A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 6

A Little Too Late (episode 6)

There’s no bitter regret than that of “Had I known”. It’s sad that so many people still make the mistake of judging a person’s future by their present situation. If only our eyes could see the future then so many regrets would be contained, but I guess God limited us in that aspect so our decisions regarding important issues of life such as whom to love, would come from a genuine heart.

If only Maria looked beyond Nathan’s present situation and accepted him for the hardworking man that he was, then I believe she would have gotten the lifestyle of comfort she always dreamed of and also have a man that would have adored her till the very end of time.

It’s so sad she let her money conscious side get the better part of her. Maria was in for a shocker but hadn’t realised yet because Nathan’s new found success was still unknown to her.

On hearing the panelist approval of Nathan’s project, he couldn’t contain his joy so he scre-med. “This isn’t happening, thank you sir! Thank you so much sir, I promise to never let you down” Nathan excitedly said as he went around shaking everyone that was present. They could see how grateful and happy he was and hoped he delivered well on his newly assigned contract.

The necessary doc-ments and contract were signed immediately. A date was given to him for commencement of the project. Nathan left the government house still in stock as he couldn’t believe all that happened back inside. He scre-med, jumped and ran as joy overflowed from his heart.

Immediately Nathan arrived home, he knelt down in his one room apartment and started crying. “Thank you Lord, I can’t thank you enough. I’m so grateful and humbled by your favour and grace in my life, thank you Lord” He managed to say as tears of joy dripped from his eyes.

Nathan couldn’t even eat that night because he was still in shock. “So it’s finally over? Thank you Lord” he kept saying as he laid on his bed staring at the signed contract with the government officials. He called his parents and siblings to break the good news to them. “We have finally made it, everything is going to be alright from today henceforth. I’m glad you never lost faith in me, I promise to give you all the life you deserve” he said to them.

Everyone was genuinely happy and danced for joy all day long. They had suffered for far too long but things were about to change for the best. Due to the different emotions Nathan was feeling that night, it made it difficult for him to sleep. He wanted to call Maria to break the good news to her, but felt it wasn’t necessary because they weren’t so close anymore.

As Nathan was now a potential rich man, Maria was still stuck on her fairy tale happy ending with Josh. When Maria returned from her make-up appointment that day, she realised Josh hadn’t called her yet. She decided not to call first so as not to look too desperate.

At around passed 7pm, Josh called but before she could pick the call, it ended. “Did he just flash me? Because my phone rings longer than this before it cuts” Maria wondered as she waited for him to call again.

After waiting for few minutes with no call from Josh, Maria decided to call him back. “Hey babe, how are you doing?” Josh greeted, “I’m fine and you?” Maria replied and Josh said “Good”. “I called earlier but you didn’t pick up so I felt you were busy” he added, “I actually thought you flashed me, so sorry I wasn’t with my phone” she replied, “Me? Flash you? Never!” He lied but Maria told him to ignore what she said earlier.

They talked for a little while and ended the call afterwards. Maria laid on her bed with more questions in her head, than answers. She felt so empty with Josh and didn’t know exactly why. Maybe it was God’s way of telling her that she was headed towards a drastic end, but I guess she ignored her instincts.

Days turned into weeks and Maria was still hanging on with her supposed rich doctor partner. So many things weren’t adding up with Josh but she always consoled herself that everything was alright, “after all, he has a huge house and he’s a doctor” she usually said to herself.

On the other hand, Nathan had already started work and was doing tremendously great at his newly assigned contract. The government officials that approved the contract were marveled and impressed at how well the project was going.

In a short while, Nathan was assigned some security officials to guide him because he was now a national treasure. Nathan succeeded in reducing the poverty rate in his state by the success of his project. He became the people’s person, as everyone loved the dedication and compassion he put Into making their lives better.

Life became extremely fulfilling and great for Nathan. He moved out from his one room apartment and now lived in a location meant for the elites only. Nathan gave back a portion of his wealth to the less privileged because he knew how if felt to have nothing.

As Maria had lots of questions in her head as to why Josh hadn’t spent a dime on her since they met, Nathan was busy giving back to so many people. Maria was still unaware of Nathan’s new found wealth till one fateful day.

On that day, she went shopping and was on her way home but couldn’t find any taxi to take her home. Maria stood on the main road for almost an hour without seeing any car going towards her direction. She didn’t have enough money to take an Uber, so she had to wait for a commercial taxi.

Unknowingly to her, Nathan’s driver followed through that route in order to beat traffic because Nathan had an important meeting to attend. As she stood there helplessly, Nathan looked through his tinted window and saw her standing there. At first, he thought she wasn’t the one but looked well only to be fully convinced that she was the one.

“Isn’t that Maria? What’s she doing at the road side in this hot sun” Nathan wondered, “Driver stop the car when you get to where that lady is standing, I know her” he said to his driver.

They finally got closer and Nathan wind down his car window and said “Hey Mimi”. Maria was shocked to the brim and her heart skipped several beats, chocking her breath.

She stood there lost in thoughts and shockingly said “Nathan, is that you?”

End of episode 6 😉

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