Betrothed To A Playboy

Betrothed to a playboy episode 44 – 45

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.



Mariana was moving from one side of the bed to another uncomfortably,she already undressed and she’s in her nightie.

She sighed and sat up on the bed,she checked the time and it’s 11pm

“I guess he’s not coming home” She muttered and got up,she left her room for a bottle of water.

She went downstairs and entered the kitchen,she took a bottle of water and left. She was about going back upstairs when she heard the entrance door opened,she immediately turned back and went to the living room to check.

She got there and it’s Leonard,he also stopped with total guilt in his eyes. Mariana eyed him expressionlessly and turned back again but was taken aback when Leonard suddenly hugged her from behind, making her still

His hands wrapped around her waist tightly

“Don’t leave…..please” he muttered in a gentle voice making her almost lose her breath

“Leonardo” She Called him breathlessly but he only tightened his embrace

“I’m a total jerk,I know. I’m sorry” he said

Mariana’s lips curled up expecting him to release her but he didn’t

“I’m never letting you go again,I don’t care whatever happens,I’m not going to let you out of my sight no matter what” Leonard said and kissed her neck wetly

Mariana closed her eyes and let out a silent moan which Leonard couldn’t even hear

Finally Leonard broke the hug and made her face him

“Can you just forget about me being a jerk and let’s start over again?? I don’t care anymore,I don’t want to think about anything else….I just want you beside me always,please” Leonard said as they stared into each other’s eyes

“Is everything okay?” Mariana asked suspiciously and touched his cheek

He lean into her and touched her hand

“Only if you promise never to leave me again” Leonard muttered

“I can’t promise that” Mariana looked down and Leonard pulled her against the wall

“Riana” he called in a flirty whisper and she melted in his arms.

“I just said I’m sorry,I know I’ve been hurting you but I really want to make it up to you….”

“So why are you just coming?? You forgot about the date right?” Mariana asked

“No,something came up and I couldn’t ignore” Leonard muttered and Mariana sighed

“You smell really good” he said as he inhale her scent which seems to be calming him down

Mariana sighed looking confused with his sudden attitude

‘I wonder what happened to him’ she thought

“I promise to make it up to you” He muttered

Mariana said no word,she only stared at him

“Goodnight” he said and went upstairs

Mariana turned to look at him

“Is he okay?” She sighed and also went upstairs

She entered her room and fell on the bed

Just when she was about closing her eyes,her phone rang. It’s from Alexa,swiping green,Alexa’s voice came up

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“Babe,are you okay now? I was worried when you suddenly left us” Alexa said and Mariana could imagine her pouting

“I’m fine Alexa,thank you” Mariana said

“I was thinking of picking you up tomorrow,what do you think?” Alexa asked

“You know this place?”

“Of course,I’m Alexa remember? See you in the morning!!”

“Yeah goodnight” Mariana smiled and hanged up

She closed her eyes and in a minute,she was asleep.


In Leonard’s room,he couldn’t stop thinking about what Francisco said. He’s interested in Mariana?? Love at first sight??

He wouldn’t allow that to happen,He’s going to make sure Mariana never leave his sight no matter what.

That’s why he decided to make sure she never have any reason to hate him anymore.



Mariana just finished dressing up when she got Alexa’s call

“She’s here” Mariana muttered before picking the call

“Will be out in a minute” Mariana said and hanged up again

She grabbed her bag and checked her face one last time before running out of her room.

She met Leonard also on his way downstairs and he immediately smiled at her

‘He’s smiling more often now’ Mariana thought

“You look hot” Leonard said,checking her out

“Thank you” Mariana replied

“School?” She asked

“Yeah,do you want us to go together?” Leonard asked and Mariana’s eyes Widened

“What? That’s only going to cause silly chaos again,I don’t want that to happen so please let’s stay away from each other in school,please” Mariana said and Leonard’s smile fell

“We should?” He asked

“I don’t know why you’re suddenly changing your mind okay? But I thought about it and I think keeping it from public is really the best,I don’t want unnecessary attentions from your fans” Mariana said

“Are you still angry with me?….”

‘No,I just got over you’ Mariana said inwardly and smiled at him

“Of course not,we are friends right? And we are always gonna be back here,so see you later” She said and ran downstairs

Leonard almost lost the total interest of going to school,he even skipped his schedule just because of her but she decided to change her mind??

‘Why am I even bothered? I’m just worried Francisco might be planning something crazy I don’t know’

Thinking about that,he also went downstairs.

He got a message from Collins,he didn’t bother to check knowing fully that today is his final shoot for the music video but he’s got to be in school today no matter what.


