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Black angel episode 25

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🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

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‘No,this is not true ,how did this happen ,something is wrong here…i can’t remember any of this, i will never say all this about Zohar i will never ‘
This all Zimmer’s doing ,what did he gain by doing something like this, why did he do this to me ,this is really so unfair towards me ‘Zohar ‘I called his name as i ran up the stairs ‘ Zohar please open the door, i can explain all this ‘ i pleaded as i knocked on the door continuously

Zohar refused to answer me ,what could be going through his head ,what does he think of me..Zohar is not the kind to trust someone easily so i doubt if he actually trust me enough to know that i will never do something like this to him …i will never, i am totally innocent ‘Z0har please all i ask for is a chance to explain myself, i swear i didn’t do any of it,i do not know how this happened i swear ‘ the fact that Zohar is in that room ignoring me is really botherin,i really want to know how he feels ,what he thinks of me ,does he believe i can really do this .Currently i am less Concerned about him Shouting and getting so upset ,but i am definitely concerned about the fact that he is giving me the silent treatment right now,i really need to talk to him,to sort things out with him.

‘Hey Phoebe, what is wrong,why are you crying ?’ Kendall asked with a very concerned look on his face
I have to explain everything to kendall ,I am sure he will find a way to help me ‘Kendall take a look at this ‘ i said showing him the video on Zohar’s phone
His eyes was wide opened as he watched the video ‘what is this ?’he asked
‘I do not know ,i am as confused as you are ‘i said as he deeped the cellphone in his pocket and looked at me’ come with me’ he held my wrist as we both walked down the stairs together

‘What the f**k is this ? ‘ Kendall asked
‘ i do not know, i was pretty shocked myself, something isn’t right about this whole thing ‘ he sighed and looked at me ‘ so you telling me you have no idea how this happened ‘

‘I swear kendall i do not’ i saw the expression on his face, and doubts, doubts was written all over his face and that really broke my heart ,even Kendall doesn’t believe me ‘Kendall you do not trust me?’i asked
‘No it not that ,this is so hard ,i ..i do not know what to believe …i mean ….’
‘It okay Kendall,it okay if you do not believe me ‘ i wiped the tears on my face with the back of my hand ‘ i will leave now ,excuse me ‘

‘Phoebe wait ,i am so sorry ‘he apologized as he stopped me from leaving ‘i am really sorry,i know you phoebe you will never do something like this, but i am not sure if Zohar feels the same’he sighed and said ‘ the only confusing thing is the fact that you can’t remember anything, can you please look at this video one more time and see if we can get a clue or something ‘

‘Okay that a great idea ,let me see it again ‘ i watched the video again and then i immediately realised something ‘wait a second kendall ,this is the outfit i was wearing at the club yesterday, and also Zimmer he was wearing this same outfit’

‘That is great information ‘ Kendall said ,i have to investigate this matter
‘And yeah one more thing ,yesterday i think i was drunk or something, i think ,yes i had teo shots of tequila ,but i never get drunk when i have that ,for me to get drunk ,i must atleast have drank four to three shots ‘

‘That means your drink was spiked, it was definitely spiked ,it like all this has been planned out by someone just before you got to the Club’


is true ,then there is something wrong somewhere kendall ,who could have planned this with him ,who could have done this to me ,Zimmer couldn’t have planned this alone cause he didn’t even know i will be at the club yesterday ‘ i said as i wiped my tears

‘That is true ,what you going to do now is go home and stop crying already ,i will get Zohar back on track i promise ‘

‘But kendall’

‘Just go phoebe, let meet up tomorrow, ‘he said and i wiped my tears as i walked away
Why is this happening to me
How am i going to convince Zohar
I am totally innocent, i am 100% sure that nothing happened between Zimmer and i , i know nothing happened between us ,he only kade that video to Frame me ,to creat doubts in the mind of everyone,but who ,who could have helped him fulfill this devious plan of his

‘ Zohar open up ,it is Kendall’ I knocked on Zohar’s door again,the door slowly opened on it own few seconds later and i walked in
The whole room was thrashed, broken flower Vase, broken glass and all ,and also broken liqour bottle and the most important of all ,broken Zohar sitting on the floor staring at nothing in particular.I am sure Zohar broke things in anger ,he always does this when he is angry or when he is trying to figure things out ..what a strange creature


called his name as i sat down next to him on the floor ‘ she is totally innocent, you have to believe her, my instincts are never wrong and right now it is telling me that she was totally framed ‘
I tried to reason with Zohar but it seems everything i was saying was falling on deaf ears ,he wasn’t even giving me any respond and that made me wonder what going through that head of his ,Zohar’s an extremely smart person he should figure this out on his own ,but the problem is sometimes he let his anger and inability to trust someone lead him

