Chiquitita – episode 10

Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
Isabella held Fernando round the wa-ist in order not to fall off from the motorcycle. Her braless br-ast compressed on his back while her p-nt occasionally had a touch of his buttocks especially after a series of running through a poth0le. Fernando felt all that but was never moved s€×ually. All he could think of was to rescue Chiquitita. Of course Isabella noticed all the erogenous compression but didn’t care too. That was the first time she held a man very closely. She looked at Fernando from head to toe from the back of the bike, then admired his manliness; huge, muscular and handsome. At that point, she totally forgot the main reason why she was on the same bike with him at that particular hour of the night.

“Hold on tight!” Fernando’s voice brought her senses back. She used that opportunity to hold him tightly for more compression of the erogenous zones.

“Where are we going?! I mean, do you know where they took my sister to?!”

“I think I know!” Fernando glanced at his wristwatch, the time was 11:02pm. He handled the clutch then topped another gear.

Sooner did they see the car used by Joan and Juel parked by the entrance of a forest. Isabella jumped down from the motorcycle followed by Fernando who didn’t even stand it rather allowed it to fall on the ground. He put on his torchlight and brought out a knife. Isabella could see a gun on his wa-ist. She straightened her eyes to see a narrow bushy road before them which she presumed to be their next path to follow for the rescue mission. Crickets chirped, bats screeched, birds chirrup and frogs croaked which was an obvious indication of night hours. The sounds alone got Isabella closely attached to Fernando who noticed it and said, “I told you to stay back at home”

“My sister is much more important to me than you. So what do you think?” she replied with a whispering voice unlike Fernando who couldn’t whisper coz his voice always come out deep and loud even if he tries to whisper. He brought out the gun from his wa-ist and handed it over to her.

“Your sister couldn’t take it earlier today. I guess she was scared”

Isabella gazed at the gun. She had never used such weapon but had watched on movies how to aim and pull the trigger. Fernando wanted to surge forward, but when he noticed that she wasn’t following suite,, he turned and said, “C’mon, let’s go”

“Do you know what I’m thinking? I’m wondering how you’re able to differentiate my sister from me” Isabella said. That was the least statement Fernando expected from her that moment. Therefore he shone the torchlight on her face and averted it instantly.

“Must you know that now? Well, it’s obvious, she’s prettier than you” he explained.

“Otch, that was harsh to say to a girl, you know ” she became disappointed but admired him once again through the ray of light from the torch. Both became quiet for a while coz Fernando couldn’t figure out why they would be having such conversation while Chiquitita was about to get slaughtered. So he proceeded again, this time around heard Isabella coming from behind.

“Come closer” he told her without looking back. Instanly, he felt her hand holding his trouser.
Back to Nina’s residence, she kept on praying relentlessly before her small alter without minding how open and nasty the house was. Broken chairs could be found on the floor and the door almost broken down too. As the old woman prayed, thunder struck from the sky then it began to rain heavily. Yet, she never stopped. Just then, she slowly turned her head to the direction of the broken door to see a man standing with a metal staff. There were jingling bells tied with a red fabric on its cross sectional area. He tied a red fabric too on his wa-ist while the rest of his body was decorated with scary images. As Nina tried to take a clearer view of him, lightening from the rainy sky sparked which made the man very visible with his eyes shining like a wizard. That was Fandom.

“Jesus!” Nina shouted, shaking and began murmuring again in prayer with a rosary in her hand.

“You are disturbing the peace of the forest, woman!” Fandom began after hitting the metal staff on the ground thereby jingling the bells. “You are trespassing beyond what you should. You have no business with us. You and your grandson cannot be a stumbling block. Be warned and stay out of this!”

