Under Attack

Under Attack – Episode 15


Under Attack – Episode 15

© Brian Ngoma

K.B and the Explosions Aftermath

Smoke everywhere, everyone on the 1st floor was down on their knees after the explosion. They were so confused as to what had just happened downstairs. First thing they ran away from gunshots and the next, there was a loud explosion from underneath. The whole floor was dark. They could only saw lights from outside. They needed to go outside because the fire was spreading everywhere.

“Old man!” The fluffy one shouted as he tried to find a way through the people. “As anyone seen Dominick?”

No one answered him as they were trying to find each other. He could feel the heat from below and knew there was fire downstairs. He removed a Torchlight he had gotten in the firearms department.

“Everybody!” He shouted. “Let’s all go up to the 3rd floor!”

“But isn’t that too dangerous?” Calvin shouted and coughed.

“We’ll die from the smoke here!” An officer yelled.

“Follow me!” The fluffy one said as he sprinted to the stairs.

“Where is Samana?” His mother asked.

“And Natasha?” Calvin asked.

They all tried to look around but couldn’t see the two. Samana’s mother wanted to go downstairs but the fluffy one stopped her. He volunteered to go and check on him. He left the people with the officer who led them upstairs. Calvin followed the fluffy one against his mothers wishes but the boy was stubborn.

Calvin and the fluffy one sprinted and before they could reach the ground floor, they found Samana laying on Natasha and both were unconscious. The fluffy one asked Calvin if they were the ones and he agreed. He knelt before them and dragged Samana from Natasha. Samana was shot and bleeding heavily.

“He’s shot!” Calvin screamed.

“How?” The fluffy one asked whilst checking on the boy.

Calvin was checking on Natasha. “It must have been that time we were running away from the gunshots to upstairs. I didn’t even think of her as i ran. He protected her.”

Natasha coughed.

“She’s awake,” Calvin told the fluffy one.

“This one is pretty banged up,” the fluffy one said. “If he won’t be attended to, he will die.”

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A gunshot blasted through the stairs.

“What the hell?” The fluffy one shouted as he put Samana on his shoulders.

“Let’s get out of here. Carry her.”

The two ran up carrying the two unconscious wounded teens.


“It’s over!” K.B shouted. “Give up now!”

“It’s not over till i say it is!” The man in charge hid behind a wall as he fired a bullet at K.B.

K.B stood his ground firmly holding the handgun in his hands. The room was lighten up with the spreading fire. It was very hot. K.B couldn’t see Emma nor Dominick ever since the bombs went off. He had found himself by the far end. The reception desk was no longer there. It had moved. All he could

see from afar were pieces of body parts. He only prayed they were that of the captors he had shot at.

“Emma!” He shouted.

There was nothing.


Nothing too.

A bullet whizzed past him.

“It’s just you and me old man,” the man in charge shouted. “Everyone is dead!”

He took a deep breath in and listened. The man in charge kept talking and shouting. K.B knelt and peeped. He saw the man in charges leg. He raised his handgun and pointed and shot.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The man in charge wailed.

K.B wanted to shoot again but ran out of bullets. “Damn!”

“K.B!” Emma shouted from the desk. “I’m hurt.”

K.B wanted to ran to Emma when he was hit with the barrel of the gun on the face he blacked out.

Boss are you alright?” Nick shouted. “We have to get out of here!” This place will go down.

“The bas***d shot me!” The man in charge shouted. “Where the hell have you been?”

“This white man beat us up and left us upstairs. We managed to break free.”

The other two men walked to the man in charge and helped him up. They carried him and walked to where Nick was standing.

“How are we getting out?” Nick asked.

“Same old plan, the garage,” the man in charge answered.

“This place is surrounded boss,” the other man said.

“And it’s on fire, let’s get out of here. Take this one with us,” he pointed at the unconscious K.B. He has to pay for the explosions aftermath. He took out my men with a single bullet and blew them up into pieces.”

“But boss!”

“I have unfinished business with him!”

Nick carried K.B on his shoulder and they all left walking to the backdoor.

“K.B!” Emma shouted again whilst trying to push the desk on her.