“Oh baby baby why you look so fine!!” Alexa screamed in a song lyric as Mariana joined her in the car

“Coz I’m Mariana” Mariana smirked and Alexa laughed before starting the car

“Where’s your boyfriend? I’m not calling him your fiancee coz I see no ring” Alexa said and Mariana smiled

“He’s good” she muttered

“Awwwwnnnnnn” Alexa said

“Stop! Nothing happened!” Mariana shouted and they both laughed

“Everyone!! I have Leonard’s girlfriend in my car!!!!!” Alexa screamed

“Are you crazy!” Mariana yelled and they laughed again

The drive to school was so lively

“You should come pick me up everyday” Mariana said when Alexa parked in the lot

“Anything for you Mrs Briggs” Alexa grinned and Mariana glared at her.

They both got down from the car

“Wow,we are quite early,we still have up to thirty minutes before our first class” Alexa muttered,checking the time

They suddenly saw a sign board from where they are standing,few students are there checking it out

“Wow,dancing team is finally coming back to life” Alexa said

“What do you mean? Am I a joke to you?” Mariana scoffed and Alexa chuckled

“This means that,friday night is gonna be hot” Alexa smiled

Mariana’s phone buzzed and she immediately checked it out

“Oh,I need to go. We’ve got a quick meeting” Mariana muttered

“Yeah I will see you later” Alexa said

Mariana nodded and just as she was about moving,a superbike rode in loudly and roughly getting everyone’s attention.

Mariana stopped walking, waiting for the bike to pass her but to her surprise the bike stopped right in front of her

“Who’s this?” Alexa muttered

The rider got down from the bike and then removed his helmet,with a naughty smirk playing on his lips

The girls watching the scene gasped out loudly

“Oh Em Gee” Alexa mumbled

🗣 Who’s he??

🗣 He’s so hot!!!

🗣 F**k!!

Francisco only focused on Mariana who was also staring at him,he was putting on all black but everything look so expensive and stylist,from his leather jacket down to his boot sneakers all black,only his hair was dyed in red, He looked so f**king hot.

“Hey” He said to Mariana and she raised her brows

Francisco smiled and winked at her before turning to the girls screaming for his attention

Mariana faced Alexa

“See you later” She said and walked away

Francisco’s eyes followed her until she was out of sight.



When Mariana got there,it was filled up already. The old team are there together with new students who are wishing to join. Including Tessa,Mariana rolled her eyes immediately until she heard her name

“Mariana” The voice called and she turned

“Delaney” She immediately smiled and walked to her

“You’re joining us?” Mariana asked

“Yeah welcome me” Delaney smiled

“You’re welcome princess” Mariana bowed cutely and Delaney laughed

“Listen everyone,for the new students. You have to train for weeks before your first stage appearance” Miss Penelope,one dance teachers spoke up

“And for the old students,this Friday is going to be a blast!!” She gushed happily and everyone clapped

“So as usual,we are going to be choosing ten of you so you can begin your practice” Miss Penelope said

“You will be chosen for sure” Delaney whispers to Mariana

Ten students were chosen after few minutes including Tessa and Mariana

“Who’s gonna be lead dancer?” One of the team asked and there was silence

“I will do it” Tessa spoke up immediately

“We want Mariana tho” a girl said

Mariana kept quiet

“Mariana have been leading,let Tessa do it this time. Not like she’s better than Tessa” another girl rolled her eyes

“Fine,Tessa get prepared for the solo dance” Miss Penelope said and Tessa smiled

“Of course” She said

Mariana said nothing

“Practice starts today,let’s all meet by then. You’re dismissed”

The girls started leaving one after the other

“So,what do you think?” Tessa smirked at Mariana

“Congratulations” Mariana smiled

“I don’t need it from you,see you” Tessa chuckled and walked away

Mariana rolled her eyes,she wouldn’t deny the fact that she felt annoyed about Tessa getting the lead dance this type,like what the h*ll?

“Sad?” Delaney moved closer to her

“Not at all” Mariana muttered

They went to the lecture hall together only to find everywhere noisy,that was when Mariana saw Francisco. He seems like the spotlight,the girls all surrounded him,flirting and asking him some silly things.

“He look like a bad boy,definitely enjoying being the center of attention” Delaney whispers to Mariana before they joined the other girls

“See that dude?” Octavia gestures at Francisco

“So what?” Charlotte and Mariana snapped

“Oh easy babes,easy” Octavia said and they laughed

The lecturer came in and the class started.