Nina heard all he said but never replied. In fact she couldn’t behold him as he was talking, so her eyes remained closed while her mouth kept praying. Immediately she opened her eyes, she saw the man no more. Yet, she never stopped praying and nodding her head like an agama lizard.
Back to the forest, Juel and Joan had laid unconscious Chiquitita on the ground to finally castrate her. The rain poured down like water from a shower and the thunder kept striking, yet they never had a rethink. The droplets of the rain could be seen on Chiquitita’s face, rolling off like tears from her eyes. She had no idea of what was about happening to her. Joan used a knife to cut her gown from the neck down to her legs. Then beheld the magnificent beauty of the living goddess; her br-ast were neither big nor small, but stood like an er-cted d*ck. Any droplet of rain on any of the br-asts would roll off instanly like where water is poured on a stone. She wore a white p-nt which brought out the shape of her p*ssy ranging from the line in between to the hair that sprout out to the stomach region. Her thighs was as fresh as a cuc-mber, looking very attractive. Seeing all that, Joan lost after her. He began to touch her br-ast to Juel’s greatest amazement who shouted, “What a f-ck are you doing, dude?” Joan didn’t respond rather kept rom-ncing the girl. When Juel pulled him up, he punched him on the face then a serious fight escalated. Just then, Chiquitita gained consciousness to see where she was and the boys fighting. The place looked unfamiliar to her with the darkness. Therefore she scre-med!

However, Fernando and Isabella who were approaching forward heard her voice then stopped to know the direction of the sound wave.

“That’s Tita’s voice” Isabella announced.

“This way” Fernando ran towards the right followed by Isabella.

Another thunder set to strike in the forest, it’s lightening was as bright as the sparkling light from a weldering work, immediately it struck, the two boys fell on the ground. That made Chiquitita to scre-m for the second time, hence revealing her location to Fernando and her sister. Immediately they arrived, she scre-med again thinking they were ghosts who had come to devour her.

“Calm down, Tita. It’s me” Isabella assured her.

“Bella?” Chiquitita called out then proceeded to her sister. She looked at Fernando to remember the first time they met at the hospital.

“Are you okay?” Fernando asked her.

“Yes!”” She replied making sure her voice overcame the sound of the rain.

Fernando rushed his colleagues on the ground to see them dead. He looked at Chiquitita, “What happened?!” he asked.

“I don’t know. I just woke up to see them fighting, after which the thunder…” She became interrupted by another lightening which came with another thunder that struck right before Fernando. He stood up and left the place instanly with the girls. On their way going back, Chiquitita tried as much as possible to cover herself, while Isabella monitored Fernando’s eyes to know if he was carried away by what he saw. Already the rain had stopped. They came out to the main road, Fernando put the motorcycle in the booth of the car then drove out with Chiquitita in the front seat, while Isabella occupied the wh0le of the back seat. As Fernando drove with speed, he glanced at his wristwatch again, 12:09am. Though he controlled the steering wheel but his mind wasn’t there; he kept thinking about his friends and what killed them. He deviated to his sick mother and how to save her life too. He had not mentioned to anyone about his life span which remained not less than ninety-six hours. “The Lord is my shepherd…” was the last thing that came into his head. Chiquitita glanced at him and said with a low voice, “Thank you for everything, starting from the hospital”

“Can you remember now?” he looked at her.


Both smiled . Fernando saw how she held her torn gown together in other to cover herself properly, but it didn’t help matters because her thighs and p-nt were very visible to his eyes. He slowed down the car, pulled his jacket and and gave it to her. She collected it with a smile then put it on, after which she laid her head on his shoulder. Seeing that, Isabella became Jealous. Suddenly, Fernando adjusted the headlight of the car to see two ladies in white robe standing in the middle of the road like ghosts.

“Holly shit!” he exclaimed.

Chiquitita straightened up to see them too. “Its them. They are the one talking to me by the swimming pool” she said.

“Do not stop the car!” Isabella ordered. “Hit them off the road if possible” she added.

“I guess they have come for you from marine Kingdom, living goddess, but never will i allow them take you from me before the next five days” Fernando topped the gear, while the girls wondered what he meant by the next five days….

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