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Victims of love episode 2


Victim’s of Love 2
by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Africa Epic Stories, Victim’s of Love on

(Mrs Lillian was having a phone conversation with her friend Mrs Juliet.)

Mrs Lillian: You’ve gotten the phone I sent?

Mrs Juliet: (On the other end) Yes my friend, na better android be this, thank you.

Mrs Lillian: Thank God, (she entered the kitchen and saw rose watching the used plates) Rose come and speak to your mother, stretching forth her hands towards Rose)

Rose: (Leaving what she was going as she collects the phone from Mrs Lillian who left to give her some print.) Good evening mama.

Mrs Juliet: Evening my Pickin, hope dey you dey fine?

Rose: I dey very fine mama.

Mrs Juliet: My friend sent this phone wey I take call you with, Na between phone ooo abeg help me thank am for me.

Rose: I will Mama.

Mrs Juliet: Hope set she dey treat you well?

Rose: Yes mama, I don even start school, the same school wey e son dey attend.

Mrs Juliet: May God be praised. I go speak to you again, I won pray with your brothers.

Rose: Send my greetings to Chidi and Ikenna mama.

Mrs Juliet: I go tell them, dem dey outside and I no get that strength to shout their name. Take care and abeg do whatever my friend tells you to do.

Rose: Sure Mama.

Mrs Juliet: Good night (She ended the call and rose left the kitchen and saw Mrs Lillian seated on one of the sofas watching a movie.)

Rose: (Going to meet her and stretch forth her hand which held the phone towards Mrs Lillian. Going down to her knees) Thank you auntie for the phone you got for my mother, God will bless you for me.

Mrs Lillian: (Collecting her phone as she stood up) Please get up Rose, you don’t have to thank me instead thank God. Are you through with the dishes?

Rose: No aunty, let me quickly go back to the kitchen and finish what I am doing. (She left Mrs Lillian and went back to the kitchen.)


(Mrs Lillian was seated on one of the sofas with her husband in the sitting room.)

Mr James: My dear wife how are you coping with Rose?

Mrs Lillian: Fine my love, the girl is so hardworking and intelligent, I love that about her.

Mr James: Ever since Rose stepped foot into my house, my business has been booming and expanding.

Mrs Lillian: (Surprised) You don’t mean it dear?

Mr James: I do love, please on no account should you mistreat her.

Mrs Lillian: No my husband, I can not do that, don’t you see how Junior is happy around her.

Mr James: Yes notice and that is why I made that Comment.

Mrs Juliet House:

(Mrs Juliet was seen with her two sons and two trays of mangoes.)

Mrs Juliet: Abeg my sons make una no play for road kon forget sey una go sell the mangoes. No lost the money ooo.

Chidi: We no go lost am mama. We go sell everything for our tray.

Mrs Juliet: Amen ooo.


(Rose who was now 18 was seen with Junior.)

Rose: (playfully as they stood beside the kitchen sink, Rose left her plate she was washing and focused on Junior.) What is it my husband, you have been standing there since and you have not said anything?

Junior: I came here to watch how you wash the dishes, is it now bad?

Rose: No it’s not. Won’t you go to your room and sleep?

Junior: No, I am staying here with you until you finish washing the dishes.

Rose: Okay ooo. (She started washing the plates)


School Compound.

( Rose, now in Ss2 and was sitting with a boy in the classroom.)

Rose: When you finish your secondary school will you still go further?

David: Of course I will, I want to study engineering, what about you?

Rose: I will go further, I want to study Literature when I (She pauses when she sees Junior walking inside the classroom.) Hello Junior.

Junior: Please can I speak to you privately?

Rose: Sure (excusing herself from David, they went outside the classroom.

Junior: (Staring at David angrily) Who is he Rose?

Rose: My friend, he is in science class Junior. Any problem?

Junior: Yes I don’t like the way he is sitting close to you Rose.

Rose: Okay I have heard you, is there anything else?

Junior: Are you not hungry?

Rose: I am famished.

Junior: Come let’s go to our favourite school cafeteria and eat something.

