Without Bridges

Without Bridges episode 12

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Without Bridges

Episode 12
“Hope….” I called after a brief pause, I felt horrible. “It’s not what it is”

“I heard all your conversation. I’m tired of being in the dark” he snapped then I saw him cry.

“From what I heard, I guess uncle David is my brother then” he concluded cleaning his tears.

“How did everything get so messed up?” He added.

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“Don’t let them make you cry baby, they’re not worth it but I’m going to let him pay for his crime” I promised.

“An eye for an eye…..I’ll make him pay for raping me” I continued now placing my palm on my son’s face, looking into his eyes.

“Mom are you okay?” She asked and I laughed hysterically.

“Have you been drinking?”

“I’m perfectly okay dear” I answered. I wasn’t okay, I didn’t want to admit it . I was losing screws slowly. “Aunty” Hope called out to Aunt Zainab. “Is mom alright?” He asked and I scoffed. “I said I’m fine, is that so hard to believe?” I snapped then saw Aunt Zainab whisper into his ears. I grew curious, I wanted to know why they’ll be whispering when I was in the room.

“What are you telling him?” I asked, “I told him to prepare something for you to eat”

“There’s no need for that mom I don’t have the appetite” I answered then laughed on realizing I had just called Aunt Zainab ‘mom’

“Did you see what I just did?” I turned to Hope, “I just called her mom” I paused as my countenance turned cold. “Mom died trying to find something for us to eat.

I don’t think I’ll be able to eat.”

Hope turned to Aunt Zainab then left the room. I wondered why they were both acting strangely with eye signals and all but I was lost in my own vengeful imagination.

“I’ll sue him again mom, I’ll sue him again you’ll see and I’ll win, I’ll win this time around”

Henry walked into the room an hour later with lunch, rice and stew with juice. Shortly after eating, I felt drowsy and I slept off.

I woke up hours later in a room hearing voices in my head. “You could have brought her earlier” a voice said, “She was just fourteen and got over it” I heard aunt Zainab answered. “Well newsflash sis, it takes more than that to get over trauma”

“You can’t possibly blame me”

“When you let me in on the case years ago Zainab, what did I demand that you do?”

“To bring her for therapy but sue got over it”

“Why now? She’s practically a grown up, we can’t keep her against her wish”

“I’ll sign whatever I need to Kareem,i just want to make sure she’s okay”

“Aunt Zainab” I called out and she walked up to me. There were tears on her face. “Where am I?” I asked looking around.

“Remember when we wanted to get you help when you went into depression years ago?” She asked, “Aisha meet my elder brother Dr. Kareem. He’s a psychiatrist”

“I’m not mad”

“No one is saying that you are my dear but you need to get help”

“I need to leave right now aunt Zainab. We’re wasting time, Mr. Titus needs to be arrested and jailed for r*pe.” I walked to the door then tried to open it but it was locked.

“You guys don’t understand, Mr. Titus needs to be arrested” I turned to Aunt Aisha. “Please open the door”.

“Let’s talk” Dr. Kareem proposed, “No way” I shook my head, “I’m not crazy so i’m not going to talk to you. “I have rights and i know them. You can’t keep me here; I’ll sue you along with Mr. Titus” I threatened but there was no move to open the door then I banged the door screaming for help.

“Where are the keys?” I asked the psychiatrist, and he raised it then stretched it at me. Just as I turned my back to leave, I felt a prickly pain on my neck; he had injected me with something that made me feel woozy. I blacked out completely.

“What do you want for Mr. Titus?” The annoying psychiatrist asked for the hundredth time. He has been asking the damn question for a week now. I was getting tired of being locked up. I just wanted to go out.


do you”

“I’m not answering!” I snapped, “Aisha”

“You’ve asking me this damn question since I got here. Don’t you understand that I don’t like you and I’m tired of seeing your ugly face. Just let me go already!” I screamed out and he kept a straight face writing on his notepad.

“What do you want for Mr. Titus”

“Jail… Payback for what he did to me and mom”

“What’s the possibility that your mom wouldn’t have died if the r*pe didn’t happen?”

“Well now we would never know would we?” I retorted then scoffed at him. “I don’t understand the game you’re playing at Mister man”

“I’m trying to help you”

“I don’t need anyone’s stupid help. All I want is to get out of here”

“Aisha, how did you feel after your dad’s death?”

“Relieved that I didn’t have to live in fear again.’” I answered in tears. “I felt like a horrible person… I should feel guilty over my father’s death but I barely did”

“Which was understandable since you were a victim of domestic violence” He replied looking at me.

“Which side are you on?” I asked, I didn’t understand why he would support the fact that I killed dad.

“I’m not on any side, I’m just trying to figure out what’s wrong with you.” He paused writing on the notepad. “I don’t feel safe with Mr. Titus around”

“He can’t hurt you Aisha, you’re a grown woman”

“When has that ever stopped pedophiles like him”

“So… What is it you really want for Mr. Titus?” He asked and I smirked.

“I want him dead” I replied then I felt the need to puke. I knelt down vomiting on the floor. I felt nauseated. I rose up touching my head.


long have you been ….” I trailed off. “Since yesterday, I blame the food..it tastes horrible. Swallowing one spoon is like poison” I complained. I felt light-headed and I passed out.

I gained consciousness a while later. From the smell, I could detect that I was in a hospital. I turned to see Hope holding on to my hands. “Hey dear” I said. I saw him try to force a smile. I missed those times when we were happy. Just the two of us.

“You think I don’t know you’re faking your smile?” I snapped playfully, “It comes with the job description mom”

“I missed the part that you got a job, please refresh my memory, what job is that?” I asked sarcastically and he laughed.

A real laughter after all.

“Worrying over you …I’ve been doing that lately” He replied and I felt guilty. “I want you back”

“I’m still here”

“No” he disagreed, “You’re all but okay. You’re acting strange and crazy”

“That’s an insult Hope, I can still spank you even though I’m sick”

“Mom the sooner you realize you’re not okay, the better it’ll be for you.”

“I’m perfectly fine….” I replied clearing my throat. “I need water” I requested and Hope poured me a glass of water to drink. “Mom you’re pregnant” he announced and I spat the water out.

“How come you didn’t know?” I asked, “Cause I’ve never had real s*x before, not until David.”

“Weren’t you careful?” He threw in and I shook my head. I wasn’t ready to discuss my s*x life with my own son. “Can we not talk about this?” I asked. “I’d rather talk to Kasie or Aunt Zainab.”

After a very long talk with Aunty Zainab. I made a decision to do what I couldn’t bring myself to do years ago; aborting the baby. Despite her argument, I chose to stick with my decision. I slept off a while later then woke up to someone’s hands all over my face and braids.

I recognized the touch, then I woke up staring at David.


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