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Sweet but psycho episode 22


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒

😋 Segment 22 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

The car stopped at the parking lot of a small restaurant, I was pushing my face into the window in excitement and desperation to jump out of the car and get at eating as soon as possible. Edward’s mother found me something “decent” to wear; a plain blue skinny jeans and an oversize white flutter shirt. Trust me, I took a scissors and turned the jeans into a skinny ripped jeans and tied the top tightly until it looked like the one I wore there. Then I wore my cowgirl boots and hat, you should have seen her face when I walked out of one of their bedroom looking s£xy.

‘Come on,’ I urged him impatiently, tugging at his arm so he would open the door. He gave me a new rule, never step out without permission.

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‘Calm down,’ he laughed, opening the door gently, he stepped out first and took my hand. I bounced out of the car with a hyper excitement, rubbing my hands together. ‘If your mouth don’t kill you, food will.’

‘All are mouth related,’ I said gigglingly. I tugged at his to follow me. He nodded at his men who were chuckling at my excitement, right before I whisked him away. We entered the restaurant, me smiling like I was a smile freak and him sighing repeatedly. He wore a blue hoody over a sapphire baseball cap to cover his identity as he said. I pulled him to a table for two and drummed my nails impatiently. A waitress carried herself to us, an obvious plastic smile on her face.

‘Good evening and welcome to Pasta Castle lá Beef Feast…’

‘Huh?’ I asked.

‘We sell more pasta and meat related foods, I don’t know, I’m not the owner so what can I get you? You are welcome to be the first few to try our new spaghetti recipe.’

‘No, we are good. Cookie?’

‘I’ll have three tenderloin steaks with chilli or bearnaise sauce, chateau mashed potatoes, extra cheesy burgers; two to be precise and two apple cheesecake – don’t know if you have those – one blueberry yogurt or any yogurt at all and chocolate mud cakes for dessert. Got that?’ She stared at me with mouth open. ‘Helloooo,’ I snapped my fingers at her face.

She shook her head. ‘Ma’am, are you sure you don’t want something like a garden salad, veggie burger, something lighter?’

‘I’m sorry, are you the one eating it?’

‘I’m sorry, we don’t have apple cheesecake,’

‘Then replace it with a cauldron size ice cream sundae with lot of cherries on top,’ I said with excitement. I looked at Ted and shrugged. He had his palm on his chin as he stared at me with mouth slightly parted. ‘What? I love food.’

‘Sir, will you order anything?’ She asked with shock on her face too. I rolled my eyes and kicked his legs under the table.

‘No way!’ He shouted. ‘You are not eating all those in one sitting.’


‘Make it zero dessert, one chateau mash potato and two tenderloin steaks with just bearnaise sauce.’

‘Why,’ I whined. ‘You promised me dinner,’

‘I promised you dinner, not something that will send you to a mortuary, what the fvck do you take your stomach for? Indestructible!’ He snapped.

‘Are you the owner of the stomach, how is it your business.’ I said with a childish annoyance.

‘Well, not with my money, get a job.’

‘And who told you I am poor,’ I snorted. ‘I have a café…hey! I haven’t checked on my café because of you!’

‘Please, get me what I order,’ Ted sighed. The waitress was shifting her body stylishly, wanting to body flirt with him.

‘Madam, go,’ she eyed me before winking at Ted and then walking away. I chuckled and licked my lips, daring me. I looked at Ted, only to catch him staring at her flat ass. Wow, what an insult. I kicked his leg again, turning his attention to me. ‘You didn’t order for food?’

‘I’m not hungry,’

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‘I don’t most nights, it helps my body lose fatigue.’

‘How does that make any sense?’ I asked sneeringly.

‘It’s my stomach, not yours.’

‘Oh la, he knows that,’ I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. He leaned back on his chair with a drily smile and folded his fingers as he stared at me. I wiggled my brows at him, he rolled his eyes away to a laughing woman. She was laughing unconscious of the things stuck between her teeth, then to another woman and her spouse. He just kept rolling his eyes around, when I got tired of looking and admiring his face, I settled for counting the shoes of everyone I could see.

