Betrothed to a playboy episode 60 – 61

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 60πŸ’ž61

Summer Gold R.



Leonard walked into the house with Dior,just as they entered,Ricardo and Mariana are both coming downstairs with Mariana’s bags

“Ricardo” Dior called in surprise

“You can’t do that” she added

“You really don’t expect me to allow my sister stay with him right?” Ricardo asked and threw Leonard an hateful glare but Leonard was only staring at Mariana

“But Ricardo,he apologized…..”

“Apologized?? Do you f**king know what I passed through all because of him?!! I didn’t know he was the devil all these while and I thought of him as my best friend? Seriously?? Don’t ever come close to me or Rosalie or I’m going to kill you,I swear” Ricardo said and grabbed Mariana’s hand,dragging her out of the house with the bags

Leonard sat down on the couch,tears rolling down his eyes. Dior immediately sat down beside him and pulled him into a hug

“It’s okay Leo,I’m sure they will come around,trust me. I’m going to talk to Ricardo,stop crying or I will cry too” Dior said,patting his back

Leonard continue crying on her shoulder




“You can stay here from now on” Ricardo said as they entered a room

“Wow,amazing” Mariana smiled,looking around

She fell on the bed happily and jumped up again,she hugged Ricardo tightly

“I’m the happiest person in the world right now” She mumbled

“I think I’m the one” Ricardo chuckled

“I said that first” Mariana scoffed and broke the hug

“Oh please” Ricardo laughed

Mariana sat down again

“Should I help you arrange your clothes!” Ricardo asked

“Can you do that?” Mariana grinned

“No I can’t” Ricardo said and she frowned

“Silly idiot” She threw him a pillow and he laughed

“Do you wanna go see mom tomorrow?” Ricardo asked

“No,I’ve been missing classes,I can’t miss tomorrow too. Our test is coming” Mariana muttered

“I totally forgot I have a shoot tomorrow” Ricardo shook his head

“So you won’t go to school with me?” Mariana pouted sadly

“No,sorry twinnie” Ricardo said and Mariana sighed

“So,Fransisco….he was really the one you used to tell me about?” Ricardo sat down beside her

“Yeah” Mariana smiled

“I still don’t like him” Ricardo scoffed

“Your opinion is not really needed” Mariana said and Ricardo smack her head

“Ouch!” She screamed,rubbing her forehead

“I really don’t like him,I’m serious okay?” Ricardo said

“I loved him,and I still do. It’s like a new feelings right now,I remember every single moment we shared together” Mariana muttered and her mind went to Leonard

“And I hate him” She Muttered and rolled her eyes

“I still can’t believe he was the reason behind my mystery,I would have been dead without aunt Clara,I don’t think I will ever forgive him ” Mariana said in tears and Ricardo hugged her

“I can’t stop thinking about it too,the reason why mom hates me so much is him,I’m never going to forgive him either” He said

“Don’t worry,everything will be fine as soon as I meet her” Mariana muttered and Ricardo nodded

“I still can’t believe Winter is hiding right now” Ricardo said

“She can’t hide forever” Mariana said




Jeremy was working on his laptop when suddenly his phone rang out,it’s a call from Alexa. He ignored it and dropped it back on the table,the call came again and he still ignored it.

It rang the third time and he groaned before he finally answered the call

“Hello?” A male voice spoke up and Jeremy frowned

“Who are you? Why are you with Alexa’s phone??” He asked

“I’m calling from a bar house,I got your name because she kept calling you,she’s a mess right now” The voice said and Jeremy got up immediately

“She’s drunk?” He asked again

“Can you just tell me the bar name?” He asked

“Venus Bar house”

Jeremy hanged up

“F**k” he muttered and immediately rushed to his closet,he grabbed a hoodie and put it on before running out

“Where are you going?” Louis asked

“Will be back” Jeremy said without turning back. He opened the door and was surprised to see Tessa about pressing the door bell

“Jeremy” She called

“Not now Tessa” Jeremy said and tried walking away but Tessa grabbed his hand

“I came here for you,where are you going?” She asked and Jeremy faced her

“Can we just do this later….”

“You heard right? It wasn’t me who pushed her,it’s Winter…..”

“F**k,Tessa I know! I heard about it and I’m glad it wasn’t you,let’s just talk later please” Jeremy said

“I’m going to wait for you” Tessa said before releasing his hand

Jeremy stared at her for a minute and pulled her into a hug

“Don’t wait for me,go back home” he muttered before breaking the hug

Tessa smiled excitedly and watched as he entered the car and drove out of the house

‘He’s no longer mad at me’ she said inwardly and entered her own car too before driving out happily.




