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Under Attack – Episode 4


Under Attack – Episode 4
© Brian Ngoma
K.B and the two girls
“I don’t follow anyone’s orders,” Christina told the man in charge.
“Or you meant to say you don’t work for free?” He scolded her looking back at his men.
Christine rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue.
“Someone untie her,” he gave orders to the other men.
She was quickly untied

and got to her feet. The sobbing girl was still sobbing. She was looking at the two unconscious boys on the floor. Calvins nose was bleeding while Sanama looked alright but he was also passed out. The man in charge nodded his head and called Christina to walk to him.
“So you don’t follow orders?” He asked her as she walked to him.
She didn’t respond but walked in a way that exhibited majesty. All the men couldn’t help it but drool at this fine young starlet.
The man in charge noticed the effect she had on everyone. Shortly after she got to where he stood, he briskly grabbed her arm and pulled her away further from everyone. “Neither do i. I like making my own rules. I hate the way society is functioning. The system is broken.”
“And you want to fix it?” Christina sarcastically asked.
The man in charge looked at her and grinned. “Of course. An officer said you’re a prostitute, why?” He asked her as he led her to the elevator. Before she could answer him, he shouted to his men. “Has the child been found?”
One of them answered, “Renard is not back yet boss.”
Ignoring him, he turned his attention back to Christina. “So Christina, why?” With his right hand on her right shoulder, he probed.
“Isn’t it self explanatory?” She glared at him.
“A coin has two sides, heads or tails. What are you in this story?”
She cleared her throat. “He lied to me. He told me he was not married, men,” she gritted her teeth like an annoyed hamster. “Tails i guess.”
“Typical men, i hate that sh*t.”
“You’re different?” She scolded him.
“It would be rather stupid if i considered myself a man or a woman. I’m one whose purpose is to right the wrongs of society. Putting everything as it was meant to be.”
Christina wasn’t understanding what the man in charge was saying but she played along. “Society needs fixing but people are always scared to do anything.”
“Exactly, like in your case.”
Her eyes widened. “My case?”
“The woman caught you with her husband. What did she do? She called you a prostitute instead of putting the blame on the man who lied to you. As we are here, she’s probably in bed with him and lavishing the bas***d. You’re just a victim like everyone else. People

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like her in society need to be eradicated. Everything changes now, this is the new dawn, we are fixing society.”
He’s evil mindlessly crazy, Christina thought to herself. Everything that came out of his mouth was delusional but he seemed convinced. They reached the elevator doors and stood.
“Now listen to me very carefully,” he held her shoulders. “What I’m about to you will determine whether you will live or die. It’s up to you Christina.”
The easiness at which those words came out of his mouth made her tremble. Directly looking into his eyes, she gulped fearing for her

life. She figured she had no option but do what he was requesting her to, listen closely and attentively.
The door to the roof squealed as it was pushed. K.B was hiding behind a corner. Emma was with Nana on the other side hiding aswel. With the pipe in his hand, K.B saw a tall well built man with a gun exiting the building and getting onto the roof. The man stopped and looked around. He then stepped towards the chair on the floor. He knelt before it and looked around even more. He walked to the edge of the building. K.B changed positions and hid on the other pillar.
After looking around and satisfied there was no one, the man turned around and started walking to the entrance. Before he could reach, Nana let out a cry. The man turned around and pointed his gun towards the direction of the cry. He started walking back fast. He was heading towards where Emma and Nana were hiding.
It’s now or never, K.B thought as he despised himself even more. He wouldn’t even be here. Why didn’t he just let go and fell? He wouldn’t have been in trouble trying to save two people he didn’t even know; the two girls.
As the man almost reached where Nana and Emma were, K.B jumped out of hiding and hit the gun in the mans hands it fell to the floor. He quickly kicked it, it fell off the roof.
Angrily looking at K.B, the man tried to grab the pipe from him but K.B swiftly moved away and used the pipe on the man and put it around his neck strangling him. The man was surprised with the swiftness, power and grip coming from an old man. They went down on

