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Episode Forty Six
“Buddy!!! What are you doing???” Michael questioned staring at George with disbelief.

“Dad???” Ashley said and the kids laughed.

“Oh my goodness!!! Please get up” Veronica said as she tried to raise George up but he won’t answer her.

“Isn’t this how they greet here in Nigeria?? Or didn’t I get it right??” George asked.

“Hmm mm… Of course, you are right, but why are you doing this??” Michael asked.

“Hmm mm.. OK, there are a lot of reasons am doing this.. Am so happy to see your mom finally, the great mother, woman and goddess that gave bith to a great man like you, that gave birth to someone who has been with me through thick and thin, who has always got my back, even with my annoying attitudes and behaviors, who didn’t cast me away or hated me, sometimes I wonder, what if you had not tried to pull a fast one on us, what if Dad didn’t adopt you, I would have been dead a long time ago and my kids wouldn’t have been happy neither will I be, for that I say a very big thanks to the great woman that gave bith to you and please from now on I want to be addressed as your son, I don’t know if that will be possible??” George said with gratitude and sincerity, Michael was just watching along with Adrian, Veronica and the girls were in tears.

“I am really short of words but what I can say is thank you very much for everything you and your family has done for my son” Veronica said as she pulled George up “And yes from now on you are my son and they are my grandchildren” She said and they all hugged.

“Okay, enough of all the emotional and sad talks, let’s go in and have something to eat” Michael said smiling , the kids wiped their tears and they all entered into the house.

“Wow!!!!! Alexa, is that our pictures??” Ashley asked as she looked around, looking at the pictures hung on the wall.


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yeah!!” Adrian and Alexa chorused, happily.

“Yes, they are all your pictures, I go them from the Internet, Ademi sang your praises and made me love you guys” Veronica said smiling as she ushered them to the parlor.


one quick question, you been saying something I don’t really understand and you even called godfather that, what’s it??” Adrian asked Veronica, Michael laughed.

“It’s my name and she loves to call me that, It’s Adeyemi but she calls me Ademi… Adeyemi means the crown belongs to me while Ademi means My crown” Michael explained.

“Wow!!!!” The kids chorused together, the girls had their hands on their chests and the second hands fanning themselves, while Adrian had his hands on his cheeks, this made the adults burst in laughter.

“Micheal was so correct in all your qualities” Veronica said laughing.

“My adult kids”George said laughing.


ma there are so many things we want to know about Nigeria and so many things, will you tell us???” Alshey asked.

“Ofcourse, so what do you want to know??” Veronica asked.

“Hmmm… Mami before that, you have got to change what you are putting on, it’s too revealing” Michael said looking away.

“godfather??!!” Ashley screamed “You are so oldddddd fashioned” She said with a raised voice.

“And when you say old, I hope you mean olddddddddddddddddddddddddd fashioned” Alexa said placing emphasis on the old with a eyes roll, Veronica couldn’t stop laughing.

“Grandma don’t mind godfather at all, he is so so old fashioned” Adrian added shaking his head.

“Guys but…..”Michael wanted to say when Ashley cut in.

“No buts, the dress is OK, she is at home for goodness sake and not in the office” Ashley said.

“George, what do you have to say?? Do you agree with me??” Michael asked.

“Hmm… On this, Nope am not, the dress is fine” George said and the kids screamed.

“godfather Zero, everyone One, you are outnumbered godfather give up” Ashley said with others laughing.

“Fine!” Michael said in defeat.

“Babies, your godfather told me you love cartoons, well I have alot for you all, and I bet you are gonna like it” Veronica said.

“Yep!!!” The shouted happily and followed her to the TV set with had a decorder and a DVD player, she opened the racket below, it was filled with cartoons.

“Mom, don’t tell me you have been watching these???” Michael questioned as he walked towards them.

“Well are you still asking, it’s obviously obvious” George answered as he also moved towards them.


Grandma is awesome” Adrian said smiling.

“Yep, you can say that again” Alexa said with smiles.