Jeremy got down from the car and went in,Alexa was at the corner of the bar looking totally drunk and still drinking

“Sh*t” He spat and immediately walked to her,he grabbed the bottle of beer from her hand and Alexa looked up

“Jeremy?” She called in tears

The bartender who called Jeremy walked to them and gave Jeremy Alexa’s phone

“Thanks” Jeremy muttered and Faced Alexa again

“Jeremy” She called

“Don’t talk,I will take you home” Jeremy muttered and carried her in his arms

“You still like me right? You don’t like Tessa right?” She asked as he walked out of the bar

Jeremy ignored her question

“Answer me!” She shouted,more tears rolling down her eyes

“You’ve been ignoring and avoiding me,I feel like dying right now” She cried

Jeremy rolled his eyes and dropped her in the car

“Jeremy,you know how much I like you right?” She asked

“You’re drunk,can you just stop talking?” Jeremy asked and she shook her head

“I know what I’m saying,I like you alot” She sniffs,clinging unto him

Jeremy removed her grip from his hoodie and closed the door,he entered the driver’s side and left the bar house

They got to Alexa’s house in few minutes,Jeremy carried Alexa and held inside,Alexa wrapped her arms around his neck,inhaling his sweet scent with her eyes closely

“Where’s your room?” Jeremy asked

“I thought you will take me to your place” Alexa muttered

“Stop playing and tell me where your room is” Jeremy said

“Third door” Alexa replied

Jeremy opened the door and entered,he dropped her on the bed and Alexa grabbed her hoodie immediately,pulling him on top of her

“What are you doing?” Jeremy groaned

“Don’t leave me,stay with me” Alexa muttered

“I need to go home….”

“I’m going to drink again if you leave” Alexa said and Jeremy looked at her

“I’m serious” She mumbled

Jeremy’s phone started ringing and he brought it out from his pocket,it’s a call from Tessa,he tried to answer the call but Alexa grabbed the phone from him and hanged up the call before throwing it somewhere on the bed

“Alexa….” She slammed her lips on his own,cutting him off

She kissed him hungrily,sucking on his lips like her favorite sweet. Jeremy didn’t kiss her back,seconds later she fell asleep and fell on the bed.

Jeremy sighed and took off her shoes and adjusted her properly on the bed before covering her up with the duvet.

He took his phone

“Don’t leave me” Alexa’s tiny voice came again

“I’m not leaving,sleep” Jeremy muttered

She smiled shortly and closed her eyes again,Jeremy sat on the bed,staring at her as she slept peacefully.

The next morning,Alexa woke up and couldn’t find Jeremy next to her

“He left?” She thought sadly until her eyes caught with a note on the stool beside the table

She took the note


A smile escape her lips and then her head started banging

“F**k,my head” She groaned and walked into the bathroom.




Mariana got down from the car as the guard opened for her,she let out a satisfying smile and swiped her hair backward with her fingers. At that same minute,Leonard’s car parked

Leonard came out of the car and immediately their eyes met,Mariana glared at him

Francisco’s bike stopped beside them and a wide smile escape Mariana’s lips

“Francis!” She called

Francisco turned and immediately walked back to her,he hugged her

πŸ—£ Wait,what’s going on?

πŸ—£ I thought she’s Leonard’s girlfriend

πŸ—£ Guess we were wrong

Leonard watched as Mariana and Francisco walked away hand in hand,someone squeezed his hand beside him and he turned

“Don’t be sad” Dior smiled

Leonard smiled sadly and nodded,his phone buzzed and he checked


Message from his mom

He sighed out


Mariana and Francisco entered the lecture hall together

πŸ—£ Heard they are dating

πŸ—£ Is that true?

πŸ—£ Awwn,she always get the hot guys

πŸ—£ They look so good together

They sat down together and Mariana’s eyes met with Tessa’s own and she looked away

Bella and Daisy came in together and they ignored Tessa completely,they already moved out of Tessa’s apartment and now she’s staying alone.

Dior also walked in with Leonard

πŸ—£ Leonard!!!!

πŸ—£ F**k,he look even more handsome

πŸ—£ I love you Leonard

Leonard glanced at Mariana but she seems to be in a deep conversation with Francisco,they both kept smiling every second.

Alexa walked into the hall,her head was still banging,she settled next to Octavia

“I should have skipped today’s class but I’m afraid I’m gonna fail the coming test” She groaned

Octavia chuckled

“Did you drink with Jeremy? Here” She dropped the hangover drink bottle on the desk

“What’s this?” Alexa asked

“Jeremy brought it and asked me to give you” Octavia said

Alexa smiled and immediately drank from the bottle before standing up

“Where are you going?” Octavia asked but Alexa already ran out

Luckily,she saw Jeremy just as she got out,he was walking with Louis

“Jeremy!” She called and Jeremy turned

Alexa smiled and ran over to him,Louis walked away

“You got me the hangover…….”

