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Wounded episode 12


It was Tuesday morning and waking up was really hard for me, I was never a morning person, I even thought about skipping class that morning, but I just shrugged it off and decided to go to class.
I got into the class and just as I walked in, I spotted Paul sitting at the other end of the class beside the window.

I walked up to him and called out a “Hey”.
He turned to me and his pupil dilated seeing me.
“Can I sit?” I asked sitting down already.
Looks like kinsgley’s habit is rubbing off on me.
“damn it” Paul sighed.
“No damn you!” I dropped my bag.
“You clearly approached Samuel for the project so you could just the work for him and still get a credit at the end of the day” I was trying to keep my voice down.
“Yes well looks like my plan failed when you showed up” Paul’s forehead puckered.
You could tell he was angry and so was I.
“You know they’re a lot of people who are willing to join Samuel’s group, so as long as I am the group leader I can take your name out whenever I want to and fill in those other people that are ready to help” I stated.
And I saw as a muscle in his jaw tightened.
“Fine.” he sighed.
“Fine what?” I turned to him.
“I’ll stay and help the group” he sighed.
“Don’t say it like you’re being forced and say it Like it’s your responsibility” I stated and he groaned.
“First annoying girl ever” he mumbled.
“Thanks and your name is out of the list” I stated.
“What? Wait! I’m joking…!” he suddenly laughed.
“I know” I turned to him. “Now say it like you mean it”.
He sighed. “I’ll stay and work with the group members.”.
“Perfect” I smiled.
Class was over and as I wrote down the last sentence, I closed my book and placed it inside my bag.
“Bridget” I heard my name and I looked up.
“Samuel” I smiled standing up.
“Paul” Samuel called glancing at Paul.
“Why didn’t you sit at the front, I saved a spot… For you” Samuel stated.
“Thanks, but I was making sure Paul doesn’t go out of sight today, now we just need to find Aisha and we’re compl–
“Guys.” her familiar voice called.
Speak of the girl and she appears.
“I’m so sorry I bailed out yesterday” Aisha breathed out.
“It’s okay!” Samuel stated.
I glanced at Samuel and at the same time, he looked at him. Look at him being so nice. I saw his lips twitch and he looked away.
“Okay then let’s hurry up and start with this project.” I stated.
“I.. I actually talked to one of the lecturers and he said we can use an old classroom at block 3, no one uses the classroom there! Instead of us going to Samuel’s dorm room and making him and his roommate uncomfortable”. Aisha expound.
“You know that is a brilliant Idea, if only some people can actually come up with smarts ideas like this, it would have been great” I said and glanced at Paul.
“You’re indirectly evil with words” he stated as he grabbed his bag.
“thanks for the compliment” I said, lackadaisical.
“But that was not a compliment” Samuel stated.
“I was being sarcastic” I sighed.
We all head to the old classroom and there with just thirty minutes spent, we explained everything to each other, Paul was actually coming up with a lot of ideas, he’s your average smart guy, but I guess he’s just being lazy.
We concluded our meeting and walked out of the classroom.
Samuel and I said our goodbyes and I turned him down when he offered to escort me home and we’ll see each other in our next class anyways.
I got home and Tochi’s cooking just blessed my stomach.
I went to class that afternoon and it was like a loop how Samuel and I talked, walked together, said goodbye and then came back later for the next class.
The day ended with me falling on my bed after taking a nice hot bath. I’ve got two classes tomorrow. Great.
I was able to sleep excessively the next morning cause my class wasn’t starting until eleven. And when it was time for class, I got ready and head out.
On my way to class, I heard my name from behind and when I turned, just as I had realised from the voice, it was Aisha.
“Hi…?” I stated. Condused on what tone I should have used.
We’re group partners but not friends.
“I see you’re heading to class early” she said walking with me…
“I always go to class early” I replied.
“Oh”. She breathed out.
“And you’re not an early person, so I’m supposed to be the one asking why you’re heading to class early” I stated.
“What else, to get a better glimpse of Samuel.” Aisha smiled.
I turned to her. “Are you always so straightforward!” I scoffed.
“I sure am” she shrugged. “I mean what’s there to lie or cover up about!”
Well she has a point.
“So did you hear about the party?” aisha asked.
“I always hear about parties” I rolled my eyes.
“Well sadly, the first party, I didn’t attend and people were talking how a blast it was and I’m not going to miss this one.” Aisha blurted.
“Missed the first one too, just going to this one to kill time” I gave a half smile.
“I’m so excited about it, it’s my first party since I got here.” Aisha squealed.
“Good for you” I shrugged…
We both got to class and Samuel was the only one there. He heard our footsteps and turned…
“HI” he lips curved into a smile looking at us… Me.
“As expected, you’re here early” Aisha stated sitting beside Samuel. And I was just about to sit there.
Samuel glanced at me and then at Aisha.
“I… Saved this seat for… Bridget.” he said to Aisha.
I smiled and turned to her. “I believe you heard that right”.
Aisha huffed and stood up, I walked in the seat and sat down. I turned to Samuel ans mouthed him a ‘Thank you’
He shook his head and said no problem.
Aisha sat beside me with no choice. If only Samuel can see how many girls are flaunting over him like a god.
Our class took no time, cause our lecturer looked like he was in a hurry, and our next class got canceled because both the lecturer and his substitute were absent.
And every student went back to their dorms.
I went to mine too and the sweet smell of fried yams and eggs stopped my nose and caused me to smile…
While Tochi and I were eating she asked.
“So you’re going to stay home alone tonight?”.
I shook my head. “In case you don’t know, I am actually going to the party everyone’s talking about”.
Tochi gasped. “Really?”
She looked excited…
“Yes” I nodded.
“This is great, I never thought you’d agree to go to any of the party in campus” Tochi stated and I just shrugged.
Well I am now.
The food struck me like gold and I found myself fast asleep immediately after the meal.
“…. Just wake her up” I heard a familiar voice.
“Have you seen her yell before?” I heard another familiar voice.
“We can’t just leave her and go to the party, let’s wake her up” I heard the first voice said.
“We should just wait and let her wake up herself” I heard… Samuel’s voice.
I slowly opened my eyes.
There in front of my bed was, Samuel, Tochi and Kingsley, the three of them dressed like they’re about to Recieve an award.
Samuel looked really good.
I slowly sat up and strected my neck a little bit.
“Great Thank God you’re finally awake, we’re going to be late at the party” Kingsley sighed.
“No one really cares if you come to the party late” Tochi added
Oh they’re all here because of the party
“How long did I sleep?.” I asked coming down from my bed.
“I don’t know, but you’re waking up now” Tochi replied.
“Sorry for keeping you all waiting, I’ll get dressed, just wait outside for me” I stated.
“Well be fast about it” Kingsley huffed.
“Just hold your horses” Tochi rolled her eyes.
I walked into the bathroom and heard as the door went shut .
I washed my face under the sink and dried it with a towel.
I got to my suitcase where I keep my fancy clothes, and I just grabbed whatever my hand picked up.
Dressed in a body hugging mini skirt and it’s matching one arm blouse. I put on a pair of earrings, and a silver necklace to go with it. I added a little lip gloss to my lips to make it look plumpy and full. And lastly I wore a pair of wedge sandals, grabbed my purse and phone and walked out of the room locking the door.
I met the three of ‘them’ outside the hostel, talking about something and when they noticed my presence they stopped talking.
“You just stole the spot light” Kingsley eyes were seriously checking me out.
I rolled my eyes.
“Seriously you’re so hot, you definitely need a bodyguard cause you can’t enter that party looking like that” Kingsley added.
I glanced at Samuel. And I didn’t know if it was me or he was actually checking me out too…
His eyes went from my legs and then to my face. He met my eyes and immediately looked away.
I already caught him.
How cute.
“Kingsley’s right, you look really fabulous” Tochi added and I stretched my lips into a smile. “Thanks.” I stated. “so can we go now?” I asked and they all nodded.
The party wasn’t really far from our hostel, it was like a next door kind of thing. And I think it was the same person who hosted the first one.
We all got into the ear bursting party and seriously I’ve missed this.
Though the parties I attend are club parties and the lights there are really dim. But here, let’s start with the heavy flouresent lights placed at the corners of the house, then there’s this other boxy light at the four corners of the ceiling looking like a light that belongs at a photo studio.
The place was really bright and I could see the sudden eyes looking at me.
Yes I get this a lot.

