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Written by HeNrY KaLu.
So it happened when I was at my friend’s house, his name is Akpan; I was there with my friends, Ubong and Dave.
So I’m at Akpan’s house, we’re just about to sleep so we get in bed. You know how it works; now we started talking… and we did.
“Are any of you guys tired yet?” asked Akpan. We all replied with a no.
“Let’s play truth or dare” Akpan suggested.
“Eww that’s gay, we’re all guys.” Dave replied
“Sure, yeah why not.” Ubong butted in.
We all gather in a small circle in the middle of the bed.
“Ok, you first” Ubong said to Akpan.
Akpan replied with an Ok, and asked truth or dare to Ubong who was now sitting next to him.
“Do you masturbate and if you do how often?”
“Around twice a day.” As the words escaped his mouth I was starting to fantasize him holding his cock, rubbing it.
“Ok Dave truth or dare?” Ubong asked
“…I dare you to…. take your pants of for the rest of the game!” Ubong seemed enthusiastic to see what he was asking for.
“Come on.” Dave complained.
“Come on I did mine.” Ubong urged.
Dave did as he was told. He stood up and unbuttoned his trousers, revealing his colourful BYC underwear. He carried on stripping, pulling his jeans off his legs. After he sat back down and I could see the little bump where his soft penis would be and just before he sat down he put his jeans behind him and I got a chance to see his round bubble butt.
“Truth or dare?” Dave asked Akpan.
“Lick Ubong’s belly button and suck on his nipples.”
“You’re so nasty Dave!” Saying that, he went to work.
Ubong pulled his shirt up above his chest. Akpan started getting on his knees and played with Ubong’s hard nipples; he lowered his face towards it and licked. He started sucking and Ubong dangled his head back and closing his eyes. Akpan would circle Ubong’s nipples with his tongue and then kiss it, with a slight suck. When Akpan moved to the belly button; I swear Ubong had a hard on. I was starting to get excited for what was going to happen.
Akpan had finished his dare and sat back in his original spot and licked his wet lips. Ubong released a breath and dropped his shirt back down. He had little wet spots on his shirt where his nipples were, from all of Akpan’s licking and tonguing. Next was Ubong, he chose dare.
“Ubong, I dare you to get in a doggy style with Dave and dry hump his ass for 30 seconds, and you both have to moan!”
“Nawa for you o.” Dave complained. Ubong shifted towards Dave who was sitting on the other side of the circle. Dave got on all fours and I got a perfect view of his butt. Dave might have complained but I saw a slight smirk building on his face and could sense how turned on he was. Ubong clutched his partner’s hips and said…
“Someone time this.”
“And…. Go.” Akpan announced, glancing at his watch.
Ubong thrusted his hips towards Dave’s and they both started moaning.
“Ah yeah Ubong f**k me….”
“Mmm.. Ah that feels good.”
“Ah yeah, ah yeah ah ah ah ah mmm”.
Ubong lowered his torso towards Dave’s back and wrapped his arms around his consort’s chest. He carried on humping him while both were groaning heavily and creating a slapping sound from their bodies hitting against each other.
“And… Stop.” The two broke their position. They had gotten more carried away than Akpan had expected, but were both trying to hide the fact that they did enjoy it so as not look gay. There was an awkward silence for a moment.
“Ok it’s my turn to ask.” Ubong settled
“Akpan truth or dare?”
“I dare you to get on all fours and show us your butt, and spread your ass cheeks so we can see your hole”
“I hate you guys!” he muttered in a subtle joking fashion.
He stood and pulled of his shorts, revealing his boxer briefs. He had slim legs but a round bubble butt; he rotated so we could see his ass. He slowly slid his underwear down below his buttocks.
“I have to spread my butt cheeks too?”
“Come on.” Ubong said in a teasing tone.
Akpan brought his hands to his beautiful perfectly rounded butt cheeks, clutched them and slipped them to the side unmasking a hairless pink hole, begging to be penetrated.
“That’s good enough?” He asked. He quickly picked at his boxer briefs and pulled them up then sat back without his trousers. I saw, behind his hands a bulge, he had a boner.
“Truth or Dare Dave?” Akpan asked. Dave shortly replied by a simple, dare.
“I dare you to jerk off for 30 seconds.”
“For 30 seconds?” On that note he went to work. He ripped his underwear off to unleash his uncut 16cm cock that flew up in the air the moment it left his body. He had a sexy grin and a teasing manner. He grabbed his cock in his right hand and started pumping; he was slowly moving his fist up and down in a flowing way and gradually he started flapping stronger and stronger. Unfortunately the 30 seconds was up before we got to watch him cum, after the dare ended he still carried on massaging his dick.
“Ok from now on, we only do dares” Everyone agreed
“Akpan I dare you to do ass to mouth to Ubong.”
“Oh god…” Akpan mumbled.
