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Bad boy romance episode 50 – 51


🚫Bad Boy Romance🚫

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Episode 50

(Back to square one)
Payton’s POV

‘What?!! The whole school wants to sneak out with us??!’..I asked totally amazed about the whole situation..

‘Yes but to be honest i don’t think it’s a good idea,i think we should just sneak out without them cause it’ll be way too obvious’..Trevor suggested and i nodded..

‘Yeah you’re kind of right about that,i don’t think we should—

‘Where are you all off to??’..I heard Principal Terian’s voice and then all of a sudden all the lights came on exposing almost everyone.Everybody began scurrying into their rooms and some hid behind trees so they wouldn’t be caught and then all of a sudden i spotted Brody and Mr Rudolf coming towards us with his hand rested on Mr Rudolf’s shoulders…

‘Brody!!!’..i screamed and ran towards him.I jumped on his body and when he almost toppled off I got down from his body…

Sorry about that’..I murmured and he kept silent..

‘Keep your excitement till the morning guys cause right now Brody Anderson needs to rest and freshen up!! Go to bed guys cause tomorrow we’re going home!!’..Mr Rudolf said and everyone went into their rooms while Brody didn’t even glance at me twice before going into his own room…

I think we’re back to square one..


The Next Morning

‘Wake up guys it’s time to leave chop chop pack your bags the bus is here already!!’..Mr Rudolf yelled and i opened my eyes and let out a little yawn as i came down the bed.My leg was feeling a little bit better but still painful to walk with..

‘Ughh i didn’t enjoy this camping trip one bit’..Serani grumbled as she packed the rest of her things and i chuckled softly..

‘Look who’s talking,I fell in a ditch and broke my leg so tell me about it’…

‘Well at least you had a little bit of fun though with chase and all’..she muttered and my smile faded..

‘That was just me pretending to be happy Serani,if that was the definition of happiness then I would never went to be happy…I..I’m just happy that I’ve realized my mistakes and I’m also glad that Brody is okay’..I replied.When we were both done we went outside and everyone was already on the line with their bags.I glanced over to Brody and smiled seeing him smile talking to Nicole..

‘I told you he was a fighter,you see he’s back to the normal Playboy Brody Anderson’..Serani muttered from behind me and I sighed deeply..

‘Do you think he’d ever forgive me for what i did??’..I asked. .

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‘Well uhmm knowing Brody I guess the both of you are back to square one,there’s no way he’s going to forgive you’..

Episode 51

(You still have a boyfriend)
Brody’s POV

My head ached so bad as I rested on Marilyn’s shoulder who happened to lend it to me.I shot a look at Payton once a while but quickly looked away when our eyes almost met.Luckily she was back on good terms with Serani and Trevor…

‘Why don’t you go talk to her??’..Marilyn asked and I frowned…

‘What do you mean?’..I asked and she smiled..

‘You like her Brody it’s obvious and you’re not the shy type of attitude is kinda funny,I see the way you look at her and I want someone to look me like that too’..she said..

‘I don’t like her Marilyn,she’s my maid and I can never like her’..i whispered ignoring the pain in my lower abdomen…

‘Okay then well you need to rest and I’m lucky you’re okay cause Payton wanted to sneak to find you in the hospital with the other students I mean she literally cried her heart out and just because she was feeling guilty about you and saying that everything that happened was a mistake and she regrets everything’..She murmured…

‘Ohh really’..i exclaimed and she nodded…

So Payton really wanted to sneak off to me??..


The bus stopped in front of my house to drop me off since I was still not strong enough.Payton and Trevor got down with me and we all went inside.Mom was seated by the relaxation area and when she set her eyes on me she jolted from her chair immediately..

‘Oh my God Brody thank God you’re okay!! I almost had a heart attack when I heard you were stung by a scorpion’..She said in tears as she hugged me tightly…

‘I’ll be in my room’..was all i said and left.I slumped down on my bed grateful for the softness that i never noticed before and closed my eyes to sleep.A minute later my phone buzzed and when i annoyingly opened my eyes i saw that it was a message from Cooper…

💬:A Party At My House wanna come??..

I sighed deeply seeing what the message was and replied:

💬:Not in the mood for partying,catch you later..

I dropped my phone and turned the other way to sleep and just to my own dismay someone knocked on my door..

‘What?!!’..i asked sharply..

‘Uhh B..Brody it’s me Payton can I come in??’..Payton replied and i muffled a groan.

‘What do you want from me?!’..i asked again sharply..

‘I..I just want to talk that’s all’..she responded.I stood up from the bed and opened it only to be slammed by her beautiful face which haunts my dream every single night…

‘Fine then I’m here what do you want to say?’..I queried as i let her into my room and as she sat on the couch..

‘W..well first i wanted to say I’m sorry for my unruly behavior back at the camp and I’m also sorry for putting you in danger and almost killing you because of that Scorpion sting—Secondly I want to say thank you for saving my life,thank you Brody and I know you pretty much hate me for the pain you’re feeling and I’m sorry I’m going to give you the space you need cause you’ve always hated me right from the—

‘Wait is that what you think?? That i hate you??’..I cut in already feeling hot hearing her words..

‘Yes Brody,you’ve pretty much hated me right from the day you flirted with me and i embarrassed you’..she replied..

‘I don’t hate you Payton,Jesus Christ what have you been thinking?! That I’m a monster?? I don’t hate you Payton!!’..I said rummaging my hair angrily…

Payton’s POV

‘You hate me Brody and you show me how you hate me every single day,from the Toilet shredder incident,the n!pole pooper,the pranks,the insults,the names,the fights,that pretty much shows how much you hate me’..I murmured and he scoffed..

‘Well that pretty much shows how myopic you are!!! Why would you think i hate you?! In fact i even….’..his voice trailed off..

‘You what??’..i asked..

‘You still have a boyfriend Payton’..he answered and i arched my brows..

‘What do you mean by I still have a boyfriend??’..i asked..

‘Leave my room and don’t you ever talk about this ever again please just leave my room!!’..He yelled and pushed me out the door and then slammed it hard in my face..

What does he mean by I still have a boyfriend??

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