks away as Dizzy stares at her.

He really wondered why Juan should get mad just because he mentioned Aaron’s name.

That was when he begins to suspect that things are not alright.

But all his thought was that Aaron might have a little problem with her that is while she is angry.

Although when she walks away Dizzy stares at her way out for some seconds.

And then waved his head and moved in his own direction.

Teacher Emma and Anna were shown to be on their way to the hunter’s home.

They are in a very high range of speed and as they are going Anna will be directing her in the right direction.

Till they drive to a place where it was all mountain.

Mountain at the right and mountain at the left and so she lowered her speed.

“You take right while going, there is a way there, we are running up to the hill,” Anna said.

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“You mean that they live up in the mountain?” Teacher Emma asked.

“Exactly what am saying,” Anna said as Emma nods.

Although they are still at the side of the hill when Aaron landed from the hill and fell on top of their car.

Besides they don’t even know who and what it is, they were just passing.

And this thing fell from the sky and landed on top of their car as the blood splashed on the mirror.

“Oh my God… Oh my God! What’s this thing!” Anna said out of fear as she was already trying to use Emma to cover herself.

While Emma was staring at the body with her eyes and mouth widely opened.

“Oh… My God! I don’t wanna die!” Anna keeps shouting.

“It is okay! Anna, it’s. Okay, just calm down okay?” Emma said as he brings her face up.

And then Anna managed to hold herself as she was breathing heavily.

And then she placed her two hands on her chest as she was shaking in fear.

While she hold herself Emma managed to come down from the car to check who it is.

She went and stares at his face very well.

“Oh! My! God…! Aaron!” Teacher Emma shouted as she covers her mouth.

And then Anna quickly ran out of the car to check out what Emma is saying.

“Oh my God!” she said as she covers her mouth, she couldn’t believe it.

Aaron can no longer be recognized, his body was filled with blood.

He was just like as if they deemed him into the blood and carried him out.

Not talking about the wounds on his body, some dried trees pierced into his body.

They can see the arrow the hunters shot him in his leg, it is still there.

They can’t even tell if his eyes are still complete or not because is being covered with blood.

“Oh my God! They have already killed him…” Teacher Emma said in tears and so as Anna.

But in the process of crying, Anna noticed Aaron’s hand move.

“Oh my God… He is still alive, come on let’s take him home immediately” Anna shouted as Emma thoughts that she was joking.

She just stared at her somehow and Anna reacted badly.

“What are you doing? I said that I saw his hand move or just check up on him” Anna said as the teacher torches his heart and sees that it is still beating.

She was so happy and doesn’t care about the blood that stained her hand.

She quickly orders Anna for help “Alright Anna carry him let’s put him inside the Car” Teacher Emma said as they hurriedly put him inside the car although it was stressful with the stain of blood all over her clothes

And just as they were done carrying him inside the car.

Teacher Emma entered and starts the car immediately.

“Teacher Emma…?” Anna called her.

“Yes…? Come on get into this car let’s go!” Emma shouted.

“Look up there!” Anna said as she was pointing at the uphill where Aaron fell down from.

Emma looked at it and saw two men donned black.

She noticed that it was the hunters immediately “Come on get in!”

“Anna get in let’s go!!!” Emma shouted in a loud voice.

And Anna quickly entered the car but these two guys were seen preparing their bows and adding an arrow to them.

But as soon as Anna got into the car, Emma wasted no time.

She has already calculated it and discovers that she can’t turn in this valley that is so tight.

She quickly moves backward using the back of her car and just as she moved backward.

An arrow pinned on the ground which directly came for Anna but it arrived late.

And as soon as Emma left the valley she turned with force and at once and started moving on with speed.

While they were moving another arrow landed on the car and broke the back grass of the car.

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And still have the force to get into the car but it pinned in the back sit.

But by then they have already gone very far away that they can’t shoot an arrow at them.

Although that did not stop Emma from speeding.

while Anna was only bending down as she was covering her head while screaming.

It was really a scary day for her because she have never witnessed something like this before.

So after they have driven far away and Anna noticed that no more attacks are coming after them.

She raised her head and stares at Teacher Emma as she was still breathing heavily.

