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Wounded episode 21

The next day, as I got to class early, I met Samuel… And the smile he held was just… Heart warming. We got ready for class and as the class got filled, the lecturer walled in.
Strange he wasn’t our usual Mr. Tony but a new lecturer who already got student murmuring about him being Mr. Tony substitute.
As he got closer and to the front of the class with a smug on his face, he started to become familiar.
He’s.. My last client before coming to school here!
He stood in front of the wh0le class and let’s out a smile staring at the wh0le students in front of him.
“Good day” He stated happily.
“Good day” The class replied in unison.
“I see you’re all surprised not seeing Mr Tony here your usual professor. Well Mr Tony is in some kind of situation with the school and is going be absent for a while, and I’ll be filling in his spot till he’s present again… I’ll be your lecturer for a while, I hope we can all get along, and please call me Mr. Vincent” He stated before letting out a grin.
I could hear my heart thumping heavily, I glanced at Samuel and he just seemed focus on what Mr. Vincent was saying.
I sighed and turned back to our lecturer. So great that I was sitting right at the front. Super duper great for me.
As Mr. Vincent spoke, we made a brief eye contact but he looked away.
Wait. He didn’t recognise me did he? Cause he showed no sign of surprise, when he saw me.
I hope he doesn’t recognise me.
Samuel fixed his glasses on immediately the class started and his attitude switched to his serious learning mode. While me on the other hand, felt like turning into a bird and flying out of the class. Why is the universe so against me.
As the class went on, hearing his voice I started to recall the night we met… I sulked so hard my body felt weak I suddenly lost focus on what he was teaching.
**Look, if it’s the fifty thousand that’s making you act like this, then fine, I’ll send it to you right here, right now, leave my wife out of this.” **.
Mr. Vincent’s voice sounded clearly inside my head and my stomach tightened, my breath hitched and I felt like vomiting right on that spot. I’m screwed. I had to take excuse from the class, but then again, that’s just like drawing full attention from Mr. Vincent to me.
I didn’t know when my right hand slowly went up and Mr. Vincent looked at me.
Eventually we’ve made eye contact, so it’s no different than him seeing me now.
“Yes miss” Mr Vincent smiled at me.
“Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked.
“Why of course” He smiled in return.
Samuel turned to me and I gave him a brief smile as stood up and walked out of the class.
I breathed in and out as I came out of the class.
I felt my eyes wet and I shut it real tight letting the tears drop.
If i had known all this would happen, I shouldn’t have met Samuel, or I shouldn’t have accepted his heart, or fall for him… Or even… Started this stupid job in the first place.
I stayed alone in the corridor and after drying my eyes and catching more of my breaths, I left for the class again.
But seeing Mr. Vincent face again caused my blood to rise, and I could feel my body shake in fear as I sat beside Samuel.
Nothing is going to happen… I reminded myself.
He doesn’t remember me. I tell myself.
I breathed in slowly and then breathed out slowly.
“Are you okay?” Samuel asked in a whisper.
“I’m fine..!” I smiled.
He hesitantly nodded and looked away.
The class was over for the day and I felt like I could breathe again.
“Come on let’s go home quickly, I need to take care of something” I stated shoving my books inside my back.
“Oh okay!” Samuel stated slowly placing his books inside his bag.
I looked up at Mr. Vincent and he was looking right at me.
Wait! What?
Damn it!
The class was starting to get empty.
“Hurry up Samuel!” I rushed.
“Sorry” Samuel apologized as he took of his glassed and slowly placed them in its case.
I looked up again and Mr. Vincent was now walking towards Samuel and I.
If only the ground should just be nice and open the ground and let me in. Then all would be fine.
Before Samuel could fix his bag on his body, Mr. Vincent already got to us.
“HI there.” Mr. Vincent smiled at Samuel and I.
I tried my very best to stay calm.
“hi…” Samuel replied. “HI..” I hesitantly replied.
“So sorry for the bother, so I was wondering if you could just point to me or tell me the direction of block 4 that’s where my office is supposed to be, you see I didn’t really get to know this place before carrying out on my first lesson, the school wanted me to teach first before any other thing, so if you will be so kind and tell me.” Mr Vincent smiled.
“Well it’s just across this block, and you’ll see a leafless tree beside it, and that’s how you know it’s block four.” Samuel plainly explained and Mr Vincent smiled and with a thank you, he walked away.
Samuel turned to me. “Okay I’m done packing, we can leave now!”. Samuel stated, well its too late now.
“Okay” I smiled.
Samuel esc-rted me back to my hostel and I didn’t say anything on our way back and just pulled him in a brief hug and let out the word thank you before walking inside.
I crashed on my bed and let out a heavy sigh.
I stare at my ceiling for a while.
Mabel abandoned me.
I’m dating Samuel who I really… Really like, but I’m keeping secrets from him that I’m actually a good for nothing girl who doesn’t deserve him and now there is vincent.
Could anyone life be as perfect as mine.
I smiled, as I noticed a tear dropping from the corner of my right eye.
I have no one.
I really want to talk to someone about this, I’m confused as hell. And I really want to muster all the courage to talk Samuel about this.
But then what would he think of me? A good for nothing sl*t who slept with her new lecturer a while ago.