Sitting down, Ubong slowly unzipped his shorts and pulled them off, together with his boxers. I could peak at his gorgeous flaccid penis of at least 12cm. He bent over and laid his head on the floor as he stood his hips high at an angle at which we could all stare at his man hole…
Sitting down, Ubong slowly unzipped his shorts and pulled them off, together with his boxers. I could peak at his gorgeous flaccid penis of at least 12cm. He bent over and laid his head on the floor as he stood his hips high at an angle at which we could all stare at his man hole.
“How long should I lick it for?” Akpan asked Dave.
“Until Ubong says you can stop.”
“You’re my tongue fucking slave!!” Ubong said in a seductive tone.
Akpan lowered his mouth and spread the hole with his thumbs. He started licking Ubong’s ass crack, treasuring each one. Then with the tip of his tongue, circled the hole. Slowly and gradually he picked at it harder and harder.
“Ahhhhh……mmmmmh” Ubong groaned continually.
He spit on Ubong’s asshole and then Akpan finally stuck the first few centimetres of his tongue in Ubong’s manhole, he recurrently pushed it further and further, in and out. Akpan unexpectedly started fingering Ubong as well with his middle finger from below and continued tongue fucking him from above his hand.
“Ah yeah…. Keep doing that shit… mmmh…. Ah yeah that feels good, right right there.” Akpan stuck a second finger and then a third and finger fucked him hard.
In a higher tone Ubong shouting “Ah Ah Aaaah” He rapidly turned his rock hard penis at Akpan’s face and unloaded all his white juice on Akpan’s face. Akpan opened his mouth and caught all the cum he could get. He had covered Akpan’s whole face with his cum, Ubong sighed.
“Did you just cum on my face.”
“My bad.”
“It’s ok, it tasted good.”
“Well someone’s got to clean that up. Dave clean up Akpan’s face”
“Dude why me?!”
“I dare you”
He reluctantly caressed Akpan’s head and gave him a wet kiss, Dave and Akpan were having an intimate make out session, flicking their tongues, kissing their lips. After a minute Dave pulled out of the kiss and started licking all across Akpan’s face, kissing as he went along. Then they reconnected having a cum swap, their lips would scrap against each other, their tongue glide in the others mouths.
“Ahhh… That tasted good.” Dave exhaled.
Ubong was jerking off to this and Dave was rock hard, the only one still in his boxers was Akpan and our job was to get them off…
“Well Ubong it seem you enjoyed that.” Akpan laughed
“Which one, the fingering or the jerking off?”
“Yeah you felt so good inside of my ass…”
“OK. Who’s turn is it to ask now?” questioned Akpan.
“It’s mine.” Dave said
“Ubong, I dare you to get in a 69 position with Akpan.” Demanded Dave.
Akpan slowly pushed his underwear down and off his feet. Underneath, he had been hiding an enormous dick probably 20cm long. And… it was rock hard. Akpan started off by just casually rubbing his penis while my eyes were glued onto his body. Ubong lay in the middle on his back, waiting for his partner to approach him. Akpan lifted his leg above and across Ubong’s head so then he had Ubong’s head in-between his legs, right under his cock. Meanwhile Akpan was face to face with Ubong’s cock. Ubong grabbed Akpan’s ass cheeks and announced…
“Here we go”
And stuffed his face with Akpan’s cock. He downed it in one gulp and was deep throating like crazy. He started bobbing his head and Akpan was moaning.
“Ah Oh yeah”
Akpan reached out for Ubong’s cock shivering from the euphoria he was feeling, having his dick in Ubong’s mouth. He encompassed the head of Ubong’ s penis with his tongue and teased him a little. Then popped the head in and popped it right back out and flicked at his piss hole with the tip of his tongue. He then felt courageous and went all the way to the base of his cock and gagged but stayed there for a few seconds and pulled back out. He licked the length of his cock and then moaned:
“Mmmmh Ubong…. rim my ass as well…”
Ubong did as he was told and twisted Akpan’s hip up. He grabbed his ass cheeks and spread, spit and fingered. He stuck his middle and ring finger in his ass
“Aaaw… Ubong please… aah it hurts but feels so good”
Ubong pulled his fingers out and seductively licked them, looking straight towards Dave.
“Mmmh Ubong you’re so gay” said Dave
“Not like you aren’t enjoying watching!” smirked Ubong.
Dave walked up to the duo and went on all fours with his ass in Ubong’s face. Dave stuck his hard cock into Akpan’s gaping ass facing the opposite direction as him while pushing his hole into Ubong’s face for him to rim. Ubong grabbed his cheeks and thrusted his whole tongue in his asshole out of surprise Ubong suddenly jutted his member straight into Akpan’s ass with him in pain he accidentally bit Ubong’s cock a little.
“AAAhh daem Dave my ass is gonna rip!!”
They were thoroughly enjoying this… Akpan too muffled his own screams shoved Ubong’s cock deeper into his throat just tipping Ubong to the other side making him spur his love juice into his mouth and throat. Akpan conserved as much cum in his mouth but it just kept pouring out of the side of his mouth. Ubong stood up softly rubbing his softer cock. Dave turned around and got in a missionary position with Akpan. They then started sharing Ubong’s cum and fighting over it passionately kissing with cum dripping and spilling onto Akpan’s face.
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