The waitress came with a waiter and they dropped the trays, I kept my eyes on her. ‘Hey,’ Ted said, giving her a cute smile, I scoffed. She placed a strand of her hair behind her ear shyly. ‘What’s your name beautiful?’

‘Liza,’ she giggled. Two can play at that game. I waved at the waiter walking away, my breathtaking smile on my face. He walked to me, glancing at the waitress giggling and melting to Ted’s flirtatious smile. He wasn’t saying anything, just smiling at her and damn he looked damn s£xy!

‘Can I help you ma’am?’

‘Yes,’ I said loudly, dragging attention to me with my voice. ‘Can I get some pepper?’

‘Is it not to your liking?’ He asked calmly, his cheeks turning red. I’m so grateful for this voice oh Lord, you are amazing.

‘It is but just that…nevermind,’ I sighed, switching to my baby face act and rolling my hair around my nail. ‘Sorry I disturbed you…?’


‘Rex,’ I giggled, intentionally blushing. ‘I haven’t met anyone with that name before,’ I looked up at him and twinkled my lashes. ‘That makes you exceptional, unique.’ I could see people awning silently at my voice, being born with it is a blessing.

‘Well, thank you. May I know the name of the lady with a voice strong enough to melt a demon?’

‘Viona, you can call me Vee,’ he leaned down and smiled brightly.

‘You have a really nice voice, it suits your beautiful face,’

‘I’m not that soft everywhere,’ I said with a wink. He grinned. ‘Are you? You look like a perfect gentleman,’ I purred, making circle at the back of his palm. I glanced at Ted, he was glaring at the guy, the waitress far forgotten.

‘Like my mama would always say, you can’t be the judge of yourself, someone has to be the one to judge you. If you really wanna know if I’m a gentleman, I guess you will have to be the judge of that by finding out…’ He slipped a card into my hand, I smirked at him.

‘So, I’m not sitting here,’ Ted said with a ironic smile. The look on his face made me pat myself on the back. ‘I had a dog once , his name was Rex and he tried to steal my food, I shot him in the head.’ Rex got the message and quickly stood up, he didn’t fail to wink at me before he scurried away. I picked up my fork, flung the card away and took a huge chunk of my chateau mash potato.

‘Mm, yummy…’

‘And what was that for!’ He snapped. ‘You were flirting with a common waiter right at my face!’ I swallowed my food calmly and smirked.

‘What were you doing with the girl?’ He opened his mouth to talk but shut it back. ‘There, we are even.’

‘No, we are not. Don’t ever flirt with any man or I will shoot them,’ he whispered.

‘As my what, possessive boyfriend or overprotective father,’ I scoffed.

‘As the owner of your body.’

‘Nobody owns me, you hear that? I will flirt with whoever I want and I don’t care if you kill them, that’s your own problem.’ I huffed and focused on my food, eating with feign anger while he just resigned to his phone. I soon got drown in the pleasure of my food, eating like nothing else matters.

‘Yolanda is asking after you,’ I ignored him and continued eating with eyes closed. ‘Cookie, I’m talking to you,’ I continued ignoring him. ‘Cookie!’

‘What?’ I snapped back.

‘Can we not fight?’

‘Can you eat with me? If you want us to talk, eat with me.’

‘I don’t want to eat,’

‘Then leave me alone,’ I groaned and looked at my food. I was done with the mash potato and one steak.

‘Okay, I’ll eat, just don’t give me the cold shoulders.’

I grinned and looked up at him. ‘That’s my boy,’ he rolled his eyes. ‘Let me feed you baby,’

‘Limit cookie, we talked about limits.’

‘Do you want me to pout? You know I’m very good at that,’

‘And you know it doesn’t work on me.’ He said as a matter-of- fact. I tapped my foot, that’s true.

‘Then I will give you my classic puppy face mixed with baby pout and kitten eyes, you can’t resist that.’ Oh God, please don’t make him resist it or I’m finish.

‘You have done it before,’

‘Solo faces, not together, see…?’ I closed my eyes, pouted and opened my eyes, given him my super irresistible combo. I stood in front of my mirror and Ursula, practicing the combo for over a year, just for emergencies and my future husband.

Don’t resist

Don’t resist

Don’t resist

‘Fine,’ he spluttered out.