It was too heavy. The fire was within her reach. If she couldn’t do anything as fast

as possible, she was going to be toast. She tried again but was too weak to push it off. From a distance, she saw Dominick laying with his face on the floor and fire catching his clothes.

“Hey Dominick!” She shouted. “Wake up man!”

Dominick wasn’t moving.

Emma started crying. If this is how she was going to die, then this would the painful and distraught death ever. She tried to push it again but failed. She tried to move her legs but she couldn’t feel them. Fear creeped in. She started panicking.

“Oh no!” She cried. “Dominick!”

Dominick’s hand was now on fire. She saw him shaking and heard his grunts. He quickly jumped to his feet screaming and put off the fire but it was too late, his hand was burnt up. Confused and only seeing fire and smoke, he heard cries. He followed the cries and found Emma stuck under the desk. He pulled it and dragged it out of her. He tried to get her up but she couldn’t.

“I can’t feel my legs,” she cried.

He looked at her legs. They seemed paralyzed. “Let me carry you.”

He carried her and ran to the stairs. The entrance was engulfed in fire. There was no way he could go there and the path the man in charge and his men had escaped from was also on fire now. He got on the 1st floor but the heat was too much. He ran up to the 3rd floor and found everyone there. They were all in fear.

As soon as the fluffy one saw him, he ran to him and helped him with Emma. Christina joined them too.

“Where is Nana?” Emma managed to ask.

“She’s with her mother,” Christina pointed at her.

Nana’s mother came forward. “Thank you.”

Emma smiled. “They took K.B,” she said. “Go help him,” she looked at Dominick.

“We have a hurt teenager,” Christina said looking at Samana who was surrounded by his crying mother, Natasha and Calvin.

“We have to get out of here,” Dominick said as he entered one of the offices and went directly to the Windows.

Whilst there, he saw a fireman breaking the window. He was standing on a ladder. “Are you the only one on this floor?”

“No!” Dominick answered. “We are many and some are hurt and require immediate attention.”

The fireman entered the room. Another fireman followed until they were now five.

“Are you an officer?” One fireman asked Dominick.

“Detective,” he answered as he helped them with hurrying people to get to the ladder.

They had put up three ladders.

“Easy Easy!” The firemen told the people.

“What Happened to the white man Dominick?” Christina asked Dominick.

“All i remember is him blowing up the whole joint,” Dominick answered.

“He did this?”

“Yes. He wanted to kill them all.”

“Damn, that old man,” she gritted her teeth. “Wasn’t that one of his suicide attempts. I heard he tried to kill himself this morning.”

“You’re next!” A fireman interrupted Christina.

“Go Go,” Dominick told her as he followed behind.

“Is this everyone?” The fireman looked at Dominick.

Dominick hesitated. “I think this is it yes.”

“Then let’s go.”

Dominick was led to the window and helped through the ladder till they got to the ground. Now they could see HQ burning up while firemen were trying to put out the fire but it kept spreading going up to the above floors. The reporters were everywhere trying to interview the hostages but were not allowed.

Looking around, Dominick saw everyone being attended to. Christina and the fluffy one were being asked some questions. Emma together with Samana were being put in the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

“Dominick!” Emma called him.

He went to her. “You’re going to be fine,” he said trying to comfort her.

“It’s K.B I’m worried about,” she said.

“We have a situation!” Officers shouted.

Dominick looked around. “What’s happening?”

“A car has just broken out of HQs garage. We think they are the suspects!”

“They have K.B!” Emma said holding Dominick’s hand. “Go help him. He saved us.”

Every officer was gearing themselves up. They were all rushing to the police cars. Dominick ran to the car which was just starting. He stood in front of it. The car stopped and he walked round it and opened the door.

“Hey old man!” The fluffy one shouted as he ran to the car. Behind him trailing was Christina.

“What are you doing?” Dominick asked.

“I brought you back your gun,” the fluffy one handed Dominick the gun.

“Be careful,” Christina said as she held his hand. “Bring back the white man.”

“I’ll try.”

The car sped off as Christina and the fluffy one stood watching all the police cars leaving the premises. They turned around to face the frontal of HQ or what was remaining of it.

To be continued

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