“Seriously!!! She is the best!!” Ashley squealed happily as she knelt down and began to check the cartoons “Am gonna give you a hug!!” She said happily and hugged Veronica, Ashley could only hug Veronica’s legs due to her stature.

“This is funny, baby Ashy, you are super short” Goerge said mockingly.

“Dad?!!!” Ashley screamed, Veronica laughed and knelt down, all the kids hugged her after someminutes they all disengaged.

“Dad you will be watching with us, the last time you didn’t watch with us, only godfather did” Adrian said and immediately George went pale.

“That’s true, I totally forgot” Ashley said, George shot daggers stares at Adrian who smiled mischievously.

“So he will be watching with us today and now” Alexa added to with a grin.

“Oooh no I can’t.. I and Michael have some….” George was saying winking secretly to Michael asking him for help, Veronica was suppressing her laughter as she looked on.

“I don’t remember anything we are gonna be doing together, the last time I checked, today is a free day, so yeah we are not doing anything, not even office work, cause we finished all already” Michael said feigning innocence, George hit his hands on his head in frustration, he gave Michael a ‘I will kill you’ look.

“Okay, so let’s gather” Ashley said and they all sat down with George in their middle looking forgotten, they soon began to watch the cartoons with drinks and snacks both Veronica and Michael went to Veronica’s room after spending some minutes watching the cartoon.

“Oooh my!!!” Veronica said after laughing for two minutes straight, with Michael smiling at her ” Those kids are awesome, lively, playful and loveable” She said as she opened her closet, they both walked in.

“You could say that again” Michael replied “How have you been doing??” He asked.

“Very fine”

“And him???” Michael asked smiling wildly referring to his mother’s sweetheart, Jimi.

“Oooh, he is fine as well” She answered blushing.

“Oooh my goodness!!! Mom!???” Michael squealed happily.

“Stop shouting” she said smiling at her son who shook his head and winked at his mother “Yeah, Ademi, I need fuel in my car, I want you to help me get the fuel because the workers all have their day off”

“That explains why everywhere is quiet, OK no problem”

“I want you to buy from a particular girl, the filing station is…” She describes it “The girl saved me from been harmed and robbed, I really like her personality” She said and chuckled.

“Really??” Michael asked as he looked at his mother’s closet with satisfaction.

“Yeah, she saved me.. This is what happened..” Veronica explained how she was saved from been robbed.

“Similar personality” Michael murmured as he remembered Becca.

“You said???” Veronica asked.

“Oh nothing, I will buy from her” Michael answered.

“Her name is Becca, Queen Becca, Queen of the street” Veronica said laughing as she remembered Becca, Michael was stunned and excited but he covered it up.

“Hmmm… Okay, let me get going, so I will get back early” Michael said as his excitement is almost becoming visible.

“Okay, be careful and take care, be back on time too” Veronica said as the both of them move out of the room with Nica putting on a light and not all transparent gown with parted in both sides over her the clothes she was putting on.

“Yeah I will” Michael said ” Guys, I will be back soon” He said informing the kids and George who was dozing, she chuckled.

“Okay, be careful and don’t be late” Alexa said.

“OK Mami, I might be late a bit but I will be back, I wanna also do somethings, OK??” Michael said when he got to the door.

“Okay, no problem, are you with your phone??” She asked and he nodded “Okay then bye” she said and handed him the keys, Michael took them, entered the car and drove off. Veronica entered, went to the kitchen to start cooking.


“Well, my great surprise for my sweetheart” Michael said as he thought about his surprise for Becca, he drove into the filing station, seeing Becca in her uniform was breathtaking, there were two cars in front of him.

Becca looked at the car lined up for her and stared at them tiredly.

“Can’t this man go and join the other place, ohhh” She complained as she saw a black beautiful portable car joining the queue, she rolled her eyes and began to sell fuel for the car in front of her. Then the car drove to her side gently, for few minutes the owner of the car didn’t say anything, so she knocked on the glass gently, the window was whined down gently.