‘Victory!’ I exclaimed, fist bumping the air. ‘You didn’t resist it!’

‘Don’t push your luck,’ I nodded and pinned my lips.

‘Quick question, please be honest?’


‘Have any girl ever fed you before?’

‘Why will anyone do that, do I look like a fvcking toddler to you.’ He scoffed.

‘Eek!’ I squealed with excitement. ‘I’m your first, I feel special!’ He rolled his eyes and shifted closer to me so I could feed him while he continued with his phone. I fed him and myself in silent, I hate the silent. My foot tapped impatiently, my mouth itching me to say something witty to annoy him.

Cookie, shut up.

Cookie, shut up.

Cookie, shut up.

Don’t talk.

Don’t talk.

Don’t talk!

I heard my breath and bit my lip, I can do this, I can do this…I can’t do this! I have to talk! ‘So, Coco, right?’ He rolled his eyes, ignoring me. Okay Cookie, that’s a sign from heaven to be silent. ‘I just thought about it, you are the coco to my cookie,’ he raised his eyes from his phone and glared at me. ‘What about the cocoa that flavors my cookie? Nothing?’

‘The bullet that ends your cookie…’

‘Bah!’ I exclaimed, waving my fork dismissively. ‘Bullets have nothing to do with cookies, you should have used the oven that burns your cookies, not mine.’

‘We agreed we won’t fight,’ he reminded me. I nodded and focused on clearing my meal with his assistant. When we cleared the food, he took my yogurt and drank half of it before sliding it over to me. ‘Are you ready to leave or do you want to rest first?’

‘Rest,’ I said, fighting with my mouth. I need a phone, to distract me. ‘Can I play games with your phone?’

‘No.’ he deadpanned. What a rude man! And here I was thinking I should shut up.

‘Coco,’ I smirked.

‘Please don’t call me that,’

‘I wuv you Coco,’

‘Shut up,’ he sighed, sinking Into his seat. He was really trying to ignore me, to ignore a fight. ‘Call me Coco and I will call you pvssy,’ I cringed. ‘You don’t like it right, then stop calling me that horrible name. If Carlos and Yolanda finds out my original middle name is that shit, my life is ruined.’ He said distraughtly. I don’t want him to call me pvssy, it can do things to me.

‘Hmm,’ I hummed, thoughtfully tapping my chin.

‘I can barely survive with them knowing my first name is Teddison, not Ame. If they find out Coco is my original middle name, I will never live to tell the story. How would people fear me if my names are so adorable? How would I be intimidating Ame Greg Allen if my names are of that of toy and food…’ He lamented pathetically. ‘Please, I’m begging you, shut your fvcking trap of a mouth.’

‘Wow,’ I said, leaning on my palms. ‘I made the great Allen beg, what is my reward?’

‘Cookie,’ he whined. ‘I’m being serious here.’

‘Fine fine fine,’ I said raising my hands up in surrender.

‘Where’s the but…?’ He asked with a girlish voice, enunciating the “but.”

‘What but?’ I asked feigning ignorance.

‘There’s always a “if” and “but” with you, so where’s it at?’

‘Will you go bowling with me?’ I asked sharply with a childish excitement,,.almost flying out of my seat. ‘We can also go ice skating, dancing at a club, golfing, site seeing…ooh! Karaoke! Yolanda can come with us…’ I stopped my excited rambling with the plain look on his face. ‘What?’

‘I’m a busy man Cookie, both as a business tycoon on the outside and a mafia on the inside.’ He said softly, in a way only I could hear him. We have…he have been talking in a whisper since. Why? All eyes…most eyes were still on the cute girl with the adorable voice.

‘Listen here Coco…’ He winced. ‘If I’m going to shut up, then you just gotta do what I say, that’s the deal.’

He exhaled through his mouth. ‘What about if I take you out whenever I have an important function to attend? That’s the best I’ve got.’

‘What about my needs? Like me not wanting to be seen in public for my own reasons or me wanting to play,’ I whined, stomping my foot.