Rose: (She left Junior and entered the classroom) David I am going to eat with Junior, we will talk later. (She went back to meet Junior and they left for the school cafeteria, Junior holding her hand in his)


(Mrs Lillian and her husband Mr James with Junior were seated in the dining room.)

Mrs Lillian: (Who was eating saw her son not eating) Junior eat your food?

Junior: I am not hungry mum.

Mrs Lillian: (Stopped eating the same time as her husband) is there something bothering you Junior?

Junior: No, I just don’t feel like eating.

Mrs Lillian: Rose! (No answer) Rose!!

Rose: (From the kitchen) Yes aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Come here.

Rose: (Went to meet them) Yes aunty.

Mrs Lillian: (Playfully) Did anything happen to your husband today in school?

Rose: No aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Nothing happened? Then why is he not eating his food?

Rose: My husband why are you not eating your food?

Junior: I am not hungry.

Rose: Can’t you see how your mother is worried, please try to eat. Even though you are not hungry try to eat for my sake.

Junior: Okay, just for your sake. (He started eating as Rose smiled. Mr James watches everything in silence)

3 years Later:

(Mrs Lillian and her husband were seen seated and discussing)

Mrs Lillian: My dear, I want Rose to travel to the village to pay her mother a visit and stay with her for a few days.

Mr James: Okay love, when will she be going?

Mrs Lillian: As soon as she finished writing her Jamb.

Mr James: Just let me know the date she will travel so we can arrange things she will give to her mother.

Mrs Lillian: (Kissing his cheek) Thank dear.


( Mrs Lillian was seen about to go out, she was standing close to her car)

Mrs Lillian: Rose!

Rose: (Coming out quickly to meet her) Yes aunty.

Mrs Lillian: After your Jamb you will visit your mother and brothers in the village. It’s been a long time since you saw them.

Rose: (Excited) Thank you aunty, God will continue to bless you.

Mrs Lillian: Amen, I have to rush to the hair salon, ask Junior what to eat once he returns back from school.

Rose: Okay aunty (Mrs Lillian entered her car and drove out of the compound)


( Rose was seen making a phone conversation with her mother.)

Rose: (Very excited) Mama, I dey come village to visit you soon.

Mrs Juliet: When you dey come? I and your brothers don miss you well well ooo.

Rose: After my Jamb exam in a few days to come.


(Rose was seen crying in her room.)

Junior: (hearing her cry left his room and knock on Rose door) Rose it’s me Junior.

Rose: (Cleaning her tears) The door is unlocked, you can come in.

Junior: (entered the room and saw Rose seated on her bed, going to seat on Rose bed.) What is it Rose, why are you crying?

Rose: I didn’t make my Jamb, my mark was low.

Junior: Is that why you are crying? The Bible makes us understand that there is time for everything, probably you weren’t supposed to pass this year. Next year you will try again and you will pass.

Rose: You think so?

Junior: I know so.

Rose: (Smiling and hugging Junior) Thank you for encouraging me, my husband.

Junior: (Returning the hug with a big smile on his face) You are welcome Rose.


Location: Mrs Juliet House.

( Rose was seen coming down from a bike with her luggage. She paid the bike man who turned and left.)

Rose: (Picking her box she saw a woman seated on a bench at the vardah of the compound. She quickly recognised the woman) Mama Chinoso.

Mama Chinoso: (Standing up once she recognised who called her) Rose, Na you be this?

Rose: (Smiling) Na me ooo mama Chinoso, how Chinoso?

Mama Chinoso: E dey fine ooo, you don grow kon fine join sef.

Rose: Thank you Mama Chinoso, abeg wey my mama and brothers?

Mama Chinoso: Your brothers don go hawk and your mama e never try wey she comot too.

Rose: Okay, make I join you sidon wait for them. (She sat at on the free space on the bench.)

Mama Chinoso: Make I no lie, you don fine finish oooo.

Rose: (Blushing) Thank you mama Chinoso.

Mama Chinoso: Which class you dey or you don finish secondary school?

Rose: I don finish secondary Na Jamb remain to take.

Mama Chinoso: You no take this year own?

