Anjiala episode 20

ANJIÁLA – Episode 20
© Bunmi B Gabriel
It had been two days since Aris came, he was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Everyone was fond of him and his enthusiastically cute behavior, he was adorable. Well, Zino and Matt didn’t like him, maybe because he was much more handsome. Their own cup of tea m
We went for a run, he kept squealing and throwing his hands in the air, it was fun to watch him do that. Santiago suggests he went to school because he was really intelligent, or rather, he s-cked the life out of my laptop. Everything was downloaded in his head, he was still trying to convince Mateo’s father to let him attend the school.
‘What toppings do you want with your pancake? Blueberry cream, vanilla syrup or nutella?’ He stroke his chin thoughtfully. ‘Come on, pick one.’ He made a sign for everything, I scrunched my nose ‘That’s disgusting.’ He grinned and gave me a thumbs up.
‘What’s up dumb man!’ Zino chirped mockingly walking into the kitchen.
‘Zino, don’t start.’ Abbie sighed
‘What did I do?’ He asked innocently. I shook my head, he’s a child. ‘What have you got there moron?’
‘You know Zino, for a cool guy, you’re absolutely dumb.’ Arie said calmly plodding into the kitchen. ‘Stop your childish behavior. It’s sickening.’
‘I’m not childish, right Abbie?’
‘Wrong, you are.’
‘You are childish acting mean to someone you don’t know. He had an accident and needed help, he’s clueless on what is going on around him and who he is. The least you can do is treat him nice and make he feel welcome but you’re drowning in childish jealousy.’
‘I’m not jealous….’
‘Yes you are! Why don’t you just trust me and know that I won’t ever leave you.’ He looked away. ‘Sure he’s hot as hell with all the glorious hair and cute eyes and sparkly teeth….’ Abbie trailed off dreamily, I chuckled.
‘Zino, he don’t even care. Aris is allover Anji, watch…..’ She swat me hærd on the head, I howled in pain. Aris growled viciously like a dog, his teeth grinding against each other. ‘It was a joke! Calm down!’ He didn’t listen, his eyes were turning dangerously red. I quickly went to him and hugged him soothingly, he whimpered
‘I’m fine love, trust me.’ He touched my head. ‘She was messing around, it’s how we friends play.’ He hugged me back, his tensed shoulders calming down. ‘I’m fine okay, just eat someone…..I mean something.’ He let go of me and faced his food
‘So, he’s some kind of werewolf trying to protect his mate.’ Zino said amusedly.
‘He’s not a werewolf.’ Abbie sighed
‘Yeah, I believe you.’ He said sarcastically.
‘Let the ass believe in whatever he wish to believe in, his own s***.’ Arie said scornfully. ‘Just back off, he can kill you.’
‘So if I stab him with silver, he’ll die?’
‘Someone will definitely die,’ I murmured and Abbie giggled. ‘We’ll be late for school.’ We finished eating, Aris didn’t want me to go, he kept crying that I stay with him. It was hærd leaving him but I had to go.
‘Hey Anji,’ Siobhan squealed when I walked into the hallway. I stopped and looked around to make sure she wasn’t looking at me, she was talking to me. What sort of morning bad luck is this. She ran to me and hugged me lightly. ‘How have you been? You look gorgeous today.’
‘Did you sleep well?’
‘I guess so.’
‘How’s Aramis? Can you help me win his heart so I’ll dump Matt and be with him….you should have just started with that.’ Arie said derisively. ‘Get off my best friend.’ She pushed Siobhan away.
‘So this is about Aris? Listen to me Siobhan, I won’t joke with him because I almost died saving him from where he was locked. I won’t, I repeat, I won’t ever leave him for someone else. Back off Siobhan, you have Matt so leave my boyfriend alone.’ I warned her calmly. She scoffed
‘He’s not your boyfriend stupid, he’s a single guy with no memory of who he was. Too bad for you though, I’ll either win his heart by pure means or magic.’
‘But you’re dating Mateo,’ Arie whispered yelled. ‘That would be cruel.’
‘None of your business.’
‘In that case, consider him taken from you as well. I was considering you but no more, I’m Hanna make Matt mine.’ Arie said confidently. ‘Bet I can get him to dump you before school ends.’
‘I dare you.’
‘Game on.’ Arie smirked and walked off, I sighed and followed behind her. I wasn’t worried because Siobhan threatened to take Aris, what are the possibility of that happening. I was more worried about her.
Classes was going well, lunch break was over, Arie spent all day glued to Matt, her magic working fast. I was going to class when I heard girls shrieking from the ground floor hallway. Soon many people were scre-ming and shouting. I followed the noise, I nudged past people, the girls were saying something about someone being cute and adorable. My instinct told me who, but I wanted to confirm first.
Right as it was, Aramis stood there hugging my geography textbook with big eyes staring intensely at the upper floors, like he was contemplating if to jump there or pull it down.
I sighed and walked out of the glass door
‘Aramis,’ his head jolted to me, he grinned. ‘You brought my textbook? Why?’ He looked at his feet sheepishly. ‘Excuse to see me?’ He nodded, I bit my lip blushingly. Maybe I should start believing Zino’s werewolf made theory, the love was not normal. I took the book. ‘Thank you.’ He pouted and gave me a very irresistible puppy eyes. The girls scre-med, I have to show him off. ‘Okay, you can stay with me for the day.’ He clapped his hands and made mine high fived his. I laughed and pulled him into the school
Perfect way to taunt Siobhan
××××××××××××× Helena ×××××××××××××
I watched from my invisible corner as the stupid king played with Anji. They were running around the school field like love sick puppies. Everything was going as planned, exactly the way I wanted it to be……almost. The king was suppose to lose his defense too but he almost killed me the last time. The only way to finally take over his body was to use his soulmate which is funny because peace bearer don’t have soulmates. They are destined to rule alone until their life force runs out
Something else must be up with his future and the destinies redesigned his life
whatever it is, I would still get what I want
I didn’t risk it all to get defeated
If only I could possess him, mother would be so proud.
I walked to them, he had her pinned on the ground, his face hovering over hers, like they were going to k-ss. I cleared my throat, they tore their rom-ntic gaze away from each other and glared at me. His was more intense
‘Anji, can I steal you away for a while?’
‘I’m kinda b….’
‘Okay, Aris, can you please let me go? I’ll be back in a jiffy.’
‘It won’t take long.’ I added, he let go of her, his eyes staring at me suspiciously. She stood up and dusted her skirt, k-ssed him on the cheek and signalled me follow. I could feel his gaze on my back
I followed Lena to where she was taking me, I didn’t feel too good about her. Her silent was alarming. She stopped abruptly and turned to me, her eyes were pitch black.
‘What’s going on Lena?’
‘Oh nothing, just completing my plans.’
‘You are one of them, right?’
‘Just the daughter of the woman that caused everything, don’t worry, I’ll only s-ck your blood and take your identity. No biggy’ she was taking dangerous step closer as I moved back. I tripped and fell. ‘Next time, don’t trust people easily….’ She roared and dashed to me, I closed my eyes waiting for the pain but it didn’t come. I heard her scre-m excruciatingly. I opened my eyes and saw Aris, he stood in front of me, his eyes red and him holding her throat.
His hand was flaming, she was trying to escape but couldn’t.
He was killing her
The fire consumed her body, she turned to ash.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked surprisingly, I blinked in shock
He talked!
To be continued

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