“You really did a wonderful job out there, such a brave woman” Anna said to Emma who is still so concerned about her driving.

And then Anna stares at the back glass that was destroyed.

Although she mainly checked back to know if they are still coming after them.

But they are not and then she stares at Aaron which they kept at the back.

And discover that the back glass of the car that was broken just falls on his body.

Both the sit where he was laying were filled with pieces of glass.

“Oh gosh!” Anna said as she sits back on her sit and faces front as she waves her head.

“So… are we heading back to school?” Anna asked.

“With these bloody clothes that we are wearing? or with someone that is dying already” Emma replied.

“So where exactly are we heading to?” Anna asked.

“Do you know any doctor?” Emma asked.

“Yeah, there is a hospital close to my place, let’s go there” Anna replied.

“We are not taking him to the hospital,” Emma said as Anna stares at her.

“Like seriously?” Anna reacted as Emma nods.

“What do you mean by that? you want him to die?” Anna asked as Emma stares at her.

“What makes you say such rubbish?” Teacher Emma asked.

“Why would you say that we shouldn’t take him to the hospital?” Anna asked.

“And why shouldn’t you be aware that taking him to the hospital is a very big risk?” Emma asked.

“How?” Anna said as she puts her hand on top of her palms as she was looking at Emma.

“Do you think that those guys have rest? no, they are still coming”

“Taking him to a hospital is like easily calling them to come and kill him,” Emma said.

And then Anna nods and came to think of it, it is really true.

“So…. what do you suggest?” Anna asked.

“We have to call a private Dr. for him” Emma replied.

“Okay….?” Anna said as she nods.

“So do you know one?” Emma asked as Anna stares at her.

“Actually… No…” Anna said as she waves her head and then Emma sighed.

“Maybe we can just keep him by the side and go to any hospital to contact a Dr,” Anna suggested

“Or do you have anyone you can call?” Anna asked.

“Don’t worry I know where to take him” Emma replied.

“Where ?” Anna demanded to know.

“Although it is going to be tough, but I think that is the solution we got now,” Emma said as Anna stares at her for some time because of the tough word she used.

“So… where is this place that you are talking about?” Anna asked.

“My cousin’s place, she is Dr and she is a herbalist”

“I believe that she will be able to cure him,” Emma said as Anna stares at Aaron again.

“This condition is too critical to be taken to a herbalist! this is for a medical Dr” Anna said as she turns to stare at Emma again.

“Don’t underestimate my sister, she can do better than Medical Doctors?” Emma said as Anna looks at her for some time and then nods.

“Okay… if you say so,” Anna said.
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★Emma’s Cousin Home★

This place looks like a Paradise, the vegetation is all fruits, like apples, mangoes, oranges, lemons, pears, and so on.

The natural carpet glass made this place more beautiful.

A lonely house was added in a view, it was just built lonely on this forest of fruits.

And it looks so silent as if nobody was living in there.

In a minute, Emma’s car drives into the compound and stopped with force giving the carpet flower a mark.

Immediately she stopped the quickly carried Aaron forward.

When they carried him to the door they dropped him on the ground slowly.

As Anna sits beside him and then Emma knocks on the door of the house repeatedly.

And the door was opened “Who the fu….” Emma’s cousin was about to shout when she recognized that it was Emma.

She stared at her in shock but Emma didn’t mind her, she came here to save life first.

“Audrey I know that you must be very shocked why am here but am sorry”

“Please I need your help, he is dying,” Emma said as she points at Aaron.

Audrey stares at Aaron with an irritated face but never mind.

“Emma you came to my home and started asking for help!?”

“After all you have done to me,” Audrey said to Emma.

“Please! he is dying already!” Anna shouted as she was torching Aaron’s heart.

“Audrey am sorry but this is not something about me! this is somebody’s life”

“Just help us I beg of You” Emma pleads.

“Remember what you told me that day? go look for help somewhere else, no help here!” Audrey said and entered her house and she shuts the door.

“Audrey wait! please….!” Emma shouted.

“His heart is beating down slowly… he is not going to survive it….” Anna said with her eyes filled with tears.

…..To Be Continued…..