“So since you two are like green horns here, let’s go wait over there, where the music is less loud and where there are less people around” kingsley was practically yelling over the music and I nodded agreeing with him.
Tochi left us to go meet her friends probably, and Kingsley took Samuel and I to a place which was like a lobby, but a bigger version and the music could be heard but wasn’t loud and of course less people occupied the place.
“I hate this place” Samuel sighed.
Finally, he Said something after so many quiet years.
“Then you shouldn’t have come.” Kingsley scoffed.
“So I want to go get drinks now, what would you like?” Kingsley asked me.
“I don’t know, anything the house offers” I shrugged.
“now that’s a party pooper spirit what about you Sammy?” Kingsley asked.
Samuel glanced at me and then at Kingsley. “Nothing, I don’t want to drink tonight, anything less alcoholic I guess” Samuel shrugged.
I laughed on the inside.
“Okay, maybe I can find someone who’d help me get some Capri sun or viju milk for you” Kingsley teased and I smiled.
Samuel seemed angry about it though. “Just don’t get me anything” he said and Kingsley shrugged and walked away.
I found a sofa close to the wall and I sat down.
I was suddenly hungry.
I turned to Samuel, he seemed lost in thought as he stood alone.
“Sam… Samuel” I called.
He turned.
“You’re not a pole, come and have a sit” I said and he hesitated before walking up to the sofa and sitting down beside me, suddenly he scoot over a little bit seeing he was too close to me.
We both remained quiet and I was bored. So I turned to him.
“I saw you” I began.
He turned to me. For some reason he didn’t want to look me in the eye.
“You were checking me out, when I walked out of the hostel, I saw your eyes on my body. What was that?” I scoffed and he suddenly looked like he was about to pass out.
Now this reaction gets me every time. It is so funny. Seeing how flustered he is makes you want to tease him to death.
“I’m… So.. Sor.. sorry” he stuttered.
“No its okay” I smiled.
“That was definitely approval coming from you”.
“No… It was an eerie behaviour I shouldn’t have exhibit” Samuel blurted out.
Such a geek.
And the fact that he’s not looking at me but looking at the table in front of us and talking to me.
“Samuel”. I called and his eyes looked up and met mine but he removed his eyes immediately.
“What.?” I laughed. “what is wrong with you. Do I have something in my eyes.?” I asked.
“It’s not that” he seemed nervous.
“Then what is it?”…
T. B. C

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