“Am I the only one who’s starving?” Charlotte asked

“Nope,I’m hungry. On my way to the cafeteria” Octavia said

“Royce!!!! Royce please wait up!!” Veronica followed Royce but he never looked back

Octavia glared at Veronica angrily and scoffed

“Is she crazy? Did she came here because of Royce?” Alexa hissed

“She’s silly” Octavia scoffed

“Girls!” Delaney called from the back and they turned

“Oh,where’s Mariana?” She asked as she got to them

“She said she will meet us in the cafeteria” Charlotte said

Alexa got a mail on her phone and she stopped walking

“Girls,go ahead I will meet you” She said

“What should we get for you?” Octavia asked

“Uhm…hamburger and lemonade” Alexa replied before walking away

“Bet she’s going to meet Jeremy” Octavia said

“Are they dating?” Delaney asked

“My wish!” Charlotte laughed.



Jeremy was waiting patiently for Alexa,he’s planning to give her the necklace he got her,he wanted to do it specially but seems like he’s wasting time already.

‘I hope she likes it’ he thought,staring at it

Almost immediately the door opened and he looked up expecting to see Alexa but it’s Tessa


They both called at a time and Tessa smiled,walking closer to him

“What are you doing here?” Jeremy asked

“I saw you coming in earlier so I came to check on you” Tessa replied and Jeremy got up

“Why are you here alone?” She asked

“Can you just…..”

“The necklace!” Tessa gushed,cutting Jeremy off

She walked closer to him and tried touching the necklace but Jeremy shifted back

“Don’t move closer” he said

“I just want to…”

“Tessa!” Jeremy shouted and she flinched

“I said you should leave! Stay away from me” Jeremy said

Tessa looked at him sadly

“Why do you hate me so much?” She asked

“What are you talking about?? I don’t think we like each other,I don’t like you and you don’t like me either…”

“That was then” Tessa snapped and Jeremy raised his brows

“I know it’s crazy but I like you Jeremy” She said and Jeremy scoffed

“I see you’re going crazy” he said and made to walk toward the door

“Wait” Tessa held him

“What the f**k!” Jeremy shoved her hand off

“Let’s be friends,please” Tessa said

“Are you like this because of the silly deal we had,let’s end it here. Don’t worry like I said I won’t expose you but let’s just end it here and go back to the time we hated each other” Jeremy said and turned again

“I don’t want to go back to that time,so please give me your attention too,please” she said in tears

Jeremy stared at her unbelievably

“Are you planning something again??” He asked

“No I’m not,trust me just this once please.” She muttered and there was silence

Tessa slowly moved closer and hugged him

Jeremy was still looking shocked and confused,he didn’t even bother pushing her away until the door opened and Alexa came in

Jeremy immediately pulled Alexa from himself


“Don’t call my name” She muttered before turning to Tessa

“You crazy b*tch!” She yelled and slapped Tessa angrily

Tessa’s hair scattered all over her face and she held her cheek

Alexa almost hit her again but Jeremy stopped her

“Alexa that’s enough,I can explain okay? It’s not even what you’re thinking…..” She slapped Jeremy too and he gave her a surprise look

“Don’t talk to me again” She said and walked out of the class

Tessa held Jeremy’s hand

“I’m sorry,it’s all my fault…”

“F**k off” Jeremy threw her hand and walked away

Tessa bite her bottom lip,she almost left too but her eyes caught with something shining on the floor,she squatted and took it. It’s the necklace Jeremy was planning to give Alexa.

She placed it on her palm and the diamond sparkles

She sighed and kept it before going out.



Mariana inhaled and exhaled as she washed her face,she stared at her face in the mirror and swallowed hard. Her heart has been racing for the past twenty minutes,even after using her pills,it was as if she was going to die.

She touched her chest and the beating is now back to normal.

She had forgotten to take her morning dose,maybe that’s why.

After spending another five minutes in the restroom,she walked out.

She got a text from Charlotte


She checked the time,their second class starts in just ten minutes

She immediately turned toward the cafeteria,her face was down as she walked,she suddenly bumped her head into something quite hard,she could see the legs,it’s a guy

“Hey doll face” Francisco’s voice made her look up

“Oh….” Mariana muttered

Francisco smiled handsomely

“Francisco,my name” He said stretching his hand for a shake

‘Why does he look so familia?’ Mariana thought,staring at his face without saying a word

“Cupcake” Francisco called and she snapped out of her imagination

“Mariana” She said without taking his hand

Francisco hold her hand and shook it gently before letting her go

“Nice meeting you” He smiled

“You too” Mariana replied and there was silence as they both stared at each other without looking away

They didn’t know Leonard have been watching the whole time,he fold his fist as he glared at Francisco and the fact that Mariana gave him her attention annoyed him even more

He turned back and walked straight to the private lecture class.

Ricardo and Dior are the only ones inside,Leonard walked to where he was sitting and took his headphones and other things

He started leaving again

“Where are you going?” Ricardo asked

“I will be taking the general class from now on” Leonard replied and walked out of the hall

Ricardo and Dior exchanged glances looking totally shocked

TB Continued..

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