Vanity Episode 21

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Now back at Eddysongs group of companies an emergency board meeting was called in the conference room of the office complex, most of the departmental heads were wondering what exactly was the purpose of the emergency meeting, some were murmuring whiles others tried to guess what the reason was. Everyone one was present except 2people and they were Elder Akyeah and Eddysongs, apparently Eddysongs had invited Elder Akyeah to his office where both of them shared a bottle of wine, after that was done Eddysongs requested that Elder Akyeah should accompany him to the confrence room, as they got to the room, Elder Akyeah was surprised to see all the departmental heads seated in the conference room, to him that was not usual and the last time such thing happened, the CEO came to honor a worker which was no one but him Elder Akyeah, he thought for a while and came to the conclusion that perhaps another elevation or promotion awaited him since he had been invited to the CEO’s office and even had a drink with him, the animal that won’t bite you will never display his/her teeth to you. Eddysongs was very angry as he started speaking, he invited Elder Akyeah to the podium and when he did, Eddysongs instructed someone to put the projector on, he started telecasting some doc-ments unto the wall and any doc-ment that was shown Eddysongs made some comments on it, at the long run everyone got to know what Eddysongs was trying to say. Elder Akyeah’s pride and swag disappeared immediately from him and he went down on his feet crying and sweating in a very cossy atmosphere in,side the conference room, he started pleading for mercy from his boss and colleagues, as he was doing that, some group of people unlawfully entered the conference room holding matcehes and clubs in their hands. Their supposed leader dragged a lady behind him forward, he scre-med at the lady to point out the person who got her pregnant, apparently the lady who got pregnant was no one but Esi’s rival in the office Kafui. Unfortunately for her, as she started having an affair with Elder Akyeah she prevented her betrothed husband from having s€× with her for over 3months, just yesterday morning the guy was going through his things and he came across some pregnancy test kits which had been used already, he got suspicious when he saw those things so he sent it to a nearby pharmacy shop and it was interpreted to him that the one who used the test kits was pregnant, the pharmacy further placed the test kits into a machine and it detected that the person was 2months 2weeks pregnant, he paid for the service and rushed home thinking very deep, he remembered the last time he was granted access to his would-be wife golden palace, he knew that very moment that someone has been watering his garden without his permission, he went to the market and bought the machete he has in his hand, hid the pregnancy test kit and machete, this morning as Kafui was preparing for work, she was confronted with the pregnancy test kit but she was trying to deny it until I pulled the machete that was when she confessed that a he-goat here called Elder Akyeah was the one responsible for her pregnancy, I further asked her how long they had been sleeping with each other and she said for about 4months and what pained me most was that she was been f**ked in that stupid man’s office. Now who is that Elder Akyeah here before I start butchering people here indiscriminately, those without strong hearts in,side the confrence room pointed him out whiles the others shifted their eyes on him. What a judgement for our holy Elder Akyeah, the young chap rushed to the direction of Elder Akyeah but with the intervention of the Ghana Police, sanity was restored in the confrence room, the young chap and his people were arrested and charged with “unlawful entry” and also with “negligence and display of violence”, when they were been taken out Eddysongs called them back to add ElderAkyeah to them, he told them he will follow shortly to write his statement, as the culprits were been matched out to the car park Esi came out and saw first Elder Akyeah in handcuffs and she smiled at herself for 2reasons, first she has been able to retrieve everything she wanted from Elder Akyeah and secondly now she was a free person


Esi Haizel saw behind Elder Akyeah, Ramos Adatsi the ex lover of Adjoa Wusua who dumped her because he claimed Adjoa wasn’t well educated and sophiscated, she later Kafui following them and crying like she had been bereaved. Everyone in the office complex was looking on in awe, most of them were wondering what the problem was but couldn’t utter a word, the atmosphere around the office complex changed at once, Esi Haizel rushed to her desk to see if she could gather some information there but as she got there everyone was busy with his or her work, she was amazed so she went close to the lady seated next to her desk to ask if possibly she had any information down her sleeves but surprisingly she was very green about the question Esi asked, Esi then broke the news to them that, Elder Akyeah and some guys have just been esc-rted out of the office complex by armed police officers. The office was thrown into frenzy as some people were happy whiles others also felt bad, all of a sudden one of the ladies in Esi’s office started throwing up that she had to be helped to the washroom to clean herself, as if that was not enough another young lady who had been employed not too long ago also started vomiting, hehehe what was going on in this office, why was there an outbreak of ch0lera or any communicable disease? Hell no!!! All this ladies in question were loyal customers of Elder Akyeah, yes you guess is right they were all pregnant, but the sad and painful thing here was the eldest woman in the department also started throwing up, herh Elder Akyeah be champion paaa oooo he had succeeded in impregnating 4 ladies in this department alone, that’s right he had shown his manliness but aside that Esi Haizel got scared also because she was equally a customer to Elder Akyeah, she planned to visit the hospital to run a check up on herself the moment she closed from work to be sure if she was safe. The secretary of Eddysongs walked in to summon Esi to the CEO’s office and immediately as she got there she was informed that she was to occupy the office of Elder Akyeah with immediate effect. She was actually very surprise because she didn’t see it coming, you know you wake up from you bed early in the morning as a Customer Care Executive of your company and you will be going to bed as a General Manager, isn’t God amazing and wonderful? She was esc-rted to her new office together with his secretary, when they got to her department, the CEO announced to everyone that Esi Haizel has now been promoted to the rank of General Manager so they should accord to her the needed assistance and respect, he then saw the office cleaners mobbing the floor and he asked them what the problem was? No one could answer the question so he requested Esi to find out what the problem was and then get back to him ASAP, on that note he left the office complex to the police station.

Back in Nana Yaw’s residence he had sprinkled water on Adjoa Wusua and his chief bodyguard, he sat in his wheelchair waiting for them to revive from their plight, Adjoa woke up first feeling very wierd and had a slight headache, the moment the chief bodyguard woke up he pulled the side arm(pistol) on him and if not for God he would have pulled the trigger of the pistol to shoot Adjoa. Nana Yaw told him to go back to his post and that he will call for him when he needed him, as he left the room and stepped outside he realised all the guards on duty were in a slumber, some stood sleeping whiles others were lying on the floor fast asleep, he went to each of them an kicked them to wake up from their slumber, he was very mad at them because the main gate was wide opened. Adjoa Wusua on the other hand wasn’t herself and was trying to recollect what took place, she asked Nana Yaw what really happened to her because she remembered some fancy dressed people entered the house and…..

Nana Yaw: Hahahahaha Adjoa I never knew you were not good with alcohol, yes some friends of mine came to visit me but because you were tipsy you stood up to welcome them and you felt down, one of them even helped you to the sofa and it’s now that you waking up.

Adjoa Wusua: Oh really I hope I didn’t embarrass you and myself by doing anything silly to you guest my dear, then I can see the wine you served was not a child’s play wine.

Nana Yaw: Its not so my dear I guess you system was a bit down today, am feeling sleepy my dear, kindly call my guards to help me upstairs.

Adjoa Wusua: No problem let me be on my way then, I will see you tomorrow whiles I call them also when I step out of the house, thanks so much for your generous gift to me also, I will see you tomorrow God willing.

She rose on her feet k-ssed Nana Yaw on the l-ips again and left the mansion to her old house to park her stuff and then move in into her new house, as she got home she called Esi severely to check up on her on her headache but she never answered her call. She was a bit worried because that was not more like her friend, meanwhile Esi was also busy somewhere doing her own thing. I believe you want to know but it will be opened up to you t omorrow.

To be continued

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