the floor together with K.B tightly pressing the pipe against the mans throat. It didn’t even take time and the man was unconscious.
Emma and Nana came out of hiding with Emma closing Nanas eyes. She watched K.B as he let go of the man and stood up. He seemed tired and was breathing heavily. She didn’t want to ask him any question.
“We have to get out of here. This man was looking for Nana. When they notice he’s gone, they will probably start looking for him.”
K.B said nothing but checked the man. He had nothing on him but on his shirt was something written; Three bold triple ‘S”. He had seen that before. His mind failed him to remember. He grabbed the pipe and walked to his bag and picked it up. He walked to the entrance, looked back and saw Emma and Nana right behind him. He checked the stairs, told Emma to pass and ensure he locked the door.
They slowly went downstairs. It was filled with silence. The corridor was awfully quiet. He could only hear indistinct echoes from downstairs.
“Where are we going?” Emma whispered.
K.B only kept walking. He walked to his office. When they reached, they entered and closed the door. Emma put Nana on the floor. K.B sat in his chair. Whilst looking at the roofings, he felt Nana resting her head on his legs.
“She likes you,” Emma said. “Who is she?”
“Shikulu,” Nana said pointing at K.B
K.B sighed and looked away. He carefully pushed Nana away from him. Emma picked her up and put her on the table. She was now staring at K.B and he he was looking away.
“I want mommy,” Nana cried. “Take me to mommy shikulu.”
Emma looked at K.B. “How are we getting out of this? Who are these people?”
Realizing she was asking a tree, she stepped back and started looking around the office. She then remembered that her things were in this office. She quickly walked round K.B and pushed him. She knelt and grabbed her handbag.
“My phone,” she exclaimed. “Oh No, there is no network. What’s happening?” Her shoulders sagged in frustration.
K.B’s phone rang again. He acted like he didn’t hear it. Emma walked to him and told him that the phone was making noise it would endanger them. He reached for his pocket and got it out. It was Bella again. He watched it ring and it cut.
“Why aren’t you answering?” Emma asked. “That could be our help.”
If only she knew who that was, this ordeal was better than Bella. Bella was hell. She brought only destruction upon him. He attributed his miserable life to her. If she didn’t get his children, he would probably be a little bit happier. From the time he was left alone, everything became dark. He withdrew from society. He became a loner and that’s when suicide thoughts started rooting in his head. When he thought he had lost it all, he met the beautiful Astridah but that’s a story for another day.
“Give me your phone K.B!” Emma interrupted his thoughts. She grabbed the phone from him. “Come on,” she m0aned. “Where has the network gone to again?” She put the phone on the table and Nana started playing with it whilst she was sobbing.
“3rd floor is safe,” K.B said.
Emma didn’t hear him properly. “What did you say?”
“Whoever these guys are, they know they shouldn’t mess with that floor. If they did, we would have world war three by now but one gunshot? They haven’t infiltrated it yet.”
“Wow, those are the most words have heard you say K.B,” she said.
He looked away.
“So lets go,” she carried Nana and put her on her back. “Lets go.”
K.B was still sitted.
“Lets go K.B,” she said becoming irritated.
“Shshhhh!” He said.
They became quiet. They heard a female voice shouting downstairs. She wasn’t shouting but was making her presence known. Whoever she was, K.B knew she was on the 3rd floor.
Christina yelled again, “Don’t shoot me please I’m just a messenger. I have nothing to do with this.”
There was silence on the 3rd floor. All the doors were locked. It was untouched and was very clean. Christina remembered the man in charges words.
‘3rd floor is the most dangerous at HQ so don’t go there with that attitude.”
Shaking and feeling her sphincter muscles failing her, she could swear she felt she would pee if she heard a voice. “Anyone here!” She yelled again her voice filled with uneasiness.
She almost jumped to her feet when a door opened behind her. Why lord, she growled as she walked towards the door. Door slightly opened and darkness engulfing the room, her heart pounded than usual. Her legs were trembling and sweat was gushing down her hands. Taking a step further, she looked up to God to protect her, if at all he was there. She extended her arm and pushed the door. Her lips were slowly parting for her to say something when she was grabbed and pulled into the room she screamed with all her mighty but her screams waned with the banging door.
3rd floor was dead silent like a graveyard, again.
To be continued

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