After many failed attempt, i stood on my feet and walked out of Zohar’s room
Maybe i should just give him space ,i think that all he needs right now ,His space

‘CATHERINE, MADISON, COME DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW ‘ i shouted as the two girls rushed downstairs together
‘What wrong phoebe are you okay?’they both asked at the same time ‘Madison ,you brought me home yesterday right ?’
‘Yes pheobe i did ,is anything the matter ?’she asked
‘Did i leave the club yesterday or not ?’
‘Well actually, there was a period of time we were looking for you, i looked for you for about 2 hours ,i was about to go to the police before i found you lying on the Sidewalk ‘she said and i sat down to rethink everything, i tried my best to remember what happened the other night but all i was seeing was faint blurry images and eerie voices ‘Pheobe what wrong ?’Madison asked

‘Take a look at this ‘i said as i showed them the video on my phone
‘What the heck is this ?’they both asked at the same time ‘i do not know, someone tried to frame me ,someone is working with Zimmer, someone close to me ,Zimmer couldn’t have done this alone,he definitely conspired with someone close to me ‘i said

‘Phoebe, we have to find out who did this cause this is so not cool,whoever did this must pay ‘Catherine said looking very upset while Madison was extremely confused ,they couldn’t have done this to me ,i mean they have no reason to at all

‘Hey pheobe ‘Catherine greeted she walked in my room

‘Hey ‘

‘Am really sorry for what happened ‘ she said


okay ,i will be fine ‘

‘But i do suspect someone Pheobe ‘

‘I know you just going to Mention Madison ,please don’t i know you hate her so much but i do not and i know my friend will never do such a thing to me ,Madison will never ever ‘ i said

‘But yesterday, she did disappear with you ,i looked around but couldn’t find you and i even called her repeatedly but she did not pick my call,when are you going to start seeing your friend for the evil person she is,and think about it ,she was the one who suggested going to Club 99 ,and she was also the one who insisted you go and think about it the other day we went to a club and you almost got rape ,it was also her idea ..when are you going to stop being Naive pheobe and finally realise that Madison is a no good ,shadey liar’

‘Enough Catherine, have heard enough about Madison, you do not like her yea,but that doesn’t give you the right to say such had things about her okay ,what your problem anyway already in a bad mood Catherine just leave i want to sleep ‘i said

‘Fine ,suit yourself, i hope you realise this very soon and stop being so Gullible ‘

‘Goodnight Catherine, now leave okay not irritate me ‘

‘Okay ,whatever ‘ she said angrily as she walked iut of the room and Slam the door behind her

What her problem with Madison anyway

After crying myself to sleep the previous night ,i was called to the black Angels Mansion by Kendall
But before i left i noticed something on Madison’s car ,A GNOME Hotel sticker
Gnome hotel,that pretty fancy and expensive ‘ i didn’t know you went to Gnome hotel that pretty fancy ‘i said to het ‘Gnome hotel,no ,i didn’t go to the hotel ‘


‘Yea ‘she answered non Challantly ,but Gnome hotel only attach their stickers to the cars of their guest,this is like a way to promote their business ,so if madison wasn’t at the hotel ,then how did she get the sticker?

‘Okay then ‘ i amswered as i walked away
‘So i found out that this Set up took place at Gnome hotel’Kendall said while showing me images on his laptop

‘Gnome hotel, but how did you know that?’i asked

‘Well if you Zoom in on this image here ,you will see the Gnome hotel sign on the door toilet door behind you ‘he said and he was definitely right

‘And i also went to the hotel and i was able to gather few cctv footage from the security, here take a look at this ‘ he said showing me the CCTV

The only thing i saw was Zimmer taking me to the hotel room ,that bastard
‘And here are other footage ‘ he said showing me
‘Wait a second, rewind this and Zoom in on the woman standing at the reception ‘ i said and he answered,he did what i told him to and Zoomed in on the image
‘Isn’t that Madison, but she told me she wasn’t at gnome hotel’ i said

‘Well she lied, but why did she ?’ Kendall asked

‘Play other videos ‘ i was absolutely shocked when other CCTV footage were played and i saw the one of Madison entering the same hotel room Zimmer and i went into

‘What is this ?’Kendall asked

‘Madison ,did this ‘


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