Rose: (Lying) No, na next year I go take Jamb (At that moment her mother entered the compound carrying a black nylon, getting up to her feet she ran to meet her.) Mama good afternoon.

Mrs Juliet: Rose?

Rose: Na me ooo.

Mrs Juliet: (Hugging her with joy) See my Pickin oooo.

Rose: (Returning her hug and they dispatch after a few minutes) Mama I am so happy to see you after so many years.

Mrs Juliet: Me too ooo, has it been long you came back?

Rose: No mama.

Mrs Juliet: Let’s go inside the house and talk more. (Rose went to take her box and thank Mama Chinoso. Both mother and daughter entered the house.)


( Rose, her mother with her brothers eating were seen eating eba with Egusi soup together in a big bowl. There was NEPA. Rose and her mother finish eating and remain some for Chidi with Ikenna.)

Rose: Mama thank you oooo, I have really missed your delicious food.

Mrs Juliet: (Laughing) Like the saying goes no place like home.

Rose: Definitely mama, so Chidi and Ikenna are they now back in school?

Mrs Juliet: Yes Rose, the money my friend do send to me and the hawking business both boys engaged made it possible for them to return back to school after how many years. Chidi is now in Ss1 and Ikenna is about to take his junior weac soon.

Rose: Wow, a lot has happened since I left.

Mrs Juliet: Yes my dear daughter. What about you, did you pass your Jamb?

Rose: (Sadly) No mama, I didn’t, I will try again next year.

Mrs Juliet: Don’t worry Rose, God go do am for you.

Rose: Amen Mama. (Standing up and going to where she was charging her phone, she unplugged it and dialled Mrs Lillian number who picked at the third rang) Good evening aunty.

Mrs Lillian: Rose, what happened to your line? It was switch off. Junior has been worried sick.

Rose: Sorry aunty, my battery was down since. Tell Junior not to get worry that I am fine.

Mrs Lillian: I will tell him, how is your mother and your brothers?

Rose: She is fine and my brothers are fine aunty, let me give the phone to my mother. (Rose gave the phone to her mother who started speaking to Mrs Lillian and thanking her)

Six Days Later…

(Rose was seen with her mother and brothers. One of her brothers helps her to carry her bag as they wait for a bike.)

Rose: Mama I will call you once I reach.

Mrs Juliet: No problem, greet your aunt for me.

Rose: I will. (Opening her purse she brought out some money which she gave to her mother) Mama abeg managed this small amount of money.

Mrs Juliet: (Collecting the money with happiness.) My daughter thank you very much. God go bless you for me.

Rose: Amen mama, God go give you good health. (Brings out more money and gave each of her brothers.) Make una use this one hold body for school. Make una no trouble mama ooo.

Ikenna/ Chidi: Thank you aunty Rose (They stopped a bike which Rose mounted)


(Rose alighted from a bike outside the gate and paid the bike man. She knocked on the gate and the gatekeeper who peep saw who was knocking and went to open the gate for her. Junior who was seated outside the compound reading stopped what he was doing when he saw Rose, he stood up from the chair and walked up to meet Rose.)

Junior: Good afternoon Rose.

Rose: My husband afternoon, how are you?

Junior: I am fine. So Rose how many guys talked to you at your mother place?

Rose: (Smiling) No guys talked to me ooo.

Junior: (Smiled back) Good, mum and dad are inside, they have been expecting you. (Rose still smiling continued her walk inside the house as Junior went back to his seat to continue reading his book.)


(Rose was seen with a guy in the compound, they were seated at the side of the house with two glasses of juice on a table in front of them. The gate opened and junior driver drove in with Junior seated at the back of the car. He was just coming back from school.)

Rose: (Smiling when she saw the car, telling her boyfriend.) Here is my aunty son, Junior, he is back from school.

Junior: (Coming down from the car he went over to meet Rose) Good afternoon Rose. (He turned to leave)

Rose: Did you not see my boyfriend here Junior? (Junior gave a loud hissed and left their presence, shocking Rose with his behaviour.)

Peter: What is wrong with him?

Rose: Don’t mind him, I will talk to him.

To Be Continued…

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