‘For God sake Cookie!’ He exclaimed, finally breaking. ‘A whole me is in a fvcked up restaurant with your fvcking self making a bargain when I can easily just cut off your tongue or kill you!’ We were the cynosure of all eyes. I picked up my yogurt and took a long loud slurp with innocent twinkles of my eyes. ‘Don’t mess with me here! I’ve been trying to play the calm one but you are bent on frustrating me! Do you think it’s easy for me to condescend to such level and chat nicely!’

‘You forgot to mention your names,’ he banged his head on the table with frustration. I reached forward and patted his shoulder. ‘There there Coco, I feel your paAAH!’ I screamed when he suddenly sprang forward to strangle me. His hands froze inches from my neck, his teeth sunk into his lip. ‘It’s a sin to strangle people Coco, a big one. If you want to kill someone very badly, use a frying pan.’ He fell back on his chair and face palmed himself.

‘I hate you.’

‘I wuv you the Coco of my life,’ I sang. He dropped his hands, his eyes were red with anger, a creepy menacing smile on his face.

‘You little annoying pvssy,’ I smirked at him and shrugged.

‘A delicious one men crave for,’ he cursed under his breath knowing that won’t hold me.

‘Why do you easily adapt to things! How am I going to get under your skin without yelling and behaving like a mad man!’ He yelled again. I slurped my drink through my straw again and nodded proudly with a wide hilarious smile.

‘I’m insufferable, I love me so much for being me.’

‘Twitchet,’ he spat.

‘Is that suppose to annoy me? Come on Coco, you can do better than that. Even men with balls have much more better combat,’ that did it. His eye, lip and ear twitched as he stared at me murderously. I indirectly called the dude impotent. I slowly slides to my feet and dropped my half finished drink. ‘Pay the bills and if you want to explode, do it outside, people here will die. Also, Coco, have anyone ever told you your face resembles a cow’s [email protected]?’ He sneered as steam came out of his nostrils and ears. ‘Well, I just thought you should know, byeeeeeee.’ I sprinted out, too far, too far!

‘Cookie!!!’ I heard him thunder from inside. I walked run to Sylvester, one of the men.

‘Oh Cookie,’ he said dreadfully. ‘What did you do?’ I grinned and swayed on my heels.

‘Cookie, better start running!’ Lance, another man shouted and that was what I did. I dashed out of the restaurant, running as fast as my legs could carry me.

‘Cookie!!!’ I heard him shout again when I was far away from the restaurant. Adrenaline pumped by fear kicked in and made my feet run so fast I felt like I was flying on air.

Tut tut tut, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, you had to do it, didn’t you? My subconscious said with a disappointed click of her “tongue.”

Whaaaat, I’m a parrot.

And what did they say kill a parrot faster than hunger?

It’s not called a parrot for nothing, it lives for talking so talk it must. If I don’t talk, then what am I a parrot for? I just gotta talk you know.

Talking is different from annoying! Can’t you be normal!’

Define normal?

You getting killed because you couldn’t control your mouth.

He loves me, he’s the flavor of my cookie, he will never hurt me.

Oh really? Then why are you running?

I’m making sure that theory is hundred percent, you know, for safety reasons.

You know, we are crazy but you are a psycho.

We are the same, we are both insane.

So says the girl arguing with her subconscious.

‘Lollipop!’ I screamed as I was suddenly slammed against a wall in the alley. My hands were instantly caged above my head and his other hand imprisoned my neck. Hey! My ribcage is heal! Wow, he’s s£xy. ‘Take it easy Coco, gently gently will ya…’ Oh, now I get it, I am annoying!

‘Where do you think you are running to?’ He snarled viciously, I couldn’t see him well due to the darkness but I could literally smell his anger. ‘You love daring me, don’t you kitty?’ He tightened his grip around my neck.

‘Depends, have anyone ever said “hey Coco, you look s£xy when angry, you should get angry more often”? Well, if they haven’t, then don’t mind if I do.’ I said buoyantly, shoving down the urge to w€t myself from his terrifying voice.


‘Dip in a hot cocoa,’ I sang and winked at him even though I doubt he could see it. He roared and raised his fisted hand around my neck to punch the daylight out of me. ‘I’m dead!’ I shouted, he punched the wall instead, it crack immediately. My heart was thumping terribly, come on Cookie, trade with caution. Seal your lips Cookie, shut your mouth up!

