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The young wife batch 5


The Young wife
Episode 9-10


“No she thought that there was no one in the bathroom that’s y she tried to open the door”, I tried to hide the truth from her again

“Don’t even try that on me,I know wat she wanted and I know how to deal with her”.

“Uhh!😨😨 what can u possibly do?”, I asked in surprise

“U should bring Peter to the house tomorrow but don’t let Natasha see him”.

“Wat is he coming to do here?”

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“To see u of course,he is yo friend and he shud visit u”, she said. “Just do wat I have told u and all will be ok again”, she added and left.
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I was left in shock and didn’t know wat to say or do but I had to give it a try coz she was my only hope left.

The following day,I went to Peter’s place and invited him over.

“But y shud I come and spend a night at yo place? ”

“I also don’t know but dad won’t be around and Mimi told me to invite u over. Am not sure but u might be used as a bet”.

“Are u guys for real? am not like u, if she tries that with me I won’t resist. I will just dig in and take my share”.

“Am sure that is y Mimi suggested u”, I replied as I pulled him out of his house to go to my place.

I didn’t know wat Mimi’s plan was coz she didn’t explain anything to me.

That night as usual, Natasha came to my room only wearing her underwear. It was dark so she couldn’t tell that we were the two of us in the room. I carefully left the bed and slept under the bed.

“Hey handsome, are u ready to give in to my demands now? U know am the only one who can change yo father’s view about u”, she said as she towards the bed.

Peter was quiet and didn’t say a world until she reached the bed and sat next to him.

“Am ready to do wat u want if u tell me why u married dad in the first place”, Peter pretended to be me

“So u have been crying over wat yo dad said? Yo voice even sounds strange but anyway u shouldn’t cry”, she said as she touched Peter’s chest

“What should I have done wen no one believes me? But I also love u,I have just bn shy”.



“I knew u were just afraid of yo dad that is y u resisted me but u shouldn’t worry about anything coz u now have my support”, she said and I could tell that she was high and ready for wat she wanted. I was also worried about Peter coz he could definitely wat he said so I thought that maybe I had to step in but b4 I could do that Mimi came knocking on the door.

Natasha was worried that she might be caught so I came out of the door and opened the door.

“Wow Natasha! U look beautiful wen u are not dressed”, Mimi sarcastically complimented her.

I switched on the lights and Natasha was surprised upon seeing Peter.

“Wat is going on here?”, she asked nervously

“U are going on here madam Natasha. Let’s finish wat u started”, Peter said as he touched her shoulder

“Let me explain this in a more simple manner”, Mimi said as she made her way to my bed and sat on it. “Natasha my girl,yo days in this house are numbered and yo countdown starts now”, she added.

I didn’t know how talkative Mimi was and that shocked me a lot. Her school friends always said she was talkative but at home she was a quite type.

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Natasha was scared and she went straight to her room and locked it.

We all slept peacefully that night but I doubt if Natasha had any sleep.

The following day wen dad came back home, Natasha made sure that he didn’t talk to me or Mimi but Mimi knew how to scare Natasha.

“Dad! Dad!”, Mimi shouted as tho she was in pain

“Baby wat is wrong?” Dad came running to Mimi

“Dad I fell down and it is paining a lot😭😭”, she pretended to cry

Natasha also came running behind dad coz she thot that Mimi wud tell dad everything.

“Dad I want to tell u something”, Mimi started as she looked at Natasha

“Yes love wat is it?”

“Am sure she is just in pain,let me take care of her and check if she is injured”, Natasha interrupted her

“First let yo mum take care of u then we will talk my angel”, dad said

“Don’t worry dad,I think am now fine😃😊”.


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