When Love Is Not Enough 2

When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 10

Episode 10.

James created a bible study time for the team. Timothy and Katie were always present and Doctor Ken also join in sometime.
Katie always assist Michelle in the kitchen due to her condition to prepare food for the gathering.

One day during the prayer James talked about being open minded and what causes trouble in a relationsh¡p. He talked deeply using bible verses and Timothy felt guilty that is almost a year and he still haven’t told his innocent wife that he can’t get her pregnant.
 He has watch her buy pregnancy test kit and she kept testing from month to month yet is all negative.

 when he was asked to do a closing prayer, Timothy bent his head and the word got stuck in his throat. He started crying.

Katie quickly went to him , she console him not knowing the main reason why her husband was on his knee crying.
She thought is probably because she has not being able to conceive and many other challenges he may probably be facing.
Katie did not ask, she just decided to say the prayer in place of her husband.

James, Michelle and Doctor Ken stretch a hand over the couple and began to pray for them.
Katie was oblivion to what was happening to her husband but she kept on shouting Amen on top of her voice claiming the wh0le prayer.
Later as she and Michelle were alone, while the men sit and was talking. Michelle asked her to place her hand on her stomach of which Katie did.
And they both prayed together as Katie spoke out her pain to God.

Few months later it was Katie’s birthday.
James who has already connected Timothy to many other big contracts which was awarded to him.
He told Timothy it was time to get his wife all that she has always wanted, Timothy agreed and said he was waiting for Katie’s birthday to come so that he can surprise her.
Timothy drove down to designers store. he bought different designers bags, including the Givenchy handbag.
He also went with James to car dealers and bought highlander silver jeep for Katie which was far more expensive than his own car.

Katie woke up that morning thinking Timothy has forgotten her birthday again.
 He was not home when she woke up that morning.
She frown sadly and try not to make fuss about it.

Katie went about her day as every other day, since it was a weekend.

Later in the day. Timothy returned and Katie asked him where he has being.
He lied and said that he needed to rush to the office to collect something.
Katie nodded before saying.

“Well I guess you have forgotten my birthday again, today is my birthday Tim. maybe we can just hang out…do dinner outside the house. Visit the motherless home and buy some things for them. Just anything fun since is my day…

She was still talking when Tim came to her, he k-ssed her fully on the l-ips and asked her not to say anything.
Tim asked her to close her eyes. She did without knowing what to expect.

Tim blind folded her and guide her outside where James, Michelle and Doctor Ken was waiting with a sweet smile on their faces. Michelle came down with her kids and they were all happy to be part of the surprise for their Aunty Kat birthday.

Katie kept asking Tim what was going on but Tim did not tell her until he was close to where the jeep was parked.
Tim removed the blind fold from Katie’s eyes and everyone shouted happy birthday to her.
Katie was shock to see her people.

She saw the brand new car, stepped back with a surprised look on her face.
Tim handed the car key to her telling her it was her birthday gift. Katie couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she screened loudly and jumped on Tim’s body crying like a baby.
She was so happy.
Michelle and the kids came to hug her.
 Timothy later guide her to the car and when she opened it she saw the bag she has always wanted. Her most wanted Givenchy handbag and many other things including a rose bouquet of flower.
Katie was thrilled she was crying again. Just knowing she will be a car owner makes her cry even more.
 Everyone has a gift for her even Michelle’s kids gave her their own gifts.
They all made her day special and Katie was just shading tears of joy.
 everything was so unexpected to her.
She never thought her birthday will be filled with so much joy which she will forever cherish.

There was a small party, James ordered for food and drinks. Everyone was merry as they eat, drink and dance until evening came before finally leaving to their different houses.
Katie and Timothy also visited the motherless home with lots of gifts for the children.

Michelle later gave birth to a son. She and James got three kids. A girl and two boys.
The team came to celebrate with them.

James hanged out with Timothy one day and kept encouraging him to tell his wife of his condition.
James made it mandatory for him to the right thing so that he will be free from guilt which has being eating him up for years.
He has tried to get help medically but it did not work out so everyone is believing God for a miracle.

Timothy told James he did not want to lose Katie.
 He told Katie about adoption but Katie said she wanted her own baby first because she was medically sound and also believed her husband was alright.
She said since she was not barren God will come through for them.

After three years went by, Katie was worried and became so depressed but Michelle kept on encouraging her and never fails to pray with her.
Katie stop checking for any form of pregnancy sign.
She was tired of disappointment and gave up checking.
She kept wondering what the problem was.
 Katie never stop believing as Michelle built up her faith in trusting God more than anyone or anything.

Timothy finally summon courage because he couldn’t watch his wife suffer for his sins again.
He told James he was ready to tell his wife the wh0le truth. whatever may happened after then he was trusting God’s to take control.

Katie wakes up that morning and took breakfast just as usual.
She felt like throwing up. Later in the day again it happened.
Katie noticed that Timothy has being moody all day, pacing the wh0le house distracted. Sometimes he was speaking to himself as if he was silently praying. Other time he was sitting with his head buried down in deep thought.

She asked him what was going on but Timothy couldn’t say it immediately.
He did not eat anything that morning till evening. Katie thought he was fasting of which he does sometimes whenever he wants to have a quiet time with God.
As evening approach Tim called his wife, he moved uncomfortably on the seat as Katie sat beside him waiting for him to speak

He stammered few words before saying.

“Katie…I have…uhmmm…I mean, I have a confession….which I have kept away from you for years…I’m sorry Katie, is never deliberate. Please don’t leave me….please don’t leave…

Katie was surprise to see Tim on his knee, pleading and crying for her forgiveness even before the confession.

