Anjiala episode 30

ANJIÁLA – Episode 30
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I hate running! I hate chasing something as well!!! Abbie, Davie and I were chasing after a possessed Tasmanian devil. From his head to his tail were poisonous porcupine spikes and his teeth were sharper than a lion’s canines. His fur was red like his eyes and his l-ips swollen. In a sort of way, he looked like a red koala because like literally, his head changed to a koala’s. The damn thing had us chasing him or her through the forest, it was f****** fast.
Abbie as usual didn’t mind running, in fact she was catching up to Davidson who had his cheetah speed to help his ministry. Me, I was sagging behind.
I hate running!.
Why didn’t I bring Daniel who had the speed.
‘I’m tired of running,’ I whined. Abbie stopped and sighed. ‘A little help Davies!!!’
‘Huh?’ He stopped and looked at me.
‘Your cheetah speed isn’t helping. Shift to a eagle and run after it or get the plants to tangle him down.’ He smacked his head.
‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ He looked ahead. Vines from the trees ahead of the Tasmanian stretched out in the speed of lightning and tied it down. ‘Yes!’ The spikes on it body cut the vines off and it ran off again. ‘No!’
‘I’m exhausted, we’ve been chasing that thing for three straight hours. Nothing we do seems to slow or hold him down, not even my psychokinesis.’ I said under my breath.
‘Why can’t you penetrate it mind and try to see what’s wrong.’ Abbie suggested.
‘One, it mind is impenetrable and two, it got f****** possessed by the red stone. It’s probably confuse on why it’s red and different.’
‘It killed and eat up a wh0le elephant, attacked a human which is me by the way and almost ate my head!’ Damien yelled. I rolled my eyes.
‘For an animal guy, you sure don’t know how to control them. Can’t you try?’ I asked nettlingly. He huffed and folded his arms.
‘Nobody asked me if I liked animals in the first place, they s-ck like ****! Why did I have to get the animal powers!’
‘You don’t like anything. You’re a lame dummy who’s social life s-cks more than a grandma!’ Abbie yelled. Wow! She’s usually not the type to day such. ‘You complain about everything like some rich spoilt brat who the world have to worsh¡ps because he’s demanding. Well guess what dude! You’re a f****** broke ass nigga who no one likes!!!!’ She was breathing heavily. I smiled and jogged over to her. I pulled her in for a hug and patted her head.
‘What did I stupid stepbrother do this time?’
‘He yelled at me because I questioned him on who the girl in his Instagram dp is. He called me a jealous annoying tits.’ She cried. I patted her back and sighed.
‘What did you say to him?’
‘Abbieeeee,’ I drawled. ‘What did you say?’
‘I only questioned him and might have called him a cheating b******. I didn’t mean to but he’s always posting pictures of gurls and their pretty faces and body. What about me!’
‘Abbie you’re too insecure. You always explode on him every time he does that, always yell without asking him why. You don’t even have to ask him, you don’t have to question him sometimes. Just ignore it because he have been like that even before you started dating so don’t interfere in such. If you’re too clingy and jealous stricken, he’ll get irritated by you and your attitude. Abbiana, call him later and apologize.’
‘I won’t. He always do the apologizing so I won’t do it.’
‘Abbie you’re destroying your relationsh¡p yourself. Stop with the s***ty proud attitude and call him. You did wrong. He did reduce his posting because of you but you should remember you’re the one he loves. Stop giving him doubts with your attitude.’
‘He have to apologize. He know I easily get jealous so he should have stopped!’
‘The girl on his dp is his friend who he wished a happy birthday. I saw the post.’
‘I’m not apologizing and that’s final.’ She pushed me away defiantly. Dennis sighed.
‘While you were busy doing your consoling bitty nonsense, the Tasmanian escaped.’ He said angrily.
‘While we were doing our bitty nonsense, you could have chased and caught it yourself!!!!’ She yelled at him. I gro-ned.
‘Oh yeah! Why didn’t you keep your silly emotions in check and do your job! We’re suppose to be catching possessed things, not listening to you lamenting about your ****ed up relationsh¡p and broken LIFE! I wonder what Zino see in a thing like you!’
Her eyes turned yellow. She bared her teeth and snarled.
‘Well guess what broke nigga, you’re the unfortunate single dude who can’t even get the girl he likes to like him. While you’re here wallowing and brooding like the wreck you are, she’s drooling over your much more better twin. Who would want to like a stupid lame ass like you!’ His own eyes turned Jade.
‘Okay guys, enough!’
‘Who are you to tell me what to do! You’re not my mother or anything. Mind your business!’ Abbie shrieked angrily. ‘You think you can advice me?! You’re loving a freaking imagination and I’m here loving a real stupid guy. At least mine is alive and not a never happening king!!!’ I gasped in shock, Abbie would never tell me such a thing to my face or even think it. Maybe think but most certainly not to my face.
‘Don’t talk to her like that!’ Dante snarled. ‘You’re not fit to open your useless mouth and insult a Queen!!!’
‘I forgot you’re a puppet, her puppet. What is she feeding you? Bre-st milk?!’ She snorted. I smiled realising what was happening. Tasmanian devil at work.
‘The same way some better, hotter, and much more smarter girl is br-astfeeding your darling Zino.’
‘That’s it!’ She scre-med and leapt to him. She crashed on him, their bodies rolling on the ground. Their eyes were turning red, badly red and hair too. They started fighting each other, using their powers on each other.