“I want a full tank and also the gallons in the boot should be filled to the brim”He said, Becca didn’t look at him but went straight to do what she was told, she sold the fuel for him. When she was about to collect her money, only then did she noticed that the owner was putting on a dark shade spectacles, she could only see a little because the tainted glass were rolled down a bit. When she was done with everything, the car drove off, she sighed. Just as she sat down to eat, she remembered Michael.

“I swear, if I see him, I will kill him, he didn’t even call me, maybe he doesn’t want trouble, because I am trouble” Becca spoke to herself and chuckled sadly.

“Hmmmm… Hey Becca, there is a man there that needs you” One of her colleagues said pointing to that same black car.

“Really?? But I am starving and I want to eat, can’t you help him Kate??” She asked the lady.

“The man said he wanted you and no one else” Kate replied looking at Becca who was somehow angry.

“Fine, thanks” Becca said an with that Kate left “If he is one of this men that want to date me or do any foolish thing, I swear I will smash his head” She said angrily and moved towards the car, the man was leaning on the car with one side. Becca walked and stood in his front, she could perceive a familiar cologne but she ignored it and also a familar aura but she didn’t look up at him.

“Hmmmm… Guess you cheated me I mean the fuel you sold” The man said harshly, Becca fumed.

“So what do you want and besides our fuel is accurate” Becca said as she looked at the man briefly, he had a face mask on “All this rich people ehen, which one is face mask now, when it is not that he has an illness” She thought and hissed mentally.

“I want…… You” The man said with a very familiar voice and grabbed Becca on her wrist.

“Well, am sorry you can’t, please excuse me” Becca said eyeing as she snatched her hand from the man and was about to walk away when he grabbed her waist, Becca pulled him, as he staggered backwards, she followed him with anger and prepared to slap the man.

“How dare you!!!!!, do you know who I am…… I am….” Becca was about to slap the man.

“Rebecca but Becca the queen of the street and you rule the damn street!!” The man said, her hands stood in the air and with that, he put off his mask and spectacules.

“What???!!!!” Becca screamed on top of her voice “Michael….. Oh my goodness!!!” She said, jumping on him and engulfing in a tight hug, still shouting.

“Becca can you please stop shouting, you gonna block my ears” Michael said laughing at the fact that he almost got beaten by Becca. After few minutes, she suddenly disengage and looked at him.

“I hate you, you didn’t even call me or came to look for me, you left, I wasn’t even supposed to hug you, am leaving” Becca said sadly and made to leave, Michael blocked her way.

“See, am so sorry, Very sorry, don’t stay mad at me please???” Michael said pleading with Becca who was looking sideways.

“That’s your problem, can I go??” She said harshly, Michael chuckled quietly as he knew she was pretending because she had smiles on her face and even hugged him.

“No you can’t, like I am sorry” He said again this time walking towards her, he turned her, she had her back on the car and he was in front of her “You are beautiful” Michael said staring at her face but she was still looking sideways.

“I am working and I don’t have time for this” Becca said pretending to be angry and hard but deep down, she was so happy and excited.

“I love you eyes” Michael said again staring at her, he took his hand and turned her face towards him, she closed her eyes, Michael suppressed his laughter “Wait!?? Is the queen of the street now a weakling that can’t even stare at a man’s face or have you…… you know… head over heels” He said in his sweet voice that made Becca shiver a little and instantly have goosebumps.

“Michael, am uncomfortable, stop and let me go” Becca said still with her eyes shut, Michael couldn’t help grinning.

“Am sorry, OK I will stop but just open your eyes” Michael said, Becca opened her eyes and looked at Michael who was smiling and caressing her hands.

“Stop smiling, what you did wasn’t funny at all, I thought something bad happened” Becca said.

“Ooooh nothing bad happened and I am fine but I miss you, do you miss me??” Michael asked as he looked at Becca who rolled her eyes.

“Nope I didn’t” She replied.

“Really, you sent me a voice note that almost made me jump out of my skin… Even till now..” Michael said , shifting backwards and started to laugh when he remembered the vote note she sent and his and his family’s reaction, Becca couldn’t help but smile, she loves his laughter.