Katie became afraid as she watch her husband break down in tears before her.
She wish she can tell Tim not to confess whatever it maybe but she was even more curious to know whatever it was that was troubling Tim.
Her heart began to race with speed as fear griped her. Whatever that will make Timothy break down and cry must be serious.

“Tim, you are scaring me…what is the problem. What happen? I’m scared already from whatever you want to say…just tell me first, what is it Tim…?

Tim wiped his eyes. Still on his knee, he cleared his throat and continued

“Is about the…uhmmm…I mean..aaahhh… Katie, I can’t get you pregnant. We not having a baby right from time is all my fault Katie. I lied to you that I wanted to hold on until I was ready for kids but the truth is because I know I was infertile. I have kept thi…

Katie interrupted him.

“wai…wait…I don’t get this. what do you mean that you are infertile. You said you wanted us to wait for few years because some things needed to balance up before babies starts coming in. I know ever since we became serious about having a child it has not be in our favor…but that doesn’t make you are infertile. Is neither my fault nor your fault. We have being hoping and believing in God for some sort of Miracle and I’m not going to give up just because of life throw some rocks of childlessness on us. What exactly are you saying Tim…I don’t really understand why all this….

Tim swallowed hærd and continued again.

“Katie, I’m infertile. This wh0le thing is my fault. I found out even before we got married. It also affected my urge for s€× which I have try to improve just to please you. And is being over a year now I notice my urge for s€× has increase greatly more than before but that does not change the fact that I have a low sp**m count. I’m infertile, I can’t get you pregnant. I contacted an illness during my early youth days and it affected me greatly and also my ability to have kids. I hide it away from you because I was afraid to lose you Katie. I hate to watch you suffer. I was believing in God to do some sort of miracle for us but I guess is not happening anytime soon. I’m sorry…Katie. I never wanted to keep this away. Please forgive me….we can go for an adoption and adopt ki….

Katie pushed him away from her and stood up. She walked round and began to laugh sarcastically.

“Tim. you mean all this years you have being impotent. Oh my God. This is not true…Hmmm hahahaha…this joke is very expensive and if a joke, you better stop it Timothy because is not funny at all…

Timothy was still on his knee. Katie looked at him and saw that it was true.
She gave a loud scre-m of pain, stamped her feet angrily on the ground and rushed to Timothy.
She slapped him repeatedly and kept beating him and was crying bitterly while doing that.

“How could you do this to me…how could you Tim. for how many years have you watch me cry for a child without the pang of guilt to tell me that you were infertile. Why…why Tim. you deceived me…you lied to me and make me believe that you are alright. Timothy Coleman why…just tell me why will you do this to me…oh my God….how could you Tim….

Katie was crying heavily and kept beating Tim who was also in tears.

 Katie stood, picked up her car key and her handbag. She ran outside to her car still crying.
 She tried to drive off with speed but noticed she got two flat tires.
The car couldn’t move.

Katie sat in,side her car crying heavily.
She later stepped down immediately she felt like throwing up. Katie vomited everything she have eating that morning.
She felt dizzy, and decided to go in,side the house.

Katie sat in the sitting room crying and warned Timothy not to come any close to her.
 Tim kept his distance and continue to plead.

Katie was just in the sitting room, crying until she was tired of crying. Timothy was also there but kept his distance from her.
She cried into the night and kept cussing Timothy for what he did.
Timothy did not stop pleading.
She cried and did not know when she slept off in the sitting room.

Timothy got a blanket and covered her up as she slept.
The following morning she woke up late and felt weak and tired.

As Katie tries to get up from the ground another stroke of vomit push its way through her throat and before she can rush to the bathroom it was too late, she spilled everything in the living room.
Both on the chair and on the ground. It was all messed up.
Katie sighed sadly because she doesn’t understand why she was throwing up all of a sudden and also feeling feverish.
She need to take some malaria drugs before she will breaks down totally. Katie thought within herself.

She wanted to get out of the house and far from Timothy that morning but remember her deflated tyres.
She needed to fix her car first. She used the car yesterday and the tyres were in good shape. it surprises her to know that she got a flat tyres all of a sudden.
 Katie sighed sadly again and went into the bathroom to wash her face and to get a bucket to come and clean up the mess she made in the living room.

Before she will come out Timothy was almost done cleaning up her vomit.
She dropped the bucket, frown at him before walking into the room.
Katie had a warm bath and before she could come out her food was already on the table prepared by Timothy who still kept his distance and tried not to say anything that will provoke her.
Katie ignored the food and warned up something else to eat.
After eating she felt feverish and entered the room. She lie down on the bed covered herself with a duvet and shut her eyes.
Timothy quietly entered the room and saw his wife sleeping. He breathed calmly, looked up and muttered

 “Thank you God, you did it for me…it was not so hærd like I imagined It to be. Please help her to forgive me totally and as we believe and look up to you for the fruit of the womb, we know you will do it in your own appointed time. No matter how many years it takes I will never stop believing in you for that which only you can do. Thank you Jesus…all the glory be ascribe unto you alone. Your name be kept holy forever and may your children on earth, those who look up to you for one blessing or the other may we never be disappointed. For in you Lord we live, in you we breathe and in you we have our being….

Timothy lowered his eyes, and looked at Katie who was staring at him.
He was shock and looked away quickly.
Tim later said to her

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up…I will just leave now so that you can rest. Do you want me to prepare anything for you…or take you to the hospital? Better still get drugs for you. It appears you are not feeling too well. Do you want anything…?

Katie eyed him childishly. She gave a long sigh, covered herself properly before shutting her eyes again.

Timothy smile at the way Katie released the long sigh at him.
It sound so funny but he held himself from laughing out.
He quietly walked out of the room leaving her to rest.

To be continued

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