“Yeah,you should drink it if you don’t feel good,it’s nothing” Jeremy said and started leaving again

“Wait” Alexa grabbed his hand

“We need to talk” she said and they walked into an empty class

Nobody talked,it was silent for about two minutes

“My class starts in five minutes” Jeremy said

“Me too” Alexa snapped and they both made eye contacts

“I’m sorry” She muttered

“You don’t have to be sorry,I’m not mad at you….”

“Then why have you been avoiding me?” Alexa cut in

“Because it’s the best thing to do” Jeremy muttered

“Because of Tessa??”

“Can you just stop bringing Tessa into every conversation of ours? Can’t you stop mentioning her name?” Jeremy snapped

“She’s the reason behind our disagreements! Everything was perfect before you started talking to her! She caused everything!” Alexa shouted

“No,it’s all my fault,not her. But you spoiled everything coz of your silly anger and I’m f**king tired of it Alexa,you should learn how to control yourself. I can’t keep on with you slapping me every single time I make a mistake,you don’t even give me room to explain things to you,you jump into conclusion and you end up doing crazy things…..”

“That’s because I like you….”

“I like you too!! I loved you!!” Jeremy snapped and Alexa swallowed

“Loved???? You….you…used a past..tense” Alexa stuttered almost in tears

“That’s because everything is clearing off mah mind already” Jeremy said and she broke into tears

“You’re not leaving me right?” She asked and held his shirt

“I wish I’m not” Jeremy muttered

“No” Alexa shook her head

“You can’t do this to me,I love you too….I was just jealous….”

“Jealous?? I can’t even count the number of times you’ve hit her,but she never hit you back. You get angry too easily and you do things without thinking……”

“I’m going to change,don’t leave me for her” Alexa said,tears rolling down her eyes and hugged him

Jeremy swallowed

“I need to go” He muttered

“No” Alexa said,crying against his chest

Jeremy pulled her off

“Don’t cry,you will find someone better than me” He muttered and walked out

“Jeremy!!!!” Alexa screamed and bent down,crying her eyes out.

“Ahh!!!!!” She screamed out as more tears rolled down her eyes

Her whole body was shaking,her heart was beating fast

“Jeremy” She mumbled with trembling lips

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Tessa walked out of the lecture hall and Mariana went after her

“Tessa” she called and Tessa turned

“Mariana” She muttered

Mariana smiled and moved closer to her

“Are you okay? You were quiet” Mariana said

Tessa nodded

“I’m glad you’re fine now” She said

“Yeah,thanks to you” Mariana said

“You missed the whole Practice,I told the teacher about your health and she canceled our performance this Friday” Tessa said and Mariana smiled

“Thank you” she said and Tessa nodded

“See you later” She said and walked away

Mariana turned back to leave but then a hand grabbed her all of a sudden and before she could make any move,she was pulled into a class and the person turned out to be Leonard

“What the f**k do you think your doing!” Mariana yelled and pushed him off angrily


“Shut up and don’t call me that silly name again!” She snapped

“Can you at least give me a chance to apologize?? Please….”.

“I don’t care about your apology,stay away from me” Mariana said

“You promised never to leave me Riana,why did you forget so soon??”

“I must have been crazy when I made that promise” Mariana glared

“But I love you! I love you so much!!! I can’t f**king live without you anymore,I’m madly in love with you” Leonard said,tears rolling down his eyes

“I’m in love with Francisco,so bury your damn feelings and keep it to yourself” Mariana said


“Coz you hurt him!! And me!!” Mariana yelled

“He hurt me too!! He killed all the girls I’ve loved Mariana,he killed them all!! I’ve also suffered alot Riana,I can’t lose you too,I deserve to be loved too” Leonard said

Mariana sighed and looked away trying to control her tears

“He would have killed you too,that was why I was so cold to you,I was trying to protect you from him,but I couldn’t control my heart. Remember how you almost got shot? It was him,he changed his mind coz he was planning to make you his,that was why……..”

“Shut up!!!!” Mariana screamed

“You turned him into a murderer!! It’s all your fault,he did all that because of me,so now you expect me to hate him and get back with you?? F**k I hate you even more for turning my Francis into a murderer,I hate you!!!” Mariana cried

“Riana……I love you”

“I hate you” Mariana said and tears rolled down Leonard’s eyes

“Can you stop saying that? Huh?? I’m dying inwardly” Leonard muttered

“Don’t ever talk to me again” Mariana said and walked out of the class

Leonard almost lost his sanity the moment she went out of the class,his head banging heavily,ball of tears rolled down his eyes

“Riana!!” He cried out loudly


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