“Fine, you won’t blame me, I thought….” She was interrupted as Michael hugged tightly “Am still mad at you” She said smiling.

“I know but I miss you so much” He said as he disengage “And speaking about not missing me, you sent more than a thousand messages through both SMS and WhatsApp, maybe I should bring out my phone and…..” Michael was saying feigning innocence.

“Fine you don’t have to bring your phone out….. And…… Yeah….. I…. ddddo miss you too, happy now???” Becca said and Michael laughed.

“I knew it, you just wanted to punish me right????, I am already, those days I didn’t get to talk to you are enough punishment” He said looking at her with love and care, they both stared at each other.

“You aren’t going to kiss me are you???, I will break your bone if you do” Becca interrupted, Michael giggled.

“Ruining a perfect moment, all thanks to you” Michael said hitting his head in frustration which cause Becca to laugh, Michael was stunned as he looked at her.

“What???” She asked as she touched her face “is something in my face???” She asked but he didn’t answer, still staring at her “C’mon what is it???” She sounded scared “Are you well???” She asked and held his arm.

“Your laughter and the beauty it gave your face made me stunned… It was fabulous” Michael said and Becca laughed childishly.

“You scared me, I thought something went wrong, thanks for the sweet words”

“It’s the truth” Michael said smiling, Becca smiled to.

“Am actually in my workplace, I don’t want my manger to start complaining”

“Hmmmm….. Okay, can we met up tomorrow afternoon???” Michael asked holding her hands.

“OK, no problem, I got to go now”

“OK, I will give you a call, take care” He said and left her hands, she walked some distance away from him and stopped.

“If you don’t give me a call as you’ve said or disappear has you did, I will kill you” She said playfully, Michael laughed.

“Yes your highness, bye” He said and they waved at each other, he drove off, Becca jumped with excitement and walked to the station and sat down, a male colleague stood before her.

“So who is he???” A male colleague spitefully who has been hitting on Becca asked “So you too, you’ve joined those that date rich men because of their money right???” He said bitterly.

“The last time I checked, I told you I wasn’t interested in you and also you ain’t my parents or someone special to me that I should listen to you and besides I do whatever I want and that also isn’t any of your business” Becca said “Kate come and eat, I am filled up with excitement and happiness!!!!” She yelled happily that her colleagues stared at her “Don’t mind me” She said waving her hands in the air as she and Kate walked towards a bench and sat down leaving the person she insulted standing and looking dejected, Kate thanked her and began to eat but she took her phone out and began to operate it with smiles on her face.

** ** ** ** ** **

“I am coming for them, I will have to eliminate all who are after my preys” A lady said, she is in her early Twenties, she is an American and has alot of tattoos and her hair is dyed in different colour, she is in a beautiful room, sitting behind a table and on the wall which she is staring at, she had pictures of the Darlingtons and her own enemies.

“I will avenge you father, I will kill and make the life of those who sent you to prison and made you to be six feet below, I will make their lives miserable, they will be alive but wish they did die…. I am Natasha Allen popularly known as the Mafia Queen” she said angrily as she stared at her father’s pics “I thought after I wake up from coma, you will be the first person to see but you nor resprenstatives came, but later found out the story, am going for them” She said and gumed the picture back to the wall. Somebody knocked on her door, she opened to reveal a guy who is in his late twenties, also an a white person who had tattoo over his hands, he was wearing only a singlet, he has so many piercings.

“Hey babe” He said while Tasha smiled and hugged him.

“You made it to Nigeria… I missed you Xavier” She said happily, they disengaged after kissing, he sat on her bed as she locked the door.

“So Tasha, let’s get down to business” Xavier said as he stood up and studied the pictures on the wall and smiled.

“Yeah…. We are going to see a certain man called Gerry, we start from there” Tasha said.

“OK…. We should go prepared, he might be a hard man” Xavier said going back to sitting on the bed and layed down.

“He is not… I have got information on all I want from the spy I killed” Tasha said smiling. She joined Xavier on the bed, putting her head on his chest. “Am coming for you my preys.. Darlingtons be prepare”

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