Delia shift into an elephant and used his trunk to wh¡p Abbie to a tree. His changed to a snake and wrapped her up. She gro-ned and scre-med, her wh0le body burning with the….am I seriously watching this!.
‘I said that’s ENOUGH!!!!!’ I roared. Time froze, everything still where it was the moment the roar left my mouth. Something swift pass me, I hissed not ready to lose it again. Time had slowed down to my own advantage but it wasn’t freezing….. I can freeze time?
I shook my head off my temporary dazed state and closed my eyes. I needed to do something quick.
I looked at Davis like he was the missing piece of the puzzle for a minute. The idea popped out.
I rushed to his frozen body and touched his head. I closed my eyes and penetrated into his mind, I hacked his powers and used it powerful force to call the devil out. The wave from our powers combine was starting to shake time, I had to try h-rder. I caught a link of it mind. The Tasmanian was confuse, scared and alone. It wanted the strange thing controlling him to go away, she wanted to return to her little babies.
‘It’s okay, I can help you.’ I said telepathically. ‘I can hell get rid of it if you give me the chance, if you let me help you. Please come.’
‘My babied, they’re alone and I tried to eat them.’ She cried in my head.
‘I will help you, trust me.’ I felt her running back to me. I opened my eyes and removed my hand from Dara’s head. My eyes met her red eyes, her worried filled one. I squatted. ‘It’s okay. You’ll be fine.’ I touched her head, she gasped. The energy left her and entered my ring. She returned to normal and licked my face.
‘Thank you but how do I find my way home? I’m lost.’ I looked at Davis.
‘I’ll handle that.’ I concentrated until time played. Den changed back to human and Abbie fell on the ground, both mo-ning in pain.
‘What happened? I feel like my brain got tampered with.’ Davis gro-ned. I got his name right! Nay, his name is Donald.
‘I feel like my chest got hit hærd.’ Abbie mo-ned. ‘My back hu….hey! The devil….why is it normal?’
‘I fixed her.’
‘It’s a her?!’ Abbie asked quizzically.
‘When did that happen?’ Daniel….er…whatever asked standing up. I shrugged.
‘Take her back to her babies.’
‘Why me?’ He asked rudely.
‘I wasn’t begging you, I was ordering you to.’ He grumbled and dusted his p-nts. He walked to the devil and sniffed her for a while which made her uncomfortable. He sniffed the air walking in circles before he puffed.
‘Found them! Follow me!’ He shiftshape to a kite and flew off. The Tasmanian devil ran after it. I smiled and folded my arms.
‘What happened?’ Abbie asked still in pain.
‘Nothing you should worry about. Now let’s go check on Daniel and his confessing operation.’ She smiled confusedly.
£££££££££££ Daniel £££££££££££££
I stared at the door contemplating if I should go in or not. I had been standing in her porch for four hours staring and contemplating. Am I not an idiot?
‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ I jerked at the voice of Anji. I turned and grinned. ‘You’re still standing here!’
‘I was gathering my courage.’
‘For four f****** hours! Dude! What’s with the **** attitude!’
‘It’s not that easy,’ I whined nervously rubbing my arm. ‘I don’t know how to say it.’
‘Then k-ss her like you f****** k-ssed me!’
‘So she can slap my future to my ****, no.’ She huffed and face palmed herself.
‘Ariana Daniel bought flowers for you confessing his love!!!!!!!!’ Abbie shouted. My eyes w¡dened. ‘Somebody had to do it.’ She shrugged. I made to run but Anji pinned me down telepathically. My heart was beating so fast, I was going to die. Her footsteps came in soon and she opened the door.
‘Where!’ She squealed. I was still standing there pinned like an idiot holding a bouquet if roses. ‘Awwwwn! For me!’ She squealed and grabbed the flowers. Anji glared at me. ‘Thanks.’
‘Erm Ariana, he’s about to have a concussion because of nervousness. He’s asking you out on a date tomorrow because he really really really really really likes you.’ Abbie said for me. I gulped. Here comes the rejection.
‘I thought you liked Polly?’ Arie asked with raided brow. She’s so pretty. My head forcefully shook negatively. It felt like my neck would snap off. ‘You like me?’ I nodded by Anji’s command ‘and you want me to be your girlfriend?’ I nodded again. ‘Maybe if you can say it yourself without Anjiála forcing you to.’ She threw the flowers back to me and folded her arms. Anji released me. ‘Weeeeeeell?’
‘Er….er….er….er…er….er…you see….’Anji’s glare was more intense. I swallowed and closed my eyes. ‘Would you please date me even if I’m not up to your class?’ I pleaded.
‘Nice such of words idiot.’ Anji said in my head. I opened one eye and saw Ariana smiling sweetly. I gulped, she walked way too close and k-ssed my cheek. Eh?
‘You’re exactly my class of guy.’ My mouth and eyes fell open. Anji scoffed and gave me a mental smack.
‘Idiot! Stop being a puss!’ She yelled out loud. Arie laughed and took the flowers. ‘I’ll be in,side, I had a long three running hours.’ She dragged Abbie in. Arie smiled.
‘Pick me up tomorrow?’ I nodded, my l-ips breaking into a grin. ‘Kk, goodnight boyfriend  in advance.’ She plant a quick k-ss on my l-ips before running in,side.
Yes! I’ve got a date with Ariana Alexander!!!!!
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‘Twitchet!!!!!’ Anji shouted out loud.
‘Cut it out Anji!!!!’ Arie shouted. Thanks Anjiála, I’ll forever be grateful.
To be continued

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