Only the thinking of that my heart was already aching.
I stayed in my room all day, I wasn’t hungry because my stomach and heart were filled already with worry, and sadness, I attended no classes that day and when Tochi came back even after preparing one of her mouth watering meals, I turned her down she told me to come eat.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
All folded up in my blanket I looked at her. “Why do you ask that.?”
“Because you never reject food, I don’t know much about you, but I do know that food is your top priority and you’ve been laying like that since forever, I noticed which each class ending and me coming home”. Tochi explained.
“I’m just tired” I breathed out.
Tochi shrugged and went to sit on the bed with her food.
As she ate, I stared at her, she kind of noticed and gave me a narrowed eye look.
I slowly sat up.
“Can I talk to you about something?” I ask.
Am I even sure about this?
“Sure anything” Tochi shrugs.
I breathed out. I just need someone else who isn’t me to talk to about this.
“Promise you won’t say anything to anyone?” I raised my brows at her.
She slowly dropped her spoon. “Oh I’m starting to get scared” she laughed.
“It’s nothing funny, I’m serious here.” I k-ssed my teeth.
“Sorry… You just said it a little too deep. Sorry you can continue, and yes I promise, whatever you tell me stays here.” Tochi said, assuring.
“Cause you and miss Cynthia are friends and I don’t want you running off and telling her about this and also telling her to keep it a secret, cause that will be pretty messed up, so please just allow me to trust you on this one.” I sighed and Tochi nodded.
“I promise” she stated and I nodded.
I stayed quiet for a while before starting. Even though I didn’t know where to start from exactly.
“So… You know how Samuel and I are in a relationship!?”.
“Who doesn’t, everyone knows.” she smiled.
“That’s not my point, the thing is… Ever wondered how got to earn so much money?” I asked feeling a bit awkward.
“I don’t know… I never cared… Aren’t you from a rich family or something?” she shrugged.
I shook my head. “Don’t have any parents to begin with, just used to lived with a lady in her twenties who introduced me to the job of a hooker.” I said and bit my Bottom lip.
“Hooker?” Tochi replied, she looked confused.
“Okay… A call girl!” I stated
Tochi eyebrows slowly went up. “Ohhh” she breathed out.
Her reaction freaked me out a little… How would Samuel’s reaction be.
I breathed out and continued with the wh0le story.
“So now you’re scared that Mr. Vincent might recognize you even though he’s acting like he doesn’t?” Tochi asked after listening to the wh0le story.
“Yes.” I nodded.
“You should definitely let Samuel know” Tochi replied.
I smiled. “Easier said than done, you just have seen your face when I said I was a call call, it scared me, and I wondered how Samuel reaction will be!”
“I’m sorry, if I freaked you out a bit, but imagine Samuel finding this out from someone other than you!” Tochi blurted.
“Yes I know… I know it will be horrid and that’s why you have to keep this between, I’ll let him know eventually, but it’s not that easy you know… I’m a bit scared.” I breathed out.
“You should be. But you should also try to have courage too and be–
Tochi stopped talking when we both heard a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it” she said standing up and walking towards the door.
She opener the door and quickly glance back at me, opening it wider for the person to walk in.
“Samuel…” I called
“HI” Samuel smiled at me.
“Welcome… I’ll go dispose my plate now” Tochi announced walking out of the room.
Samuel sat on my bed beside me.
“How are you?” he asked.
With my eyes staring at the floor, I replied. “I’m fine.
“You missed all the classes today I was worried sick, I tried calling but you weren’t answering.” Samuel stated and I glanced at my phone.
“Sorry, it was on silent”.
“It’s okay,” Samuel sighed.
“Bridget…” Samuel called and I looked up at him.
“What’s really going on… Please tell me. Because everyday you don’t seem like yourself, I noticed how you were constantly sighing during first class, and now you’re in bed right now missing the wh0le class for the day, are you sick or something.?” Samuel asked.
We’re alone…
Should I tell him…
I remembered Tochi’s reaction and I shook my head. “I’m not sick” I’m not ready for a breakup.
“Then why do you keep acting like this, I don’t understand… Please talk to me” Samuel’s voice was calm and my eyes started to react to it immediately.
“Okay” I breathed. “My guardian who I told you I had a fight with, called and told me that I shouldn’t come home ever again, even when the semester ends, I mean we’re not related, I get why she’s like this, I mean my aunt was rude to me so what did I expect from a stranger, she kicked me out with no regret and when everyone here will be leaving for home, I’ll be the only one around.” I said and let out a little sniff.
I’ve been crying too much lately… Is it because I’ve been to calm and happy for too long?
“That’s too harsh, I see… That’s why you’ve been like this, getting kicked out of where you call home.” Samuel stated.
“Exactly” I dried my eyes.
I didn’t tell him the main thing, but at least I did tell him part of it.
“W…well it’s okay… Because you can come live with me, if that doesn’t sound weird to you” Samuel stated and I smiled.
“It does sound weird” I tell him.
He laughed. “Well everything is going to be okay”.
Samuel k-ssed me on the forehead.
“Yes I hope so too.” I nodded.
T. B. C
Y’all gonna hate me for the next episode πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

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