‘I will kill you if you say one more…’

‘Word? Don’t worry Coco, I won’t.’


His hand moved up to slap me but I instinctively screamed like something bit me. He let go of my hands, granting me access to throw my hands over his shoulders and latched my lips on his.

Hold on, hold on, hold fvcking on! I said seal your lips and you kiss him? Cookie, just tell me, be honest with me, who took your brain?

I ignored the voice in my head and nibbled on his lips, he had stiffen in shock. I daintily ran my fingers along the nape of his neck and Into his hair, massaging his scalp. He responded to the kiss, m0aning into my mouth as he grazed his tongue on my lips before sliding inside to lock with mine. The kiss was unintentional but it slowly turned into a passionate kiss. The kiss was slow and steady, in a very…very…very…whatchamacallit…lightning slapping way. Current and undescribable tingles ran through my veins, along my spine and whirl in my belly. His lips were like flaming honey; hot delicious honey. Even though I could still taste the food we ate earlier, my tongue didn’t fail to detect the honey hidden within and that was setting my core on fire.

He slammed my back against the wall again, a loud m0an leaving our mouths. His hand gripped my thigh as the kiss became more intense and needy, very needy. He pushed me deeper into the wall, pressing his hardness against my lower region. I m0aned louder, his finger teased my core through my jeans, rubbing against it and setting my arousal higher. His hands turned to fire on my skin, jolting more desires to life.

Oh Cookie, my subconscious called in a singsong. Where is your pride?

Buried in the sea of pleasure.

Get it back!

I gave his lips one last suck before breaking the kiss and panting for breath. He grunted with unsatisfaction and sent his flaming lips down my neck, wiping away the caution my mind was giving me. His hand went into my shirt, cupping my b00b while the other hastening unbutton my jean.

Cookie, where are you? My subconscious called out in a singsong.

I sighed and drummed my fingers mentally, oh well. ‘Coco, please cut it out,’ I whispered weakly.

Louder Cookie!

I’m trying!

‘Coco!!!!’ I shouted, making him flinch away from me. He grunted.

‘What?’ He snapped.

‘We are in the middle of an alley,’

‘Well you should have thought about that before kissing me.’ He snapped again, his want spilling out of his tone.

‘You were so mad, it was the only thing I could think of.’

‘Have you tried apologizing or just keeping your lips shut?’

‘Have you ever thought about attending anger management classes? You need it dude.’ Seriously Cookie? After calming him down you are angering him again!

‘I think ignoring you will save us both,’ he pushed me to the wall again. ‘There’s no one in the alley, let’s do this quick, it won’t take time.’ He said like a desperate horny boy.

‘As much as I want to tease you for wanting me, I won’t do that because I’m not an alley whore, fvck me somewhere else in the next twenty years.’ He rolled his eyes.

‘I forgot you are useless,’ he began walking away. ‘If you like, stay here.’

‘Coco, I want yogurt.’

‘Stop calling me that,’ he said warningly. I laughed and skipped behind him.

‘Ice cold Coco
Never did I meet a
Guy that so cruel
I offered him my jewel
But he left me stuck
Stranded in alley
What a shunning thing
To do to Cookie
Me, that’s Cookie Aileen Carlisle

Poor poor Cookie
Just wanna drink smoothie
Coco won’t you find it in your heart
To buy it for her

How could one man be
Ice cold Coco
Won’t you be sweeter to me…e…e…e…’ I clapped for myself. ‘Thank you thank you, one more!’ I squealed, shifting to a hop as I swayed my hips..
‘Coco di di ya ya
Mm mm mm mm
Coco di di ya ya
Oh oh oh oh
Coco di di ya ya
Add milk and little salt
Then stir…
Coco di di ya ya
Oh oh oh oh
Coco di di ya ya
Shake em if you wanna drink
Oh, Coco di…’

‘Cookie!!!’ He thundered furiously turning around to face me. ‘One more word again and…’

‘Di di ya ya.’ I completed swaying my hips. He growled animalistically. Well ladies and gentlemen, here we go again.

To be continued.

😂 Coco di di ya ya 😂

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